New York Times Misuses Data to Criticize Defunding of Planned Parenthood

(The Daily Signal) Earlier this week, The New York Times ran a piece responding to Congress’ current plan to reallocate Planned Parenthood funding.

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The piece is little more than a recycling of old, problematic studies conducted by a partisan research group, combined with both anecdotal and selective evidence drawn from interviews and media reports.

The article also completely ignores the benefits women will receive from the infusion of new funds into community health providers. Such health providers can address a wide range of women’s health needs without subjecting women to Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda.

First, the Times discusses a “study” produced last year by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project—nicknamed TxPep—which found that reallocating funds away from Planned Parenthood led to an increase in Medicaid births and costs in the Lone Star State.

But as Charlotte Lozier Institute scholar Michael New has pointed out, the TxPep study did not address whether total Medicaid births went up in Texas after the reallocation of funds.

Instead, the analysis only addressed the number of births within a subset of women receiving injectable contraceptives from Planned Parenthood. Nor did the study address changes in the rate of unintended pregnancies or abortions that might have occurred because Planned Parenthood was no longer the beneficiary of state funding.

TxPep is not exactly a neutral voice on this matter. The group’s sole funder is the mammoth Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, an entity that ranks among the top givers to public health research in the United States.

The foundation, which receives hundreds of millions of dollars from renowned entrepreneur Warren Buffett, puts a major focus on providing abortion and supporting population control worldwide….

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  • Ron C

    Nah…you mean the “grey lady” is lying again…??? How does the NYT not get sued for such malpractice, I can’t see how anyone could ever trust that they are telling the truth ever again…horrible!


    Fake News?

  • klesb

    Their market is now the cry babies who lost in 2017. That’s a big market, but won’t last

  • Marion Adachi

    Did we expect anything else from the dead New Jerk Times. Typical make, misquote, fake crap.
    I thought these guys went bankrupt a couple of years ago. Don’t they know Obama is gone so they get a buyout?