New Rule Opens Health-insurance Market Across State Lines

Trump deals another blow to Obamacare…

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(WND) … Trump managed to eliminate the linchpin of Obama’s signature law, the individual mandate, through the tax-reform bill passed in December.

And now the administration is taking the first step toward implementing one of the most important planks of conservative health-care reform: allowing the sale of health insurance across state lines.

The Department of Labor published Friday in the Federal Register a proposed rule to expand the offering of small business health plans, also known as association health plans, reported InsuranceNewsNet.

Under the proposal, small businesses and sole proprietors would have more freedom to band together to provide health insurance for employees.

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The proposed rule, which applies only to employer-sponsored health insurance, would allow sole proprietor and employees in small businesses to join together as a single group to purchase insurance in the large group market…

The agency explained it will enable employers to reduce administrative costs through economies of scale, strengthen their bargaining position to obtain more favorable deals, enhance their ability to self-insure and offer a wider array of insurance options.

As proposed, the rule.. would:

Allow employers to form a small business health plan based on geography or industry. A plan could serve employers in a state, city, county or a multi-state metro area, or it could serve all the businesses in a particular industry nationwide;

Allow sole proprietors to join small business health plans. Under the proposed rule, small business health plans cannot charge individuals higher premiums based on health factors or refuse to admit employees to a plan because of health factors. The DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration will monitor these plans…

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