New Test Can Determine Blood Type in 30 Seconds

(Futurism) If you ever got into an accident and needed a transfusion, it’s important that you receive the right blood type, or it can lead to serious, potentially fatal, consequences.

Right now, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to verify someone’s blood type using available methods. To avoid possible mismatches, it’s typical for emergency departments to keep a steady supply of type O, which is known as the universal donor blood. However, this produces extreme demand for this particular blood type.

A more efficient solution has been developed by researchers from the Third Military Medical University in China. Using a paper-based test, the team is able to verify a patient’s blood type without using specialized equipment or training in just 30 seconds. This means hospitals can easily determine specific blood types in life-or-death situations and ease the demand for type O…

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