New Orleans Mayor Rips Confederate Monuments from Streets, Then Wants to ‘Come Together’

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) As the national networks take brief note of the climactic days of the long running dispute in New Orleans about the city removing four “Confederate monuments” from public streets, the Louisiana media is running frequent updates, with banner coverage, of every development.

Beauregard New Orleans photo

P.G.T. Beauregard Statue Photo by Infrogmation (CC)

The New Orleans Times-Picayune’s Web site at times has literally featured a red banner about the latest monument news, and at this writing was running this headline at this size:

Confederate monuments: Where will they go next?

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the driving force behind the statues’ removal, is aggressively seeking national media attention to explain the removal, doing nothing to dissuade people from the idea that he actually may run for President in 2020.

Landrieu talks a game of reconciliation – writing in the Washington Post that “after” the removal of the statues, then he would advocate “coming together to decide who we are as a city – and as a nation.” But Landrieu has come under fire for not fomenting a constructive conversation about the monuments, before their removal, but instead twisting arms to force the matter to a City Council vote guaranteed to produce Landrieu’s desired outcome.

Vaguely centrist T-P columnist Tim Morris wrote that the only “mission accomplished” for Landrieu was to “raise his national profile” for a possible presidential run, but that “if the goal was to exorcise some of the city’s racist demons and set us on the road to healing … well, there is a lot still to be done there…. we are halfway through the process and we remain as polarized as ever. Armed camps. Public sniping between the mayor and a prominent businessman. Police barricades and arrests.”

Morris continued:

This is what we have been reduced to. You either support removing the statues of Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, and Jefferson Davis or you are a white supremacist. That is a mistake and a long-term detriment to the reconciliation and healing we need to go forward as a community.

I know many people of goodwill who have opposed the removal of the monuments, who have felt left out by the political process and are irked by the way they are being portrayed. They are neither extreme nor violent. They respect the rule of law.

Lost in the shuffle, or at least in the mayor’s statements condemning the monuments and the national media coverage of them, are almost all attempts to consider each monument on its own merits rather than as a group. Landrieu literally said that all four statues had originally been erected “in celebration” of “slavery and segregation.”

But others note that the monuments are very different, the last one (of Gen. Beauregard) having been publicly presented as late as 1915 – more than 30 years after the one honoring Robert E. Lee. At the dedication of the Lee memorial, not just Confederate veterans but also a host of members of the “Grand Army of the Republic” (union veterans) cheered in unison in honor of Lee.

The first vice president of the committee that commissioned Lee’s statue was Beauregard himself. But Beauregard was hardly a celebrant of “slavery and segregation.” Instead, he openly campaigned after the war for civil rights for blacks, including integration of schools and transportation, and argued that “the natural relation between the white and colored people is that of friendship” while supporting “equal rights” for all.

Defenders of the statues have noted that a monument honoring Beauregard surely wasn’t honoring segregation, nor would the integrationist Beauregard have led the way to honor Lee as a way to advocate for “slavery and segregation.”

Instead, both Lee and Beauregard were seen post-war as leading figures of reconciliation among regions and races, as almost any standard encyclopedia – as neutral a record as possible – is sure to note.

On the other hand, Confederate Gen. Jefferson Davis had little to do with New Orleans (unlike Beauregard, who grew up there and was a civic leader in multiple ways there both before and after the Civil War), and he never renounced slavery. His monument, now removed, and the monument commemorating a local conflict called the “battle of Liberty Place,” have no longstanding connotations of reconciliation.

Indeed, the Liberty Place monument – the first one removed – bears an inscription openly dedicating it to the cause of “white supremacy.”

Landrieu’s statements consistently have conflated all four monuments under that cause – but Errol Laborde, a centrist (or even slightly center-left), decades-long veteran columnist in New Orleans, has written that Lee and Beauregard should be distinguished from the Davis and Liberty Place ones.

Nonsense, argued liberal columnist Jarvis DeBerry.

“The most intellectually bankrupt argument in support of the white supremacist monuments the New Orleans City Council slated to remove declares that to remove them from the city landscape would make us guilty of rewriting history,” he wrote. “Apparently, the crime of rewriting history is far worse than the crime of being a warmongering, secessionist white supremacist.”

That idea, he wrote, is absurd.

“Were Lee and Davis and Beauregard and the White League on the right side of the major issues of their day?” DeBerry asked.  “No.”

So the debate continues – but so too do the mayor’s efforts to end it by removing the statues. With Liberty Place and Davis gone, Lee and Beauregard could follow in short order.

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  • Naval Lint

    “Those who forget or ignore their history are doomed to repeat it.”

    • rennyangel2

      Yes, current Southerners of the lefty leanings may not like Confederate history, but still many millions believe the soldiers and generals who fought in the 1860s deserve to be remembered and acknowledged. Pulling down statues and commemorations are something tyrants do.

      • Jackalyn Morrison

        Will have to agree with you again it appears that we have double standards and it is getting worse

        • rennyangel2

          Yes, well the old saying is if the left didn’t have double, triple, and quadruple standards (something so evident in the hysteria of Comey’s firing–just a few mons. ago the Dems. were crying for his blood), they’d have no standards at all. I just find it hard to believe that any Dems. of any ed. and sense cannot perceive the duplicity and nonsense themselves.

      • Naval Lint

        Tyrants and ISIS….

        • rennyangel2

          Yes, and God help the great cathedrals of Europe if Islam is ever dominant. It thinks all things not Muslim are the works of devils and destroys them.

          • Grant1959

            They have a history of converting Churches to Mosques, see Constantinople.

      • Fed up!

        Commies do that, hey Mayor your a commie.

      • BR549

        The single main reason the southern states had decided to secede was not to uphold slavery, but to take a stand against tyranny. Of course, like transgengered bathrooms and other BS globalist agenda items that are designed to unravel the fabric of our society, the North was desperately trying to convince a gullible citizenry that the issue was about human rights and philosophical ideology. Again, it was all about tyranny.

        Emancipatory legislation missed passage EIGHTY YEARS BEFORE the Civil War ….. by ONE SINGLE VOTE simply because even the Southern farmers knew that slavery’s time was up, but after the North refused to treat the South as anything but a Third World country, slavery was all the South had left.

        • Bud Huneke

          You are exactly right! The Civil War was fought for States Rights and against Big Government!!!

          The mayor is destroying History, along with great works of art!!! SCREW HIM!!!!!

          • GomeznSA

            More or less, the main factors were economic, and who specifically controlled the national economy. The South produced approximately 80% of the federal budget in terms of tariffs and import duties. That is what ran the entire federal budget, no such thing as income taxes back then. The northern industrialists (especially the wealthy ones) wanted more say so in how the country was being run and did all they could to usurp the control from We the People into their hands. And yes, ultimately that was indeed a States Rights issue.

          • America1st

            Northern states had the population centers and therefore controlled Congress. The Southern states paid high export tariffs on cotton. Northern states required Southern states to purchase imported goods from northern brokers while Southerners wanted to buy imports directly from Europe. States Rights versus strong Federal Government that Lincoln promoted.

            Sadly, the Civil War cost over 600,000 lives which was about 10% of the total US population at the time ( perspective 33,000,000 is about 10% of today’s US population)

          • SkyGunner

            After the war, the northern industrialist had legislation passed so they could carve up the Southern states for themselves. Their companies were given, or sold for a pittance, thousands of acres. The Southern VP, Johnson from Tennessee, was a drunkard and was totally controlled by the ‘robber barons’ in the north. One item I know for a fact is it cost more for steel coming from Birmingham to Memphis than it did from Pittsburg! Actually, Lincoln refused to impose harsh penalties on the South and that infuriated the industrialists. The assassination of Lincoln would have cost quite a bit of money to pull off, with safe houses, horses, associates, etc, that the South wouldn’t have had available and Pinkerton watching anybody of importance, it would have been nearly impossible for a conspiracy of this size to have gone unnoticed.
            Just saying……..

          • C Lee

            The federal budget is not the same thing as economic output. As you stated, there was no income tax. Do you compare apples to oranges this much? The south was an under utilized but profitable economy due to free (cough) labor. Also, you have oversimplified the context. Many people had serious moral objections to the institution of slavery. Including, hypocritically, at least from our perspective, our founding fathers. They knew that there would be a reckoning. There was never any way to Square that circle.

      • SkyGunner

        During the billary and obamatollah regimes, if you checked the word secession, you would have been surprised to find Connecticut listed prominently as wanting it. I haven’t checked lately, but they may still be on it. Slavery wasn’t the main reason for the War of Northern Aggression anyway, if it had been the order would have been for EVERY STATE to free them, not just the Southern ones. It was more about the continued inroads the Feds were trying to impose on states in contradiction to our Constitution. Read this, the only powers, not listed in the original Constitution , would only be granted by the states!! How long has it been since that has been true? The South had agreed to do away with slavery, but would need some time to keep from ruining the Southern economy, but was turned down flat by Northern politicians. The only reason(read your history books from that time) Lincoln wrote it when he did, was to keep England from becoming allies to the South. Don’t get me wrong, I detest everything about slavery, but let’s be clear about reasons. We gonna insist that Rome tear down every monument ( all over Europe and the Middle East) from the Roman Empire era when they enslaved most of the known world at that time?

        • Grant1959

          England had outlawed slavery long before and was not going to intercede on the behalf of a nation that maintained slavery.

          • Paw

            Actually, England did help with the Confederacy including munitions and even the building of the CSS Alabama. The fear England had was that their support would start another war with the USA. So what help they could give clandestinely, they did but it wasn’t enough. Slavery was never mentioned by England as to whether to help the Confederacy or not. The Trent Affair of 1861 almost started a war with England but the Union released the Confederate diplomats thus calming the anger.

          • SkyGunner

            Thanks Paw. Some people spout words out with nothing to back them, sorta like some people love to hear themselves talk.

          • SkyGunner

            Wrong. Check your intel. Britain was hurting for cotton and actually had a great deal of commerce with the Confederacy! English ships( merchant men also brought saves to the South and Brazil.

          • Grant1959

            In the space of some 46 years, between 1787 and 1833, Britain had not only outlawed the slave trade but also abolished slavery throughout her colonial possessions. source:…/antislavery_01.shtml

        • E.l. Roger

          you are probably not going to find any of that in the currently used history books as they are now mostly going to be revisionist history and those are not the true history of this country. liberals don’t like the truth !

        • rennyangel2

          I think NYC voted for secession when the Civil War draft was instituted. This is from Ken Burns’ Civil War. All historical events and actions are more complex than we can account for later, as we simply cannot deal with too much conflicting info. I’ll give you one I know for sure: the world has made a big deal of the MA 54th Voluntary because it was an all-black Northern unit (movie “Glory”), but my great grandfather served in the NJ 2nd Cavalry and fought alongside Turner Pit(t), a black man from Pittman, NJ, so there were “integrated” troops not usually mentioned in any history book.

    • Phil Auten

      Amen, brother!

      Phil in TX

  • fred

    The monuments are from HISTORY of the country! This is another libitard scheme to re-write history and should be protested heavily until the statues are replaced where they were… If everyone had to be satisfied that some object were PC, then we would have to re-write history every day because nobody gets to disagree with anything anymore! MLK was a sexual deviant, had more than a few children out of wedlock and was proven to be a plagiarist, and several other crimes, and I don’t see his statues coming down anywhere?! wonder why?

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      You are SOOO RIGHT

    • Grant1959

      Oh God no, that would upset the 13% of the country too much..

      • fred

        …and the crooked Media that is their only form of support, those that have jobs got them usually by some Government interference scheme or “entitlement” program that has supported them for many generations.

    • America1st

      Same trend is to rename schools like George Washington High School because GW was a slave holder. Liberals can’t stand anyone even in history that has/had integrity and moral character. And we wonder why we have the problems we have today. Sad.

  • Gerry Costa

    Another idiot who thinks history will disappear if they remove symbols of it. What a bunch of moronic dirt bags. Then this clown wants to bring people together — he just might be more looney toons than pelosi or waters.

    • Fed up!

      You want to really piss off the Mayor. How about a truck and car convoy, all at the same time attach confederate flags to vehicles and drive all around Orleans. 🤣🚚

      • SkyGunner

        He would have us arrested as terrorist!!

      • Gerry Costa

        Great idea. Seems like the Confederate flag alone is enough to send these libtard morons into a panic.

    • Louisiana Lady

      Mitch’s sister, .Senator Mary cast one of the last votes to approve Obamacare. The kids have fallen far from the family tree as their father, Mitch, was a pretty good mayor.

  • roger dodger

    Obvious to aLL conservatives, we can no longer coexist with the liberal; dem bloodsucking parasites. It is time to quit trying.
    We must physically separate ourselves from these scum it is that ot civil war

    • GomeznSA

      Umm, I think that you have that ‘coexist’ concept bass ackwards – it is them who absolutely refuse to acknowledge us and our contrarian (according to them) attitudes. You know, those archaic concepts like personal freedom, personal accountability and responsibility, those horrible ideas that do not comport well with their desire for absolute control of all of us and everything we do. Hence, they believe that we must be destroyed or converted to their ways. Hmm, sounds suspiciously like the same ideas put forth by the alleged religion of peace.

      • roger dodger

        The liberal s can stop their crap or pay the price, I am close to the point, where I don’t care , which

  • 2broke

    I wonder when they are going to remove some of the presidents that owned slaves from the list of Presidents? to be PC…

    • arno

      Landrieu’s liberal backers want to remove Andrew Jackson’s statue from Jackson Square in front of the St. Louis Cathedral which is New Orleans signature poster. Landrieu is possibly the most ignorant of all the Landrieu’s (and that’s saying something) but not even he will tackle that one. He only did the others because he judged that no one would care as much about those statues and he would satisfy his Democrat backers thereby gaining support for a future run for office (he’s term limited where he is). Trust me when I tell you he’s absolutely dumb.

    • GomeznSA

      DO NOT give them any more ideas, they can come up with far too many on their own!
      I saw a photo the other day wondering when ‘these monuments to slavery’ would be torn down – it was the pyramids in Egypt.

  • Floyd

    But the Mayor is a demoKKKrat but want people to forget that.

  • 4Pip

    Our country was almost over the struggles that came with the blacks and those in the South.Then O came along and now it is worse than before,he has told them to kill the cops,to be glad of doing it too.Those statues were there before these people who are protesting their existence,they should stay. They are part of the history we have here.No matter what these people think slavery wasn’t in their life,they need to get over the past.Every country has had slaves,even now muslims have been forcing those in Africa to be their slaves.Where is the outrage on that?

    • GomeznSA

      I won’t disagree with your points but I will put forth the idea that the struggle went rapidly downhill with lbj and his ‘great’ society. Little old barry merely pounded in the last few nails into the coffin.


    Who are these idiots fooling? There will NEVER be any true racial healing in this country, and it’s the fault of BOTH whites AND blacks. Anyone that says otherwise is a blind, narrow minded fool.

  • Cheryl Heberle

    Let them have their history.

  • Brabado

    Many Liberal Mayors are following the Communist’s Party Play-Book, to the “t”.
    – i.e. if they don’t let you play, take the bat and the ball from them, and go home… Typical Corrupt Liberal Democrats’ behavior…in addition to, Election Fraud – a/k/a SAY NO TO VOTER’S ID.

    Erasing all connections with the past, and with History itself, and impose on the People, the Ugly Present we offer them, as if these Militant Leftist Idiots could erase HISTORY, ITSELF!

    America Congratulates Congratulations to New Orleans Mayor Landreiu, for laying another Liberal Egg… and just think, these illiterate and misguided individuals were supposed to “govern”, if Criminal Hillary was elected!


    Semper fi.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Right on

  • minefinder624

    Mitch Landrieu et al- ISIS mentality in New Orleans with regard to removing or destroying historical monuments.

  • sovereigntyofone

    You can tear down monuments, but you can’t remove history from the hearts and minds of those that live in the south. You can not kill our heritage any more than you can program our thoughts.
    Our history is forever and removing statues, monuments because of hate will never solve the problems that this country faces today from fueled hatred against white folks from the likes of BLM, Black Panthers and other radical hate groups.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Love your two cents worth and you are exactly right!!! It just seems they are for dividing our country more and more!! That’s my two cents,worth

      • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

        Want a laugh? Do you know what the BLM, the KKK, and the Black Panthers all have in common? All of them support the democratic party.

        • GomeznSA

          “support the democratic party” – and vice versa, bolstered by the dems propaganda arm, frequently called the lame I mean main stream media.

  • RidgeRunner22

    There still remain butt-holes who want to hold onto old, treasonous ways. They need to read the words of Robert E Lee as he surrendered. HE realized that the cause for which he had been fighting, was a lost cause. One which was a stake in the heart of the Union. It’s only racist fools who wish to continue down this sickening path; 152 yrs later. If must be their inbreeding w/2nd & 3rd cousins which makes their minds so warped.

    • cabowabo78727


      • SkyGunner

        cabowanus. No, F. You. one initial and one Word, so you know I’m talking to you!

    • cabowabo78727


  • Warren Blum

    id put these monuments right in the naacp hqs

  • Johnny

    Mayor Mitch Landrieu is just making a political statement with vision that he believes will volt him to a higher position in Politics. All I can hope for that he is turned away with an end to his political career because the removal of Historical Monuments is for political reasons and not any other reason!

  • Tenets

    Run Mitch run and give me a chance to vote against you!

  • Jmanjo

    Just another jackass liberal politician pushing hate to get ahead of the ignorant voters. He should have asked the people he represented what their feelings and opinions were on the matter since there were not many that fought for slavery as much as they fought for principles and their kin are still quite present in the populace. What an idiot of a mayor!

    • kbfallon

      The TAX paying citizens should have had a chance to vote on this matter…..not some azz-monkey mayor choosing what HE thinks is right….SUE him!

  • Cowboy Randy

    Mayor Landrieu if you plan a run in 2020 forget it I will work hard against any idiot that thinks he can re-write History all you are doing is stirring up all the ghost of the South to come back ad haunt you and as it has been said you are doomed to repeat it so kiss your political Carrera good bye because it is sinking faster than the Titanic did.


    Just as the Confederate flag brouhaha was merely a dress rehearsal for an assault on the American flag, the destruction of the Confederate monuments is a trial balloon for dismantling the monuments commemorating America’s founding. The removal of Confederate flags was followed quickly by failed athletes, black militants and attention-seekers sitting down or worse during the national anthem, and by calls on left-wing media for the removal of the flag from public display. Now they are preparing for a full-scale assault on the Founders, on memorials and monuments to the founding across the country and on public observances such as Independence Day and Memorial Day. The goal is the eventual replacement of patriotism by allegiance to a marxist world order and submission to a world state. It may well take a civil war to put this down.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Believe you are right on

    • Joyce Sanders

      They are putting the flag back up in South Carolina. Remember Nikki Haley, the current ambassador to the UN, allowed it to be taken down! think on that for a while.

  • BugaBuga

    I grew up in Louisiana and politics is just as crooked as ever. I will not visit New Orleans nor will I ever vote for Mayor Mitch Landrieu. They came as a thief in the night to take away the statue, dressed in SWAT gear. What would he do as President? Waco, Ruby Ridge, or worse?

  • dusty

    the mayor is an idiot

  • desertpirate

    There is nothing more racist than using skin color to define diversity. Painting all people of ANY color, be it black, brown, or white is racist on its face. Landrieu is a typical leftist racist who wishes to seperate us based on skin color and using 2 of history’s admirable leaders to do it. Shame on you Mayor Landrieu!

  • dusty

    why dont we get rid of louie armstrong aretha haley blvd, martin luther king blvd,. they are offensive

    to me every time i go there. pos. doesnt understand that.

  • bluidevil

    Communism and ignorant leftist ideology on the march nationwide.
    Hoping the anarchist step on the wrong toes one day soon and they get their just rewards for
    their marxist communist mentality.

  • Jimbo

    The school systems stop teaching facial history, then we remove all traces of history, and pretty soon the past does not exist, and the Leftist teachings is all our children will know. Enough with giving students iPads to learn on in school, so they can’t bring them home and show you what they are being taught. This is a time for action for all parents. Go to your school board meetings and demand some answers, and vote these flakes out of office.

  • spike

    History is going to judge the entire population of the United States CRAZY at this time in history – or at the very least – wonder how the crazies took over and somehow the sane folks let them! Those statues are marks of the men and women of that time in our history – tearing down historical monuments does not change the history of their time. Slavery in the US was demolished during that time and that was the best thing that happened the next best thing for the future of the young country was keeping them a united country. If folks want to do some good in this country – they should work and demonstrate to get rid of the slavery of forced prostitution and child pronography of any kind that is present right now in this country and apparently across the world.

  • Gregory Fortner

    The mayor of New Orleans can send them to me so I can display them on my property.

  • Gregory Fortner

    The mayor of New Orleans can send them to me so I can display them on my property.

  • Wayland Ethridge

    Wake up, America! We are literally at war!

  • Timothy Draheim

    He does nothing more than to Drive a Stake between the races and cause discontent. Perhaps he does not know the true history of the Civil War. It was about the South being bullied by the North and they fought for their rights. Slavery was only a part of it.

  • Bob

    Removing these monuments is stupid it doesn’t change history only hides it!

  • Leonard Hale

    Mayor Landuieu in New Orleans is trying to make a name for himself by
    removing the Confederate historical monuments as after being Mayor he will not be on the public dole. Therefore he hopes to obtain some
    position with the Democratic Party. However, he is a loser and I hope
    the tourist stay home for at least one year and visit Gulf Port, MS for
    that year. They have nice beaches and almost everything New Orleans has
    if you want to have fun.

    • GomeznSA

      He is trying to make a name for himself by caving into and appeasing a very vocal minority. Period. Well then again, look at the demographics of nagin’s ‘chocolate city. Regardless, he is still serving a long stretch in the state pen so we know where his efforts got him.

  • Leonard Hale

    The history whether right or wrong is factual and the Liberals cannot change it or rewrite it to their satisfaction!

  • Leonard Hale

    Our history, whether right or wrong is factual and the Liberals cannot change it or rewrite it to their satisfaction!

    • GomeznSA

      True enough, they can’t totally change it – yet – but that does not stop them from whittling away at true history a bit at a time until they will eventually succeed.

      • Leonard Hale

        You are certainly right about that as it seems they are more persistent than the Republicans.

  • Wayne Giordano

    Hey can’t something be done that once this idiot is out that a law is enacted to put these statues back, PERMANENTLY.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    These people have the spirit of the anti-Christ working through them. The anti-Christ will rule the world – in order for that to happen ‘any and all things’ that does not fit into his belief, agenda, and propaganda, will be destroyed. Hitler did it, the Muslims do it when they conquer a culture, and the anti-Christ will do it. These people are just getting a head start.

  • Susan Wood

    Why is he Mayor? Wasn’t he elected by the people in this city?

  • IluvmyUSA

    To which do you feel safer, sharia law, illegal immigrants, or a statue? Why don’t these strong armed robbers of our tax dollars focus on the immediate need at hand. One can find comfort in the shade of a statue. What profit is there in shelling out big bucks to folks who want you written off the face of the earth?

  • Larry Brule


  • Jon Blake

    Crime is near out of control in NOLA and Landrieu and the Liberals answer to this is to remove history from a very storied city. He should be hung and other Liberals forced to watch.

  • midogman

    knee-jerk reactionism combined with a profound ignorance of history.

  • Kenneth Huebner

    If we in the modern politically current America are going thru our history for the purpose to remove any remembrance of thoes in our current judgement do not meet standards then really the Rev. Martin Luther King who I have respect and admiration for and who belongs to our history should have his statues removed because he really was a womanizer. And as a reverend what he did cannot be acceptable and he cannot be a role model. Do he must go.

  • Grant1959

    I fancy myself as an amateur historian with special interest in the Civil War, my ancestors fought for the union. I am saddened by this move, especially if monuments are removed from historic sites. What is next? Are they going to pull down all of the statuary at the former battlefields that are now national parks such as Gettysburg? Maybe next they will go after the union monuments. These monuments are part of our national history. There are those that claim the monuments are a painful reminder of a time when slavery was a fact in America, but I truly wonder how genuine this pain is now that more than 150 years have passed and no one from that time is still alive, so no one has first hand experience of that era or personal pain to be reminded of. I also find it a stretch to view these historic monuments as a promotion of slavery. What am I missing here?

  • Lycanroc

    Those statues were ugly and deserve to be in a museum. Let their history be remembered by school children and young adults so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

  • David VanBockel

    We are about to join the second civil war in America.

  • E.l. Roger

    one could speculate this so called mayor has probably signed his own death warrant

  • Grant1959

    Hey numb nuts Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States, not the general.

  • Janet

    Why are we destroying history? The icons of history should not be hidden away, but instead should be clearly visible so that we remember, our children learn, and so that we avoid making the same mistakes again. I find it rather ironic that now, after more years than I am old, these lessons are more necessary than ever before. We have CA threatening sedation if funds are withheld due to a failure to cooperate with Federal Immigration Laws and ICE. Other cities and states have declared themselves sanctuaries while others seem to be waking up to the fact that maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all. Possibly a bit frightened that they could lose funds necessary to maintain law enforcement? Of course Gov. Moonbeam is not even considering that the state is heading for bankruptcy with fewer people working than the number receiving assistance, businesses leaving the state (Apple is going to NV where taxes are reasonable), infrastructure is failing with no funds available except that gas taxes will be going up by 12 cents per gallon in November 2017 along with an increase on vehicle registration ranging from $35 per vehicle up to $175 per vehicle, cigarettes are now subject to an additional $2 tax per pack or $2.87 total per pack, sales tax increased because the State was short of funds and when it passed they miraculously found the money was available after all though the increase was never negated, and Gov. Moonbeam still intends to construct his fancy train to and from no where that may be necessary only to transport legal and illegal field works to work. No one wants his train and many are angry about being forced to have it cross their land. So that is how politics spin, just like what is happening to the southern heritage. We just keep heading further towards a second civil war and the Liberals continue to wear blind folds so they can’t recognize what is going on.

  • Bill Mullins

    “A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein

    As usual, Mr. Anson was dead center spot on.

    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes. Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.”
    George Santayana


    Confederate Monuments are a part of this countries history just as much as Valley Forge, the dark days of slavery and any other historical event you can think of. These Monuments serve a purpose, a reminder, a lest we forget moment for something we do not want to return too.
    To ignore histories lessons is to doom the future to make the same mistakes(an absolute truism)

  • Snaps

    The mayor thinks he can institute cultural revolution, just like Mao in China in the ’60s. Probably will have a similar outcome–lots of hate and terrorism.

  • James Higginbotham

    this is the COMMUNIST way of doing things, and a DICTATOR, it’s part of the 10 PLANKS OF THE COMMUNISM TO TAKE OVER A NATION.

  • magno et malo lupo
  • needful

    these people were all great men in their own right,they’re part of our culture and history, this loser of a politician had no right to do this!!

  • jcrawdad

    New Orleans Mayor Rips Confederate Monuments from Streets, Then Wants to ‘Come Together’.
    Tell the Mayor to Replace Monuments out of his own pocket , Then your willing to talk.

  • Joe Pewter

    never thought about it before…now i think I will put up a confederate flag in my yard under surveilance…hope someone tries to tear it down

  • bill14729 .

    Liberals Destroying our History for their demented ways, All BS

  • Mark Russell

    Why do you consistently claim that you are not a white-supremacists​ bigot when you so clearly are?

  • Cecilia Robarge

    Hey stupid mayor, you can rip all the statues that exist, but you will not get most “to come together” thanks to the divider Obama. Just saying, but good luck anyway… duh…

  • Meteorlady

    Oh for stupid….. you cannot erase history and a “thing” is not racist it’s merely the stupid pandering politicians and complaining people that have no jobs and nothing better to do on our dime.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Mayor is demonstrating that he is an idiot; by attempting to re-write history through removal of monuments —— he must believe if you don’t see something it isn’t there. Liberal logic at work.

  • Jim

    Mitch Landrieu, why don’t you go jump in Lake Pontchartrain because that is where you truly belong. You are trying to rewrite history, and you can’t do that. You want to force your Liberal Democratic beliefs down everyone’s throat without listening to reason or any opposing point of view. Besides that, your sister was one of the worst Governor’s Louisana has had in recent memory after the lousy way she handled the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Getting back to the statues, Jefferson Davis had served as the 29th Secretary of War for US President Franklin Pearce and General Robert E. Lee was responsible for gathering valuable intelligence information behind enemy lines as an US Army Captain against General Sana Anna in the Mexican American War. Both men honorably served the United States before the Civil War even occurred. I won’t say anything about Beauregard because this article goes into more detail about him and not much detail about Davis, or Lee. The Civil War was all about States Rights and about the Federal Government overtaxing the Southern States. That had nothing to do with slavery. At the time many Union supporters supported slavery and General Grant’s family still had slaves working for them after the Civil War ended. The Confederate Army actually had Black Officers in their regiments. Did the Union Army have Black Officers in any of their regiments. No! Many former Black Slaves moved North after the Civil War only to move back down South because they were given a cold shoulder and weren’t treated very well by the people up North. That itself speaks volumes. There were also Union States such as Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana that didn’t allow Blacks to travel within their state lines after the Civil War ended. I could add a few more things about Civil War history, but I won’t because it would take up too much time. However, I wanted to set the record straight about a few things that people aren’t aware of.

  • President? He couldn’t win dog catcher on the national stage! With his action in NO, people will wonder what monuments and statues will be on the chopping blocks if he becomes president.

  • Wade

    DeBerry(dingleberry) asks, Were these on the right side in their time? He says no! Well, the same could be said of the revolting rebels against the British Crown. Should we also tear down those statues of revolting rebels. History matters and you can’t please everyone. So, maybe no statues including MLK ,who I admired along with others who mattered in history. should be allowed anywhere

  • RidgeRunner22

    This is for the ignorant racists. If you can read & concentrate for more than a minute, let me “learn” you something: BOTH Robert E. Lee AND Jefferson Davis wanted the Confederate flag to be retired after the treasonous rebellion against the USA. I’ve already “learned” you about what R.E.L said. Now, for Jeff Davis. 1st of all he was a RELUCTANT secessionist. He then wrote, after the end of the rebellion: “My pride is that the flag (for those who are a little slow in following, he was writing about the Confederate flag) shall NOT be set between contending brothers & that it shall be folded up & laid away like a vesture that is no longer of any use”. See, even your Confederate heros understood that that flag was NOT a uniter, but a separator. It is a symbol of Hatred & Terrorism. It’s only the ignorant racist dogs who do not/cannot/will not understand. And their continued wish to “honor”, w/it’s displaying, a lost, unjust cause. Do you GET IT, NOW? For some, I know it’s not possible. I truly believe that it probably has something to do w/the results of mating w/2nd & 3rd cousins.

    • SkyGunner

      RR22. You’re wrong in so many ways. The flag is used by certain groups who stain the honor those brave Confederate soldiers displayed in so many battles. Apparently you’re the slow one that only read current history books written by the northern idiots that write what they wish, like you, regardless of actual history! Ignorant racist dogs. What a cute thing to say, mimicking your communist masters who call everyone not under their heel, some kind of dog. The old saying,’ its better for people to think you’re an asinine idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it,’ describes you to perfection. Trading insults with you is like dueling against an unarmed man. Pity felt by me and dumba– move by you!!

  • Gerri

    Disgraceful!! Really nothing else one can say.

  • JS

    What gives that ayewhole the right to tear down decades old monuments? I fracken hate liberal, bottle sucking, diaper pin, safe space, democrats.

  • JS

    I suppose this ayewhole would also agree to having any USA war memorials in Europe tore down because someone there disagree with them.

  • Obie Miller

    The removal of those monuments is very likely to do more harm than good.