New 90-Day Rat Study Destroys Corporate GMO Propaganda

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Photo by plasticrevolver

(Natural Blaze) GM proponents who constantly drone on with untrue claims that the science has clearly demonstrated GMOs as safe were dealt yet another blow shortly before Thanksgiving this past year.

This is because yet another study has been published demonstrating the negative health effects of GMOs on the intestinal tract.

This study by Ibrahim and Okasha entitled “Effect of genetically modified corn on the jejunal mucosa of adult male albino rat.,” and published in the journal Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology has demonstrated that rats fed GM Bt corn MON810 for only 90 days did indeed suffer rather serious damage to the surface mucous membranes of the jejunum – which is part of the small intestine.

The specific type of corn fed to the rats was MON810: Ajeeb YG. This is a GM version of Ajeeb, which is a local species of corn grown in Egypt. The GM version was created by Monsanto for the Egyptian market.

The rats who were fed the GM corn were given the MON810 corn as 30% of their diet. The control group was given the same amount of non-GMO corn.

In the group fed GM corn, the finger-like structures in the intestine known as villi that absorbs nutrients from food were clearly damaged. They were both distorted and flattened and some cells were even joined together.

The study includes images and shows photographs of the damage. There were also signs of inflammation around the areas of damage in the form of white blood cell infiltration…

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  • txjman


  • needful

    we have been corn holed!!!

  • Ronda O’Bryant

    GMO is the food Satan would serve us!

  • BDC

    Who funded the study? None of the sites promoting the study list the source(s) of funding, and the Elsavier site conveniently is down. Data can and often is manipulated to produce the results the funding organization(s) want. Always follow the money.

    • carpkiller

      Monsanto is killing us .They want the dollar and do not care what it does to humans.

      • BDC

        Please cite valid research studies published in peer-review journals that back up your statement. If your statement cannot reliably be verified, you are promoting propaganda and heresay. And if you think you aren’t eating GMO foods, genetic manipulation of foods has been practiced since Mendel and his peas.

  • Dannyboy

    Why do you think most of the EU has banned GMO products? DUH!

  • Beverly Bogunovich

    That would be what the bible calls food sacrificed to idols. It is not safe to eat. Listen to the word of the Lord, but people will say the bible has no say in todays day and age….

  • BulSprig


  • One study does not make fact…corroboration is needed. I am a skeptic of the belief that food is the purveyor of death. Secondly, why would Monsanto want to harm their customers? They’d have no one to sell to…markets would shrink. Js

  • dmttbt

    Growth hormones should be able to be proven good or bad, one way or the other. But we have democrats or republicans saying what a holes the other is so they don[‘t have time to do anything that makes sense for all the people.
    Nutrasweet is a prime example. It was judged by the FDA to be acceptable only in certain things and soda was not one of them. Within a short time they were putting it in soda and have not stopped. The public gets what the big food companies pay for.
    The only good lobbyist are those who work for the people to keep an eye on the government.

  • Zeta

    softkill weaponry the elite are using to desroy us…