NeverTrump Sen. Flake Wants Job with CNN or MSNBC

His political career over, the Arizona senator is looking for a way to cash in with likeminded media…

NeverTrump Flake Blasts Trump, Defends Dems on Immigration 1

Jeff Flake/IMAGE: ABC News

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is not running for re-election in November, and is instead looking to land a cushy job as a political commentator on CNN or MSNBC.

Flake, a Republican, has built a high-profile reputation for being fervently anti-Trump.

Now that his political career is essentially over, the so-called “NeverTrumper” appears to be looking for a way to cash in with likeminded media.

According to the website The Daily Beast, Flake ditched Senate votes last week in order to meet with executives from the liberal cable news networks.


He reportedly met with MSNBC president Phil Griffin and CNN president Jeff Zucker.

When asked if he is in talks for a cable news gig, Flake declined to comment except for saying with a laugh, that, “That’s down the road – that’s six months.”

In any case, the price of employment would likely involve regularly slamming President Donald Trump and his supporters on national TV – something Flake is already accustomed to doing.

On the previous Sunday, he appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos and endeared himself to the former Clinton aide’s audience by voicing an opposing position to the president’s stance on illegal immigration.

Last month, Flake trashed Trump in a speech at Harvard Law School while managing to praise Barack and Michelle Obama.

Flake told the law school’s 2018 graduating class that Trump’s election was a “tragedy,” and a “debacle.”

“Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division,” he said.

Flake has even published a book ripping Trump and suggesting that he doesn’t represent real conservative values.

The one-term senator says he is not seeking reelection in November because he doesn’t want to lower his moral standards in order to win.


For that, he also blames Trump.

But poll numbers might be the real reason.

In August 2017, Flake had lodged a stunningly low 18 percent approval rating in his home state of Arizona.

A CBS News poll released last week showed Flake’s approval rating actually dropped to 16 percent among Arizona Republicans.

Still, Flake contends he may run against Trump in a 2020 presidential bid.