Nearly 40 Percent of Sex Offenders in Oregon Prisons are Illegals

One in every fifteen prisoners incarcerated by the state was a criminal alien…

New Law Mandates Free Abortions in Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown/Photo by OregonDOT (CC)

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) An analysis of data from the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) shows that nearly 49 percent of the 973 criminal aliens in state prisons have been convicted of sex crimes.

All 973 have Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers on them.

According the report “Approximately one in every fifteen prisoners incarcerated by the state was a criminal alien, 6.60 percent of the total prison population.”

The analysis was compiled by Oregon immigration policy researcher David Olen Cross.

ICE detainers make up 39.32 percent of the state’s incarcerated sex offenders.

The report found 376 sex related crimes that include 200 cases of sex abuse, 175 cases of rape, and 101 cases of sodomy.

Other crimes topping the list for criminal illegal aliens were homicide (136), drugs (97), assault (76), and robberies (52).

Three counties in Oregon had over 200 inmates with ICE detainers placed on them: Marion County (235), Washington County (202), and Multnomah (201).

The criminal illegal aliens overwhelmingly were from South American countries.

Mexico made up the largest group with 777, which is just under 80 percent. Other countries of origin listed were Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

All of these prisoners are incarcerated at a steep price.

According to the report, “An individual prisoner incarcerated in the DOC prison system costs the state approximately ($94.55) per day.”

The cost of the 973 criminal aliens being housed in Oregon prisons come to around $91,997.15 per day or $33,578,959.75 per year.

Oregon, along with 9 other states, make up 63 percent of the total number of criminal aliens in United States prisons.

Other states include Nevada, Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), there are around 55,000 criminal aliens in U.S. prisons.

That’s one-fourth of all federal prisoners.

When including state and local prisons, that number skyrockets to 297,000.


FAIR estimates that imprisonment of criminal aliens cost taxpayers $1.5 to $1.6 billion per year at the federal level alone.

Total federal justice enforcement costs are estimated at well over $13 billion dollars per year.

Oregon has been a “sanctuary state” for decades.

In 2017 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation that made it next to impossible for local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE or other federal immigration agencies.

Brown signed the bill only two weeks after a criminal alien with an extensive criminal record, and who had been deported 20 times previously, was arrested for raping a 65 year-old woman in her home.

The illegal alien criminal, Sergio Jose Martinez, was also accused of raping a woman in a parking garage.

Martinez had an ICE detainer on him, but Multnomah County released him anyway and did not contact ICE.

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  • Gregg Parker

    Oregon…affectionately known as the [email protected] me state…
    Come to Oregon and meet the people of the world up close and personal like you never imaged you would!

    • carla AMERICAN

      Filthy ! To keep the foreign criminals in America after they raped. All that demanded it be a sanctuary state should be held accountable. This is SO NASTY !

      • Gregg Parker

        So true…

  • Kbuzz

    Clearly, we are arresting the wrong individuals.
    Unfortunately, arresting the People that created and signed these Laws into effect is a worthless endeavour. However, if the victims could hold the legislators accountable for violation of constitutional law/rights, than by all means sue them. And since the taxpayers would end up paying for this – even better, as they voted for it, now they should pay for it.

  • JWB

    How much longer will the citizenry of this country be “forced” to endure the brutality and lawlessness that is perpetuated by the “criminal illegal” population, whom are coddled and protected by the very officials sworn to uphold the Constitution and provide for the safety and welfare of their constituents?
    The “tipping” point has been surpassed, for those that have been victimized, and “vigilante justice” is a “heartbeat” away, as many Americans will not succumb to the onslaught of “unjustified” violence inflicted by these barbaric intruders.

  • Smitty503

    Well Duh! I use to work at OSP and this figure is correct if not lower than it should be imo.

    • teachersaide

      My sympathies. Hope you are now in a place where obeying the laws of this land are accepted, if not encouraged.

      • Smitty503

        I use to work there (Correctional Officer) not be an inmate there.

        • teachersaide

          I didn’t think you were an inmate. I got that you worked there. I used to work in an inner city, “public” hospital for over 6 yrs, as an RN. (Where I was told on average EVERY day, “What an idiot I was to work for a living!”) After Being Under Siege there (from some patients, visitors, & even staff), I’m sure there were MORE stressors in Your job. Glad it’s over, for both of us.

          • Smitty503

            , me to

        • Rolpho Signetti

          Duh! Lol

  • Teresa Barrows

    This is out outrageous… if the facts stated in the above are to be believed “According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), there are around 55,000 criminal aliens in U.S. prisons… what the heck are we doing supporting these individuals… THESE ARE EXACTLY the one that I AGREE with the President should be deported back to his/her own country… let them deal with the criminal.

    • suerobb

      Why should we have to feed them… let them starve in there. Why must we be victimize twice. If people cannot behave they need to be executed. We do that to dogs who bite again

  • Somanywhiners

    NO state should be able to ignore federal law; fight it, yes, but blatantly ignoring it by a Governor should result in the Federal Marshals arresting the Governor.

    And the illegal immigrants who commit a crime should be removed from the country and implanted with a divine that explodes if they cross our borders again.

    The American people should not have to foot the bill for imprisonment, if this continues the federal government will need to step-in to force the countries of origin to repay the states for their citizens mistakes. Kind of like hooding parent liable for their children.

    • AmericanVoterTB619

      hmm… now there is a novice Ideal…. making the illegal aliens “home country reimburse US for expenses all cost during accrued during imprisonment as well as damages due to criminal’s actions… and return make then pay for transportation cost as well… dang that could probably take a HUGE BITE out financial crunch of every state of the US… because I am sure it isn’t just a few states here and there that have these individuals… I would be willing to beat that every jail, prison, in at least every county, state, and federal level has them… and if just one criminal is costing on average upwards of $95.00 a day… wow… let’s do the some back math…. 55,000 inmates x 3 (governmental level: local, state, federal) x 50 states (and for just keep to it simple we’ll assume there is one of each type in for every state) x $95.00 (cost per day per person)… that would be in the neighborhood of $43,106,250,000,000.00 duh, ya, I think that could go a long way towards if nothing else payment to build the southern border wall.

  • skier69

    Time to go into Prisons and Deport them Why should I have to pay to keep them in Prison, Outrageous. What the Heck is The matter with this country? They went to 7-Eleven stores and are arresting owners, so go into The states and arrest

    • Dale P Patterson

      No fool, time to go to these prisons and execute them. Obviously kicking them out is no punishment and all they do is come back.
      Mexico doesn’t kick anyone out for committing a crime just because their foreigners and neither does any other country . . . except America. We “wisely” think we’re saving money. Ha ha ha. Wanna save a hundred dollars a day? Use a $1 bullet . . . TO THE HEAD!

  • Francisco Machado

    Didn’t Governor Brown justify her actions? That should have been in the article – it could have used some comic relief.

  • Judy

    I read that she is Jerry Browns sister no wonder they have stupid laws she also allows abortions up to the day of birth if that is not murder what is it

  • John

    The DEms are fond of using the Staue of Liberty when defending illegal immigration. It seems that a number of these illegals just want to rape/ molest lady liberty.
    Not ONE sane liberal ( so few of them) would actually House ANY of these POS in their push for sanctuary. MANY of the libs have security, gated community, walls , sturdy locks and live miles from any of these criminals live so they do not suffer the consequences of their actions. While LA has areas like s Mexican village with live chickens and drug thugs, the elites live in there ivory tower pushing their B$ on the rest of us.

  • ADRoberts

    Maybe it is time to let the liberal states to suffer for their VOTING habits. Let them experience what it is like to be sanctuaries for illegal rapists.

  • Yosemite Sam

    What is it with the demo-rat LEFT coast? CA and OR are filled with illegal alien degenerates who terrorize the communities they’ve invaded. OR is not far behind CA from being forever transformed into a worthless third world banana republic.

  • Janet

    These are the people that democrats and sanctuary cities want to protect. They have no problem releasing them back on our streets with no concern whatsoever for the American citizen. It’s infuriating!

  • teachersaide

    Well, Oregon is added to MY list of States/cities to be SHUNNED, who will receive ZERO tourism dollars from ME! IF You really care about this ISSUE, do the same.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    You forgot about the ones they let walk out the back doors of liberal judges courtrooms, so ICE cannot arrest them again in the front hallways of Multnomah County courthouse!

    Look at that ol ex-librarian hag we got for Gov! She is gonna run again! I am moving to —- WHERE!!! The liberals are like rats! They have infested everything! And Oregon was a nice state until the morons from CA discovered how cheap it WAS to live here!

    No more… I gotta get out here!

  • jackel leo

    And OR taxes just skyrocketed 12% increase. This Governor Brown is in love with these illegals. And hard working OR RESIDENCES are paying for these killers, rapist. Brown’s Calif and OR Governors need to go. VOTE THEM OUT.