NCAA Inexplicably Reverses Course on NC Boycott Over Transgenders in Bathrooms

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) After spending the academic year chastising and threatening North Carolina for its allegedly “discriminatory” House Bill 2 (HB2) law that required individuals to use public restrooms according to their biological gender, the NCAA reversed field today and will again allow bids from the state to host its sports tournaments.

NC Lawmakers Want NCAA, ACC Investigated by IRS for Political Activity

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The Tar Heel State still requires people to use public facilities (businesses can decide for themselves, as always) according to the sex they are identified by on their birth certificates. But last week the Republican-dominated NC General Assembly and Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper passed a “repeal” of HB2 that erased that legislation’s language from state statutes, which still left in place a prohibition against the state’s local governments from regulating public accommodations via ordinances. For some reason that was good enough for the NCAA.

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“The [NCAA] Board of Governors…was hopeful that the state would fully repeal HB2 in order to allow the host communities to ensure a safe, healthy, discrimination-free atmosphere for the championship sites,” the organization said in a statement released today. “While the new law meets the minimal NCAA requirements, the board remains concerned that some may perceive North Carolina’s moratorium against affording opportunities for communities to extend basic civil rights as a signal that discriminatory behavior is permitted and acceptable, which is inconsistent with the NCAA Bylaws.”

Contrary to the statement, however, the new law did not meet the NCAA’s previously stated requirements. Among the shortcomings against what NCAA previously said North Carolina must do are the fact that local laws that treat sexual orientation as a protected class are still prohibited, and the fact that individuals can still be in violation of the law if they don’t use public restrooms according to the gender designation on their birth certificates.

“We recognize the quality championships hosted by the people of North Carolina in years before HB2,” the NCAA statement on Tuesday said. “And this new law restores the state to that legal landscape: a landscape similar to other jurisdictions presently hosting NCAA championships.”

The standards were also similar to other states before HB2 was “repealed,” which pro-transsexual rights groups seemed to understand well.

NCAA Inexplicably Reverses Course on NC Boycott Over Transgenders in Bathrooms

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“The NCAA’s decision to backtrack on their vow to protect LGBTQ players, employees and fans is deeply disappointing and puts people at risk,” said Chad Griffin, president of Human Rights Campaign, which has angrily and ambitiously instigated boycotts of the state by corporations, organizations and artists. “After drawing a line in the sand and calling for repeal of HB2, the NCAA simply let North Carolina lawmakers off the hook.”

“It is disappointing to see the NCAA backpedal after it stood strong against the deeply discriminatory HB2,” said Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro. “HB142 [the repeal law] continues the same discriminatory scheme put forward by HB2 and does little to protect the NCAA’s players, employees, and fans.”

The pro-transsexual groups have been livid since the legislative measure was signed into law on Thursday by Cooper, whom they have called a “sell-out,” after they aggressively attempted to help him defeat previous Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in November.

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Supporters of the original HB2 in North Carolina responded to the NCAA’s announcement with skepticism.

Corporate Watchdogs Criticize Financiers of NCAA, ACC Threats Against North Carolina 5

Rev. Mark Creech

“The NCAA displayed breathtaking hypocrisy concerning the bathroom bill, selectively boycotting the state for policies quite common throughout the nation and where they were holding events,” said Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. “With their assistance, everything now is politicized, even intercollegiate athletics.”

“The NCAA’s boycott of North Carolina achieved what it wanted—the repeal of HB2—proving that bullying works as long as you meet the demands of the bully,” said Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition. “However, the NCAA had no business demanding anything of North Carolina lawmakers. Nondiscrimination laws in North Carolina—even under HB2—have always been similar to 29 other states and 10,000 other municipalities.”

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Since little changed with regard to legal status in North Carolina as far as special rights for self-proclaimed individuals who are “transgender” or “gender fluid,” other factors could have contributed to the NCAA’s decision to reverse course.

First, legislation co-sponsored by several lawmakers has been introduced that would require NC House and Senate leaders to ask the IRS to investigate the legitimacy of the nonprofit, tax-exempt status of the NCAA, because of its political activity surrounding HB2. The organization seemed especially sensitive to this charge, even mentioning in Tuesday’s statement that it “did not lobby for any specific change in the law,” but that it merely “was hopeful that the state would fully repeal HB2.”

“They’ve arguably violated their non-profit status, and figuratively speaking, held North Carolina politics, as well as its economy, hostage to the point of a gun,” Rev.  Creech said.

PREVIOUSLY: NC Lawmakers Want NCAA, ACC Investigated by IRS for Political Activity

The same legislation also demands that any public university president in North Carolina, that serves on the boards of athletic associations such as the NCAA or Atlantic Coast Conference, to be transparent to the public with regard to their votes and their activities on those boards. The chancellors of University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University were criticized recently by some members of the UNC Board of Governors because of their secretive votes about the ACC’s boycott of the state because of HB2.

The NCAA also could be concerned about how its sponsors felt about its political involvement in the divisive issue in North Carolina. Eighteen major corporations back the organization — most of which ducked recent inquiries by Liberty Headlines about their future support.

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NCAA Inexplicably Reverses Course on NC Boycott Over Transgenders in Bathrooms 1

Stacey Osburn/PHOTO: Twitter

NCAA Inexplicably Reverses Course on NC Boycott Over Transgenders in Bathrooms 2

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“The NCAA is all about the money,” said Justin Danhof, director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research. “The NCAA fills it coffers by exploiting student athletes and generates significant advertising revenue in the process. North Carolina is a state full of top-quality athletic programs and facilities. It’s certainly possible that the NCAA felt pressure from its major advertisers to once again open the Tar Heel state for business.”

Liberty Headlines inquired with NCAA spokeswomen Stacey Osburn and Gail Dent about potential concerns regarding sponsors, tax-exempt status, and transparency by the members of its Board of Governors. They had not responded to the inquiry by publication time.

“The NCAA is now being opportunistic and wielding its power over the State of North Carolina, and is clearly not concerned about the safety of women and girls—even though it touts its commitment to the success of female athletes on and off the playing field,” said Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association.

“Additionally, does the NCAA require all football and basketball venues to allow men to use women’s restrooms during sporting events?” Wildmon added. “If not – good. However, if not, it would highlight the NCAA’s appalling hypocrisy, since the organization felt the need to require North Carolina to do so.”

  • therealworld

    NCAA BlackLaws. Sports Teams need to stay out of public bathrooms and continue to support the black man playing sports. I am boycotting anything connected to the NCAA anyway. I have better use for my money and support.

  • Daniel Gray

    The reason they changed their minds is that the Trump Administration stopped the challenge and overturned it, meaning that ANY state can make a law like this and since over 45 states DO have laws like this, where exactly was the NCAA going to go? That left 4 states out of 50 that they could play in meaning they would go bankrupt.

    Guess you do follow the money and this time the money just bi-yatch slapped the NCAA

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      Great point!

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      Thanks for the information!!

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  • mike

    The NCAA needed to stay out of political correct poltics. It and the will of the people of NC is not their business.


    Just fill the ncaa’s locker rooms with hundreds of women saying they are men. See how the players would ACCEPT that!

    Would THAT then change the “minds” of the ncaa “leadership”?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Ski

      Their leadership has minds?

      • Mister_Jim

        You wouldn’t know it by this decision.

      • ARJAY

        I did say “minds” and NOT minds. The quote marks were intentional to make people understand they don’t have actual minds!

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    Sissy legislature reversed itself all over the floor. Clean up on Capital floor.

  • Clete Tacker

    I’m proud to say that I am in the I don’t give a crap about the NCAA group, I don’t care of they play or not, ever.

  • WSmith

    The NCAA is clearly still discriminating against the 99% 0f people who don’t want the government or outfits like NCAA in their bathrooms. LEAVE US ALONE ! If you want to spin the Roulette Wheel with your wives and kids then feel free to do so, but we prefer 2,000 years of precedent and a civil society. We’ll stay out of your bedrooms if you stay out of our bathrooms.

  • Joe French

    Oh you weirdos, why not just wear depends, that way to can go pee/potty anywhere.

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    I don’t care what the NCAA does, I have been boycotting all NCAA activity since they started this crap.

  • Nomad

    Since when is the NCAA qualified to make scientific, biological judgements? Next they’ll allow gender confused players to pick their team(men’s or women’s). Then what will those teams be called?

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      The bearded ladies- chicks with di*ks – the reach arounds- the girly men – the things – fruitcakes – the mysteries – the dongs in thongs- Lol I’m sure they will come up with something.

  • wandamurline

    Ladies, if you get attacked in a bathroom in North Carolina….please feel free to sue the pants off the NCAA as they and the ball-less wonders in the state courthouse are responsible for everything that happens. I won’t be watching any basketball any time soon.

    • Ski

      Don’t forget ACC and NBA as well!

  • travis690

    The NCAA is one of the most despicable sports-governing entities in existence.Their vain attempt to force states to adhere to their preferences for governance is a wretched attempt to damage the social fabric of the nation, and should be denounced harshly.

  • Snaps

    I think the NCAA is afraid NC will indeed petition the IRS to investigate their tax exempt status. And since NC Tarheels just won the basketball championship, their boycott would really stink.

  • Robert Pekarik

    The NCAA like the NFL is run by liberal progressive secularists who put their personal feelings ahead of our nation. Democrats are doing the same thing and perhaps the NCAA has realized that destroying Americas morality and the will of the majority of we the people is not good for business.

  • LBC1689

    Oh, the confused NBAQ!

  • Harry Trawick

    What about a Safe Environment for our children? “The [NCAA] Board of Governors…was hopeful that the state would fully
    repeal HB2 in order to allow the host communities to ensure a safe,
    healthy, discrimination-free atmosphere for the championship sites,” Would some one please explain what the difference is between a Sex-Offender and a pervert that uses “transgender” to perv on our wives & daughters?
    The NCAA, NBA, NFL and hollywood can all KM @$$!

    • Derek

      Yeah and mine right after that.

  • Bill Harrison

    NCAA should lose their tax exempt for playing politics.

  • Derek

    Lmao well they was all about the lgbtq till it seemed to give their bottom line a bad slant. It seems the power of money can even tip the scales against the almighty political correctness we’ve all come to love so much. Well too late now that I’ve seen your true colors you will NEVER squeeze another dime out of me. I hope others follow suit the ncaa is a bunch of non recyclable garbage skip the games and go on a picnic.

    • Maria Sciarrino

      well said… it’s really is up to US, the people… we are the ones continuing to pay for all LIBERAL venues. Baseball, basketball, hockey, concerts, movies, coffee, food, etc. etc. etc. where does it end. You know, the LIBERALS, LGBTQ… destroyed Anita Bryant and nearly destroyed Florida OJ over her stand on keeping Christian values in homes, LGBTQ went on the boycott fair until Florida OJ had no choice but to cancel Anita’s contract. Maybe we are in a time now, to start doing what worked for them.

      • Derek

        You are absolutely correct. It’s time to put this insanity to rest. Boycott them all. I did not watch one single nfl game last season over them letting that idiot colon krapperneck pull that whole mess and will continue to do so. Funny thing is I found much more enjoyable ways to spend my time. I won’t ever attend another Hollywood movie. I’ve had it with these overpaid brats that don’t even deserve the blessings they have trying to spoon feed the rest of us their madness. PLEASE do the same. If we don’t do it fast I feel this country’s future will be a grim one. It’s a huge problem with a simple solution take away the money and the issues will follow right behind. If we all work together as a team we can behead this vile beast. Thank you for the up vote and have a great day 🙂

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    Once again another minority trying to run the country.

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    Transgendered people deserve to use the bathroom of their choice. This is suck a stupid moronic topic. Get over it. It’d just a place to use the bathroom. Lol.

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      Yeah for the weirdo to check out little girls

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        That is such an ignorant response from a person that clearly lacks education or understanding of human behavior. Please educate yourself. You make America look like an ignorant place.

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    Whoever disagrees with this statement I just posted is plain stupid and should be stoned to death for hatred. Lol

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    meh… I still won’t go to one of the jock sniffing events.

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    Too little, too late… For the first time since I could walk, I didn’t watch one second of NCAA. It’s been like breaking a bad habit. I feel liberated, a new lease on life even….

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    Screw the NCAA and the LGBT

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      Your are satanic for your hate. Satan will be waiting for you.

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    They reversed because they were going to lose their tax exempt status for getting involved in politics. The IRS was already looking into pulling their exemption.

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    These People have a mental Problem and the Hospitals for the Insane need to be brought back..

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      You are mentally ill and ignorant. Satan is waiting for you for your hatred

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        OH SHUT UP! everyone knows Satan uses the ladies room!

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    I had a conversation with my son who is a middle age adult. I said “when you went to school you did not have to worry about a female now male starting at you in a locker room or bathroom or wherever. He said, Yeh, when I went to school this was not so cool then.”

  • Louie Rey

    Maybe because North Carolina just won the NCAA Championship? Regardless, there shouldn’t have been a boycott in the first place. Transgenders make up .03% of America’s population. Therefore, in the warped minds of liberals everywhere, the remaining 99.7% of us are to be inconvenienced. Yeah, that makes perfect sense, NOT!

  • Phoebe Isley

    “They’ve arguably violated their non-profit status, and figuratively speaking, held North Carolina politics, as well as its economy, hostage to the point of a gun,” Rev. Creech said.

    Couldn’t have said it any better!

  • Gerri

    NC legislature should hang their heads in shame. If they did’nt have the courage of their convictions they should not have taken the steps they took. Now it’s too late the state has lost it’s credibility shame on them!!!!!!

  • tom london

    Get educated and stop pretending God didn’t create Adam and Steve. That is ignornant. The gay gene is like any other gene like eye color or hair color. Wake up or shut up

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      There is no gay gene stupid! You have a lot of nerve telling ANYONE to get educated. Where did you hear that crap doctor oz?

  • tom london

    The only perverts are closeted fake religious people who really worship Satan but pretend their Christians like you. So shut up

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    NCAA is about monetizing games and performances of student athletes. Now that the Tar Heels are once more NCAA basketball champions what was the NCAA going to do? Yep, forget about politicizing the games which was stupid to begin with and hear the sound of money coming in – kaching!

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    they should go back to the closet…….hahahahha!