NC Lawmakers Want NCAA, ACC Investigated by IRS for Political Activity

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) Following disagreement on the University of North Carolina Board of Governors about the outside activities of chancellors at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University, some state lawmakers want to pass a law that requires university leaders to be transparent about how they vote on external boards that affect their institutions.

NCAA photo

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Specifically the Athletic Associations Accountability Act (NC House Bill 328), co-sponsored by four Republican members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, requires chancellors of any publicly funded state university to report to the President of the UNC system and to its Board of Governors the nature of their involvement with sports leagues such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Atlantic Coast Conference. If representatives of the state universities participate in decision-making as voting members of the associations, they are required to report and publicly disclose what issues they voted on, and how they voted, to their overseers in the University system.

The legislation also would require the leaders of the NC Senate and House to request that the Internal Revenue Service to investigate whether the NCAA and ACC violated their tax-exempt status, by engaging in political or legislative activities that fall outside their declared missions as athletic leagues.

The introduction of the legislation follows a secret vote last September by the ACC Council of Presidents – which included UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt and NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson – to move all the league’s sports championships that had been scheduled in North Carolina to other states. The move by the ACC presidents was designed to punish the Tar Heel State for its allegedly “discriminatory” House Bill 2 law, which overturned a Charlotte ordinance by requiring that users of public restrooms and dressing facilities do so according to the sex they are identified by on their birth certificates.

Both Folt and Woodson have declined to say how they voted in the September decision because they allegedly committed to a verbal agreement of confidentiality with the ACC’s other university leaders. The sponsors of House Bill 328 say keeping that information from the public is unacceptable.

“It should be transparent,” said Rep. Chris Millis, a co-sponsor of the bill, in an interview on the Raleigh-based Chad Adams Show. “[The bill requires] transparency and sunlight on our constituent institutions that are funded by taxpayer dollars, to not allow this future activity to go on in secret.”

Last week four members of the UNC Board of Governors said Chancellors Folt and Woodson – who were in New York for the ACC Council of Presidents’ biannual meeting – should vote, publicly, in the best interests of the state.

“They should first object to any sort of boycott or economic sanctions,” said Marty Kotis, a member of the Board of Governors. “Object to any private or secret closed door vote. And refuse to participate if the vote is going to be private.”

The possibility existed that the Council of Presidents could vote last week on whether or not to schedule championships and tournaments in North Carolina for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, after ACC Commissioner John Swofford said such a decision would be made in the spring. But the session passed without any public announcement, so either a decision was made without public disclosure (yet), or the presidents will wait until their next scheduled meeting in September or hold a special meeting before that.

Swofford told the Associated Press in January the ACC is likely to move its football championship out of Charlotte again this year if House Bill 2 is not repealed or significantly altered.

“Our presidents made what they believe is a principled decision in that regard as to where our championships should be held and shouldn’t,” he said. “I don’t see that principle changing.”

The other component of House Bill 328 calls for the IRS to scrutinize whether the NCAA and ACC violated the conditions of their tax-exempt status, by exceeding their core missions as athletic leagues by advocating for changes in laws that have nothing to do with the conduct of their activities.

“I believe the NCAA and the ACC have stepped out of bounds…,” said NC Rep. Mark Brody, the chief author and sponsor of the legislation, in a Facebook post on Sunday. “To the best of my ability, [I] will never allow the General Assembly to relinquish its legislative authority over the internal affairs of the State or succumb to economic extortion to and from either the NCAA or the ACC.”

In the joint interview with Rep. Millis on the Chad Adams Show on Tuesday, Brody emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability by public officials.

“This is one of those core issues that the Republican conservatives have to take a stand on,” he said.

  • Ardvark

    Need to investigate Cooper for malfeasance in office since he refused to enforce laws as the sate AG, and while they are at it look into where 90,000 magic votes came from in Durham! I have spoken to election judges who have said you do not just misplace or not see that many votes lying around!

  • Daniel Yingling

    These moronic presidents need to get back to the business of running the spirts related issues snd leave the politics to people who can think clearly and have good moral standing. The Universities need to get back to the business of teaching the history of the US and the constitution and not the ideology that the group is more important than the individual.
    These Marxist idiots are way out of line and I would ask for their resignations or fire them. They have no business putting political pressure on anyone for any cause unrelated to the sports programs.
    The left and the right need to drop these silly differences that affect 1 in 30000 and start looking at the real issues that are affecting our Republic. We are not a democracy and giving the states back more power and decision making is one way to insure the executive branch won’t have another dictator like Obama ever again. He ignored the other 2 branches, the constitution and the rule of law to push his progressive ideology and massive support for all radical groups especially Muslims and Muslim countries. He spent 6.4 Trillion dollars in the middle east and the press is upset Trump is cutting back 2 billion from the useless UN and programs that do little or nothing like UNICEF or the World Food Program. Unicef only spends 2 percent of its money actually helping people in need and the World Food Program ends up having 95% of the food resold on the black market. What a joke.

    • Raymond Miller

      End all support to the UN. Let them move to France, where they will be welcomed by those A**holes.

      • needful

        fricking crying frogs!!!

  • Jmanjo

    Same goes or the professional sports associations. Their functions are sports. Causing states to lose venues because the state follows the law and wishes of the people rather than self interests of a few is not right. LGBT issues belong in the courts and elections so the people can decide their lives and laws not the heads of football and basketball associations.

    • Blair

      Actually, LGBT issues are for the people at-large to decide – not the courts. They are matters of public policy not matters for a few elitists to decide by fiat – whether they be judges or NCAA board members.

  • John

    Too many sports leagues and sporting news organizations have been taken over by SJW snowflakes. People enjoy sports for the entertainment and diversion they provide,but when they cease to provide that,watch the ratings fall.

    Bathroom solution-ports potties everywhere,shut the indoor ones down when the NCAA is in town.

    • Mathew Molk

      The ratings are already falling. Check out the stupid bowl. NASCAR is on the rocks too. All can go under with Target and Starbucks for all I care.

      We the people have had enough of their acting like royalty. Face facts. Without sports 90% of them are just unemployable loosers. Who needs them. You see better action at the Friday High School or local short track.

      I’m beginning to think we should shut down the NCAA and .ACC completely. Other them making promoters and executives rich and bending over backward to be excessively PC, what good are they?

  • Sim Dunn

    Equal Rights are not “UN-limited”, try yelling Fire in a crowded theater.

    The welfare of the Public at large has a higher priority than Equal rights.

    There’s no better way to “Teach” that than explaining that threaten to overthrow this Government is “TREASON”.

    Such as the Muslims do as they step off the planes vowing to destroy this government and set up a Caliphate Government under Sharia law.

    Equal Rights have “limitations”.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Funny you should mention the example of yelling fire in a crowded theater, back in the late 90s the Marcus chain of movie theaters renovated in an effort to pack far more people into each Showing room, my opinion then was what a major fire trap, 10 years later they renovated again, now it is nice comfortable reclining chairs and wide aisles.

      Considering the present climate of our nation by the Lamestream media, the Hollyweird crowd, and Libtards it is highly unlikely that the clear and present danger of Globalists and islam will only become apparent if many people die due to complete stupidity on the part of the Demoncommiecrats, Libtard judges, their mouth pieces the Lamestream media, the Hollyweird crowd and all the rest of the Libtards.

  • stonecold621

    how about putting the entire ncaa on trial for what happened in north carolina swofford, randy woodson and carol folt should be stripped of their positions and FIRED IMMEDIATELY


    Read and read. Finally got to the heart of the post. TRANSGENDERS and bathrooms. I’ll say this. I could careless about March madness! A group that is only .03% of the US population. How is it they have so much influence? Think about it!

  • Sylvia Avila

    Daniel you are right! But our world is being controlled by some very crazy people and they don’t see the world the way we do! They are out for global domination! and to push their own agenda on the people. They are very serious about what they want and how to get their agenda through. NWO , Brotherhood Elite! Read David Ike The Big Secret” eye opener, did a lot of researcher on the NWO

  • ChuckW

    Excellent! Public servants paid by taxpayers (such as heads of Universities), should be expected to make all their decisions public unless their is a truly compelling reason otherwise. When it involves non-NC sports groups who are bullying our legislature, they definitely owe us taxpayers an explanation.