NC Lawmaker Admits HB2 Repeal was Driven By Image, Fear of Leftist Media

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) The North Carolina lawmaker who drove the final effort to successfully repeal the state’s artificially demonized House Bill 2 (HB2) admitted this week that her motivation was “the way the media played it up” and to “get the rest of the nation off our back.”

NC Lawmaker Admits HB2 Repeal was Driven By Fear of Media, Nat'l Perception

NC Rep. Sarah Stevens

State Rep. Sarah Stevens, a Republican who represents Mt. Airy — the town that served as the model for “Mayberry” in “The Andy Griffith Show” — introduced and pushed for passage of House Bill 142, which erased the language of HB2 from North Carolina’s statutes. The now-banished law was known as the “transgender bathroom” bill that required individuals to use public restrooms and changing facilities according to their sex identities on their birth certificates.

In an interview with the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, which covers part of her district in rural northwestern North Carolina, Stevens said the merits of HB2 were irrelevant in light of attacks from the national Left, who were emboldened by liberal news coverage and alliances with major corporate CEOs, sports organizations, and Hollywood celebrities and performers.

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“She said HB 2 ‘was not a bad bill,'” the newspaper reported, “‘but it had given us (North Carolina) a bad image because of the way the media played it up.’ HB 2 became a stain on the state that needed to be removed, said Stevens.”

“It was common sense to get us back to where we were before,” Stevens told the Journal-Patriot. “It was truly a re-set of the dial to get the rest of the nation off our back.”

Organizations that supported HB2 in North Carolina bristled at throwing out what they saw as sound law, that protected the privacy and provided legal protections for women and children when they are in restrooms and locker rooms.

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Rev. Mark Creech

“It’s most disconcerting when legislation is done according to ‘image,'” said Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. “Whatever happened to truth? Whatever happened to conviction?

“If lawmakers simply float with the currents, if they’re not firmly guided by the highest of principles and ideals, then they become nothing more than an echo, not a voice.”

Tar Heel lawmakers who supported Stevens’s bill felt a heightened sense of urgency to rid themselves of HB2 because the NCAA threatened them with a deadline of last week to repeal, or else face losing college sports tournaments for the next five or six years.

“By meeting the demands of the NCAA and all the other business interests and sports organizations who have bullied North Carolina, our leaders have demonstrated that whoever bullies the most and the loudest wins,” said the NC Values Coalition in an analysis issued on Wednesday. “This tactic will likely be used again, since it works.”

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During debate of House Bill 142 last week, several legislators — most which represent rural districts — said calls and emails to their offices overwhelmingly opposed repeal of HB2.

“Perhaps it would be appropriate if we would commemorate the passage of this bill by inviting the governor to come down to the building today and lowering those two flags [the U.S. and North Carolina flags outside the Legislative Building] and putting up in their place a flag of a certain intercollegiate athletic association and a white flag,” said Rep. Bert Jones, R-Rockingham.

The perception — both in the Tar Heel State and nationally — that HB2 was a bad law, almost universally hated, was false. Groups of pastors and civil rights leaders defended the bill. Concerned Women for America praised the fact that an attempted repeal in December failed. And several widely-read online conservative publications said the law was sound and sensible.

And lawmakers in other states have sought to advance legislative equivalents to HB2. It was just a matter of who lawmakers took their cues from.

The passage of House Bill 142 did not appease the Human Rights Campaign or Equality NC, the two most vocal LGBT advocacy groups that caterwauled for a repeal of HB2. They have continued their campaign against the state because they say the replacement law still does not provide protections for self-proclaimed transgenders and “gender fluids” to use any restroom that matches their “identities.” Some businesses, groups, and public officials have said they will continue their boycotts of North Carolina in support of HRC and Equality NC.

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“I fear the legislation that passed will provide no reset,” said Rev. Creech. “Lawmakers who voted for ‘repeal and replace’ are not likely to succeed in getting the HRC and other Leftist groups off our back until every vestige of HB2 is removed, either by a straight–up repeal of the current measure or knocked down by a progressive court.”

“These insidious social terrorists cannot be pacified or placated,” he added. “They must be defeated.”

  • James Johnson

    Forget the media, they need to be more afraid of the voters who will turn them out of office if they don’t stand up for the safety of our wives and children.

    • Wingedgodd3ss

      Clearly the NCAA needs to be reined in if they have that kind of power.

      • James Johnson

        They have clearly violated the terms of their 501(c)(3) non-profit status of not getting involved in issue agenda politics, not to mention blackmail.

        • Wingedgodd3ss

          Exactly-why are they allowed to boycott anything? What’s to keep them from holding tournaments in states that have republican governors or states that eliminate sanctuary cities or states that clamp down on abortion? This is ridiculous.

  • John M Blust

    Anyone who wants to is free to continue to spin HB142 as some huge defeat and retreat and surrender if they so choose, but that is flagrantly inaccurate. Yes, a whit flag of surrender could be flown as one legislator said, but that flag would be that of Cooper. And as far as the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina, two groups with highly misleading names, not being “appeased,” there was no attempt to appease them. Indeed, they should not feel appeased. They feel defeated. They were six weeks away from winning a big victory at the 4th Circuit Court of appeals and getting their policy of men in women’s facilities implemented by judicial fiat. and please, don’t even tell me anyone truly believes that liberal court was not going to find a constitutional right to use the facility of whatever anyone feels they are. Just look at the 7th Circuit ruling that LGBTs is a protected status under federal civil rights law. HB142 essentially took away the case from the 4th Circuit and prevented us from losing the very policy everyone claims they don’t want. And do not think that once there was a legal precedent establishing that one can use whatever facility one feels like, that the ruling would just go away. It possibly could, after probably a year, but it could well not, as there is no assurance the Supreme Court would even take the case, let alone rule in favor of common sense – at least until Trump gets a second appointment to SCOTUS. So those fulminating against HB142 are wittingly or unwittingly in favor of the very thing they purport to be against – at least on a temporary basis. I am bottom line unwilling to accept a loss of bathroom/locker room protections. Whether one calls that “HB2” or HB142 is not relevant. The policy is what matters. Finally, the proof this is a big loss for the LGBTs is found in their reaction – they are threatening primaries for all Democrats who went against them and cut the legs out from under their strategy to get the courts to order what they want.

    • ChuckW

      Thanks for your detailed explanation about the real danger of judicial “legislation”. I appreciate your logic in trying to protect bathroom/locker room privacy. I again want to strongly urge you (and other legislators) to enact a Liberty Preservation Act which I believe, would Constitutionally stand against challenges and put an end to the waste of legislative and judicial time and energy spent on discrimination issues.
      This act must state simply the following: Unlike Liberty, discrimination is NOT a Constitutional principle (the word appears nowhere in the Constitution). The fact is, we as individuals (persons and entities such as a business) have a Constitutional right TO discriminate. It’s called Liberty. And because our government was formed on the basis that Liberty is a gift of our Creator (not man, not government), it is an unalienable right that government may not deny. Yet government previously denied Liberty to black people via Jim Crow/separate but equal/segregation laws. The 1964 Civil Rights Law corrected the denial of Liberty to black people. This was “societal” or “government” discrimination rather than “individual” discrimination. ONLY “societal” or “government” discrimination denies Liberty. Hence, government’s Constitutional duty is to protect Liberty for all; government has no duty to protect people from all forms of discrimination. The duty to protect Individual Liberty includes the understanding that government may not prohibit “individual” discrimination because it is a rightful exercise of Liberty.
      As someone who has personally dealt with same-sex attraction, I spoke against the Charlotte ordinance because the HRC literature to the council stated in bold “The reason these laws are needed is to protect people from arbitrary decisions in ….” I would rephrase this as “The reason these laws are needed is to protect people from others’ decisions they don’t like, but which are rightful expressions of their Individual Liberty” I rejoiced when HB2 was passed because it preserved the Liberty of businesses to make their own decision. Any prohibition of “individual” discrimination is anti-Liberty; it is government showing partiality to one group at the expense of Liberty for all others; it is government, therefore, treating citizen’s unequally before the law. Illegitimate non-discrimination laws discriminate. There has been an improper focus on discrimination (a non-Constitutional principle). Now, legally there must be a re-focus on Liberty.

  • needful

    leave to a women to cave into the fornicators,spineless bastards!!!

  • 83ragtop50

    Just what is needed in government….. people with no heart for standing on principles. Vote her rear out.

    • john blue

      She needed not to be there to start with, don’t she have a family, husband ?

  • wandamurline

    NC sold their soul and moral compass for money. What they need is a bill to mandate that the identity confused, sodomites and trannies seek professional help as they are mentally dysfunctional.

  • Sgt. York

    N C you must decided starting today just who the people voted to run your state. Will it be you the people voted in or will you from here on in Let a leftist media become your states leaders? Admitting you were pressured by this liberal media who are backing Socialism vs Americanism shows just how weak you actually are. The Citizens of the Great State of North Carolina should all be up in arms for you to even admit that you forgot what the people wanted in exchange for what a one sided liberal power stroked you into doing. Shame on you for letting your people down you should all resign Leave and let those with the old American backbone step in and do as the PEOPLE want.

  • Robert


  • Harry Trawick

    Transgender is just a PC excuse for perverts. Try using a locker, restroom or changing room with any female in my family, while I am around. Just try.
    I am ready to boycott the NCAA, NBA, NFL, Coca Cola and especially Hollywood! The NCAA has already backed off because of the negative reaction they have received from those that support them FINANCIALLY and by the fact that only 4 states have agreed to their demands. If enough conservatives would back their ideals with their purse strings, “WE the People” could end this PC attack on our Country’s Moral Values!

  • Diana Tome

    NC has just proven to be spineless. When will they realize that the majority of American citizens are not in agreement with transgenders or LGBT rights. What about the rights of the majority of Americans who don’t want their daughters or granddaughters to be exposed to these perversions?

  • Daniel Pearson

    Andy Griffith was a staunch left wing democrat and a strong supporter
    of Obama and his policies. When Obama first ran for office Griffith came out for Obama and very out spoken about and I nearly fell of my chair. Always thought he was on the other side of the fence.

  • James H

    Politicians no longer fear the voter. It is time they did. Same with the NCAA.

    • nocbsfan

      Til now the voters have been doing what ever the press told them to.. Think this is changing now in view of current events. I don’t believe the msm has as much control. Finally people are going to think for themselves. 2018 will tell all

  • Jesustheonlyway

    So much for the Bible Belt.

  • Simple cowardice in American politics by BLACKMAIL.

  • Kate

    One more politician cowering to bullies. Why aren’t there any leaders left? When the snowflakes get in office this country will be so divided people won’t be able to speak to anyone due to some kind of hatred.

  • john blue

    When the DOLLAR means more than FAMILY & GOSPEL you know where things are headed.

  • nocbsfan

    One again the news media has tried to change history with their control of elected officials. This not to make news but to keep all under controversy,Where the masses listen to the media rather than to their lawmakers. When are people of this country going to realize their destiny is theirs not MSM’s

  • Sherrille Wrenn

    Any person who is attacked, taken pics of, or other wise abused in the bathroom now should sue her and all other lawmakers who voted yes personally and the state as a whole.

  • Black Opal

    Well, that just shows the forces of evil – that is, homophobic conservatives – can be beaten. This article made my day. I love it when you whine. 😊

  • mwp2634

    Sounds to me like another complicit RINO. Paid off, no doubt.


    This is exactly why the libTURDS, seems everyone is AFRAID of them, for some reason. When I was growing up, one of the children’s sayings was, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME”!

    Why are people today so afraid of being called a name such as RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, etc.?!?!

    That’s just a way for the libTURD, democRAT to CONTROL you! Why do you fear them so much? Why do you let their NAME CALLING CONTROL YOU?!?!