NC Hit Record Tourism Numbers While Transgender Bathroom Law Was in Force

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) Despite a fake news media narrative, which lasted nearly all of 2016 and alleged the so-called “transgender bathroom” bill would be an economy-killer and cause people to avoid visiting North Carolina, statistics show the state set a new record last year for the tourism industry.

North Carolina beach photo

Photo by Dan Zen (CC)

In fact, according to NC Commerce Secretary Anthony Copeland, the amount of visitor spending blew out the record that was set in 2015. Tourism-generated dollars for 2016 totaled $22.9 billion, an increase of 4.3 percent over the previous year.

“Nearly 50 million people from across the United States visited North Carolina destinations last year,” Copeland said in a press release. “The money they spent supported 218,340 jobs and more than 45,000 businesses.”

The new evidence shows that the dire predictions — by left-wing activists, Democrat politicians and liberal media outlets — of economic wreckage to be inflicted upon North Carolina, were false prophecies.

Citizens of the Tar Heel State were subject to endless whining and woe from pro-LGBT radicals and their allies, all because of the House Bill 2 (HB2) law that was passed in March 2016. The NC statute, since repealed this year, protected women and children in public and business restrooms and dressing facilities from the threat of men using an easy excuse to walk in on them, because they could have legally “identified” as female under a dangerous Charlotte ordinance.

High-profile businesses (like Deutsche Bank, PayPal), sports organizations (like the NBA, NCAA, ACC) and celebrities (like Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr) boycotted the state because of HB2. Media reports acted like it was the end of the world for reasons such as the University of Vermont women’s basketball team cancelling a game against UNC and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson planning his wedding elsewhere.

Meanwhile, other than agitated Leftists inside and outside the state, most other North Carolinians shrugged while HB2 was law.

And obviously plenty of outsiders were undeterred from visiting the state in 2016. Among the other tourism statistics provided by Copeland this week:

• Visitors to North Carolina generated about $3.6 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2016. That total represents a 4.8 percent increase from 2015.
• State tax receipts as a result of visitor spending rose 5.2 percent to nearly $1.2 billion in 2016.
• Local tax receipts from visitor spending grew 4.8 percent to $692.8 million.
• Direct tourism employment in North Carolina increased 3.2 percent to 218,340.
• Direct tourism payroll increased 5.9 percent to nearly $5.6 billion.
• Visitors spend more than $62.7 million per day in North Carolina. That spending adds $5.14 million per day to state and local tax revenues (about $3.2 million in state taxes and $1.9 million in local taxes).
• Each North Carolina household saves $497 in state and local taxes as a direct result of visitor spending in the state.

The report from the Commerce Secretary did not specify whether the increase in tourism to North Carolina was because more visitors felt safer coming to the state because HB2 was law.

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    I’m sure there is a direct correlation. NOT!

  • 2broke

    must be all the lieberals from Califoreignia..

  • jlcham

    Gee, do you think people like going to a place where they know their families are safe?

  • Brabado

    Perhaps America spoke, again!

    Semper fi.

    • Grant1959

      A version of support that was given to Chic Fillet……

  • Terry

    I don’t want my daughter sharing the restroom with transgenders!

    • Dan Ruf in indiana

      You mean the mentally ill

  • ECwashr

    Just shows how sick obama and his liberal fool pals are!! Trangenders are less than 1% of the U.S population, yet we are all suppose to bend over backwards for them and throw our rights in the toilet. BS!!!

    • marshmil

      The Obama Liberal Co. had one major goal and that was to overturn the traditional American social structure. With liberals the minority rules. They want a small elite minority faction sitting in Washington dictating the private social and business affairs of the majority. That’s what the Politburo/Presidium was all about in the former USSR. I really don’t believe We the People majority of Americans want that kind of arrangement wherein a small body of weirdo’s dictates our lives.

      • Susan Wood

        The minority rules when the majority doesn’t do its job. Otherwise, why did NC vote in a Democrat governor? Did the majority just not vote, or were they in agreement with the legislation repeal? I don’t know, but we’ve got to stop simply blaming liberals. Each of us has equal power at the voting booth – EQUAL POWER. Shouldn’t we use it?

        • marshmil

          Thank you Susan. Love your comment. I think it was Edmund Burke who said someone like, “the greatest threat to democracy is for good people to do nothing”. –or some wording like that, I’ve forgotten.

        • Grant1959

          They caved out of fear because of the pressure put on them from the Sports leagues and others, big dollars were put into play, and not enough people saw past the false rhetoric and bought the prediction of loosing millions and millions of dollars , which has now been shown to be false. TEXAS are you paying attention, full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes.

          • Snake

            No body caved! The election was stolen –

            Cooper was NOT elected. If we had a congress and AG that were above
            board they would do a complete investigation on how Cooper was behind
            millions of votes, but right at the last minute he took a commanding
            lead! Voter fraud is rampant, and NC is not immune to the leftist’s

            Isn’t it interesting that NC voters voted heavily for
            conservative senators and congressmen as well as overwhelmingly
            supporting Trump, yet Cooper, a worthless attorney general and
            blithering idiot, was elected? And yet we sit back and accept it!!!!!!!

          • Carol Smith

            cooper was never behind by millions of votes. he was only ahead by 10,000. look it up. cooper is now trying to repair the damage done by mccrory and phil berger over the last four ears. we lost businesses and many good teachers.

          • Grant1959

            Thank you for your perspective. I am aware that the governor that signed the law lost the election and then the law was repealed.

          • Carol Smith

            nc lost over 400 million because of hb2.

          • Amber

            So modesty and decency go out the window when money is involved.

          • Carol Smith

            hb2 never had to be written. there were zero reports of incidents in bathrooms when it was passed and that holds true today. there was not a problem to begin with. not only that, but here are/were already laws in place to deal with that. boys and girls will not be showering together. that is something berger tried to stir up to cloud he discriminatory purpose of he bill.

        • aveteran2

          I tend to agree with you indirections regarding no majority vote versus no vote at all. Many of the majority just give up 1. because the media reporting is slanted. 2. To much crap oozing out of the media reporting (fake news). 3. In general people have to work and entrust the electorate to look out for them in the trenches.

          • Snake

            Stop believing the media/government’s explanations, they tell you those lies to make you think that conservatives didn’t turn out to vote.

            Cooper was NOT elected. If we had a congress and AG that were above
            board they would do a complete investigation on how Cooper was behind
            millions of votes, but right at the last minute he took a commanding
            lead! Voter fraud is rampant, and NC is not immune to the leftist’s

            Isn’t it interesting that NC voters voted heavily for
            conservative senators and congressmen as well as overwhelmingly
            supporting Trump, yet Cooper, a worthless attorney general and
            blithering idiot, was elected? And yet we sit back and accept it!!!!!!!

        • RedRiverD

          I believe that we should be like other countries that REQUIRE their citizens to vote. It is NOT a choice, it is required that they vote. And so should WE.

        • Snake

          Cooper was NOT elected. If we had a congress and AG that were above board they would do a complete investigation on how Cooper was behind millions of votes, but right at the last minute he took a commanding lead! Voter fraud is rampant, and NC is not immune to the leftist’s cheating!

          Isn’t it interesting that NC voters voted heavily for conservative senators and congressmen as well as overwhelmingly supporting Trump, yet Cooper, a worthless attorney general and blithering idiot, was elected? And yet we sit back and accept it!!!!!!!

          • Carol Smith

            cooper was never behind by millions. he won by only 10,000 or so.
            look it up. mccrory was the most clueless governor nc has ever had and now he continues to whine as to why people do not hire him.

          • Carol Smith

            u are wrong.

      • Dan McGrew

        Wrong on all counts. As a senior Southern Republican conservative businessman, I have learned:
        The Liberals you seek to silence simply want the same rights and opportunities for everyone, as enjoyed by those of us who are blue-eyed, fair-skinned, blonde Southern males.

        My sons are equal to anyone, letting their life achievements do the talking.

        They were taught —

        For you to win a school math contest, it is not necessary for every dark skinned student to wear a blindfold and earrplugs.
        It is not necessary for every dark skinned athlete to carry a 100-lb backpack for you to win at sports, foot races or life.

        It is not necessary for every dark-skinned person to work 100-hour weeks, so you can work 20 hours and spend 80 hours playing golf, tennis, hunting and fishing with the profits earned by their sweat.
        As a boy, I worked six 12, or 14, or 16 hour days alongside my father’s dark-skinned “hands.” I was aware of their “$1.25 per day” wages, because I got nothing.
        I was aware my father paid 25% more than any other farmer in the county.
        I was aware he also allotted 20% of his net profit at year’s end to those workers who started with him in April and were there when needed through November.

        Why — Because having supported a family of eight starting at age 12, he knew poverty.

        He also knew that by being fair with those workers, he attracted and would only hire the very best, who did twice as much work and produced superior results — for about 40% more money at year’s end.

        He also never started a day short-handed.

        The elder ladies who organized daily crews could always find needed workers on ten minutes notice at 5 a.m.

        By his second year, with better, dependable help he could start expanding acreage and crop variety.

        By his tenth year, he was successfully operating ten times as much crop land and four times as much commercial livestock as any other grower in several townships, building with the profits motivated workers produced.

        By 1943 — Several of those workers, on furlough from the WWII military, asked if they could be of help while home.
        To a man, they did not want pay, just to help.

        • marshmil

          Dan McGrew you grossly missed the point of my post.
          You went off onto something totally unrelated to what my post above related to. Let me try to explain it to you. You would reject and arrangement whereby a bureaucrat in Washington, totally ignorant about running your family business, began to dictate to you how to grow your crops and how much you could grow, how much fertilizer you could use, when to plant, when to harvest etc. My view is to let you run your agricultural enterprise however you’ve found best suits the needs of what you are doing. No comrade in Washington has any business meddling in your private affairs. You hire whoever suits your needs, pay whatever wages are satisfactory to you and the workers. That is called free enterprise. I will continue to oppose all politicians who attempt to change our system to a collectivist one such as was in the former USSR. We have a minority of people in our country today who favor an arrangement supported by Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Free enterprise is empowered by the US Constitution. The philosophy of our American way of life is stated in the Declaration of Independence.

    • rennyangel2

      The overwhelmingly vast majority of people understand that people need privacy in their lavatories, lockers, and showers and esp. young women who can be fearful of depredations ag. them and assaults on their modesty.

      • CJ

        Agreed. I don’t want to share the bathroom with some trannie

        • rev_dave

          Um, CJ, how would you know? Prior to this law, don’tcha think just maybe once or twice there may have been a tranny in the bathroom with you? I mean, they didn’t all just ‘hold it’ until they got back home, y’know? They’ve been peeing somewhere, all along.

          Now, I don’t want to share a bathroom with anybody that annoys me while I’m in there, but if they’re bothering me I still don’t need to care if they’re trannies or not. I just want them to shut up and go away. To be honest, in all my life, nobody has bothered me in a restroom.

          You can usually call a cop from your stall. Or you can carry your own Peacemaker. Or you can walk out.

          • RedRiverD

            But the problem remains that there ARE people out there that WILL prey upon young women and children and then what?

          • cardmaster1

            They are going to do it, anyway, bathroom or not. I have also thought that we have been sharing bathrooms with them for Decades!! The issue is that is supposed to be acceptable now. Well, to some. The problem that I have with it is that it has been Authorized by the Libs in government and that will Embolden those that are looking for trouble, to make a point, or start a disturbance.

      • JAY


        • RedRiverD

          No, no, they aren’t affected by the very laws that they FORCE upon us.
          They live by other standards and are not EVER in situations that the rest of have to live by.

    • Ski


    • Dixon Ermouth

      One way to look at it, is that it is better to bend over backwards, than to get bent over forwards…… Policies supporting the transgender are being discriminatory towards the normal people, who just want to take their kids somewhere, and know they are safe when they go to the restroom. Target’s transgender policy is the reason I have not set foot in that store for months.

    • JAY


    • Well said EC, but that would be a long way for me to go to take a Barry.

    • Dan McGrew

      Wrong, those of us born without the curse of gene mutation resulting in a transgender persona, simply go on living, with sympathy and some Christian understanding for those who were chosen by an accident of nature to be “different.”

      About 2002, in a small midwestern town, a successful Main Street businessman, who was known to be gay, was asked during a community gathering — “Why did you CHOOSE to be Gay?”
      “Please think a moment! Who would choose this agony of being Gay?”

    • Carol Smith

      hb2 was written in north carolina, not by obama.

    • Black Opal

      We have a Constitution to protect minorities, not majorities. Your populist argument fails.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Actually I have heard statistics place it at 1/2%

  • Sgt. York

    Awwww come on this is nothing more than Liberal BS put pot by the dizzycrats. People, unless they were wanting to see the fools letting men in the women’s can we’re not flocking to NC. More crap.

    • HoneyNana

      Are you okay? Did you read the piece or just commenting blindly?

  • Gym

    People tend to go where it’s safe for them and their families. Just look at schittcago; a liberal/democRAT bastion for the past 86 years, residents and businesses are fleeing in droves just because of liberal policies, emanuel not backing the police, gunfire all over, day and night and taxes on the working White man/Woman to the point of choking all for the benefit of obamavoters.

    • HoneyNana

      It would be interesting to see the tourism growth comparison between NC and “schittcago”. I bet the chart lines go in completely opposite directions. NC goes up while over the past 86 years, tourism in obamalama’s hometown is plummeting. Who’d want to risk their life going to that hellhole in IL?

  • Warren Blum

    will somebody please shoot schumer

    • Kathy Plant


    • CJ

      Every time he opens his mouth lately he just puts his foot in it

      • Grant1959

        He is a MORON, but, he is a powerful and DANGEROUS MORON!

      • Tadpole

        More like the whole shoestore….hehehehhe

  • RidgeRunner22

    This is simply NOT true. Just because he is only ‘1/2’ white (remember, this sick country is still holding onto the ‘one (1) drop rule’) don’t blame Obama. Apparently, some of you who are dyed-in-the wool racists will use ANYTHING to try & discredit Obama’s legacy. Normal, forward thinking American citizens did NOT approve of the NC bathroom rule. I’m more afraid of the Bible-Thumping freaks who go around looking under bathroom stalls, than anyone who is USING a bathroom to relieve themselves of waste matter.

    • HoneyNana

      Can you explain why someone who is not a specific gender wants to use the opposite genders bathroom anyway? Only a deviant freak would press the issue. Normal forward-thinking American citizens DO approve of this hence the rise in tourism dollars to the state of NC. The fact that us normal forward-thinking people even went so far as to pass this NC law in the first place is what’s made this story relevant, so your post doesn’t hold an ounce of credit.

    • NCAlexandria12

      It seems that you are the only one here throwing race into it along with wanting perversion where it’s not wanted. You wouldn’t know normal if it slapped you in the face. Hate to break it to you but NORMAL people do not want, nor are we buying your crap. Sad you fear us when it should be God you fear. You and your ilk will face Him one day whether you acknowledge Him or not, and will have some explaining to do. Funny, the major networks must not be reporting the hoards of angry Christians blocking roadways, hurting innocent people, looting, and burning down businesses because the likes of you won’t submit to our way of thinking. I must be watching the wrong channels.

    • Jimbo

      Obama does not have a legacy. Every ill concieved illegal action he has forced down our throats are being repealed. Hopefully, we can overcome some of his mismanaged budgets and remove some of his debt as well. Immoral and perverted thoughts and actions are not forward thinking, they’re sick.

      • Ski

        His legacy is Ridgerunner22! What a legacy that is!

    • Ski

      Then stay out of Nc! Go to Chicago and kiss ur heros butt for vacation! Racist

    • Grant1959

      What is your malfunction?

  • Steven Lewis

    Wow, I didn’t know they repealed the law. What a damn shame that communist left is forcing perversion on the country. Transgenders are a disease on society.

  • James Maxwell

    Oh the horror of it all the Democrat Socialist liberals were so confused and
    wrong it scares them. They bend over for the sexually deviates and got
    screwed again. What a surprise.

    • Ski

      Hey on top of that we kept libs out! What a bonus;)

    • Mike W

      They want the “popular” vote but fail to realize that transgenders are a very small part of the population. Also as much as they are tolerated in the big cities where almost anything goes – outside those cities people have scruples and morals.

  • Jmanjo

    We don’t have to kiss up to these turkeys just because they cannot decide what the are! At 1% it is not fair to make everyone else be put off to make them feel better. That is their issue and now Obama the Confused is not there to toot their whistle.

  • CompletelyOutsane

    Take that! Weirdos.

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    complete violation of nature.

  • Thomas Smith

    Good. There are a-holes out there that would walk into a public ‘woman’s’ bathroom as an excuse that they identify as a woman. I believe these leftist morons have taken this to a whole new level in political correctnes.
    and most people are really tired of it.

    • CJ

      Political correctness should die a quick death. Enough is enough already

  • Rummy Walker

    Lefties try to make a big deal out of this crap and the rest of us don’t give a rat’s. In fact, we will go just the opposite. Chick-Fil-A is a perfect example. The lefties want everyone to boycott the restaurants because the owners have strong Christian beliefs. The protest turned out to be us, the great unwashed, turning up en mass to buy Chick-fil-A; and, we continue to do so. Business is through the roof. The lefties trying to make Chick-Fil-A is villain is the best thing that ever happened to the chain. Now we are doing the same for NC. Let’s keep showing these morons that they cannot force the rest of us to do things that we do not want to do. Ask. Maybe. Tell. Hardly.


  • Maxine Albritton

    Well, this procedure is a successful means of spaying or neutering people. A man turned woman cannot do much without his vital parts and he still cannot produce a baby. A woman might have an artificial male part/parts but still does not produce sperm and with her female parts removed she is rendered useless there too. I hear where some are having babies before continuing that last procedure so they can have children. Sick is what it is.

  • Gregory Fortner

    Let the muslims kill all of the lgbt weirdo’s. Then arrest the muslims for murder and execute them. There you go….two problems solved.

    • Rev. Phillip Meacham

      good point

    • Rev. Phillip Meacham

      good point

  • Timothy Draheim

    What a Sick joke obama has pulled on the USA. A state that allows perverts into the Girls restrooms is NOT where I would want to spend my money. Go NC !! All they did was chase away all of the Undesirables. Russell Wilson included.

  • Leonard Hale

    Mayor Landuieu in New Orleans is trying to make a name for himself by removing the Confederate historical monuments in hopes of obtaining some position with the Democratic Party. However, He is a loser and I hope the tourist stay home for at least one year and visit Gulf Port, MS for that year. They have nice beaches and almost everything New Orleans has if you want to have fun.

  • Leonard Hale

    Mayor Landuieu in New Orleans is trying to make a name for himself by
    removing the Confederate historical monuments in hopes of obtaining some
    position with the Democratic Party. However, he is a loser and I hope
    the tourist stay home for at least one year and visit Gulf Port, MS for
    that year. They have nice beaches and almost everything New Orleans has
    if you want to have fun.

  • Larry Brule


  • Grant1959

    I had emailed the governor even though I am not a resident of NC and urged him to stand fast, that the dire predictions would not come to pass, one fact that can not be overcome is the majority of America rejects this TG bathroom craziness.

  • homer1057

    Bruce Jenner, or whatever he calls himself, says he’s running for office, possibly, and maybe its to get his agenda in full swing! I “HATE” this man, and I have no problem saying so either: any man who has done what he has done ought to be “DAMNED” ashamed! The man revels in this perversion! that makes me want to PUKE!!

  • Derek

    Well of course it did Paul every pervert on the planet flocked there. I just hope they stayed!

  • midogman

    i’m not going to be doing any bending over for transgendered or homosexual types.

  • Phil Esposito

    When my wife and I head that the NCAA and Springsteen were boycotting NC over a common sense law, we changed our vacation plans from Florida to NC to support common sense.

  • rev_dave

    Wow. Who would think that many people would travel that far just to use a bathroom where they ‘feel comfortable’! I’m a hillbilly, all I need is a tall shrub. Or a wide tree.

  • bhndr

    OH yet another lying article from the fascist right… The article itself points out the underlying INVENTION that is the title….. Making implications where there are no implications to be made.

    The article states…
    “The report from the Commerce Secretary did not specify whether the increase in tourism to North Carolina was because more visitors felt safer coming to the state because HB2 was law.”
    SO trying to imply that the rise in tourism has anything to do with HB2 is simply a LIE! Typical of the fake news media which is the entirety of the right-wing media. Not a single media outlet on the right has a shred of integrity at this point. Their own articles give them the lie in their intent.
    BUT that is not the only problem, this article wants to take a VERY narrow view of the economic state of North Carolina which has seen its state coffers EMPTIED, the city coffers EMPTIED through the installation of a clearly unconstitutional law which had the INTENT to punish people for simply existing. AND the damage continues to grow with the reputation of North Carolina being stained for the foreseeable future

  • Roy Veteto

    i wonder what would happen if : americans boycotted sanctuary communities that supported illegal aliens committing crimes against americans , and heterosexuals boycotted places that put females in jeopardy by allowing perverts in the rest room.

  • David Carpenter

    This tourism statistic shows how irrelevant the less than 1% of the population that identify as transgender really is. Without the tremendous PR coverage offered by the government, certain entertainers and corporations, most folks probably wouldn’t know they existed.

  • RedRiverD

    This whole article makes NO sense what-so-ever.
    They are trying to tell me that because they allowed perverts to go into ANY bathroom they choose that it increased their tourism.
    That’s a crock of crap in ANY way you want to twist it in MHO.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    It made me laugh at those clowns at ESPN were saying that the economy in North Carolina took a nosedive due to the bathroom law in effect. Maybe the college and pro sports events only. Otherwise another lie from the media that I swallowed as the gospel.

  • underthewire

    So am I to understand that letting perverts pee wherever improves tourism? Just asking, nothing personal.

  • CharlieM34

    An increase in NC tourism because of “WHICHEVER” bathrooms and school showers……really?????

  • Original Anna

    So why was the keep the boys out of girls bathrooms killed if it was a bonus for the state. Now knowing that boys are again allowed in girls bathrooms I won’t visit my nephews who moved to NC for jobs. I also don’t shop at Target any more because I am not going to put up with a man in their female bathrooms. If I can buy it elsewhere I do and I have saved more money by making Walmart my home away from home. I got use to the larger store with a lot of people in it like Walmart.

    • Snake

      Because these government bureaucraps are more interested in basketball than the safety of our women and children! Notice how these statistics didn’t appear until AFTER the repeal! Bet we won’t hear anything about a decrease in tourism for 2017, the media will be silent!

      • Original Anna

        Snake: You brought up something I did not think of. Interesting they kept the statistics secret until the repeal was done. The media is always silent about something that is the truth and against our kids and women. I never heard of the baloney of allowing boys in girls school bathrooms until these democrats/progressives/socialist perverts got in charge. And, I wish parents would get out there and start screaming louder than those screaming yes. I know parents have to work and Soros pays the screamers so they can travel all over to show up at the town halls and board votes but the parents are going to have to start yelling in their own area and get rid of the board members going for this crap, board members and teachers who are supposed to be for our kids not against our kids and offering them up for the sexual dreams and needs of adults. Some of these little girls I have in my class are so tiny in their bone structure and size that there is no way they can ever physically stand up to boys. Nice to meet you Snake.

  • 23cowboy

    Just another example of fake news. NC and any other state should do what their people want and not what liberals want. These transgenders are just a bunch of babys and cry when they dont get their way. When they get to be above 30 to 50% then we might, I say we might liston to them.

  • Dan McGrew

    Thanks to HB2, North Carolina lost more than $2-Billion to our economy.
    We lost a host of major athletic events, thousands of high-paying jobs with existing employers (who expanded elsewhere because of HB2) and with companies which had previously committed, but relocated elsewhere after passage of HB2.

    As for the tourism gain. That primarily consisted of reservations made because of successful N.C. promotions prior to passage of HB2. People who had airline, lodging and recreation facilities reserved under special “no refund” packages, were not about to lose 30% of $5,000+ family packages.

    As a 10th generation southerner in my ninth decade since birth in a log house, there have probably been at least several times when I was in a public restroom with a transgender — with no idea “he” was originally a “her.”

    In every instance, I survived without physical harm or moral stain.

    Reality, a transgender person has one paramount need —- To be unnoticed while in a public restroom, regardless of gender. They apparently step into a private stall, close and lock the door, without molesting anyone.

  • Cecilia Robarge

    Sick people trying to get a good look at the other person’s privates. duh. Or pedophiles looking to molest children. yucky….Sick society… amen

  • Carol Smith

    i live in nc. hb2 cost our state over 400 million in lost revenue. people lost jobs. events were cancelled. he hospitality industry suffered. the bottom line is that hb2 never had to be passed as there were laws already in place to cover any incidents. At the time hb2 was written, here had been no reports of incidents in bathrooms. phil berger has been trying to pass discriminatory laws since 2010.

  • Craig Vandertie

    I have heard the hype about people boycotting Target due to their transgender bathroom policy, but what I have discovered it is regional, Mr. Trump won big in the Green Bay, WI metropolitan area, the people will not tolerate Looney Libtard ideology here.

  • Amber

    There are actually people who would rather go to a state where their little girls are not going to have to use the same restrooms as grown men. I know because I am one of them. Sometimes you realize that the people who make the laws and the people who print or air the news don’t have a clue what main stream America really thinks.

  • Trisha55

    Well, those same tourists will now be going somewhere else because the whiners won and got the law repealed. The NCAA threats along with the loudmouths once again bullied their way into a win for the wrong.