NC Governor Ashamed of Much of State and Who They Elected

Roy Cooper, trying to attract radical leftist company Amazon, says some in state are like ’embarrassing uncles’…


Roy Cooper/Photo by NCDOTcommunications (CC)

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, in a letter he wrote to convince Amazon to locate its “second headquarters” in the Tar Heel State, acted as though he was ashamed of a large segment of the state’s population, whom he compared to relatives that families are ashamed of.

“Like every family with an embarrassing uncle or two,” Cooper wrote, “we have a few politicians who want it to be 1957 instead 2017 [sic].”

Cooper’s outreach efforts attempted to portray North Carolina as more “welcoming” than might otherwise be thought by radical leftist mega-tech companies from the west coast.

Several of them signed on to an attack against the state waged by radical LGBT pressure group the Human Rights Campaign, over the 2016 “House Bill 2” law that required individuals to use public restrooms according to their biological genders, rather than the sex they “identify with.”


The law, since partially repealed, was passed by a supermajority of Republicans in the state House and Senate who represent the majority of North Carolina voters.

HRC honored Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last year with its “Equality Award” for its “long history of supporting LGBTQ rights.”


After pandering to the Seattle-based online retail giant, Cooper has yet to elaborate on his reasoning for choosing to insult to the majority of voters in the state as a means of attracting Amazon’s business.

Not everyone wants Amazon to build its headquarters in the state.

As previously reported at Liberty Headlines, Rev. Mark Creech of the Christian Action League of North Carolina has said he believes Amazon would push state lawmakers to enact laws that advance the LGBTQ agenda.

Eventually Amazon Will Fail – and That’s a Good ThingCreech wrote in a recent article that these type of laws would “interfere with the free market, mandate the employment of homosexual and transgender persons in inappropriate occupations, undermine the rights of business to set dress and grooming standards, violate privacy and can lead to costly lawsuits against businesses.”

Creech isn’t far off the mark.

The “No Gay, No Way” campaign is the latest attack to pressure Amazon to locate their new headquarters in a state and city they find acceptable.