NBC Visits The Arctic: ‘No Debate at All’, Climate Change is Real

The liberal media wants to make sure no one questions man made global warming… 

(News Busters) Starting off a new series on Monday called Top of the World, ahead of Earth Day, NBC’s Today show sent correspondent Jacob Soboroff to the North Pole “to understand why we have all been experiencing such extreme weather, from droughts to fires, floods and hurricanes, even more.”

The reporter hyped how he joined a team of NASA scientists “working around the clock to compile data that could be critical to our future on Earth.”

Opening the report by noting that “changes to our planet are something we can all feel,” Soboroff lamented: “Back home in Washington, whether or not climate change is real still seems to be up for debate.”

He then proclaimed: “But right here, 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle on the sea ice of Greenland, there is no debate at all. Climate change is real, it’s happening, and this is ground zero…”


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After joining the NASA expedition, Soboroff even turned to a local hunter and dog sled racer to push the climate change narrative:

“And even though it looks like a frozen tundra, the warming world may soon affect long-held traditions here. Marcus is a local hunter. Part of the reason that we came here was to go with NASA and to look at the melting sea ice, climate change.”

Marcus replied via translator: “It’ll be very sad when the sea ice melts…”

In 2014, the network used the occasion to push a one-sided prime time special on climate change

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