NBA Commissioner Doubles Down on League’s Transgender Activism Stance

Adam Silver photo

Photo by Keith Allison

(Breitbart) National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver doubled down on the league’s activist support of transgender rights last week saying that the NBA will continue to look for ways to punish states that adopt a transgender bathroom bill.

After making the extreme move last year to cancel the NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the state’s HB2 bathroom law, the NBA is now looking seriously at canceling events in the State of Texas should the Lone Star State continue down the legislative path of instituting a similar bathroom law. North Carolina’s HB2 Law mandates that people using bathrooms on state property use only those facilities that correspond to their birth sex.

Speaking to the media at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans just before All-Star Saturday night, Silver refused to say outright that the NBA would launch a boycott of Texas if it does pass a bathroom bill. But, he did double down on the concept of doing so and also stood up for the league’s move in North Carolina, reported.

Silver said that if Texas passes such a bill he wasn’t yet prepared to say that would be a “bright-line test” for a boycott, but he went on to reiterate the NBA’s past statements on the issue of transgender rights.


“But what we have stated is, our values are league-wide values in terms of equality and inclusion,” Silver told the media, “that is paramount to this league and all of the members of the NBA family. Those jurisdictions that are considering legislation that is similar to HB2, are on notice that that is an important factor for us in deciding where we take a special event like an All-Star game.”

Silver also warned other states that the league would seriously consider boycotting them if they join Texas and North Carolina by passing such laws….

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