NAACP Urges National Gun Confiscation

‘America will remain a deadly nation for our children…unless we insist politicians and the NRA curb their lobbyist efforts…’

NAACP Urges National Gun Confiscation

Derrick Johnson/IMAGE: YouTube

(Daily Caller News Foundation) NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson called for a national gun confiscation program in a syndicated column through Black Press USA on Monday.

Comparing recent school shootings to the violence and discrimination black students faced after the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, Johnson wrote that “fear and terror still exist in our children’s classrooms” because of the “National Rifle Association and the politicians [sic] that support them.”

“Given the disproportionate damage gun violence is having on our communities, the NAACP has advocated for sane, sensible laws, to help eliminate or at least to decrease the damage and death caused by gun violence.

“Requiring universal background checks on all gun sales and transfers, banning military-style, semi-automatic assault guns, enacting tough, new criminal penalties for straw purchasers and gun traffickers, and allowing the Center for Disease Control to research gun violence as a major public health issue are just a few of the reasonable steps lawmakers could take to stem the tide of gun related deaths in neighborhoods across the nation,” Johnson wrote.

The leader of America’s oldest civil rights organization noted that gun violence is the leading killer of young black Americans, but declined to note that a significant portion of these deaths are caused by illegal weapons.

“Over 80 percent of gun deaths of African Americans are homicides. Roughly speaking, 1 out of every 3 African American males who die between the ages of 15 and 19 is killed by gun violence.

“African American children and teens were less than 15 percent of the total child population in 2008 and 2009, but accounted for 45 percent of all child- and teen-related gun deaths. These numbers are tragic and intolerable, but most of all they are preventable,” Johnson wrote.


The column went on to celebrate Australia’s gun confiscation policy that largely banned all semi-automatic weapons, which was strictly enforced with strong sentencing.

“Australia’s success story is an example for us all.

“America will remain a deadly nation for our children, its schools caught in the crossfire, unless we insist politicians and the NRA curb their lobbyist efforts and allow the creation of policy that acts in the best interests of public safety.”

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • Ralphy Willis

    “African American children and teens were less than 15 percent of the total child population in 2008 and 2009, but accounted for 45 percent of all child- and teen-related gun deaths. These numbers are tragic and intolerable, but most of all they are preventable,” Johnson wrote.

    How about starting to confiscate the ILLEGAL guns within the Black community first – your boys are killing your own! This has nothing to do with responsible gun owners, it has to do with ILLEGAL Weapons you fool! I’ll bet you will see a HUGE decline in murders across this nation.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      Well said Ralphy.

    • Lyledavid

      Good job Ralph…and believe me when I say, “It’s going to get a lot worse, before it gets better”…..As long as ppl like Mr NAACP don’t cross my perimeter?…We don’t have an issue. Once the Liberals start crossing over?….My, My, My….Now we have an issue.

    • Myke Britt

      Place the blame where it belongs! (The parent (s)) meaning the mother or grandmother since the lazy slugs are only responsible for getting the girls pregnant. FROM TIME OF BIRTH (AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE) REARING THE CHILD IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MOMMA SINCE MANY TIMES SHE HAS NO IDEA WHO FATHERED HER CHILD, SO GOOD OLD AMERICAN TAXPAYERS GET THE HONOR OF SUPPORTING HER AND HER OFFSPRING (PLURAL) !

      • Debby


        • DemoclitsRMentallySick

          Also Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. It’s open house between the legs 24/7/365 for a LOT of those women who have NO CLUE who the father of EACH of their kids are. No wonder these children are f*d up!

      • sam

        Ever watch Maternity Court , I can under stand why fathers day in the hood is the most confusing day of the year for blacks .

        • David

          That would be chaos In Harlem

    • Mark V

      I agree , it is not white folks with their AR 15s that are going to black neighborhoods and killing the youth.
      I always ask my liberal friends what is the plan to disarm thugs and criminals when they mention gun confiscatrion

      • sam

        They where doing that in NY and the crime rate went down . Then came that democrat mayor and he stopped it for racial profiling , and violation of their right to kill one another .

        • parkslopedog

          Mayor DeBlasio has an older black radical lesbian wife and mix-race kids. He told his son (with the monster afro) that cops are racists and he should beware of them. After a cop was assassinated last year, instead of attending the funeral, he went off to Germany to protest against America. Whenever there’s a crime in NYC, it’s nearly always committed by a black/hispanic.

          • DemoclitsRMentallySick

            He’s as despicable as Cuomo!

    • Ardvark

      The number of black on black teenage killings was at 54% a few years ago! But the NAACP is like our democrats, do not want to hear the truth!

    • Debby


    • sam

      They cant do that . It would be called racial profiling then .

    • Darby2

      Good point but johnson knows that. Hes just doing the libs bidding.
      They are under the impression they can pass laws to take our protection away from us.
      They cant get the guns away from the thugs ,dont see them doing any better with the citazens that ACTUALLY care for this cointry.

    • Maddawg

      Killing their own might be genetic.. Look at what goes on back in Africa, and it ain’t much different..

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    I agree, take all the guns from the black gang bangers killing each other.

    • Myke Britt

      Great idea…Instead of allowing THESE YOUNG THUGS to kill one another, encourage them (STRONGLY) to have a vasectomy performed and prevent thousands of black babies being killed in the mothers womb via ABORTION!

      • sam

        And while we are discussing the black family , try marrying the baby mama and take care of your own kids for a change . Then your football players wont have to take a knee .

        • DemoclitsRMentallySick

          If the women would close their legs for just one second, instead of being “open for business” 24/7/365 or get cut off from the constant taxpayer “subsidies” of popping a kid out from many different fathers every 8 months (as their form of tax exempt income), then maybe they’d stop procreating, then killing each other off, as well. Just watch Maury Povich or Jerry Springer sometime. Disgusting how these people live!

          • Buck Cassidy

            Wha dat u has agin dem blak yutes?

          • DemoclitsRMentallySick

            Proper English would be appreciated. Education is the key. I can’t understand a word you’re trying to say.

      • David Ciambrone


      • Ed Reveal

        Let the thugs, illegals and Latinos kill each other off that’s guaranteed birth control

    • Lyledavid

      I say let the gangs of Chicago keep smoking each other up…I call it “Thinning The Herd”……

      • Eagles Beak

        They are doing that on their own now and Mayor Emanuel must be ok with it?

        • Buzg

          He’s just trying hard not to let a good crisis go to waste.

          • Franie


          • bangorbill

            In this case I think he’s manufacturing the crisis for future use!

        • Gregg Parker

          He is the biggest criminal of them all…

          • Franie

            You’re right…Rahm Emanuel is one of “the biggest criminals of them all”!!!

      • Joe Pollarine Jr

        Stop ! STOP! I’m peeing my pants over here

      • Robert Kahlcke

        culling the herd.

      • Alibaba

        If they would be accurate shooters, that would be OK. Unfortunately innocent people get trapped between and pay the price.

      • sam

        TRUE , good point . Only trouble is they blame it on the white people .

      • Fred_K

        More like post birth abortion.

      • pat

        Sounds good to me as long as congress quits writing more unneeded gun laws that won’t get enforced on the people who break them anyway.

      • Fed up!

        Sad but true!

    • slk5

      capital letter BINGO!!!

    • jim

      Take away all guns and only black and latin gangs will have them , good idea jerkoff you talk about being a racist

      • Born Again Southern Pride

        Good on you Jim… stick with your diatribe. It is important to be consistent as long as you are not a dum bass.

      • parkslopedog

        That’s the goal, to leave us defenseless. In NYC, if you have a license, the NYPD knows exactly what firearms you have and can come for them. That’s why you should keep some protection off-the-books.

        • Al Zabel

          Hey. Gun confiscation, worked so well, for the Jews in Germany.
          It also worked in Italy, under Mussolini.

          • parkslopedog

            Try telling that to the libs, many of whom are Jews (at least in NYC). I had a lefty friend (ex) who actually said, seriously, that she’d rather die than kill someone in self-defense. I always say when the wolf huffs ‘n puffs, I’ll be the little piggy with the brick house and I ain’t openin’ the door for no lib.

          • pat

            Hitler was supposed to have said it is not about gun control, it is about CONTROL!!!

          • Al Zabel

            Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.
            Joseph Goebbels

      • David Ciambrone

        The NAACP is the MOST racist organization in the country. No one with half a brain should listen to their rants. They are not for the blacks who are good citizens, want to work or have jobs and raise families and get educated. They want to perpetuate the poor, dumb black so they have a job.

        • malcolm chapman

          otherwise the NAACP members would be out of a job.protecting the black thugs.

        • Albert Gazalooch

          Hard to believe this organization still refers to their people as “colored“! Yet a white person calls them colored and they’re offended!

          • Gene Hollon

            AS they jabber among “THEYSELVES” ,they use another word , AND — IT “AIN’T COLORED

        • Fed up!

          There like politicians, keep them stupid, easier to control. That’s why the educated blacks are called Uncle Toms, the few elites can’t control them, same goes with all ethnic groups including white people

        • RichardH

          I agree with your statement for the most part, but the greatest killer of black youth is Planned Parenthood. Millions of black babies have been swept away by the “Sangerites” than any other destructive force. Quoting a black preacher (Reverend Stephen Broden) who has said that In fact, “the most unsafe place for a black child is in the womb of its mother.” As a nation that claims to be an advanced society, we should be ashamed. We have become barbaric, pagans killing our progeny (infanticide) and even promoting it as a way to eliminate the responsibility for sexual promiscuity.

      • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

        I read somewhere that a black father said that if white teachers chose to arm themselves, then he was afraid his sons would be subject to racism and the white teacher would shoot his sons. He said he would now have to talk to his sons about racist white teachers and not to trust them and never do anything or say anything that might cause the teachers to kill them. This is not the exact words, but close

        • IronPhoenix

          If that results in more classroom respect, I’m fine with it.

      • Kenny Albert

        You don’t comprehend well do you?

        • jim

          I comprehend far better then you could in two lifetimes.

          • Kenny Albert

            You must be edumacated but if you didn’t go back and re-read the post you still have not read it correctly.

      • Michael Sean Tadeo

        No, not a racist, he’s a REALIST!

      • He said take them away from blacks and latinos not all of us . I don’t agree let them kill each other off !

    • joe crew

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Dan Topp

      I just finished a 30 yr career that took me to the worst areas of Chicago and since FOID cards and legal guns are nonexistent in those areas,they are not interested in the sideway shooters,and if anyone really paid attention to them like Rahm it would take multiple MOABs to stop it.

    • Lou

      No let them kill each other the trash has to be eliminated

    • Darby2

      You cant tell the black community that though. They still need the white man to blame.

    • David Ciambrone


    • richjack4

      That doesn’t count! They need them for protection from most evil white Europeans! Almost choked laughing on coffee reading this!

    • Scosh

      Why? A significant cost savings to us the American taxpayers.

    • aveteran2

      I agree whole heartedly with that remark. It seems like the jealous ones always revert to gun violence when some other gets a head of them. Look at the music scene. They love to kill off the competition.

    • larry harvey

      What about the guns of skin heads and white racist gangs?

      • Born Again Southern Pride

        Well, this article was about NAACP… so start there. As an aside, you do not see these other groups, however hateful they or the message are, killing people by the bagful everyday.

        • larry harvey

          I am against racism of any kind and I am against violence whether committed with guns or otherwise.

          • Born Again Southern Pride

            good for you.

    • TPM4


      • RichardH

        They fail to mention that their ancestral “brothers” were the ones that rounded them up to be sold as slaves in the first place. The slave owners weren’t the ones beating the bushes in Africa looking for new slaves, it was the black slave hunter doing the dirty work to make a buck. The same sorta thing goes on in urban centers with drugs and prostitution. Gangs of predominently black and latino thugs preying upon the poor and weak. Clean up your own communities before you preach to us on how we should take away our only right to protect ourselves, our families, the innocent, and our very country from this spreading (cancerous) evil.

    • BWJ

      And the democrats….problem solved!

    • Larry Ashby

      Yeah! and while they’re at it they can stop all the rap music that tells the blacks to go out and shoot cops in their cars and shoot all the white folks and kill the white babies. The whites are killed in the blacks the blacks are killing the blacks

  • Military Patriot

    Okay NAACP. You guys and gals begin the process yourself by disarming the criminals in Chicago. O by the way, you might want to be armed. What a crock!

  • Rodger K. Shull

    Start out confiscating is Chicago, an tells us then tell us how it is working for you.

    • metalchristian


      • John R. Uecker

        If you need to ask “Huh” you are part of the problem

        • metalchristian

          Sorry, I just have a hard time reading Ebonics!

    • Maddawg

      If they successfully confiscated all firearms in Chicago, murder rates would not change at all. What would change is the mode of execution. It’d change to machetes, baseball bats, automobiles, hammers, hands, feet, whatever was convenient.. Crimes of other nature would instead ESCALATE however; as the criminal element LOVES disarmed victims..

  • Bishop351

    I believe the Australian Prime Minister indicated there was no statistical correlation that supported a reduction in crime from gun confiscation. Oops, I was erroneously assuming Derrick’s comprehension was beyond first grade…my bad.

  • JB

    OK…start with Chicago. What’s that? You can’t because 90% of the guns in Chicago are Illegally owned and you have no idea of where to look for them at? So the NAACP only wants the LEGAL gun owners to turn their guns in huh? Yeah…that’ll happen.

    • kate777

      Eric Holder must have sent to Emanuel some of the Operation Fast and Furious weapons to Chicago besides the ones he set to Mexico. The NAACP is simply the Handmaiden of Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party.

    • parkslopedog

      If they can effect gun confiscation like in Australia, the police will know exactly where to go to get the licensed guns. When we are defenseless, BLM and the illegal guns will emerge out of the hood….

  • whistlepigger

    NAALCP, lead by example, turn them in if you wish. The rest of us are capable of deciding for ourselves.

  • Mort Leith

    That sure would make people easier targets for the brothas…..

  • Mad Scientist

    You want my guns, Johnson? Feel free to (try to) come and take them.

    • Myke Britt

      just heard about another fatal wreck on the interstate. CONFISCATE ALL AUTOMOBILES!! THEY ARE KILLERS!

      • Mad Scientist

        Yes, and follow that with all the six packs and JD bottles!

      • kep

        Leading US Killers

        Annual deaths from heart disease based on CDC data: 597,689Cancer deaths from CDC data: 574,743Chronic lower respiratory diseases (CDC): 138,080Stroke deaths (CDC): 129,476Deaths from accidents, unintentional injuries (CDC): 120,859Alzheimer’s disease deaths per year (CDC): 83,494Diabetes (CDC): 69,071Influenza deaths each year (CDC): 50,097Suicide deaths (CDC): 38,364Overall weapons deaths (2009 FBI): 13,636Overall firearm deaths (2009 FBI): 9,146

    • Lyledavid

      People like Mr. NAACP keep forgetting. The white man has and will always run this country. It’s the truth. Don’t like it?…To bad. It’s the way it’s been since Christopher Columbus days.

  • bigjohn767

    The NAACP is and has always been, a communist organization. There purpose is to disarm law abiding Americans and then pass laws reducing or eliminating our other freedoms. How any black person who abhors slavery would agree with being disarmed is beyond me.

    • Tony Ng

      Not surprising, bigjohn. The NAACP is a front for the globalists and liberals, where the Royal Class Blacks like Johnson gleefully scheme to keep the common black folks in poverty so as to keep them in bondage. I would be extra dilgent in examining the motives and evil machinations of the NAACP, as evidenced by what little they have done for the advancement of colored people over the last few decades!

    • parkslopedog

      Come that day, it won’t be the blacks who are enslaved but the unarmed whites.

  • Raymond Miller

    And you dummies continue to vote Demon-Craps into office, like Rahm Emanuel and Obama, and Clinton. The people killing the black youth are other black youth who people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Obama keep them angry and disconnected with the main stream. Feeding them a bunch of BS just to get their vote and they don’t care one whit about them or their life.

  • Ed

    Let Chicago clean up their mess first and see how it works. The NAACP has nothing to say about this. They are just Liberal racists.

  • Bolt Upright

    As long as ignorant congenital Liberals like Derrrrick Johnson allowed firearms, yes, children will die.

  • Lyledavid

    Ok Mr. NAACP, you think you have sooooo much stoke????…Bring your happy clan to the slums of Chicago on a Saturday night & be on the back of a tractor trailer. And with a huge intercom system you just start yelling out…”Im Mr. Bad A**, And I’m here to confiscate all you Gang banga’s weapons!!!!”… And we’ll read about how they found you with 90rds of 5.56 or 7.62×39 holes blown thru you. God Bless you and your clan in the War ahead of you……

  • metalchristian

    Bring it on! Civil War part 2!

    • Lyledavid

      This is EXACTLY what will start a civil war. And ppl like Mr. NAACP will be the first to soil their adult diapers first.

  • deerflyguy

    One sure way to promote gun violence, up to and including a 2nd Civil War, is to attempt to disarm Americans!

    • metalchristian

      I can’t wait!

    • kep

      I’ve been ready for a civil war for years. With the way things are now, after 8 years of having a Kenyan communist interloper dividing our country, it seems to be a matter of when we will have another civil war, not if.

    • Norman’s Stormin

      It is the second amendment of our Constitution, therefore the law of the land. American people, in huge majorities, embrace the right granted by God, to defend ourselves from an oppressive government. It will be the attempt to take away that right, which by the way is not granted by the government, which will result in civil war (not just disobedience). There are over 300 million guns in America in the hands of Americans. Probably well over that, since many people have lots of guns and ammunition. That is more than the number of armed service men and police all together in our country. Do they really want that war?

      • IronPhoenix

        Service members will be on the side of the Constitution. Retired SpecOps sends.

  • My2cents

    How’s that working out in Chicago? I’m sure now that Dick’s Sporting Goods has decided not to sell guns we will see a dramatic drop in gun violence. NOT.

    • Askjrsk

      I sure saved money not shopping at that sporting good store named after an organ.

  • Ed

    The Bill of Rights mean something and should not be changed. EVER.

  • Daniel Carr

    Good idea. Lets get all the guns illegal out Chicago,Baltimore Detroit ,etc then we will talk about legal guns

    • SoManyWhiners

      They would also need to confiscate every knife ever created before I would give up my guns.

  • twerry bemo

    Since the majority of prison inmates are black, I propose we arrest ALL black people and send them back to Africa. This would stop MOST of the violence in this country, and we could close half the prisons in this country. Therefore we would not need nearly as many police officers, and prison guards. Sounds as good as confiscate our guns, and would not violate any constitutional ammendments.

    • Lyledavid

      And your right. Just watched a program on T.V….had this young black man about 35yrs old. Had 17 kids already….Now you know who’s paying to feed the little youngsters?…..Snd was he a proud, cocky young man…..

    • parkslopedog

      Africa doesn’t want American blacks. They have contempt for them.

  • jim


    • Lyledavid


    • Mike Buchanan

      I think they want to start a inward destruction of our country because I know for a fact we the people will not give up our guns !

      • jim

        I dont know what they want to start, but I do know how it will end and it wont be pretty and They wont like it , unlike the pajama boy liberals who are good at forced marches and making speeches they’re not willing to FIGHT to take our weapons where as we ARE willing to fight to keep our Second Amendment Rights, BRING IT ON PAJAMA BOYS … BRING IT ON

  • Ed

    I see Chelsea is having trouble coping with Trump. The Clintons are the lowest form of life on the planet. She should have trouble coping with her own family.

    • Askjrsk

      Chalsea copes?

    • IronPhoenix

      Bill is not her father…

  • WilliamHarrington

    The NAACP has now officially joined the ranks of other oppressive groups which first disarm citizens in order to enslave them.

  • AK60

    I’ll start listening to what the NAACP has to say on the 12th of never.

    • Lyledavid


    • Askjrsk

      And that’s a long long time……

  • minefinder624

    WTF does the Centre For Disease Control have to do with gun based violence ?? Do you catch a gun virus ?? Or are gang bangers considered a disease ? Might have a point there !

  • Myke Britt

    Roscoe, be prepared for all the egg head “experts” to claim your figures are wrong!

  • ja ko

    good, start with upholding existing laws among your own and confiscate weapons from black felons, criminals, armed children …

  • Eagles Beak

    Here’s a radical idea….clean up your act, get kids off and away from the drug smuggling culture and quit committing so much crime! Think that would have any effect on how young blacks are perceived by law enforcement? Confiscating everyone else’s guns is NOT the answer!!!

  • Askjrsk

    Well if the blacks don’t want guns, that’s fine with me. Especially in Chicago that probably would be a good thing. If white folk suggrsted this it would be racist, however it’s all good. Black police and military, I think should be able to keep and bear arms.

  • SoManyWhiners

    If anyone support NAACP they should be considered anti-American.

  • Joe Pollarine Jr

    Great idea. Let’s start with all black ppl

  • Robert Kahlcke

    This won’t happen in your lifetime, regardless of what the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization tells you.

  • Bruce Wickizer

    They must have forgotten…
    That the NRA was formed to help the newly freed slaves defend themselves against the likes of the KKK

  • Debby

    Of course the NAACP wants guns confiscated …. from the law abiding folks….. only let the criminals have guns. That”ll fix it…….. YA CAN’T FIX STUPID !!!!!

    • Maddawg

      You can indeed fix stupid. It’s just currently illegal to do so, unless you have just cause. .357’s are a good choice for fixing them ..

      A different start in order to fix stupid would involve mass sterilization of the ranks that mooch off our welfare systems.. It’s a fantastic place to start… Want money from the welfare handout programs; volunteer both the mother and father of the kids; prove that it’s them, and sterilize them so that they cannot have any more. . It should be the only way for someone to get welfare …

  • Alibaba

    So, actually he admitted that gun violence between blacks is a black problem and not a gun one.

    • Askjrsk


  • David Stewart

    Africans commit over 50% of crimes; number 13% of population; of COURSE they want the people disarmed!

  • JB

    The NAACP wants all legal gun owners disarmed so all the NAACP members that only illegal guns will be able to kill is easier! Why don’t they say something sensible like let’s go after all the illegal guns then they be going against the black culture!

  • R. T.

    Confiscation of guns is that not hypocritical seeing you also help people understand their Constitutional rights ????

  • Bernie

    1. Very few Blacks in Australia.
    2. 73% of Black children in the U.S. are born to unwed mothers that have no idea who the father is.
    3. Chicago, Detroit, Ckeveland, Atlanta, Oakland, Baltimore, St. Louis (Ferguson), Philadelphia, Milwaukee and a dozen other inner cities have been run by democrats (left-wing schmucks) for decades.

  • CJ

    NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson called for a national gun confiscation program in a syndicated column through Black Press USA on Monday. I’ll just bet he did. Only thing is the gang bangers aren’t about to give up THEIR guns are they?

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    I thought we already made crime illegal.

    • Alibaba

      Really? It seems not everybody got that news! And looks like it didn’t reach Washington DC either!

  • APB

    To anyone trying to take my guns and ammo.
    You can have them when you pry them from my cold dead hands.
    Want to end gang violence, elminiate the gans.
    How many white gangs are there in any major city compared to black gangs…
    How many black gangs are there in any major city compared to hispanic/ms13 gangs
    Eliminate all gang members by shooting them down like the diseased vermin they are and if a few politicians, judges, demorat liberals should get cut down in the cross fire…so be it…

  • joe owens

    Tell you what Derrick, as long as idiots like you don’t try to take my guns, I won’t try to kill you with them. This man is a clueless delusional idiot.

  • Jim Strong

    Mr NAACP just wait for the new C

  • APB

    ??? Is not the NACCP a racist organization just like the Southern Poverty Law Center which has millions of $$$ stashed in off shore bank account, RACISTS.
    They only let you in if you are black, brown.
    But hey white folks, hispanics, orientals no way can you join, oh they will take your donations, but not allow you entry.
    So is the opposite of NACCP the KKK?

  • Clete Tacker

    “Universal” background checks? Does this mean the they have figured out a way to make criminals submit to background checks on stolen firearms?
    The leading cause of black deaths is other blacks.
    And the naacp has the gall to talk about discrimination when they are advocating discriminating against all law abiding firearms owners based on the deeds of criminals and their acts of deadly violence.
    I’m thinking if the naacp has any clout or influence with the black community maybe they should persuade the blacks to stop shooting and killing other blacks.
    This entire “gun” issue is a false argument, none of this is about “guns”, it is all about control.

  • Fire and Brimstone

    A good place to start might be to outright make it illegal for a black man to be in possession of a firearm of any kind with mandatory prison sentences imposed.

  • Jim Strong

    Mr NAACP the new Civil War is on it’s way. Stand by.

  • Buzg

    Mr. Johnson could start with the black gangs in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Baltimore et al.

  • Oscar Pearson

    How about starting with your own people that are killing each other. Show us your example of what you want to do to the rest of us who defend our country.

  • David Brown

    Yeah take guns from law abiding citizens that way everywhere will be a gun free zone. Anyone stupid enough to think that criminals are going to hand their guns in are idiots. Come get my legal guns, but expect a fight from this law abiding citizen!!

  • Jon Smith


  • TGrade1

    Go disarm homey in the inner cities. That’s where most illegal gun violence is happening.

  • Clay Hamel

    Yea this typical knee jerk response that proves no leardership skills.. but the real discussion is the 80% + fatherless families with nothing in place to keep the families together or have coping mechanism in place to even began to start getting a handle on this situation, so don’t tell me we should be like Australia with there failed gun confiscation , under the guise of less then 15% of black kids and teens aka thugs give me a break anyone that them violent mofos are the very reason why we need guns to protect ourselves, it starts in the home teaching our children respect for other’s and themselves… so Mr Johnson , while i reapect ur opinion, but have to say , ur so out of touch with reality educate yourself and be part of a real solution not make urself like like a fool . I teach my children responsible gun handling practices no exception!!!! And all human life is precious. Thank u Mr Johnson and god bless.. and God bless America

  • TGrade1

    From my cold dead hands NAACP.


    Start with Chicago’s gun free black neighborhoods where 4000 murders per year happen. Or the hood for those of you that just don’t get it.

  • katfan

    Yes, that will be great, then only “people of color” will have guns, as most of those are not registered. Teenage boys have been responsible for all school shootings. So lets ban teenage boys from school. Problem solved!

  • gna

    Use your head!…..A nation disarmed is a “dream target” for America to be invaded by the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, China, and Radical Islamic Terrorists. The past 4 administrations have turned a blind eye as to what was happening with their stupid deals. Clinton has armed Russia, Obama has armed Iran, Aid to Palestinians has paid for the terrorists murder of Americans. What has made America a deadly nation is how this generation of children has been reared……..Absentee parents, Propaganda teachers and schooling-lacking American History, Propaganda Media and Hollywood, Glamorizing Drugs, and paying National Tributes to overdosed Celebrities. Desensitizing of Children raised with TV VIOLENCE, MOVIE VIOLENCE, VIDEO GAME VIOLENCE. (You’re a “champ” when you can shoot down the most? in video games) THESE KIDS CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REALITY AND WHAT THEY WATCH ON TV & GAMES! THESE CELEBRITIES, WHO MAKE FORTUNES ACTING OUT VIOLENCE THINK REALITY IS JUST ANOTHER SCRIPT TO BE PLAYED, until it hits them. Yet they all HIRE ARMED PROTECTION AND THAT INCLUDES, NAACP, BLM, DEMOCRATS, CELEBRITIES, MEDIA and everybody else standing on a soapbox against the 2nd. TEACH YOU CHILDREN WELL! CONFISCATE VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND TV VIOLENCE!, to prevent “Life from imitating Art”.

  • dosadoe

    Molon labe!

  • Ronald Dawson

    That is ok but lets start in Baltimore,chicago first this will take some time to do this maybe years

  • George E. LeFebvre

    Screw the NAACP on gun confiscation. Most people need to be able to protect themselves from such government overreach. Our forefathers put that in the constitution to ward off exactly what this dumb
    NAACP leader is advocating.

  • sam

    Why dont the NAACP take care of their own business for a change . Say like dearming the Chicago hoods where twenty are killed weekly by illegal guns, in black on black crime gangs . They cant stop black crimes but want to take guns away from people who are legal owners . That,s typical Democrat ,liberal thinking , and us people with good sense say,s no thanks .

  • Dorothy Foster

    In my opinion the naacp NEEDS TO BE CURBED right out o existance!

  • travis690

    I would wager this moron doesn’t know the history of the National Rifle Association, and how important it was in black…oops…African-American…history.

    I also doubt that he understands the history of Planned Parenthood and its impact on African-American history, either.

    I’ll give him a hint: One of those organizations was founded based upon the idea that black people were not entitled to reproduce, and they established many of their facilities in black neighborhoods. The other organization has “Rifle” in its name.

  • tony

    That’s Obizo’s hometown. He did nothing for Chicago for 8 years, he’s doing nothing now.

  • instructorBob

    This idiot from the NAACP obviously doesn’t know his history.
    First, you could easily call the NRA “The Oldest Civil Rights Organization,” NOT the NAACP! The NRA was founded in 1871, and FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, women and blacks were welcomed into the organization.
    Second, the NRA was there training blacks in the South to shoot and to defend themselves when there were men riding around on horses and wearing white sheets and carrying ropes.
    Third, when Martin Luther King needed his bodyguards trained, it was the NRA who did it.
    Lastly, if you take a look at the NAACP, it was founded by WHITES.
    So, before you start calling for banning guns and for literally removing the Second Amendment, maybe you should get a few of your facts straight.
    (Hmmmm. ……Maybe the anti’s should simply shut the “H***” up about gun bans and start pushing for REAL solutions!

  • sue

    You won’t be getting my gun. Stupid naacp. Keep flapping your damn jaw!

  • Donald Lindsey

    Naacp needs to keep their noses out of people’s rights and shutup

  • xsoldier57

    NAACP! What a damn Joke!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Actually, the NRA is America’s oldest civil rights organization!

  • Timothy Toroian

    Hey Jackass! Your “children” are the biggest part of the problem followed by drugs. It might help if more “fathers” were actual fathers, like the guy I knew in Philly who TWO sons born on the same day. And they weren’t twins!! IF you confiscate guns, some of your “children” will smuggle guns in on the same routes used for drugs. AND the Mexican cartels will supply all they want with a large percentage being FULL AUTOMATIC. I’ll leave it at that. I knew the NAACP had grown irrelevant but this kind of thinking is pipedreaming.

  • Dennis C Krueger

    This guy does not have a clue. The liberals and commies that he supports are the one’s perpetuating the violence that is eradicating his own race. Wake up NAACP, and other racist organizations. The elitist liberals could care less how many of your children die. As long as violence does not come to their neighborhood, they are silent. The last three weeks, with the hysteria in Florida, should be a lesson. Every night, innocent black children are killed in the City of Chicago. Why would black people not be storming City Hall and looking for the Mayor’s head? Maybe, just maybe, their is too much money in the business of racism. Gun control is not the answer. Family value and personal responsibility is what you need to look at. The white trash that runs the City of Chicago needs to be eradicated from the political scene.

  • Mitch Feld

    NAACP was once a legitimate civil rights voice. Not anymore. Its lead by political hacks to advance the most leftist agenda. The NAACP actively works to destroy federal career employees who may even be liberal and democrat but don’t belong to its gang. Obama used the NAACP to advance his sexual identity politics agendas, gave them veto power over judicial appointments. We should consider mandating gun education in all schools and encouraging gun ownership for all qualified citizens.

  • John Minnick

    Memo to Derrick Johnson: If you really want total gun confiscation, are you and your racist organization ready to totally disarm black criminals?
    And if you are serious about criminal type sentences, does that mean you will lock up black criminals, too? Aren’t you aware that 75 percent of crimes are the result of black criminals?
    Somehow, I don’t think that is ever gonna happen!
    So, if you continue having that obvious crap coming out of that filthy mouth of yours, may I suggest a far more appropriate career for you?
    Hire yourself out as a personal manure manufacturer! You can can keep this country’s farm fields going for decades!

  • skisok

    This article is in conflict. First it says that the NAACP is requesting that guns be should be confiscated. Then it says that they are calling for universal background checks. Which is it? If the gun show loophole were closed, there would be few to no illegal guns out there.

  • Ran-man

    Remember: an organization’s main goal is to further the agendas and, defend the behaviors of it’s members, which in this case, includes blaming others for it’s members actions when they do wrong. Mr. Johnson is no different. If you doubt this, break down what naacp stands for. Just sayin’

  • bunky doodle

    go to south chicago and see how far you get. nra isnt the problem. jobs, gangs, black market guns, criminals, rapists, murderers. no one in the naacp ever goes to chicago, they just pick on the constitution

  • Tim

    NAACP another useless leftist organization

  • Francisco Machado

    Background checks? You do know why Cruz passed background checks, don’t you? Progressive policies that kept his name out of the database despite issues at school, at least forty reports to police, reports to the FBI… Not that he wouldn’t have gotten a gun anyway, since adherence to the law wasn’t anywhere on his priority list and lunatics tend to be fanatically goal oriented. For a moment I considered a test case, confiscating guns from the NAACP and their supporters, but cancel that idea: Taking guns from that specific group almost certainly would reduce gun violence – but there is no doubt at all that guns would be substituted with other means since the reason for the violence would not change with confiscation of one single means.

  • pappy450

    Of COURSE they want all of US LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS disarmed, then THEY could FREELY ROB, RAPE, and MURDER because their BLACK criminal “friends” would still be armed and they would have no “worrys” about being SHOT while committing their crimes.

  • regulus30

    Hey “derrick” why don’t YOU WORK with rahm emanuel in Chicago and let US KNOW HOW YOU DID?

  • Ben

    This is for all of those calling for confiscation. “Shut your pieholes you freaking communists!!!” As the old saying goes, “If 140 million legal gun owners with around 400 million guns and about 2 trillion rounds of ammo were really a problem then YOU WOULD KNOW IT!!!” But if you anti-American, lefty loons keep pushing the envelope then you’re going to find out what kind of problem we really can be. Molon Labe!!!

  • Richard Wittauer

    One Bad Apple Can Ruin The Whole Barrel

  • snl

    drugs ruin more black lives, by far, then guns. confiscate drugs!!!

  • Estell Newton

    I doesn’t matter how many or what kind of anti guns laws are passed. the criminals will still have guns.

  • Steve H

    Stop blaming white people and the NRA for gun violence and stop using these deadly occurrences to advance your political career. It will never happen.

  • Wally Wally

    Yep, blacks, per capita, commit more murders than any other race. However, the bulk of those murders are avoidable. The bulk of those murders are committed by young black male drug gang members against other young black male gang members protecting the obscene profits generated by that black market enterprise (thanks to America’s insatiable appetite for the vile substance). The same phenomena existed during prohibition when young white males were committing murder against each other at exorbitant rates protecting the obscene profits of that other black market enterprise: ALCOHOL. Black market enterprises that generated large sums of cash tend to attract large scale violence.

    Don’t join gangs, avoid gang murders. On the other hand, the mass murders committed predominantly by whites are UNAVOIDABLE. Its victims are chosen RANDOMLY. Their guns definitely need to be confiscated.

  • baitmando

    Blacks are 12% of the population but commit 55% of murders. I say we confiscate all black men and destroy them.

  • Sirromancealot


    • Sirromancealot

      Yeah let’s start with Chicago and see how that works out. As long as they shoot each other I say free bullets.

  • John C.

    Lets start a war between the KKK and NAACP and wait to see who wins. Then kill all of the remaining ones.

  • Allen

    F the NAACP. Start with Chicago.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    The NAACP used to be an intelligent, useful organization, but not anymore.

  • parkslopedog

    We know what the NAACP is up to. They want law-abiding citizens disarmed so that black thugs with illegal guns can be used to riot and loot with no resistance and BLM can take over and enslave us. See what’s happening in South Africa: they’re legalizing the confiscation of white-owned farms and eventually the killing of whites, according to Malema, the Marxist leader.

  • geezer36

    And how many of those blacks killed were shot by other armed blacks? Oh, and screw the Second Amendment, it really doesn’t mean what it says.

  • 5025

    Trying to confiscate all private citizens arms would lead to a blood bath..not that the naacp cares.

  • carl

    I hope someone from the NAACP tries to come get my gun first.

  • twspears6007

    Well lets see how many Blacks volunteer to turn in their guns as a token of responsibility to do away with all guns to disarm the American people. The NAACP President Derrick Johnson calls for gun confiscation to stop violence. Every country that has taken guns away from the people has been taken over by a dictator. The NAACP is a Socialist organization that has no real purpose and drains away money from its contributors. What a waste of good money.

  • Alan404

    uestion: If guns were banned, which they should not be, would black criminals revert to clubs and spears with which to prey upon law abiding blacks, most black people, like most white people, and most people no matter what color they happen to be? I wonder.What say the mavens at NAACP?

  • Pack Rat

    NAACP parroting the antigun rhetoric without thinking or context. Confiscation only works with law abiding persons. Criminals by definition will keep theirs.

  • larry harvey

    The title of the article that the NAACP urged national gun confiscation is false. Johnson only urged background checks, laws against straw purchases, gun trafficking and he urged research into gun violence. Others call for the outlawing of certain very dangerous weapons. No one, no matter how anti-gun, has advocated for the total confiscation of all guns. Statements or inferences to the contrary are just not true.

  • Stan Joy

    I really don’t like to get involved with race problems. But folks, Chicago has the TOUGHEST GUN LAWS in our Country, so you would think it would be extremely save, right?? WRONG!!! It is beyond time that we talk and LISTEN to why these conditions exist!! These black leaders, along with ALL the Liberals want to take away your gun, well, how is this working out in CHICAGO?? Not very well, and I know that some will say it’s because of the poverty, I don’t believe that and neither does the majority of Americans. Leave our guns alone, start insisting that LAW ENFORCEMENT start ENFORCING the
    laws that are available right NOW !! God Bless

  • Russell Smith

    This “tool” that is being used by the democrats was obviously absent the day they taught the class about how the democrat party kept the newly freed slaves in check, by passing gun control laws. It worked so well that a good many of them fell victim to another group of friendly democrats, the KKK, that would come and pay them social calls because the did not have the means to fight back with. 150 plus years and you would think that for a race of people that had been handed the smelly end of the stick, shall we politely say, by the democrat party, you would have thought this race would have caught on by now that the republicans are not the ones that they should be worried about doing them wrong, considering just who set them free and all. But I guess, all it takes is a little free hand outs, and promises, who cares if you don’t follow through on that stuff, they seem to forget pretty quick, and there IS all that free stuff they be getting…Right?

  • publiusnj

    This is one more example of “There Oughta be a Law” magical thinking. Laws are easily passed but need to be enforced. There is already a law punishing Murder, but it does NOT stop murders. A law demanding confiscation of all weapons likewise sounds good but it will NOT prevent lawbreakers from having guns. It will only prevent law abiding people from being able to defend themselves.

  • Buddy Williamson

    Yeah take the guns away from the good people so then we’re defenseless so then the raping, killing, home invasions and Mayhem would start…..??????? Really!!!????

  • kbfallon


  • Tom Ford

    “Roughly speaking, 1 out of every 3 African American males who die between the ages of 15 and 19 is killed by gun violence.” Yep, gun violence committed by other young African-American males who didn’t have fathers to guide them away from a life of drugs and crime – OUTLAW THAT PROBLEM FIRST – then maybe we won’t even need to talk about guns. But if you just eliminate guns, they’ll use knives or other killing tools.

  • June

    What an ignorant statement, it is not the guns it is no respect for another human life. Parents need to teach their children respect. A man found out his son was bullying, so for a solid week he made him jog to school, he trailed along beside him One day it rained and he took him, he was bullying his teacher also. The teacher said he was much better now, there are ways. Stop spoiling them, teach then respect and kindness!

  • RB

    I’d love to see members of the NAACP set an example for the rest of us and travel to downtown Chicago and confiscate the guns from the gang members, drug pushers, and MS-13 gang members there.

  • eric wahlquist

    200,000 women defended themselves from rape and domestic violence with the use of a gun, (average by year).

    Will rape and domestic violence against women rise if weapons are confiscated?

    1.5 million attempts of robbery, crimes stopped by armed citizens, 80% more than city and police and county sheriff offices.

    Felons surveyed agree, “the thought of an armed homeowner is their greatest fear, not the police.”

    National Assoc of Police and Sheriff’s, agree, “…armed citizens help us”.

  • Leroy Jons

    In St. Louis, MO it appears that the news programs show 95% of all homicides are mostly in black neighborhoods and are blacks killing blacks. So, why take guns from everyone. How about educating young blacks and youth in general about the preciousness of a human life and respect the laws this country has. YOU NEVER SEE THE S0-CALLED BLM PROTEST BLACK ON BLACK HOMICIDE – DO WE???? WONDER WHY????

    • Al Zabel

      If human life, is really all that precious, to Liberals.
      Planned Parenthood, would be a free community clinic.
      The progressive/democrats have devalued human life, so much.
      That they have to talk, out of both sides of their mouths.
      In order to indoctrinate their peers.

  • Gregg Parker

    Who repeatedly dropped the crates of semi automatic rifles in the alley ways in Chicago during the last several years. Find out who and you might put a big dent in the illegal gun distribution network. Everyone knows why large sections of the government push for massive gun control and confiscation so let’s not pretend it’s something organic.

  • Al Zabel

    A mental midget,, without knowledge of history.
    Guns were denied to blacks, years ago. So they could not protect themselves, from the Democrats in the KKK.

  • Terry Story

    Sadly, there was no gun law prior to the implementation of the Emancipation Proclamation since the southern Democrats then worried that the “black” folks could now possess firearms since they were acknowledged as human by that proclamation. Since that time, there have been an enormous number of attempts at disarming minority populations and now it has evolved to disarming everyone. There is a substantial reason for the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment is one of the prime amendments that would have forestalled the Constitutional ratification had it not been a part of the Bill of Rights. Any of the citizens, and especially the minority population, that would give up those rights are clearly unaware of their importance to them in the history of this country, and comparing this country to Australia is a red herring as is all of the 23,000+ laws that restrict the law respecting majority of the population, both minority and majority, (whoever that is now). We need to come to grips with the loss of moral and ethical behavior on the part of the folks that are those that are violating the laws, that is, all of them, not just the firearms laws, and figure out how to effectively deal with those individuals. Along those lines, there is also a drug component of this issue, and that is the use of anti-depressants to treat anything that appears to be behavior that we want to control. Every one of the most recent shootings have been carried out by individuals that were using these drugs and it has been shown that those drugs are likely to increase the incidents of murderous and suicidal behaviors in those that are using them, although a small percentage of them, it would be good if we could devise a way to determine who that might be that would experience a psychotic break and go crazy in one way or another, and of course in these cases with firearms. That is an area that I hear very little conversation about, and it would seem to be a logical place to start, if anyone could apply any sort of logic to this kind of thing. So, banning guns would not solve anything at all with respect to this problem since they are always available in one way or another, and in this case legally bought, and for the large capacity magazines banners, he used 10 round magazines in this assault.

  • J Whitehurst

    The National Association for the Advancement of Communistic Policies just wants to take away our rights because they have failed miserably to clean up their own inner city problems. Typical to blame everyone and everything else because you didn’t do anything.

    Stop being the National Association for the Aquisition of Cash in your Pockets and use that money to fix your problems that you continue to ignore.


    First of all the most racist people in America today the black population. Unfortunately these poor children are in the neighborhood of high crime. As You should know most black are murdered by blacks. Lock up the black thugs. We talk about the KKK…they should be jailed and throw sway the key. But how do we handle the BLACK THUG FARRAKHAN WHO OUTRIGHT CALLS FOR MURDER…BUT THAT’S OK …..He’s a familiar face with DEMS WHO LED THE SLAVERY. Do your homework.

  • malcolm chapman

    Trump should stop all funding of the NAACP, they are all crooks and defend crooks and killers, they do not protect Americans of color, just the crooks.

    • richjack4

      None of them have or have had an actual jobexclamation Like their idol Obama, “community activist“ is not considered a professional occupation!!!

  • richjack4

    Is it me, or does it always wind up that no matter what the situation, blacks always find a way to make it all about them and all the ‘oppression’We exact upon them! A bigger group of whiners a culture has never been!

  • Jeffb B

    Yeah why don’t u start in Chicago by having all ur gang members turn in theirs? I’ll bet they would be lining up to give theirs up!!!!

    • Ed Reveal

      Why don’t we dump a truck load of fully loaded guns in Chicago
      and let them have them first come first serve

  • wtr

    I hope it will be the NAACP that comes to my home to CONFISCATE my weapons, they won’t be happy. It might take 5mins. or 30 minutes for a police officer to get to your home by then YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MIGHT BE DEAD.

  • Peter J

    Lets’ make a deal… when the low life liberal unions end lobbying then we can open a discussion on conservative lobbies like the NRA. In fact, a better plan would be to throw all lobbyists out of Washington, DC. Amazing how liberals believe the road only goes one way and that is their way.

  • Peter J

    Gun violence is the leading killer of young black Americans. What this boob failed to say is that it is blacks killing blacks in liberal utopias like Chicago that cause this mess. In fact, the welfare system is a contributor because the thugs and their families feast off hard working American taxpayers and the thugs do not work. They have crappy role models and far too much time on their hands. The NAACP is akin to the snake oil salesmen of years gone by if this is the garbage they are peddling.

  • Loving America

    This Terroristic Org. needs to go away and live in Africa so they can be legally upfront done against and not one thing they could do!

  • Yarbles

    Stupid baboon pandering to the welfare monkeys and the Globalists that support him.

  • Ron

    Wow just wow…blame the NRA for gun violence. I wonder how many thug gang members are members of the NRA. NONE!!! Pull you head out of your rear end Derrick Johnson. NRA members are not the ones killing innocent black people in our big cities. Wake up!

  • kingwarren

    Once black murders stop using guns to kill other black people, maybe we could consider what the head of the NAACP suggests. Statistics suggest white people don’t have as much to worry about black killers as black people do. Therefore logic suggests weapons of all black people be confiscated to see if it works. If it does the next step is to start confiscating guns from the more populated areas. The logic is more people are murdered in those places than in rural areas. Passing laws doesn’t usually result in favorable results. The best choice seems to try new laws on gun control in selected areas of need and work out from there.

    • parkslopedog

      Even if blacks stopped gunning each other down, why should we consider giving up our guns? Ever consider the possibility that when they stopped shooting each other, they may come over to your neck of the woods?

  • generalJed

    When they try to confiscate your guns, form a large enough militia, connected with hand held radios and army-like structure to oppose those coming to yours and your neighbors house. I guarantee that those “brave” souls will leave you alone. If not, fight back like the Constitution allows. This already happened in Illinois and the Nazi-dressed( for intimidation purposes) Police Chiefs and their officers ran like little girls, one as far as D.C.!

  • Michael Hayes

    Real good, coming from a bunch of thugs and racist hypocrites.

  • pat

    The naacp can always go back to Africa or where ever if they don’t like it in America anymore.

  • Evan Hock

    These unconstitutional idiots only want to further their own leftist agenda. Black thugs use guns daily in big cities to shoot each other. Why do they not go after the deeper problem of their own prejudice, immoral lifestyles and resentments.

  • GotURnumber

    Just another incompetent fool with a mic.

  • Sean Rickmin

    Disarm white weapon owners,that is what you are saying.Your people of color have the most weapons in AMERICA.So your mouth is overloading your ass.Your people of color are a lot more apt to use a weapon than NORMAL people,YES that is what i said,blacks use weapons more to solve their problems.

  • omikehawk

    Yeah right, and next they will want to start confiscating the land of white farmers!

    • parkslopedog

      …. like in South Africa. Their commie leader is hinting that killing the whites is next on the agenda.

  • msgconc

    People are ignorant THE KILLING WILL NEVER STOP JUST BECAUSE WE GET RID OF THE GUNS. No gun use a knife a car, a neck tie, fire bomb all kinds of devices for a sick individual to use so what do we do ban every possible thing that can be used as a weapon? So if all of the responsible law bidding Citizens just surrendered our guns our country wouldn’t turn into a Paradise, because Criminals would still have their guns and the killing would increase not decrease because there would be no one to discourage criminals from committing violent crimes.

  • Yosemite Sam

    NAACP – Hands off my guns.

    “Don’t tread on me”

  • therealworld

    If any Government Agency attempted to take guns away from the Responsible Gun Owners there would be a Civil Uprising like no person has ever seen. Those Nappy Fools need to Shut their mouth before they find out just what American Patriots can and WILL do if pushed.

  • therealworld

    Give black gang members shooting lessons so they can thin the herd faster…..

  • steven jacobs

    communist/leftists. Don’t they know black people have as many guns as white people, by percentage. Black people want to defend their families also-and the chances that they will have to are greater than the chances for whites.

    • parkslopedog

      In NYC, the law-abiding blacks in general don’t like guns because of how guns have impacted their communities, so the ones with the guns are the thugs and they don’t use them to protect their families. That’s why whites and Asians need to hold fast to their guns because we’re the targets of the criminals.

      • steven jacobs

        turns out, in percentage terms you are correct-40% white homes and 19% black homes have guns. Still, if there are 10 million black households, that would be 2 million households(black) who choose to keep a gun for protection. The NAACP is trampling on their rights as well as the citizen population in general. The NAACP is looking like just another extension of the Democrat/Progressive/Leftist machine.

  • mike

    Mr. Johnson is continuing with the ” We is Victims”. Not the we need to take responsibility for our own short comings.

  • Ora Conlon

    I agree if you are a NAACP member your gun should be taken from you.

  • Larry Tricker

    And just what army is going to confiscate the estimated 300 million guns in America? We are not Australia. We will fight for our God given rights.

  • MIKE6080

    take all the negros guns

  • jcrawdad

    NAACP Urges National Gun Confiscation

    Does that mean your people also , Or just Whites give up their guns .

  • That’s Mr. Timesetter to you

    Whatever man. Not gonna happen.

  • Herb1949

    odd that a black organization would advocate for laws that were originally passed to help keep blacks as slaves and then as 3rd class citizens.

  • merbar12

    Nope, Derrick Johnson, wrong again!! Gun violence does not kill young black Americans, young black Americans kill young black Americans!!! And if there aren’t any guns then they will use knives, hammers, machetes, bow & arrow, rocks, sharp stick to the eye, etc., etc., and anything else handy. It will NEVER end until parents start doing a better job of raising responsible law-abiding children!!

  • Wade

    These people are laughable. They cry more laws for law abiding people when in fact they are not in favor of current law that doesn’t support their agenda. For instance, federal law requires that criminal illegal immigrants be held and ICE informed of the arrest. But they intentionally and willfully break these laws. So tell me again leftist how we need more laws. How about the novel idea of obeying current law and teaching respect for those laws!!!

  • Wade

    Maybe the left “knows” that if there was total gun confiscation that there wouldn’t be what they call racial profiling. Everybody would be subject to search at any time and anywhere. What they don’t realize is that they would be living under Hitler like or Communist rule or maybe they do and that is the goal!!!

  • Michael Kovacs

    If they are serious then how about we deputize them to reduce firearms within their own neighborhoods starting with the Bloods and Crypts. I lived on the west coast of Florida a few years back in what is usually thought of as a retirement community. There are a number of high schools that fall within the city but the area around one predominately black school seemed to corner the market on violence and every year or so the police would do a sweep of the area and confiscate hundreds of illegal firearms ranging from zip guns to Uzis and Macs once again I don’t recall of ever hearing about any felony posession prosecutions coming out of these sweeps. It was good press for the local cops that they could go in and just take all this firepower off the streets with seemingly no resistance and yet the next year they could go back only to find even more in the same area. I was there 81-93 so it was even before the “Promise” policies in Broward County but I have often wondered if this wasn’t a second source of income for some cops affiliated with those who had the gun distribution nailed down in that area. Another thing I found interesting is that with the amount of gun violence in the area I don’t recall any of the confiscated weapons ever being tied to any actual cases. So yes NAACP let us see what you can do in your communities then maybe we’ll talk.

  • James Ruddy

    Actually the NRA (1871) is the countries oldest civil rights organization not the NAA(L)CP (1909). You might want to teach young African males between 15 and 19 to stop pointing guns at each other and pulling the triggers…that might solve your problem. I’m not willing to give up my Civil Rights because these people can’t/won’t control themselves.

  • Mike L

    Of course those poor teens killing each other will stop doing anything violent because guns were confiscated from the lawful. It is not the gun, it is the shooter that is the problem. It will be knives and vehicles rammed into people that will do the killing, or maybe just go for the old tried and true vintage approach of a blunt instrument (baseball bat, hammer etc).

  • “gun violence” is an idiot’s term…. guns do nothing on their own… it’s always ” ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE ” … ADDICTIONS are the biggest threat to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, China and all the world !!!

    ++++ The Six Big ADDICTIONS to AVOID like the PLAGUE !!! ++++

    1. DRUG ADDICTION including alcohol addiction/alcoholics and nicotine addiction/smokers

    2. RELIGION ADDICTION/PSYCHOSIS religics, theists, religious terrorists, clergy

    3. HOMOSEXUALITY ADDICTION (most homosexics admit they have an addiction, tend to murder each other over jealousy)



    6. GREED ADDICTION (think EvilBushJr.’s unneeded wars for bigger oil profits)

    • libsrtheh8ters


      • That was Muslim Obummer’s RELIGION ADDICTION !!! Taking care of his fellow Muslims…

  • crazybarry

    I agree completely. The entire Black community should be disarmed. While we’re at it, how about mandatory birth control for welfare recipients?

  • This from the people that defended Obama and Holder as they littered Straw buyers, with so called Assault weapons, to supply the Drug Cartels with untraceable weapons! Where was all there concern as the previous administration violated every precept of legal gun purchases in an attempt to paint Gun shows and swap meets in a bad Media light! So the only people allowed to sell guns to Gangsters and Criminals are Democrats and Corporate Donors to the DNC. This is the same bad policy that is subsidizing Gang members in the Inner City, not to commit crime, by giving them money stolen by Federal Bureaucrats from the American People! This is beyond ridiculous and the NAACP is a Racist organization of Communist Rebels and should lose its Tax Exempt status, for Racketeering and Race baiting extortion of the Populace!

  • J. C. Smith

    If the NAACP really wanted to save the kids, they’d be supporting DeVos dumping Obama’s “dear colleague” program.

  • Gregory Butler

    You logic demands the ban of cars, knives, fertilizer, prescription drugs, alcohol, abortion and all tobacco products as they kill millions every years…you’ve forgotten the face of your father…

  • Jesusprotectus

    Oh yeah, a black racist group wants to disarm whitey!

    I say the rap, hiphop disgusting violent lyrics need to be censored,,,,,to protect the kids!

  • Louie Rey

    I think the greatest threat to America is BLACKS owning guns. How about THAT conversation?

  • libsrtheh8ters

    The number one cause of death for young black men is other YOUNG BLACK MEN. When NAACP/black supremacist racist communists disarm their black ghetto gangs then they can worry about the rest of us. Oh, & Chicago, black gang central, has the some of the toughest gun control laws in the country, how is that working out??

  • 2 cents

    Putting up a billboard calling the NRA a terrorist organization is a start, because anybody with a membership is a licensed terrorist and could be imprisoned anytime and their weapons confiscated.

  • Fed up!

    It’s not a stereotype, but NACP it’s your ethnic group that statically have the most killings using a gun. In reality the most crimes commit. Never heard of a gun by it self killing anything, humans however use guns to kill all kinds of things including each other. Sad but facts don’t lie.

  • Frank W Brown

    Hey derrick, You want to try and take my guns? Make my day, do you feel LUCKY??? MOLON LABE!!!

  • Dennis C Krueger

    Let’s start in Oakland. While I don’t agree with the concept, It would bring the other side to the table rather quickly. An added bonus may be a few illegals caught up in the sweep.

  • RichardH

    I noticed a glaring mistake in the a paragraph in the article that stated, “The leader of America’s oldest civil rights organization noted that gun violence is the leading killer of young black Americans,…”

    The NAACP was founded in Feb 12, 1909 as a civil rights organization, but the NRA was established in November 17, 1871. The NRA is, in fact, the oldest civil rights (2nd Amendment) organization in the United States. Thirty eight years older than the NAACP. Please check the facts in the future before making a claim. By-the-way, the NRA has done more for blacks (and all Americans) than the NAACP. The NAACP has never done anything for me as a person lacking in skin pigmentation (melanin).
    During Black History month, try and remember the post-reconstruction era of the late 18th century and beyond during Jim Crow era. The gun was the great equalizer for the impoverished and discriminated “people of color.” Without the Second Amendment, and the right it gave the oppressed in our society, there would have been no advancement or NAACP for that matter.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Funny how he didn’t mention who the 45% of Black child- and teen-related gun deaths were killed BY…the majority were killed by young BLACK CRIMINALS who WILL get guns whether they’re banned or not.

  • dave

    Someone play a really loud soundtrack recording of lots of ” guns ” being shot and see how Derrick the clown craps his ankles shaking and movin’ . . .

  • potusYUGE

    OMG… these are racist, anti-American knuckle dragging africans! They hate white people and America! This racist gubment enables them! Now which group do you want to get rid of first? It is OUR GOD given right, to abolish these types in America!!!!!!!

  • Major Frank L. Laifer

    This article is incorrect. The NAACP is not the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. That distinction belongs to the NRA. Look it up.

  • Shadow Ridyr

    Holding a handgun sideways was started by peeps whose master eye is opposite of the hand they pull with. It was meant to improve aim. Not be cool. This is what happens when idiots get a hold of a good idea. Or using both hands for maximum gun control. Still need to know which is the master eye.

    • Larry Ashby

      I did not know that. Thanks for the info.

  • Ken

    Confiscate the weapons of all of their body guards first, then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about them? As for me I will refuse to give up my right to self protection and hunting.

  • 4Pip

    This man must not be talking about Chicago. He should know your not allowed to have a gun in that city,but it makes no difference as the thugs get them anyway. Rahm Emmanuel doesn’t care either,he lets them alone to kill each other. No one ever mentions Chicago when they bring up gun violence. There it’s blacks killing blacks and they don’t even investigate it. You should never just take something from another that is stealing.

  • jmac67

    Why don’t they try to tackle Black on Black violence? Or maybe that would show just how weak they are as an organization.

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    how do we confiscate guns from all these bad guys whose pictures I see in the paper so frequently?
    Answer that one NAACP

  • Shadow Ridyr

    Just so U know, I’m retired military. There are many new techniques that hav been induced in the past 50 years. Some not so good & tend to disappear, others misused & discredited. I improved my shot group drastically. A hand gun is a close quarters weapon, many times there’s no time to site. I prefer a nightscope, I can adjust that for my righteye. Sorry I didn’t get back to U sooner, I’m still finding my way around this site.

  • Alan Patrick

    Here is the problem as I see it. When you take the guns from legal gun owners, the thugs and criminals will still have guns. We as law abiding citizens can Not allow this to happen. The police can’t or won’t be able to provide protection for everyone. Does anyone really want the National Guard deployed in every area of our country. I know I don’t. I want the right to protect myself and my family If needed. Do I want to have to shoot someone? I pray it never comes to that but I WILL to protect my family.

  • Lee Harant

    Coming from one of the biggest lobbyists in the system next to unions.
    I agree start with the gangs and see where that gets us

  • Charles Wolfe jr

    Just supposed guns were taken,then blacks would be calling it racist ! It ain’t gonna happen!!!