Muslims Team with Antifa to Shut Down Critics of Islam

(Leo Hohmann, WND) Islam is a “religion of peace,” its advocates in Western nations claim, and they’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths to protest, intimidate, and smear anyone who presents facts that would indicate otherwise.

Muslim Brotherhood photo

Photo by lilianwagdy (CC)

There are new indications that forces on the left are building coalitions with Muslim Brotherhood fronts and fanning out across the U.S. in search of meetings, conferences, even informal gatherings where Islam might be discussed in a negative light.

The latest attempt to shut down a meeting in which a speaker was planning to provide information critical of Islam occurred in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Ron Branstner, a researcher based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota, had booked space at the Sioux Falls History Club for Oct. 26. This is a club that has a 100-year history of discussing world events from the perspective of free and open debate.​

But while driving to the event Thursday night, Branstner received phone a call from the venue and was told not to come. A powerful Democratic politician with connections to the history club had been contacted by a Muslim lawyer named Taneeza Islam.

Apparently, that’s all it takes in Sioux Falls to shut down the First Amendment, said Branstner, whose presentation was focused, ironically, on Islam and the First Amendment.

“I was going there to speak about the First Amendment, our first right to free speech, and how it is being stolen from us,” Branstner said. “We ended up having to change the venue to another town 27 miles away and so everyone had to drive 27 miles to hear my presentation.”

The female Muslim attorney, Taneeza Islam, has connections to radical Islamist Linda Sarsour and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR. She is involved with the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls, the same mosque that protested former Muslim Shahram Hadian’s speaking event earlier this year in the city.

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Taneeza Islam is a Bush Foundation fellow and civil-rights activist who also works as an immigration attorney, representing Muslim refugees and illegal aliens from Central America. She also pushes the idea that all who object to unlimited refugee resettlement and illegal immigration in America is a “white nationalist.”

Islam promotes the #CounterACThate meme on Facebook which tries to shut down and destroy ACT For America chapters holding meetings to educate people about Shariah law.

“She’s connected to that mosque in Sioux Falls, and very politically active,” Hadian said.

And that mosque, the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls, is owned lock, stock and barrel by the North American Islamic Trust or NAIT, which has been linked to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

“She was there at a protest outside the hotel where I spoke in April, she was with the imam doing the prayers, they had all the interfaith people standing around them with their backs to the Muslims and their faces turned out while the Muslims were doing their prayers, that’s a great picture of how foolish these people are,” Hadian said of the April event.

So let’s take a look at a few of the other recent cases that would indicate First Amendment rights no longer apply to Americans speaking out critically about one religion and one religion only – Islam [remember, criticism of Christianity is perfectly acceptable and not considered the least bit “bigoted” or “Christophobic.”


On Thursday, Oct. 26, in Des Moines, author/scholar Steve Kirby, who has written five books on Islam and has a doctorate’s degree in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia, had his speaking event at a community room inside the Pizza Ranch canceled when the restaurant chain caved to protesters demands and said it didn’t want to risk any incidents that might put the safety of its patrons at risk.

Kirby had to move his event at the last minute to the public library, where he was met by protesters from members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and an allied group called Indivisible, which has been financed by George Soros and has ties to former President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action.

Protesters sat in the front rows and held up newspapers to block people’s view of Kirby’s presentation.

Indivisible has a presence in practically every state with the sole mission of sowing seeds of discord among Republicans and disrupting the flow of free speech wherever the issue of immigration or Islam pops up.

Their stock and trade is in vicious, Saul Alinsky-type ad-hominem attacks, with some of their favorite names for those holding opposing political views being “bigot,” “xenophobe,” “Islamophobe” and “racist.” But the latest smear-of-choice, popularized by the Charlottesville, Virginia, incident is summer, is “white nationalist.”

Since the election of Donald Trump a full convergence is playing out between radical leftists with ties to Indivisible/Antifa and those with Islamist connections such as CAIR, ISNA and the Muslim Student Association.

Anyone who questions whether open borders and “welcoming” Islamic Shariah law into your community is a good thing, gets branded a white nationalist, racist bigot. The town “bigots” are typically announced through social media posts, an article in the local newspaper and even some TV spots. Even if local media allows the accused bigot a chance to defend himself, as the Des Moines Register did for Steve Kirby, the accused comes across as having to defend himself and sounds guilty to the uninformed masses.

Jacob Hall of Sioux Center, a board member of Sioux County Conservatives, strongly rejects the argument that anyone disagreeing with the hardcore left must be a bigoted white nationalist.

“This is just another example of the unhinged left trying to suppress free speech. They don’t want a dialogue,” Hall told the Des Moines Register. “They don’t want the other side to be pointed out,” and they don’t want a scholar who has written books about Islam to discuss the topic, he added.

The Pizza Ranch is a frequent host of Republican and conservative speaking events in the Des Moines, but apparently it only takes a few calls to the restaurant management from leftist protesters to get an event canceled.

Since the protests only seem to role in when conservatives take up the issue of Islam, the message is clear, says Dr. Mark Christian, a former Muslim turned Christian whose Omaha-Nebraska-based Global Faith Institute specializes in educating Christians about the differences between the two faiths.

“The ownership of the Pizza Ranch has now let it be known that if you speak there, you’d better not talk negatively about Islam,” said Dr. Christian.


On Sept. 12, former FBI counter-terrorism agent John Guandolo and journalist Chris Gaubatz spoke at the city-owned community center in tiny Oakland, Iowa, near Council Bluffs in Pottawattamie County. There topic was “Understanding the Threat: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Secret Strategies for the USA.”

Not only did the event get protested and disrupted, again with newspapers held up in the front rows and loud talking, but police had to be called in to restore order.

Weeks after the event the local GOP chairman for Pottawattamie County, Jeff Jorgensen, was removed from office by the GOP when it was discovered he played a role in inviting Guandolo and Gaubatz to the area to speak about Islam.


On Oct. 18, the Sportsman’s Club in Stewartsville, Minnesota, canceled an event where Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian Coptic Christian who travels around speaking about how Christians are treated by Muslims in Muslim-majority countries such as his native Egypt.


The Sportsman’s Club, which is rented out for various community events including those hosted by Muslims, has an eight-person board of directors that voted 6-2 to cancel the contract for Dakdok’s speaking event. The board took this action only after protesters began phoning the club and demanding it not rent space to Dakdok, even though a contract to book the venue had already been signed, according to the Post Bulletin of Stewartsville, which is near Rochester, Minnesota.

One of the Sportsman’s Club’s board members said he was reluctant to cancel the contract because he was “kinda on the side of free speech.”

“And I’m not biased against Muslims whatsoever. I don’t have a problem with them. It’s just the ISIS parts that I have an issue with,” Bunde told the Post Bulletin, referring to the Islamic State.

Regina Mustafa, a Muslim convert and CAIR operative, was one of the ringleaders who helped pressure the Sportsman’s Club to cancel Dakdok’s event. She said she supported the club’s decision, but didn’t discount the possibility that Dakdok might secure another venue around Rochester. So, just to be sure, she said she would forge ahead with plans to hold a counter-event at the Rochester library, which is set for Oct. 29 from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., the same day Dakdok was set to speak.

“I’d like to still have this event,” said Mustafa, who teaches that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. “There’s a great amount of interest in it already.”


In April 2017, a heavily armed Muslim Ehab Jabber infiltrated a Christian conference at a local hotel in Sioux Falls. He entered the ticketed event undetected with a handgun and was told to leave, then livestreamed threats to the Christians from his vehicle in the parking lot, where he had a cache of weapons including an assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Jaber has since pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges but the state charges remain unresolved. “I have a feeling they’re going to drop those charges. Lost his guns and right bear, is now a felon, but the other [local] prosecutor said the guy did nothing wrong.”


Hadian embarked on a four-city tour through Minnesota and Wisconsin in August-September. He was protested at three of the events and at the fourth, the host received calls pressuring him to cancel the event.

At one of the events in Browerville, Minnesota, on Sept. 12, a couple of the protesters got inside and came up and stood in front of Hadian and disrupted the meeting.

“The sheriff was there and one of the two was literally dragged out, and of course he was claiming he was assaulted, but there were too many witnesses to see he would not leave and was disrupting the event, and when the security put hands on him he went limp,” Hadian said.

The next night in Freeport, Minnesota, there were no protesters but the owner of the facility said Muslim activists and their supporters were calling him at home trying to pressure him to cancel the event, saying they were going to boycott his business. He held firm and did not cancel.


Two nights later, on Sept. 14 a group of communists allied with liberal Christians and radical Muslims decided they would take their protest directly to the enemy. This time they would actually protest a group of Christians meeting in the privacy of their own church — the Granite City Baptist Church in St. Cloud, where Hadian was scheduled as a guest speaker on the topic of “The Trojan Horse of Interfaith Dialogue.”

Hadian believes the interfaith movement is geared toward getting Christians to accept the general claims of Islam and ultimately deny the deity of Christ. He was greeted by about 50 protesters, roughly half of them from the interfaith community called UniteCloud, which includes an amalgamation of Christians, Jews and Muslims. Several infiltrated the meeting inside the church.

Hadian said he saw at least two people wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts and others appeared to be members of local communist and/or antifa-affiliated groups called Expect Resistance and the IWW General Defense Committee Local 17.

These groups had been agitating on Facebook in the days leading up to the meeting. They also put flyers around town calling Hadian, who is a native of Iran with brown skin, a “white supremacist.”

“That was the first time where we saw that element, a communist group, along with BLM and an interfaith group called UniteCloud, which includes people who say they are Christians,” Hadian said.

“And one of their Facebook posts called me a white supremacist, that we were recruiting white people to go kill Muslims,” said Hadian, a former police officer turned Christian pastor whose ministry is called the “Truth in Love Project.

“We hired police officers, we did bag searches for everyone coming into the church,” he said.

Prior to Hadian’s event, the Granite City Baptist Church had been vandalized after hosting another former-Muslim speaker from Pakistan.

“They said on their Facebook posts they were going to disrupt the event during Q & A period. At what point does that become defamation to say I am inciting people to go kill and hurt Muslims?”

Hadian advises others who want to hold meetings or events on Islam to avoid city-owned public properties, such as libraries, schools or community centers, and if that is the only available space then make it a ticketed, private event.

“One, they can cancel you last minute, pull the plug, and number-two it’s public space. Even if you have to charge five bucks for a ticket, it’s worth it, or better yet get a church because now it’s private property and it just looks better. A church service you add the element of infringing upon an entire group’s First Amendment rights, so it looks really bad for the protesters to be protesting a church’s private gathering.”

The last leg of Hadian’s three-city tour was in Milwaukee on Sept. 16. Again, protesters converged on his event.

“About 15 people gathered outside, and they came in to disrupt and also got escorted out by sheriff’s deputies,” Hadian said. “So on that trip I got protested three out of four trips, and the other venue tried to cancel, so this is now the new norm.

“The whole modus operandi is to shut down the event, make it expensive because you have to hire security, anything to stop this information from getting out to Christians who need to hear it.”

The travesty is that the anti-free speech leftists and Muslims conduct their operations against the First Amendment under this faux argument that they want to promote dialogue.

“And yet they don’t even want us to engage in dialogue, they just want to shut us down, so it’s a one-way tolerance, and apostasy on the part of the Christians who are involved in this,” Hadian said.

Engaging in a true dialogue is one thing, but Christians who claim to be “uniting” with Muslims around a religion that denies the deity of Christ, denies the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ, are doing nothing if not rallying to the support of a global anti-Christ religious system, he said.

Republished with permission from via iCopyright license

  • 27633171

    Boy, have these Antifa lunatics got a surprise in store for them. They had better go back and study history a little bit. They will find that these Muslim Jihadists have a long history of collaborating with the Nazis of the past starting with the Mufti of Jerusalem and his association with Heinrich Himmler. Do these nuts really believe for an instant that they won’t be the first in line to have their throats cut. But, I say let them go for it, the sooner they receive their just desserts the better for everyone else.

    • kep

      I love how these radical Muslim groups have ties to Emperor Obama. I knew he was anti-American proMuslim Communist, and I suspected he WAS Muslim, now I’m pretty confident he is.
      These creatures need to be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

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        We the people agree!

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          Yeah. All 20 or 30 of you.

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            Oh well, even the mentally defective get ‘early release.’ My sympathy to your neighbors……

      • Kitty

        NO question B. Hussein O. is Muslim.

      • turkeychoker

        according to a moslem that i asked, obama is a sunni moslem.

    • Maxine Albritton

      untortunately not really, by that time the Muslims will be in control and anyone who will not really become muslim and they can tell for real or not will have theirs opened up too. as in throats . so that will be us.

      • Political WatchTower

        Their words and actions will bring out a violent response sooner or later. Not everyone is a sheep or a liberal snowflake.

        • pappy450

          You hit the nail on the head with THAT post. “WE, THE ARMED LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN PEOPLE” can only take so much before the “push-back” starts and i believe it will be sooner than you think. (and it is NOT going to be a pretty sight for these DNC,OSCUMBAG and SOROS-paid TERRORIST so-called “protest groups”.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Before you stop being law abiding people and murdering people because they have a different skin color and religion.

          • 191145

            Not one word in his post mentions skin color. Are you suggesting the groups of people he refers to, are non Caucasian?

          • James Hopkins

            will be law abiding but will not let them destroy our way of life either. GOD gave us this land for us to worship HIM, the Muslims do not like the fact that we worship the one true GOD, the three in one GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON , And GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT!! Belive on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Neither is there salvation in any other, For there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved!!

        • Darby2

          10 dash 4.

        • Maxine Albritton

          no, but look at our situation under obama, no one dared to cross him. trump is another story but he does fight back, Usually with twitter not guns I think this is how it will be some will fight, soros has a trained group we are not organized or trained. obama does too

          • kikorikid

            Maxine, are 15 million Veterans that are awaiting the balloon
            to go up in this thing considered “not trained”? The truth, here,
            is that YOU are not trained. Don’t apply your condition to
            everyone else. Many millions of Americans will respond
            with force when the frustration level reaches beyond critical.
            Progressive revolutionaries and Mujahideen(Jihadist) will
            be dropped like flies when this starts. One retired SEAL
            said it best, “It won’t be a long war, one side has 8 trillion
            rounds and the other side doesn’t know which Bathroom
            to use”.
            The “Bully” is always surprised when their “Victim” fights back.
            Progressives and Jihadis will die with a “Surpised” look on their faces.
            And they will Die.

          • Maxine Albritton

            well, that is hopeful. If we would have had hillary for president we would be definitely the side who does not know what bathroom to use as trannies are still not able to be eliminated from the military. I see where Trumps EO was questioned by court. Muslims use a hole in the floor I understand so they don’t need a bathroom. You stand over the hole and that is itl or I would guess by it if a man.

        • Sharon Bauerle

          A good start would be to make sure they don’t get elected to public office. Michigan even has one running for governor!

          • Political WatchTower

            The big problem with politics is that almost none of them can be trusted in any form or fashion. Until we the people are able to hold ALL of them accountable then none of them can be trusted. Think of it this way. the Authorities insist that we the people be held accountable for everything but we are not allowed to demand the same of them. If we violate the laws or break our word then they find ways of punishing us but at the same time they are above those self same laws.

          • Arturo R. Pasarón Pérez

            Los políticos de izquierda son falsos demócratas, evaden la soluciones responsables. Se creen iguales para consumir; Pero no para trabajar.

            The politicians of the left are false democrats, they evade responsible solutions. They believe themselves equals to consume; But not to work

    • Dale Goodman

      And it’s such a nice religion– Mohammed killed 10,000 people (mostly Jews) and thinks he was Jesus !! And they believed it !!

      • RiverMikeRat

        Mohamed compared himself to Abraham. A prophet. And how many people did the jews and christians kill even before there was a Mohamed? Millions.

        • CHARLES S

          RiverRatMike aka Psycho RodeoClown.

    • The only problem with this scenario is that the rest of us will be dead and gone if they ever have the time to get around to killing the Communists with whom they are currently allied. Islam will use them up as best they can before getting around to killing them.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Times change. Now Muslims are oppressed. ANTIFA is fighting against oppression based upon religion or skin color. As soon as the rest of the administration is indicted and convicted, the oppression will hopefully begin to end.

      • 27633171

        What an ignorant statement to make. You obviously have a lot to learn and you had better hope that you don’t have to learn it the hard way.

        • Dale Goodman

          Agreed– River rat went to a muslim/communist indoctrination camp to learn the untruth. You are a moron !! The Muslims INVADED the Jewish territory and mohammed was a drunk

        • Alan

          He’s obviously a damn fool.

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        Ahhhh, you poor pathetic mentally deranged man…..or did you decided to go ahead with your “trannie” change……?

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      The Antifa cherubs can and may be hung or shot.

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    This is still a free country, & we will continue to fire away.

  • nevadarny

    It’s not surprising that the Devil deals with Lucifer. Mirror images if not the same.

  • Jeannie

    They will never silence me….They are all rotten and the God they believe in is a false god.

  • William Wajert Sr

    terrorists of a feather flock together!!!

  • Louie Rey

    No, no, no, Islam is the religion of pieces. You know, the pieces they blow you up to when you don’t fall in line with their ideology. And that’s what ti is, it’s a political agenda, not a religion. What other religion prescribes that someone who doesn’t believe in their “religion” be killed? None.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Being based completely on the jewish bible, Islam is no more violent than the bible of the jews or christians. And most christians in the US of Russia don’t even follow the laws laid down in the Old Testament.

      • Kevin Musa

        The old testament doesn’t matter since Jesus came to the world. Besides, if your heart is good the father knows. Do you do good things for others?

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        • James Hopkins

          Jesus did not do away with the Old Testament, HE fulfilled it!!! Our good works is not enough, It takes faith in the atoning work of JESUS CHRIST.Without a personal relationship with HIM we can not enter into the kingdom of GOD

      • lorddragonstar

        RiverMikeRat, boy, you know NOTHING! The Q’ran is NOT based on the Tanakh (Old Testament). Islam demands you ‘kill your enemy where you find him.’ That’s not in any Jewish or Christian book. You don’t understand the differences of Orthodoxy, either. Obviously you have no idea of the New Testament nor the fact that several so-called Christian churches are NOT Christian. Your inane claims about Christians is PROOF! You are truly a Liberal. Making all sorts of DUMB claims involving something about which you know nothing! What’s the difference between a Hisidic (sp?) Jew and a Messianic one? What’s the difference between Protestants and Catholics? Islam is a cult.

      • CHARLES S

        I see that YOU forgot to take your ‘meds’, again. But thanks for the laugh, joker!!
        By most conservative counts, the Quran contains over 100 passages
        that call Muslims to take up arms against unbelievers in the name of
        “Kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them… And fight them until
        there is no more unbelief and worship is for Allah alone” (Quran 2:191-193).
        “Strike off their heads and strike from them every fingertip” (Quran 8:12).
        “Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties; in exchange for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they slay and are slain” (Quran 9:111).
        “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His cause in battle array…” (Quran 61:4)
        “The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against
        people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (Sahih Muslim 1:33).
        The word translated “fight” in many of the verses above is the infamous word jihad,
        which loosely means “struggle.” And while it’s true that “jihad” can sometimes refer to the “inner struggle” of a faithful Muslim against sin, it’s plain that an “inner struggle” is not the meaning of passages that call for the removing of heads and fingers from every infidel.
        Indeed, virtually every major Muslim jurist (specialists of Islamic law) have for centuries understood that jihad was an inherently militaristic term.

        Therefore, when Muslim terrorists take up the call to arms in the name of Allah, they are fulfilling the Quran, not opposing it.
        So, RiverRatMike, how many Christians have “beheaded Muslims in the name of Christianity (to date)? How many “honor killings” have Christians committed to date?( please name dates and locations) …, and how many women have been “stoned to death” or thrown acid in their faces by Christians (again, please give us “current dates) Give us “CURRENT” dates only!! And since you state that “most Christians in the US of Russia?( excuse me while I stop laughing at your ridiculous asinine comment(s)..don’t even follow the laws laid down in the Old Testament”…..where was this Survey or Poll done? Dates and figures and sources —please…. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE AN IGNORANT FOOL, PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOURCES AND ALL INFO TO BACK UP YOUR LAUGHABLE COMMENTS …..

      • rocky63

        RiverMikeRat — I’m amazed that you could get so many lies and such stupid statements in a mere 3 lines of text. You must REALLY be stupid.

  • Maxine Albritton

    no surprise here. this was written years ago and is coming to pass. I hope everyone is ready

  • LLuke47

    Both of these hate groups are anti-American trash and should shunned like cockroaches

    • Darby2

      Not shunned , rounded up. Put em in those internment camps soul brother # 1 had built for the anticipation of riots after clinton was elected.
      Let em live there to a ripe old age.

      • Kevin Musa

        I totally agree. Round them up. Are you getting this President Trump ?

    • RiverMikeRat

      Yes, for hating what our Constitution hates. Oppression.

      • James Hopkins

        No, they hate our constitution!!!

  • Laxmom2

    Can’t wait until the muslims turn on antifa when they have no more use for them…heads will roll.

    • dilligaf

      So true. That was my first thought when I read the headline. Antifas are still infidels but useful ones apparently to the mudslimes.

  • Political WatchTower

    So if you do not want sharia law forced upon you then you are a bigot and a racist. And if you try to educate people on the truths of what sharia law really preaches and what rights it removes, then you are an islamaphobe and bigot. Wow, I did not know that freedom of speach and thought all of the sudden made you a hate monger / bigot / racist. Of course that only applies when you think and believe differently than they do. Personally I could care less what any of you believe as long as you are not trying to force those beliefs on me nor are you trying to force me to adhere to your beliefs. Call me whatever you want. Their actions and words are just proving who the real bigots and hate mongers really are. We must stand up to them regardless of their threats.

    • Allen Evans

      ONLY by the Ignorant Left!

    • Kevin Musa

      You have said it well my friend. God has opened your eyes to truth.

  • Jjb54

    Antifa – R they next trying to prove there is no cure for stupid?

    The Very Name of ANTIFA, is clear that this should be a NO BRAINER. Muslim’s are very prejudice and bias …… and you do NOT even have to work very hard at find this TRUTH AND FACT out.

    Sadly, from Muslim’s own mouths to Antifa’s ears ….

    This “relationship” proves, ANTIFA is just a name that means NOTHING .. it’s just a liberal excuse to destroy property and such ….

    This would be a joke, if it was not so sad ….

  • Ben

    As long as they stay in the big cities, where they know they’ll be protected by the liberal establishment that runs those cesspools, who cares!!! Let either the antifa punks or the islamic pigs come and try their crap in the rural areas things will be much different because all their protection will be gone. That’s not a threat, but FACT!!!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Foxtrot you muslim scumbag crimials and keep your Mother home at night to prevent more breeding of swine.

  • SA Ander

    Time to lable Muslims as a CULT that they are, just like Jim Jones and then label them as terrorists groups.
    Appropriate action taken fron there.

  • Sharon Melvin

    This does not surprise me. Both are made up of radical lunatics. Islam is far from a religion of peace. It is an ideology of killing those who do not believe in Islam.

  • HDMania

    When these idiots hold up their newspapers to block the view people can go around and light the newspapers on fire..

  • Loving America

    Patriots of America…the muslims should be stopped by from serving in Our Military, Our Government Offices, and from having any protests against the USA …they came here to take us over and it is now looking like We have to stop them!….the Governmenty is not going to do it!

    • Nihle65

      Im ready to stop them!!!

  • Daniel FX Dravot

    Everywhere Muslims go, they turn their places of refuge into new battlegrounds. Sweden, France and (the formerly) Great Britain are contemporary examples. In one respect, even Nazis were morally superior to Muslims: Not even they used their children as human shields and suicide bombers.

    How can anyone be shocked or even surprised by this? Import people that want to burn your civilization to the ground, then act surprised when the fire starts.

    Here is a quote from Osama bin Laden that sums it all up:
    “Our talks with the infidel West and our conflict with them ultimately revolve around one issue; one that demands our total support, with power and determination, with one voice, and it is: Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually? Yes. There are only three choices in Islam: [1] either willing submission [conversion]; or [2] payment of the jizya, through physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or [3] the sword, for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live. The matter is summed up for every person alive: Either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.”

    –Osama Bin Laden
    (The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 42)

    Islam is a religion of peace, and if you dispute that statement, its followers will kill you.

    • RiverMikeRat

      According to citizens of those countries, this is a lie. As is almost everything spoken by the alt-right.

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        Your response is a feeble attempt to create a disingenuous narrative that is at odds with the facts. Having lived in Europe (Sheffield) for 15 years and having witnessed this process at first hand, the demonstrable facts are as stated. A troll’s (your) assertions unaccompanied by no evidence whatsoever is an example of reality colliding with ignorance at best. Leftists such as you cling to their delusion that somehow there is no conflict. You simply cannot comprehend the real world.

        As Dennis Prager has pointed out “Truth is not a left-wing value.”

      • Kevin Musa

        Go live with them then. Leave us in peace.

      • Darby2

        BS bro, ive relatives and friends in GB & Sweden. They’ve told me many times how letting islam in was a huge mistake.
        And my relatives in Sweden are huge Obama suporters ,no kidding!
        ” that used to make for fun talks when they visited here”
        I have to tell you they don’t support Obama anymore. They’ve seen the light ya might say.

      • James Hopkins

        Wow what an ignorant person you are, you will believe anything the muslims tell you. The Truth shall make you free, if you will just open your eyes to it.

  • What this tells you, is that if you are a (meaning just 1) muslim you can stop what ever you want with a simple phone call. This is real terrorism against the 1st Amendment. The muslim infiltration of America is for the purpose of creating problems for and take over of America. They have been chipping away at us, since the New muslims started coming to America under obama’s watch. Let me mention here that it was obama that moved to increase the numbers of muslims coming to America. muslims ARE A REAL CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. SEE New Muslims Must Be Removed From America.

  • It isn’t just Christians that need to hear this. Islam hates all of us equally if we are not a part of their religion. And, Christians would do well to not be trying to antagonize anyone about their right to freedom of religion too as when this situation leads to it’s ultimate end of religious war then it would be much better if it is Islam against everyone else rather than Islam, Christians, traditional Native Americans, Wiccans, Pagans and possibly Asian descendant religions and spiritual practices with everyone either being in smaller alliances, or outright against everyone else. That is what Islam is after. Everyone knows the “divide and conquer” idea, but so few people really work to defend against it. Islam has a lot of followers/warriors so the rest of us need to uphold and defend the Constitution, and stick together in the process as, ultimately, Islam is the enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

  • This is undeclared war!

  • Cissy Nobbe

    It is amazing that we American natives are caving into threats of violence from the undesirable Muslim population, and that we are being denied freedom of speech, and activity, while they are being granted freedom to infiltrate with lying anti-Christ brainwashing, and even claim American soil and freedoms as their own, thanks in part to ex-President Bush! These people teach in their Quran that Jesus was not even Crucified, that He only died like their “Mohammed”. They even teach that Jesus will wake up from his grave and follow their anti-Christ leader when he returns, taking orders for the Muslim conquest of the world from him. These people have only one motive, and that is to take over the world where no one will survive but a Muslim. We are behaving like a battered woman who has no opportunity to defend herself. It is time to sincerely return to our Christian faith, and by our faith dispell the evil hypocrites who have been taking over our churches for generations. I let a homosexual priest drive me from the Catholic church in anger and despair as a result of his hypocrisy, instead of outlasting him with a firm faith. Indeed, I have paid a terrible price, but it is definitely a Biblical fact that “anger is the trap of the devil”! I am thankful that I have lived long enough to return to my faith, and thanks to my God-given tenacity, that when one cries out to God, He actually responds and guides. I understand now, that within the Church, there is a huge battle between good and evil, and I now know that God’s enemies shall not drive me out again, for the “wicked shall melt like wax before the face of God.”

    • David Ciambrone

      The Christian church is NOT without blood on their hands either. Just do your homework. But don’t go about telling how if we just turned to the bible it would all go away. There is a lot of fiction in the bible.

      • Gregg Parker

        So speaks the Oracle of all things…

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Two major fascist groups joining forces.

  • oat21

    Americans are ready and waiting for them to bring it on. Their in for quite a surprise!

    • Nihle65

      Amen, locked, loaded and ready for battle !!! 🔫🔫🔫

  • Jerry509

    The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are on a terrorist list overseas. The last I read they wanted their names taken off the list but was refused and they are still listed as terrorist. It also said Obama stopped at least The Muslim Brotherhood from being listed as a terrorist group in our country because he is and his half-brother is a member of the group. They said that it has been talked about to list the groups as terrorist but they are afraid they would retaliate against our country. The U.S. Dept of Homeland Security is reported to have formally classified Antifa activities as domestic terrorist violence. The FBI has also blamed Antifa for violent attacks at public rallies and against groups that Antifa labels as fascist. Antifa, Black Lives Matters and 50 other hate & terrorist groups are funded by George Soros Communist Nazi Sympathizer. Soros also funds Democrats, Obama, Hillary and at least 6 Republicans and he should be listed as a terrorist. He said his goal in life is to destroy America. He is a wanted man in 4 to 6 countries and Russia wants him dead or alive and banned from those countries. Soros is known for breaking the bank of England. He said that it was fun to destroy a countries currency and economy. He thinks he is some kind of God (his words) but he is pure evil and more a devil. Yet he is friends with Obama’s, Clinton’s and some Democrats.

  • David Ciambrone

    Islam is a violent, barbaric, iron age MYTHOLOGY.

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      It is a fascist political system masquerading as a religion.

      • David Ciambrone

        Couldn’t agree more. Thank you for that comment.

      • OldSilk

        Yep, and now we are supposed to believe that they were not on the same page all along. Another Soros funded project most likely.

      • kikorikid

        Islam is a Totalitarian-Supremacist ideology that operates
        behind a veneer/facade of religiosity. Islam does not come
        to integrate or assimilate. Islam comes ONLY to: Conquer, Submit,
        Convert, or Kill. Islamist (Milestones) and Antifa (Marx) both
        believe they are the “Vanguards” of their respective causes.
        Both, delusionally, think the other is a great help in destroying America.
        Many already know what will happen to the Progressives under Islam.
        Both will find Americans not ready to submit to a fascist dictatorship.

  • Al Chemist

    This is rich, and it is only possible with the lunatic left and the lunatic Muslims. Muslims and the left are partnering to shut down free speech. Both Islam and the left are for freedom of speech…but only if you agree with them. It’s going to be interesting when they sit down and talk about, women’s rights, and homosexuals among other topics.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Anyone who says that Islam is a peaceful religion is either a liar or ignorant.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Anyone that says christianity is also.

      • James Hopkins

        You have know Idea what Christianity is about !!! You Sir, and I use the term lightly, are the liar!! Muslims are a cult, the try to rule you with fear, they believe that women are lower thatn animals and they can do anything they want to them that is sharia law ans it is worthless

      • Harvey Mitterdorf

        Any religion can only be judged on its official writings and NOT on those who claim to believe it. Islam is not peaceful in its essence. Study the teachings of Christ and you will find a true religion of peace.

  • J.B. Young

    Muslims do not belong in this country. Round them up and deport them!!

    • Nihle65

      Or just shoot all of them sounds better!!!

  • skier69

    Islam is Not at all a Religion of Peace! Deport them!

    • Nihle65

      Better yet, we the people need to kill them.

  • Bolt Upright

    The religion of piss, is teaming up with the throwers of piss, isn’t that speacial!!!

  • OldSilk

    We are all expected to believe somehow that they were never on the same page in the first place. Got it.

  • I have been saying for years Muslims Communists were all one

  • John

    These mask wearing ANTIFA snowflakes are weak minded pawns of SOROS and othe leftists. They are the Hitler youth being trained and manipulated to carry out their masters bidding.
    Truly evil and insidious!!!!
    They are ruining their lives as they commit senseless acts of violence at the behest of others. Their mask won’t protect them from arrest or other fates that await them. The US needs to go after their string pullers as we do the terrorists leaders who recruit and send out suicide bombers.

  • Gregg Parker

    Trading their hoodies for berkas.. a$$wipes…

  • Murphmeister

    Islam was violent, intolerant and misogynistic in its inception, it spread in extreme violence and continues to remain violent not only against other religions and groups, but against itself. This is part of its 1300 year old civil war. There is not a single religion with whom it has not butted heads. The Japanese and Chinese will not even allow the practice of Islam.

  • That is a Joke about the religion of Peace Yeah right , ” they want to go Kill” if your not a Muslim , Some Peaceful religion I’m telling you it says” just go kill them behead them where ever you can find them” la la la so if it is so peaceful then why would it tell you to go kill huh? yeah that’s what I thought go tell that crop of bullcorn to someone else The Jesus that I know tells you to Love one another so you tell me who has the more peaceful way of life.

  • Johnnie Simpson

    Muslims are stupid. Mohammed was one of the worst human beings to ever walk this earth.He was a false teacher,if you could even call him a teacher. He was a slave owner,pedophile,rapist,extortionist and the list goes on and on.He never did a single miracle and went beezerk when Christians refused to follow him and he slaughtered hundreds.This is supposed to be a godly person? How stupid do you have to be to believe this man was a holy person? He was such a despicable person that he died after a slave girl poisoned him ! He copied parts of the Bible and mixed it with nonsense in order to make people worship him as his last ‘gotcha!’ Nothing about the man was ever peaceful.Every American should have to study the true history of Mohammed and Islam.

  • Johnnie Simpson

    Muslims have a master plan to over take the USA without ever firing a shot while we are busy looking at what’s going on in the Middle East. They can’t allow the truth to be told about Islam or their entire plan will fall apart. This isn’t conspiracy theory stuff. This is very real.

  • Bonnie Treitler

    those muslims need to be deported along with the illegal mexicans to their homelands. it’s time to pull up the welcome mat and put your not welcomed here any more. obumer was the ruination of this country. he was a muslim lover and ameican hating. now they think we will put up with their bull sh**t. antifa and these muslims need to be rounded up and hauled away never to be heard from again. their home grown terriorsts right along with those muslims. good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Roy Veteto

    considering islam condones rape , i hope that all female antifa members have a great time hanging around muslims

  • Sam

    Islam is satanic ideology encouraging its followers to kill and hate.Jihad is the holy war& sharia,the islamic law,is against human rights.

  • RiverMikeRat

    Oh my gods! Non-conservative groups are banding together to protect the rights of people of color! Get out the white sheets!!!

  • Jean123a

    So much for the fairytale that Islam is a religion of peace. They are out to take over the U.S., not to become part of it, but to take it apart, by whatever means available — TAQIYAH!
    We must be constantly vigil to not be induced by or tricked into their deceitful tactics. We must not even allow them to start their rhetoric intended to convince us that they are innocent and have no ulterior motives.
    They want us to believe that they are willing to assimilate into the American culture, while clandestinely burrowing their ways into our communities and institutions, and swaying the minds of our children with offerings of friendship and a “sharing” of their religion meant to entice them into their beliefs, that degrade women and subjugate non-Muslims.
    Islam is simply Shariah! Their set of LAWS that they will force upon the unsuspecting American Citizens who are brought up to be tolerant, generous and trusting —all good virtues until confronted with a culture that is brought up to be duplicitous and to conquer the world in order to make every living soul a Muslim, just like them. Living by the standards of Shariah, a false God they call Allah, and a prophet, Mohammed, the founder of Islam and supposedly responsible for the compilation of their book of Laws, the Koran.
    African Muslims brought the first slaves to the British Colonies, and their “Barbary Pirates” executed vicious attacks at sea and in coastal African areas (hence the term, Barbaric), capturing both Christians and other Muslims for sale in their “slave trade”. Leather cuffs were issued to both British and (later) American Marines to wear about their necks to help protect them from the swords or “cutlasses” of the “barbaric Pirates”. That is why Marines are still sometimes referred to as “Leathernecks” and the collars on their dress uniforms still have the now traditional, stiff, stand-up collars.
    Repeated efforts to negotiate with the Pirates proved fruitless time after time. Our Founders warned against the acceptance of Muslims as immigrants because of their failure to adopt less feral attitudes or to assimilate. Not everything changes with time.

  • James Hopkins

    They talk about sharia law, I would like to remind them that there is an old west law also!! We protect our women and children we do not beat them!! Islam is a CULT! Pray to the LORD Jesus to drive them out of our country or bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, for HE IS GOD

  • R G

    Bring it on sand pounders . Our 2nd amendment is louder than yours.

  • Donald Lindsey

    She is Non America and should have been deported so do it now ASAP

  • gideonrockwell

    Islam believes it is the only true faith. Mohamed himself called on all believers to kill anyone not Muslim. He, himself led armies that wiped out the populations of entire cities that refused to convert. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a death cult founded by a mass murdering pedophile. Mohamed stole bits and pieces from Christianity and Judasim and other religions and sold it to the dregs of Mid Eastern Society due to his join or die campaign he began building a massive army.

  • henryknox

    This really isn’t anything new. Fascists and Islamists have been teamed up since the 30’s to shut down speech they didn’t like. HItler met with the Grand Mufti of Islam because of their mutual hate of the Jews. Iran was a name said to have come from the Iranian ambassador to Germany with the meaning being “Aryan” nation.

  • Robert Anthony

    islam and its inbred rapist, pedophiles,murders are the scum of the earth

  • kikorikid

    Yeah, aren’t they in Isreal?

  • Kitty

    AG has to nip this in the bud. Go after this antifa and shut it down. Trump was right they are dangerous and start much violence at the rallies they attend.

  • potusYUGE

    I have a problem with islam! With isis and all the protesters! You people should be shamed back to your caves!

  • Nihle65

    Wacking it in a corner. He Needs FIRED!!!

  • Duke615

    The police and other authorities seem to be acting with “kid gloves” against disruptive or threatening protestors. Why? “Minnesota Nice”? “Iowa Nice”? These protestors ARE violating the First Amendment. They are not the same as peaceful Muslims.

  • Alphonso Tate

    antfa -=fools