Murkowski Scorns Trump for Keeping Campaign Promise on Border Wall

‘He listened to conservative talk radio and, whoops, all of a sudden, “No way am I going to sign… ” ‘

RINO Murkowski Has No Regrets About Kavanaugh Vote

Lisa Murkowski/IMAGE: YouTube

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) The only Republican senator who did not vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is blaming conservative talk show hosts for the president’s demands for a wall on the southern border, Alaska’s Daily News–Miner reported.

Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, made the remarks while criticizing the ongoing government shutdown, which has come about as a failure of Congress to finance construction of the border wall.

Echoing liberal critics of the president, Murkowski said a wall wasn’t necessary and other technologies could be deployed to secure the border.

“You need to have a border security in an area where you see illegal migration coming up, but you have to have a security presence that is … I was going to say current or up-to-date or modern,” she stated.

“The way I look at it is a physical wall is one way to allow for a separation … and it might not be a wall … and yet the president is absolutely fixated on the need for that physical presence of the barrier,” she said. “He doesn’t even want to talk about the technologies.”

Murkowski, who was originally appointed to her Senate seat by her father, said she advised President Trump against a government shutdown because it would be bad optics.

But she adds it’s really conservative talk show hosts that are ultimately to blame for the shutdown, as the president at first seemed agreeable to a “continuing resolution” that would not fund the wall.

“He listened to conservative talk radio and, whoops, all of a sudden, ‘No way am I going to sign a [continuing resolution]. The only thing that’s going to be acceptable is $5 billion period. End of story.”

Murkowski noted the wall is a major applause line for Trump’s base.

She recounted the president saying in a recent meeting, “If I feel like people are losing interest, all I need to do is mention the wall and they all go wild.”

Murkowski, who may face a challenge on the right from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her next re-election bid, may want to learn a thing or two from Trump about keeping campaign promises to voters.

“I think the president feels that this is part of a promise that he made when he was a candidate two years ago,” Murkowski lamented. “And I think he felt very strongly that his base wants it, and so therefore he is going to deliver on that.”