RINO Murkowski Says End Gov’t Shutdown, Wants to ‘Set (Wall) Aside’

‘Let’s allow for…these governmental functions…to continue…’

Murkowski photo

Lisa Murkowski/Photo by arctic_circle (CC)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, called on President Donald Trump to concede his demand for $5.7 billion in wall funding and end the government shutdown.

She suggested that Congress appropriate funds to services that do not affect border security, KTUU reported.

“The operations of the Department of Interior and the National Park Service or the operations of the IRS and whether or not tax refunds go out don’t have anything to do with border security,” Murkowski said on Jan 8. “Let’s bifurcate the issues. Let’s set them aside. Let’s allow for the operations — these governmental functions in these six other departments — allow for them to continue.”

She said Congress would work with Trump after the partial government shutdown ends to address his “very legitimate concerns about border security.”

“You don’t need to hold hostage the Interior bill, the financial bill, the transportation, housing, urban development bills,” she said. “And to have people who are hard-working individuals, who are either furloughed or working and not certain when they’re going to see their next paycheck, I don’t want us to go through a series of failed exercises and leaving these people continuing to worry.”

Murkowski has tried to obstruct many of  the president’s campaign promises.

She opposed the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

She also does not actively support a physical barrier on the southern border.

Instead, she uses the Democratic talking point that the southern border needs more “technologies.”

Murkowski also dislikes Trump’s last-resort option if Congress refuses to provide critical funds for the wall: declaring a national emergency and diverting Defense Department funds to build the wall.

She said the money for America’s military defense must be used for vital defense projects, not to prevent criminals from invading the southern border.

“So I have very serious concerns about why we would be seeking to take funding from those accounts that we have already identified as enhancing our national security,” Murkowski said, KTOO reported.

She also said she’s “concerned about the legality” of the plan, despite broad consensus that the president can declare a national emergency and unilaterally divert funds to address it.