MURDOCK: Trump’s Alien Removals Follow Obama’s Deportations Legacy

(Deroy Murdock, Liberty Headlines) If President Donald J. Trump’s critics are correct, he is arranging for illegal aliens — especially those with criminal convictions — something nearly as excruciating as the Bataan Death March.

Deroy Murdock

“I.C.E. MEN COMETH,” warned the cover of Wednesday’s New York Daily News.

“New immigration guidelines are about cruelty, not safety,” the San Francisco Chronicle wept.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s Joanne Lin told the Associated Press that Trump’s immigration enforcement stance is one in which “due process, human decency, and common sense are treated as inconvenient obstacles on the path to mass deportations.”

But where were these trembling voices during the Obama years?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) suggests that Trump will struggle to match the pace at which Obama booted immigrants.

According to FY 2016 ICE Immigration Removals, the federal government deported 2,749,706 aliens between Fiscal Year 2009 and FY 2016 — on Obama’s watch. This averaged 343,713 deportees annually.

In FY 2016 alone, Obama’s ICE kicked out 240,255 aliens, including 136,669 criminal convicts. However, the report says, “101,586 aliens removed…had no criminal conviction.” Furthermore, “The leading countries of origin for removals were Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.” Obama’s disproportionately Hispanic deportees included 2,057 “suspected or confirmed gang members.”

America has no monopoly on deportation. Governments practice this basic function worldwide, even in countries that make American liberals swoon with social-just fervor.

• Take Mexico, a nation allegedly victimized by Trump and other Gringos. It deported some 173,000 Central Americans in 2015, 70 percent more than in 2014, according to Mexico’s National Migration Institute. Why? “The government came under intense pressure from the U.S last year to crack down on migrants after waves of children from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala began arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border,” the Los Angeles Times observed.

Team Obama applied that pressure, and Mexican officials jumped.

Some 5,000 federales rolled into Chiapas, on the Guatemalan frontier. They opened border checkpoints, arrested migrants, and blocked them from a northbound train nicknamed “The Beast.”

“Masked officers with rifles run operations on the train to keep [migrants] off,” immigration advocate Rubén Figueroa told The Guardian of London. “They set up checkpoints on the highways…They enter hotels in the areas where migrants take shelter waiting for rides.”

• Citing data from the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), the Toronto Star reported that America’s northern neighbor deported 148,057 people between 2004 and 2014, “70 percent of whom were failed refugee claimants.” The Star added: “Canada has deported more than 1,000 people to 16 of the most dangerous countries in the world,” including North Korea and, as it happens, six of the seven nations in President Trump’s robust-vetting executive order: Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

No One Is Illegal, a Canadian pro-immigration group, reported that CBSA has nabbed migrants at women’s shelters and medical centers.

“There’ve been situations where people have been [taken] right from their hospital beds,” said Natalie Blair, a registered nurse. “They’ve woken up, and there’ve been CBSA beside them.”

• Swedish Interior Minister Anders Ygeman announced in January 2016 that his country would expel nearly half of the 163,000 refugees who poured into Sweden in 2015, mainly from Syria and other Middle Eastern and northern African nations.

“I think that it could be about 60,000 people, but it could also be up to 80,000,” he told Dagens Industri. While such rejected asylum seekers normally are flown home on commercial flights, Ygeman expected this mass deportation to require chartered jets.

Swedes increasingly demanded that refugees be ejected after enduring the mayhem that too many of them unleashed — not least the demise of a Swedish woman who was stabbed to death while working at an asylum center.

Trumpophobes bellow that his deportation plans are the latest step in America’s devolution into fascism.


President Trump simply is picking up where Obama left off, and exercising a fundamental government duty implemented daily by other states — from beleaguered Mexico to the Left’s Heaven on Earth: Sweden.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor with National Review Online. William de Wolff contributed research for this opinion piece.

  • RockinOn

    Carry On!

  • 48dodge

    We should deport liberals, too.

    • JINH

      AMEN! Trump just created more jobs! Military, law enforcement, law abiding men and women….I.C.E. is hiring. We need to quadruple our honorable, capable, conservative law enforcers to deport refugees, illegals and liberals from all sides of our country….East, West, North and South. America and Americans First. God Bless the U.S.A, President Trump, Vice President Pence and it’s administration.

  • Mary Tuttle

    Kaepernick’s future was so bright, and the 49’s had great quarterback, but when you live in America, was raised as an American, and benefitted from millions of American dollars, you should be ashamed that you won’t stand for the American Flag. In practice you wore Black Matters Socks. Young girls and boys look to Athletes, and for you to sit on the bench, or take a knee, tells young it’s okay to be disrespectful to America. My father fought in many wars to give you the wonderful life you’ve lived. He died at 63, thank God he wasn’t alive to see you disrespect our country the way you have. Our young people need better role models.

  • therealworld

    I say ONE Liberal be deported with each Illegal deported. They can rebuild the sewers the migrants come from…

    • RB

      How about for every refugee allowed in, two liberals are deported?

  • Harry Trawick

    Many, likely even most of the Illegal Aliens are searching for a better life for themselves and their families, BUT opening our borders to this flood, taking on the financial cost of providing for these huddled masses, converting our Nation to make it comfortable in the ways these people loved about their home lands will eventually Change our Nation into the same cesspool they are running from! The USA is a Sovereign Nation with every Right to limit who can and who can’t enter, much less live inside our borders!
    These poor immigrants are NOT the same as my ancestors, they expect and get Free education, Free Medical, Free Housing, Free Food Stamps, Free Legal Services while my Ancestors came here under the strict Rule of “Swim or Drown”. Give them the same Promise, advance at your own risk, earn your place here or die and the Flood will STOP! Those that come under those rules will be a Blessing to our Nation instead of a Lodestone!

    • Peterjr

      And they had to learn english to survive!

    • Warren

      The poor Girl in the Photo above your post is the USA and the white snake is Islam !!

      • Harry Trawick

        That Girl would bite the head off your white worm and spit it out for fun! Advance at your risk.

        She takes care of my light work.

    • cvxxx

      your right I read a newspaper(translated) from Central America that said DACA was An American plan to educate their(Central American) children for free. It was a wilful misrepresentation by those in power to get rid of their minorities and gang members. Sending them to the US for free education.
      The Northern European government are at a loss as what to do with illegals They are now deporting them under cover of PC sounding words. Italy and Spain need a lot of help.

  • Dan

    (warning: the last video is very graphic… young boys being indoctrinated into isis… killing live human targets)
    There is much more to it…our kids are being taught to
    “turn the other cheek”, while overseas, kids are being taught to “shoot the cheek”.

    I vote we send $150,000,000,000 to Iran!…”not” … EDUCATE YOURSELF & REPOST!!!!
    Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes…
    Brigitte Gabriel’s Epic and Brilliant Answer To “Most Muslims Are Peaceful…”

    • Rodney Steward

      I love hearing this woman, she smart and has a backbone of steel!!

  • Rodney Steward

    The bad thing about Obama, all that he deported came back with everybody they knew and are still here killing our system!


    I’m waiting for the fake UFO alien invasion hoax!

    • cvxxx

      A real one could open up trade and make us all better off selling to the naive aliens. If lucky buy a planet for beads.

  • Craig Vandertie

    Strip all muslim U.S. citizens of their citizenship and fly them out of here by cargo planes if necessary, the doctrines of islam are based on hatred and deception and not necessarily in that order.

  • Craig Vandertie

    Strip all muslims of citizenship kick them as far from our shores as possible, anyone suspected of practicing that evil religion should go through a process of truth serum and hypnosis to establish innocence or guilt, if found guilty expel them from the U.S. as well.

    • chad

      Yes we should deport refugees just like Sweden is trying to do but won’t admit it.
      We also should close down refugee programs.

      • Craig Vandertie

        There are so many cases of the fiendish muslims assaulting and raping Swedish women and young ladies as young as 12 on a daily basis, the rationality of those who practice a religion that is a disease of the mind built on hatred is they seem to be of the impression that if they impregnant them they spread their evil.

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        Muhammad is proof that evil is not supernatural in nature there are those born who are completely in love with themselves, and Muhammad just happened to be such a wretched man.

    • Mary Tuttle

      I think that before anyone is actually deported there will be a vetting group that will pull out true refugees, but you have to admit that we have terrorist,ISIS, jahadist, The Muslim Brotherhood, that need to go and never be allowed back in. We are all immigrants, but when our forefathers came their entrance was through the front door. They had to find work, get their own housing, food, medical care. They did not come in with demands to take Bible’s from service men, remove prayer and The Pledge of Allegence from schools and public places. They learned to speak English and they took an oath to become American citizens. Now by opening the boarders the way OBAMA did, our budget simply can’t keep them up. The murders that have stopped being reported because the Media can’t get a hook into Trump wanting to remove the terrorist,but they are still happening. I just watch a Media give a report with the FBI. They said FBI wasn’t forthcoming with information, but later Fox TV did an interview about the same meeting. “He said I don’t know what meeting that person was in, but I was in the same meeting and the FBI was more than forthcoming, said he bent over backwards to answer all the questions. How is that? I’m a simple American citizen that voted like everyone that is legal should have. The vote is in, Donald Trump won, and it’s time to move on. Democrats that sat while the country honored the wife of her fallen husband while defending our country. The ones that sat were high ranking Democrates. Nancy came out with some lame excuse of why they didn’t stand, there is no excuse, this was the wife that lost her husband one month ago, and no matter what they should honor her husband that gave his life for THIS COUNTRY, DEMOCRATS AND REPULICANS A LIKE. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. LET’s pray for our country.

      • Marie Saqueton

        Pelosi and the rest of the radical Demoncrats only thinks of themselves not the country or it’s people. They forgot that they were sent there to SERVE AND THAT THEY ARE OUR SERVANTS, and not the other way around. They acquire millions of wealth from their inside trading while in office, because they know what industry is going to boom, but they are not working for us. Get rid of all of them next election.

  • chad

    Just imagine how much is spent by schools on interpreters alone or how much is spent on free lunches?
    Our local school system is raising taxes again due to the large number of refugees and immigrants here, overcrowding our schools.

  • Mary Tuttle

    I think President Trump is going to remove illegal immigrants that have gang ties, or that are from terrorist countries. Aside from the risk that the terrorist countries pose to Americans. We are not a capable of supporting the number of illegal immigrants with free medical, food, cash, housing etc. For true refugies with children I think we need thorough vetting and allow to stay; however people that refuse to learn and obey our countries laws and demand we take down our countries flag, our pledge of allegence, and prayer in school. If these things offend anybody, they need to go leave America. We have fought for our freedoms, and nobody can take those away from us. Recent reports say some illegal immigrants were receiving monthly pay checks from Social Security. President Trump won the election and is now our President. It is time that for the Democrats to say we have a new PRESIDENT and WE ARE GOING TO STAND BEHIND HIM AND SUPPORT HIS IDEA’S. AS OUR REPRESENTATIVES WE EXPECT YOU TO GET BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT AND HELP HIM TURN THE LAST EIGHT YEARS AROUND.

  • Louie Rey

    No liberal bias in the media? Right! Hussein has in place these deportation rules and not a word’s said. Trump ENFORCES these same rules and he’s a racist. Really, there just has to be an alternate universe that I have no concept of because anyone who actually believes this is normal must be from another planet. Unbelievable.

    • cvxxx


  • Duke615

    These are my concepts of handling illegal immigration:

    From henceforth, those illegal aliens who are allowed to stay, PEACEABLY, cannot receive citizenship, but can APPLY for “green cards” after a period of time.
    Those who have permanent resident status, (“Green Cards”) can APPLY for citizenship after a period of time, with good behavior.
    “APPLY” does not mean “automatic”.
    Illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes must be deported (first).
    Of course, there will be many other concepts from Americans.
    Congress, are you listening? ( I sent these concepts to my Senator, Marco Rubio, but they were ignored by him, in favor of allowing granting citizenship to illegals.)


    I GOT AN IDEA — WHY DON’T THE DMOCRATS, ELITE HOLLYWOOD “SO CALLED ACTORS ” ENTERTAINERS, AND LEFTIST ANS HAVE THEM ALL DEPORTED SINCE THEY THINK THIS GOVERNMENT SO SO UNFAIR. I remember being told as I was growing up “life isn’t fair” was my Mom used to tell me. I saw a 10 year suffering from cancer on Facebook – NOW LIFE ISN’T FAIR FOR HIM – NO YOU ILLEGALS AND THE REST.

  • Craig Vandertie

    Our government should have held Mexico responsible for all their people coming into our nation illegally years ago, just as we should have held them responsible for the drug epidemic.

  • Garrett Auman

    JINH 100% correct , THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Trawick

    Will not fit. Sorry, your reply sounded more like an threat from a muslim punk with no fear of being identified. I am open in who I am an with my blood up over these @$$es trying to invade and CHANGE our great nation! Until your rebuke I never guessed obumer was the “white snake”.

    • Mary Tuttle

      Don’t know your issue, but the thing about opinions is everyone has one. Our New President never said every refugee was going to be deported. Gangs, and men that are associated with with terrorist countries. Obama opened the the borders and everyone came in, no background checks. We can not afford to keep them in our country.

  • Marie Saqueton

    Liberals will never see the light because their “narcissism” blinds them. They are Demoncrats and that is an illness that cannot be cured because the root of the evil is in their character flaw…..NARCISSISM.