MURDOCK: GOP’s Class Warfare Buys Them Nothing but Brickbats

(Deroy Murdock, Liberty Headlines) House Republicans have soiled the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with the Democrats’ favorite economic elixir: class warfare.

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Deroy Murdock

And yet this has bought Republicans even more ferocious Democrat resistance.

“Instead of following through with the promise of taking seven brackets and simplifying them to three, Speaker Ryan and Chairman Brady added in a fourth bracket exclusively for millionaires,” complains David McIntosh, president of the pro-market Club for Growth. This complex “Bubble Tax,” as it’s been dubbed, imposes an effective marginal tax rate of 45.6 percent on single filers who earn more than $1 million and couples who make between $1.2 and $1.6 million. “That’s a real tax increase on successful people who invest and create jobs,” McIntosh lamented. Shamefully, this would be 15.15 percent above today’s 39.6 percent top rate.

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The widely applauded 25 percent rate for small-business owners who file 1040s only benefits the first 30 percent of income. The balance would be taxed up to the proposed 45.6 percent rate. Warns McIntosh: “That means no tax cut at all for most small businesses and family-owned companies.”

And rather than kill the 40 percent top Death Tax immediately, Republicans placed it in a six-year induced coma. The Tax Policy Center predicts that some 5,500 grieving families will endure this double taxation annually, even while bewailing their departed. That’s 33,000 needlessly miserable families across this needless delay.

This Republican apostasy would be bad enough if it purchased Democrat votes or at least quiescence. But rather than applaud Republicans for internalizing the Left’s chief economic talking point, top Democrats now pound Republicans’ skulls with skillets, harder than ever.

• “This is a shell game, a Ponzi scheme that corporate America will perpetrate on the American people,” snapped House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi of California. “But if you’re the wealthiest 1 percent, Republicans will give you the sun, the moon, and the stars — all of that at the expense of the great middle class.”

• “This bill is everything America doesn’t want,” snarled Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York. “Like a fish, if it stays out in the sunlight too long, it stinks.”

• “Republicans claim their tax bill will spur economic growth, but all it really does is help people like Donald Trump, his cabinet, and wealthy Republican donors keep money in their pockets,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D – California) pummeled.

 Notwithstanding Democrat catastrophism, this measure helps the middle class. According to the Tax Foundation, this bill:

• “Increases the standard deduction from $6,350 to $12,200 for singles, from $12,700 to $24,400 for married couples filing jointly, and from $9,350 to $18,300 for heads of household.”

• It “would lead to 3.9 percent higher GDP over the long term, 3.1 percent higher wages, and an additional 975,000 full-time equivalent jobs.”

• “When accounting for the increased GDP, after-tax incomes of all taxpayers would increase by 4.4 percent in the long run.”

Top-flight tax fighters are delighted that middle-class taxes would drop but are aghast that Republicans would boost levies on anyone.

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“If you let the other side set the terms of debate, you lose,” publisher and flat-tax guru Steve Forbes tells me. “The Republicans have been letting the Left define the terms of debate on healthcare and taxes and losing badly on both. Incredibly, when it comes to cutting taxes, the GOP turns out to have the backbone of a cream puff. Pathetic!”

“The GOP should stick to growth,” says free-market economist and co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity Larry Kudlow. He also advises Republicans: “Stop letting Dems mau-mau them on rich people and redistribution. And hammer away that corporate-tax-rate reduction helps wage-earners the most.”

Lesson for Republicans: You never can out-Left the Left. The harder you try, the harder Democrats will bludgeon you with truncheons. So, just do the Right thing — always and forever. On taxes, that means cutting marginal rates for all Americans, regardless of income. Republicans should leave tax hikes to Schumer, Pelosi and the Party of Confiscation.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor and a contributing editor with National Review Online. He is a member of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and has addressed numerous Club for Growth gatherings. William de Wolff, a J.D. candidate at Fordham Law School, furnished research for this opinion piece.

  • gmeades

    Under Ryan and McConnell, the Republicans are becoming just as disgusting as the Democrats. Raising taxes in a package that is suposed to be a tax cutting package when they’ve got the majority and can pretty much guarantee that it wull pass.. what will they come up with next… asking the Democrats what they’d like in the Healthcare Plan…? Unbelievable… Ryan and McConnell are both traitors and do not represent Republicans or conservative values… both should have been replaced long before now…

    • kep

      Term limits. We need to rid ourselves of ALL career politicians and liberal communists.

      • Naval Lint

        There are current calls for a Convention of States to amend the Constitution to limit terms, eliminate lobbyists, mandate English as the NATIONAL language and a couple of other items I can’t remember at the moment. If your state isn’t on board yet, CHANGE THAT!!!!!

        • kep

          I live in one of the most communist state in the country, NY. California might be worse, but they are both bad. If we could just get NYC to become it’s own entity, NYS would become a red state.

          • Naval Lint

            Y’all could always try a blockade…it worked before.

        • po’ed in az

          Be careful what you ask for…A Convention Of States to amend the Constitution does not mean that you get to change only what you want, it opens the Constitution to everyone, including the likes of Californicationers to do away with the 1st and 2nd amendments, attempt to make it constitutionally OK to allow criminals and terrorists in without vetting, do away with any form of common sense thinking, make it illegal to try to raise your kids to actually know right from wrong, that boys are boys and girls are girls, the Bible will be outlawed in favor of the sexual deviant “flavor of the day”.
          While a Convention is indeed being touted as the way to “fix” everything, it can, and most surely would be, used to screw you out of every protection you claim to stand behind.

          • David Carpenter

            Excellent post! Very valid points and I hope people take note of them before going head over heels over the Convention of States.

          • mioahu

            Well, if the leftists could do it they would , rest assured. But right now conservatives have a huge majority of governorships and state legislatures, so they would get to choose how the constitution would be amended, they would have the majority in a convention of states ! As soon as the libs could do it, THEY WILL ! Since we can’t get anything done while having the presidency, the senate and the house, this is the only way…or elect some people with a spine !

        • Bill Harrison

          Democrats would love a chance to amend the Constitution. They would get rid of 2nd Amendment and the electoral college. Will change the 1st Amendment to only liberal speech is protected.

          • Michael G. Wilson

            Best to just leave it alone and deal with it as is! Good, bad , and the ugly!

        • ipsd48

          That would be the worst POSSIBLE outcome.
          With a convention of states there’s no way WE could control it’s outcome, up to and including repeal of the Bill of Rights

      • slk5

        2 terms, and if you want to be reelected, you must step down, so the people are represented…potus one 6 year term, if you can’t do it in 6 years, you don’t deserve any more…and one more thing, no special retirement package, nor healthcare for congressmen!!!

  • Karll

    The establishment RINOs like Ryan and McConnell are bought off, beholden to lobbyists and have no intention of supporting anything Trump wants. Like boehner, when they leave public office they will have cushy jobs with lobbying firms.

  • No Politics

    Well said! Repubs need to be their own people and stand up to the bullies who lie about their policies and actions.

    The small businesses need a tax cut too. But, they also need incentives to create growth in human labor. The tech companies that provide limited job opportunities and the wealthy inheritants living off of interest are the groups the Dems are talking about. Guess who makes up much of those groups?
    Sabatage Trump is on the agenda for both parties, apparently.

  • Mike

    trickle down economics does not work but that will not stop republicans from blowing a larger whole in the deficit for an almost negligible gain in our economic growth.

    • ipsd48

      Just how well do you think ‘trickle sideways into Obama supporters pockets’ worked for the average American over the last 8 yrs?

  • John

    The Swamp has spoken! ALL are “on the take” !!

  • slk5

    breaking news, the gop says, we have seen the enemy, and they are us!!!

  • Teresa Barefoot

    Since when is telling the truth class warfare? You ought to be ashamed for refusing to see it for yourselves with it right in front of your nose! Everybody is afraid Koch Bros. $320 million for Republicans won’t be there if don’t pass their wealth transfer bill to the richest people so they can put it off shore in tax havens so won’t have to pay any taxes on it! If the wealthiest among us cared about the plight of workers, they wouldn’t hide their money tax free in overseas tax havens, they would pay taxes and invest here in America! Their GREED knows no bounds. Those with MORE just WANT MORE! Wake up people…there are changes that have to be made. There are many more working people than the top 5% that want EVERYTHING! Their reverse class warfare is disgusting!

  • Beth Schlangen

    Finally someone who tells it like it is. Why do they think they should have a right to peoples wages to waste on themselves and the able-bodied who don’t work? Anybody that does govt work or gets govt funds should at least be volunteer community servants. If they want to get paid they should get a job. Should stop taxing peoples incomes. Tax 10% of what people purchase, no exclusions. Purchases on payments would be on principal pd. If we don’t choose to do it God’s way, we’ll have to wait until Jesus returns to get it right. We sure have made a mess for ourselves. Lord come quickly!

  • Beth Schlangen

    About blew my mind when Dems amendment asked for monies to restore historical sites and monuments be left in tax bill. Repub said they agreed that these should be funded. Nobody said a word about all the history recently removed. Don’t think amendment was approved. Unbelievable.

  • mioahu

    Republicans never learn. You can’t please the democrats, no matter what you do. They will always find a reason to oppose you. So stop trying to be nice, stop trying to be liked and do your damn job, like Trump ! The media will spin everything against you anyway, so go ahead have a spine and do the right thing !

  • regulus30

    RINO’s are progressives/democraps ARE PROGRESSIVES; there is no difference.

  • jcrawdad

    MURDOCK: GOP’s Class Warfare Buys Them Nothing but Brickbats


    Both are not doing this Country any good with where they stand .