Mulvaney Cleaning House at Sen. Pocahontas’s Favorite Agency

CFPB had contract under Obama admin that committed $43M in taxpayer dollars to Dem-controlled publicity firm…

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OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(John Wynne, Liberty Headlines) Mick Mulvaney, acting Director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), is in the process of canceling a multi-million-dollar contract with a political consulting firm affiliated with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, according to a press release from the office of Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH).

Mulvaney revealed his plans under questioning from Rep. Davidson during a congressional hearing yesterday.

The hearing depicted a federal agency with unique ties to powerful Democratic politicians.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was a driving force behind the creation of the CFPB.

Since 2013, the Bureau paid GMMB, Inc. over $43 million to provide public relations services for the agency.

According to Rep. Davidson, this advertising spending is three percent of their budget, the highest of any agency.

According to a transcript, when asked by Davidson if Americans were getting a good value from this spending with their tax dollars, Mulvaney expressed doubt.

“If I thought I were getting a good value for my $43 million, I would not have sought to cancel the contract,” the acting director replied.

Davidson also asked if the Bureau, ostensibly a non-partisan agency, was affiliated with a “particular political ideology or political party.”

Mulvaney answered that the Bureau was probably perceived as closely aligned with Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was the agency’s first director.

The acting Director seemed to agree that it is unnecessary for a federal agency to advertise.

“The SEC does not have to advertise that it exists, the FDIC does not advertise that it exists.”

Mulvaney said the law allowed a lot of leeway, and that if he wanted to, he could hire right-leaning groups like Breitbart or the Heritage Foundation to do the agency’s advertising.

But that, he said, would be an abuse of power.

He reiterated that the contract with GMMB was being canceled and that it was “the right decision.”

Mulvaney, formerly a Republican Congressman from South Carolina, was appointed to the position by President Donald Trump last November.

The press release and transcript of the exchange can be read here.