MSNBC Panel Cannot Solve ‘Mystery’ of Unlikeable Lizzy Warren’s Poll Numbers

‘That’s brutal for her, that’s a brutal poll for her…’

Joe Scarborough Laughs at Fox News Reports

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski/IMAGE: CBS Sunday Morning via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) MSNBC’s Morning Joe Panel on Thursday could not not figure out why Americans voters do not like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA.

“I just have to say again, I saw Elizabeth Warren on TV last night, I will tell you, I still don’t understand why she’s not connecting,” Co-host Joe Scarborough said, Newsweek reported. “And every time I say that people are like ‘well, it’s because of this blah blah.’ She should be doing a lot better in [New Hampshire] for a lot of different reasons…”

Warren has had a likeability problem since the campaign began. The Washington Post reminded voters in January that her likeability problem is caused by sexism.

Scarborough, co-host Mika Brzezinski, and the panel were responding to a New Hampshire primary poll that showed Warren in fourth place with 9 percent support.


Warren trailed former Vice President Joe Biden with 23 percent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 16 percent, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 11 percent support.

Scarborough said Warren “knows what she stands for and delivers her message.”

“So far this is a mystery to me why Elizabeth Warren is not doing better in some of these early polls,” Scarborough said.

Panelist Claire McCaskill, a former Missouri Senator, called the poll results “brutal.”

“That’s brutal for her, that’s a brutal poll for her,” McCaskill said. “If she’s not in the top three in New Hampshire? That is devastating.”

Brzezinski said Biden remained atop the field despite “the way he hugged people.”

She added that it may have “helped him.”

Warren has made multiple blunders in the campaign so far, including embarrassing herself in a protracted confrontation with President Donald Trump about her virtually non-existent Native American heritage.