MSNBC: John Kelly ‘Talks Like He’s Feeding’ Trump ‘Baby Food’

Chief of Staff Kelly talks about the President like he’s a cartoon character according to Chris Mathews…

(News Busters) MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews likely caused the ears of his viewers to perk up moments into Thursday’s show, twice observing that White House chief of staff John Kelly has come across on immigration like he’s “feeding” Trump “Gerber’s baby food.”

Matthews played up a Washington Post claim that Kelly told Democrats that some of Trump’s initial immigration views were “uninformed” before airing clips from Kelly’s Wednesday interview on FNC’s Special Report.

It was there that Kelly stated how Trump “has changed the way he’s looked at a number of things” and “definitely his attitude toward the DACA issue and even the wall once we briefed him.”

Back live, Matthews declared:

“He talks like he’s feeding the President Gerber’s baby food. Anyway, according to The New York Times, the President was “livid” when he heard that interview and he turned to his favorite weapon to fire back….The Associated Press is reporting that, privately, the Presidents complained to friends that Kelly made “him look like a flip-flopper” and “portrayed him as a child and had to be managed…”

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Moments later, he again brought it up to Kasie DC host and NBC correspondent Kasie Hunt by suggesting that she’s “smiling because I did talk about Gerber baby food because this chief of staff talks about the President as this cartoon character that has to be made into a person by saying, well, he’s evolved, understands it’s not really a wall, he really understands DACA, he’s finally there since he’s been briefed…”

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