MSNBC Finally Admits Russiagate is Hillary’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’

(Matt Agorist, Free Thought Project) On a broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” this week, Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and the host of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” stated a fact which has yet to be reported on by the heavily biased news outlet — Russiagate is a “conspiracy theory” created by Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC Finally Admits Russiagate is Hillary's ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Andrea Mitchell of NBC & MSNBC (

As most people know, Hillary Clinton spoke in Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA at the annual Code Conference, at which she levied some damning — yet entirely unprovable — accusations. At the conference, Clinton noted that the “fake news” and hacked emails released during the 2016 presidential campaign had to have been from the Russians and “guided by Americans.”

Clinton said, “I think it’s fair to ask, how did that actually influence the campaign, and how did they know what messages to deliver? Who told them? Who were they coordinating with, and colluding with?”

Clinton continued, saying, “The Russians in my opinion — and based on intelligence and counterintelligence people I have talked to — could not have known best how to weaponize that information unless they had been guided…Guided by Americans.”

In Clinton’s mind, she believes the Russians hacked her emails — which, by the way, ousted her as a corrupt and murderous criminal — and gave them to Trump to give him the election. This is the same Trump who has reneged on his promise to pull out of NATO and, instead, continues to support the notion of US troops along the Russian border — the Russians who supposedly helped him win the election.

It appears the harder the establishment tries to pin blame on Russia for Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election, the more ridiculous they look, as evidenced in the latest blunder on MSNBC.

As the clip begins, Mitchell says, “Well, she, first of all, really drilled down on the fake news, the role of Infowars, and said that it was very clear to her that there were Americans directing and colluding, conspiring really with the Russian hackers, with Guccifer, with the others who were involved in the hacking, in the dropping of WikiLeaks only an hour after the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was disclosed, and saying that they were doing so with such political sophistication. She’s basically pointing to the Trump campaign, saying that the dots are now being connected in the investigation.”

Mitchell continued, “She mentioned Jared Kushner. She mentioned Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, in the context of the fact that the Mercers, the big fundraisers who contribute to the campaign and had — and owned Cambridge Analytics had said to Trump, bring on Bannon from Breitbart. Bring on Kellyanne Conway, who are already on their payroll, as part of a deal, and that they connected with the data bank and the RNC. So, she is drawing a conspiracy theory. She doesn’t have the evidence, but she is obviously hoping that this is what –that Robert Mueller and what the Congressional committee’s going to do.”

As the Free Thought Project has noted on numerous occasions, the claims of Russian interference in the US elections are backed by little more than hearsay from anonymous agents within the deep state. There has yet to be a single shred of concrete evidence linking Russia to US election interference.

On the contrary, however, multiple state officials have linked the Department of Homeland Security to election hacking — and they have the evidence to back it up.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, the Department of Homeland Security, under the Obama administration, attempted to hack the Indiana State electoral system nearly 15,000 times.

Prior to the hacks in Indiana, it was the state of Georgia that exposed DHS meddling in their elections.

The case against Russia, as we’ve previously reported, is alleged to have been contrived mere moments after Clinton lost the election, and the latest MSNBC report supports this notion. Last month, WikiLeaks detailed the contents of the book “Shattered” — written by Jonathan Allen — which lays out the plan quite clearly.

Wikileaks uploaded a picture from a page of Allen’s new book which destroys the Russian hacking narrative immediately. Wikileaks tweeted, “New book ‘Shattered’ by Clinton insiders reveals that “blame Russia” plan was hatched “within twenty-four hours” of the election loss.”

The page uploaded by Wikileaks explains how the Clinton spin machine was set in motion in the minutes following her loss to Trump. Allegedly, John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign manager), collaborated with Robby Mook (fellow member of the Clinton campaign) to make the argument the election was rigged by the Russians — an argument which was put forward when it was revealed in early 2016 the Democratic National Committee’s emails had been hacked.

Building on that narrative, the Clinton camp reportedly put out the notion to members of the media that the election was anything but fair. The suggestion was apparently made that “Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument.”

While MSNBC becomes the first leftist outlet to officially admit Russiagate is a Clinton-contrived conspiracy theory, CNN couldn’t care less about pushing this fake news. In the clip below, a CNN anchor admits there is no evidence to link Russia to election hacking but notes that they will report that claim anyway.

The good news about all this fake news and accusations of fake news is that Americans are becoming skeptical. For far too long, people believed everything their televisions told them to believe. We must foster this skepticism before the infamous words of former CIA Director, William Casey become self-evident:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

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  • Chance Gray

    Shes the one that padded her vote count with dead registered voters and shuffling homeless to vote in multiple jurisdictions.
    And she still lost.
    The Russia thing with Trump is entertaining to for sure, but its mostly mostly just a sad representation of the shallow person that Clinton really is.
    CLASS is what we need to bring back in this country.

    • Ray

      Exactly, all lying 🤥 Crooked Hildebeast, the criminal, is nothing but SCUM and Obum is NO better. The list is long. Hope and pray Pres ident Trump will prosecute the DECONSTRUCTION o

      • Carson Tyler

        Sounds like you are a person who would stand by Trump if he shot twenty kids standing around

        • George Hilliard

          Sounds like you stick with Hildabeast given evidence.

        • Jim

          You would help obola and cankles reload if they were to do such. YOU and ALL like you need to run to France or better yet, Venezuela. Or might I suggest Zimbabwe or Iran, N Korea, Yemen, Syria.? How ’bout Somalia? Or anywhere else that can NOT vet it’s “refugees”
          I would 100% STOP all immigration for at least 10 yrs. and NO more muslims EVER. Period.
          Libs. such as you NEED to be GONE from MY country..

          • RickFromDetroit

            Amendment I

            Congress shall make no law
            respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
            exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
            or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
            Government for a redress of grievances.

          • Jim

            And what is your point ? Me thinks good possibility you are one of them dar educated type d-RAT who only think laws and rules apply only to those who oppose their Lofty, enlightened” views. You know like BLM and them “pink ladies” protesters.
            I say EXTERMINATE all who even TRY to harm MY country. Period.

          • RickFromDetroit

            The post was in regards to your post that said, “”and NO more muslims EVER. Period.”” That violates the First Amendment that guarantees Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, & Expression.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 – Wikipedia

            There is a law called Public Law #414 passed in June 27th,1952. Called the Immigration and Nationalization Act. This law states that Islam is banned in the USA!!! The reason being is that it is totally against our constitution. This law is still on the books and we can use it to it’s full extent right now!

          • RickFromDetroit

            Will it hold up in the Supreme Court when it says the complete opposite of the Constitution?

          • Wynette Atkins

            Muslims trying to come into America, don’t have the protections in our Constitution & Bill of Rights. Only Muslims that are US Citizen have the Protections and rights that Citizens have. But if Muslims are here as Refugees, they can be deported. Same with any here on VISAs can be deported. Also Muslims here as Citizens are not entitled to use Sharia Laws. Once they take the Oath to support our Constitution, they can no longer follow Sharia Law. If they don’t follow our laws, and try to follow only Sharia Law, they have broken their Oaths taken to become Citizens. They are then at risk of losing their Citizenship.

          • Herschel Mobley Jr

            AND being deported. Indeed. Of course, being true to one’s oaths is NOT the Islamic way. Look the the “perfect example of man” and you will find that the only time he un-crossed his fingers from behind his back was when he was raping children. We SO need to have all Muslim visa holders and citizens be re-certified. They need to repeat a vow to uphold the Constitution and dis-avow all other political systems under penalty of immediate deportation. It is a simple formality: promise to assimilate. If you can’t do this then why should you be allowed to stay here? Yes, promoting Sharia would get you deported. Advocating beating your wife(s) would get you deported. Planning to subvert the political process in local, state or federal government would get you deported. Aiding people who are doing any of these things would get you deported. Yep, deportation would eliminate the “safe spaces” that the enemy is using (Oh, we’re a _religiion_) using to destroy our country from within.

          • Jim

            Sounds like you need to emigrate to France. Lefty’s and libs. welcome along with (unvetted) refugees (mainly if they are followers of “religion of pieces”)

          • Don Wadd

            Guarantees you are simple!

          • Jim

            Obola and the d-RAT party use Constitution for toilet paper. They ONLY apply what /when it fits THEIR narrative.
            If you have a PROBLEM with infestation in your house you DO NOT bring in more of infestation. Period.

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            That’s right, so they had better STOP pushing ISLAM!

          • posidous

            You forgot one thing, Islam is not JUST A RELIGION, it is political and culture. That is cleanly stated in the Quran and other sacred books

          • Jim

            And it is extremely militant..

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Ignore the trolls like him. Every time someone responds, he gets a raise on his Clinton/BO paycheck. Another troll is AKLady. Ignore them. Don’t respond.

          • Don Wadd

            Block them!

          • Jim

            Thank you. I will keep that in mind. Best, always.

          • Don Wadd

            Carson is muslim beheading material.

          • Jim


          • aptos 2012

            Since the new french president open his border to american liberals I don’t understand why don’t they move? We can do much better without them.
            The Russian “collusion” is a non sense.For almost a year the Democreeps wasn’t able to come up any solid evidence none nada.

          • Joe Samo

            I am sure that most fascist liberals can find some one to buy them a one way ticket.

        • Shawn Sapp

          Sounds like you have gotten some bad news. Hope it didn’t hurt your feelings. Ha Ha. Trump would never allow anything to happen to 20 kids. Hillary and Obama on the other hand, would sell them to a pedophile for a quarter.

        • Matilda Rose

          What a very stupid thing to say. Just shows how warped your brain is!

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson

          Tump hasn’t shot anyone, but how many deaths is Hillary and Bill connected to. Them and their friends? Last I heard almost 50! So you ARE supporting murderers, REAL ones!

          • Carson Tyler

            People should only talk about facts. I did hear the Clintons killed 50 people with guns in a park in Dallas. Terrible,

            I do wish Trump would stop goring the radicals. They could prove a point. Also I would stop the bombers, by arresting anyone connected to them. Forget rights. You could be sure hearing of such damages to happen someone would report it. .

          • Dutch

            If you only want to talk about facts, why are you talking about our duly elected president killing 20 kids? Please tell me what facts you have. You seem a bit hypocritical.

          • Don Wadd

            IGNORE Carson the 25 cent troll!

          • Carson Tyler

            I get my facts from Fox News

          • Jim

            Anything to advance the cause of the liberal left is permitted. Including lying, bearing false witness, murder, mayhem. You know just like islam also FIRMLY believes that “the end justifies the means”
            I get NO news from ANY of msm..only good for weather and sports results. Period.
            FOX is ONLY source that even tries to be objective and as un-biased as can…
            Your dog don’t hunt in these woods. But your BS stinks everywhere..

          • Ladypyro

            Why not just shoot the terrorist bombers instead of coddling them, that is there’s any thing left of them after the bomb goes off.

          • Don Wadd

            England mauled the IRA but cannot stand up to the muslim hordes! KILL or be KILLED England!

        • flashy0ne

          No, after you had reported the 15th, I’d have figure out it was ‘fake’ news — how long does it take you die hard’s to wise up ??

        • Askjrsk

          Looks like you did, and sold body parts of the dead children for profit. It’s quite a racket over night express to Europe and around the world Bet your dumpsters full of unused baby body parts.

        • Dutch

          Why would you say that? To me it sounds like you have been listening too long to the fake news. Pres Trump is doing a good job; he has a love for this country that we haven’t seen for the past 8 years. Pres Trump loves America and he loves Americans. I can assure you he won’t shoot 20 kids standing around. MAGA

          • Sal Belardo

            Now 20 lefties or 20 Liberals are a different story!

        • Ladypyro

          You have to stop drinking their koolaid. What is important is the fact that the DNC committed voter fraud by stealing the nomination from Bernie and was caught. I don’t care who was doing the hacking, it is important of what information was revealed.
          And no I wouldn’t support anyone who committed murder or conspired to commit murder. I wouldn’t support anyone involved with rape or conspired to conceal rape.

        • rockyspoon

          Just because Hillary is the worst presidential candidate evah doesn’t mean you can project your hatred for losing on the best president we’ve had in a long while, Carson.

        • Don Wadd

          Sounds like you are a person who was lied to by Obama! You CANT keep your psychiatrist. You libtards are a joke!

        • Balder The Brave

          Yes, but the kids are 17, armed with IEDs and shouting Allah Acbar while threatening their classmates in Chicago! At what point does a boy become a warrior worthy of being eliminated? Our warriors begin at 18. And you know that you are exaggerating and I am not. You are just like Clinton! She is on her conspiracy listening tour.

        • Joe Samo

          And you sound like the fascist fool who would start that fake story…how about you standing with Clinton after all the people she had killed!

        • minefinder624

          I believe the twenty kids referenced were used as target practice before the HildaBeast went after number 21 ie Seth Rich!

        • Marie Saqueton

          Sounds like you are a person, that will love corrupt Hillary no matter how many books are written about the couple’s corruption and greed.

      • Askjrsk


    • Cheryl Heberle

      Excellent thought….How much is this costing us?????

      • KJHanover

        exactly! talk about MONEY FOR NOTHING!

        • Cheryl Heberle

          Wished other would realize the con game that is going to cost us unnecessary money….people need to wake up!

          • KJHanover

            It’s because these dem a.h.’s in Congress couldn’t care less about We the People. They should all be tossed out (and many tried for sedition/treason!)

          • Don Wadd

            After 2 years in congress they get a LIFETIME pension! DO YOU!!?

          • Carson Tyler

            Sound like the Republicans and Democrats want to know about the con game. I have always heard that where there is smoke there is fire..

          • Dutch

            Well that expression is not always correct. Check out beekeeping; the beekeeper often uses smoke to calm the bees, but there is no fire.

      • dosgatos

        Obama spent over $100 million on vacations and you don’t seem worried about that. What about all of the wasteful spending done by other agencies run during Obama’s administration, who thought putting on plays, going to Vegas to party or watching shrimp walk on a treadmill was more important than our security or well being?

        • Ladypyro

          Too true… And all the money lost and unaccounted for

          • Don Wadd

            ONE billion MISSING and Obama/Hillary cant account for it!

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      Honesty is what we need to bring back to this country. President Trump is trying, but he’s not getting much help.

      • Don Wadd

        America hating leftists DONT want him to do well!

    • Askjrsk

      Blindsided. All that voter fraud and she still lost — Hillary the Hun .

      • rockyspoon

        You can’t blame her for being a disappointed criminal. Until next time, she’s just a criminal.

        Oh, wait–Hillary has issues and can’t let go, right?


        • Askjrsk

          I think so. Let me think. Yes that’s Hillary the Hun . Sung to the Ohio state fight
          song : (Hang on Sloopy) Hang on Hillary, Hillary hang on. You know Hillary girl you’re daddy and the whole dang family comes from the wrong side of town…..

    • Don Wadd

      Clintons are killers,thieves,liars and are a cancer!

    • Balder The Brave

      Clinton 2020! One more time, by 2020 Clinton will have surely shone the connection between Trump and Santa Claus.

      • Balder The Brave

        And the 57 US intelligence agencies will have confirmed it. Santa gave Trump the 2016 Election.

  • fred

    BOYCOTT all Mainstream Media, they are all criminals and you are contributing to their treasonous war chest of money when you watch their constant LIES! if you don’t watch them, they can’t get advertising dollars to keep the bs coming your way. Wake up and put them out of business, then maybe they will go to another country that meets their communist goals.

    • Gene smiley

      Better yet, make their advertiser aware that you will no longer use their products if they continue supporting programs that push the false narrative of Russian Collusion.

      • KJHanover

        see MEDIA EQUALIZER. You can get lists of advertisers to contact. spread the word!

        • Gene smiley

          I will! Thanks!

      • Don Wadd

        Hit their pocketbooks like we did to the psycho Kathy Griffin!

    • rwmctrofholz

      I totally agree with you, however, I find myself going to more than ever now just for the shock value of what they’re putting out there as “news.”

      • Dodi Marie Livergood

        I understand but by doing that you are helping them. You are helping keep them going and spreading their lies by watching.

      • dahniuru

        You are then counted as a supporter of CNN as they report to their advertisers. I find other sources that I can watch to get more news and less opinions, and reports about the fake news coming from MSNBC and CNN, These Independent sources then get the advertising money to support news reporting instead of ‘news?’ manufacturing.

        • rwmctrofholz

          Yeah, I hear you. And I completely agree. Tough though. It’s like asking me not to read the headlines on the National Enquirer magazines sitting in the racks at the checkout line at the grocery store.

          For what it’s worth, I stopped shopping at ACE, switched from ATT, and got my HSA out of Optumbank given they are all CNN sponsors.

          • Dutch

            What some who also have a hard time not looking at the fake news have done is just to block or delete these networks.

          • rwmctrofholz

            Don’t blame them at all. Maybe need to have my wife put parent controls on some sites for me.

      • Don Wadd

        I emailed them over the Griffin attack and look what they did with

        her dumbass

    • bob laford


    • Don Wadd

      Fred, YOU ARE CORRECT!

  • regulus30

    libs are slowly burying themselves in their lies.

  • Lorraine E

    crooked hillary knows that the Russians had nothing to do with the Wiki Leaks from Julian Assange, our hero. Fact is that crooked hillary and our former ineligible to be president were always lusting and creating all types of LIES to start a war with Russia.
    The huge question is: Why isn’t anyone talking about what the Wiki Leaks revealed about crooked hillary and her perverted campaign manager, john podesta? Probably because crooked hillary and her LYING press created a diversion so that the emails would not be examined and people were brain washed by her to accept her “the Russians did it” diversion.
    It has been reported many times that the very important emails which were released by Wiki Leaks were FORWARDED to Julian Assange by our own country’s security personnel who were disgusted with crooked hillary’s disregard for the safety of our country.

    • Ron C

      I truly believe that the Seth Rich murder is the key to this Russia lie.


    During the week before the election, the NBC News website displayed final “returns” showing a 60-40 victory for The Drunken Lesbian Witch and a lopsided electoral margin. These were quickly taken down, but it is likely that these were the prepared results to be displayed before the fireworks were set off over the Hudson River. This was to have been the first of many Africa- or Central America-style landslides for the ruling party, usually announced just after (or sometimes before) the polls closed. Their discovery made it necessary to deep-six them and, fortunately for our republic but perhaps for the last time, regular Americans voted in sufficient numbers to outweigh the “voters” recruited in Oaxaca and Tegucigalpa, the armed Black Panthers surrounding the polling places and determining who gets inside to vote and the voting machines manufactured by Nazi kapo Soros that record votes for Republicans as votes for the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe.

    • Wes

      You hit the nail on the head with your post about the Drunken Lesbian Witch Hillary.

      • JHW

        They normally burn witches at the stake.

    • Ron C

      I aw that news story about the Hillary win also!

    • undeRGRound

      Maplethorpe needs to be submerged in a huge vat of hog urine 😉
      Right up to his nostrils!

      • Jim

        And then fed to some hungry feral hogs. Big ones.

  • Wes

    The Billary Clintons, like all liberals are liars. It’s their MO. Has been for decades and likely will continue. Just like Muslims you can’t trust or believe anyone of them.

    • nocbsfan

      Wes always says like it is.

      • Wes

        Thanks, I try to. These things seem obvious to me. It’s a shame that so many people will believe a lie before they will the truth and so the Liberals thrive on lies to deceive their useful idiots.

        • nocbsfan

          I will have think about useful idiots, don’t think I ever saw one. But come think about I guess Clintons have uses for idiots, gosh thanks for the tip

  • Gregg Parker

    Once again the Clinton’s just do what they want and thumb their nose at America! Burn the witches!

    • Beeru Tsunami

      My Real Name Is Greg Parke. Never Met Anybody With Such A Similar Name As Myself.

      • Gregg Parker

        Coincidentally I changed it legally from Beer Tsunam… I see by your avitar that you are conjoined triplet. Must be expensive to feed the two extra heads… best wishes storming the castles of the world! Remember: Burn the witches!

    • dallasyvonneauldridge

      Doesn’t look like our present AG has the ambition to do so. Doesn’t look like our president is going to call a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to take them down one at a time.

      • Gregg Parker

        I see where you can say that, but I haven’t thrown the towel yet. This small infraction opens up a can of turmoil this country may not be able to survive in one hit. The key to cutting off the chicken’s head is the Clinton Foundation! Take the wheel off at the hub not from the tread… The AG isn’t even started yet. The investigation must be completed for him to bring formal charges on anything. Keep the faith my friend as they haven’t pulled the rug yet but the they will…

  • Ron C

    Deflect, deflect, deflect….the democrats are the party of deflect. The sad thing being the GOP fall for it evert time…will they every learn the so called authorities are in the pocket of the democrat party?

    • KJHanover

      and why aren’t we hearing any more about the dem voter fraud investigator who was found killed?

      • Ron C

        I think you are referring to the guy in Florida? Yes it is like any murder committed is just covered up by the so called authorities if it is detrimental to the democrat party…ala’ Vince Foster…and for sure the MSM isn’t reporting the know voter fraud that has been committed in the 2016 election….let alone the primary rigging!

        • KJHanover

          You are exactly right. How bad is it when you can commit murder after murder with impunity!! and the most recent of Seth and this investigator go way beyond “coincidence!”

    • dallasyvonneauldridge

      Doesn’t look like it.

  • KJHanover

    Clinton is such trash. So as long as we didn’t find out about her corruption, everything would be okay. sick sick sick but so typical. HOW DID THEY FIND OUT ABOUT MY CORRUPTION!

  • Gerald Mitchell

    MSNBC was in on this with Hillary all along.

    • Ron C

      And CNN, CBS, ABC, NYT, WaPo….and many more!

  • Fred Doe

    What this country really needs are trials for treason for all on the left who are committing it by trying to hamstring and defeat our constitutionally elected president with 100% made up charges in order to prevent him from implementing his promises to the American people

    • Bill Kincade

      It would be wonderful if the people of this great country would share with your prospective of those that have violated all of the rules and regulation of our constitution, and charge and incarcerate them for treason to the full extent of the laws of our constitution and execute the according to the mandates of our constitution.

    • RickFromDetroit

      We need a single law that holds our elected officials criminally responsible for their policy making regardless of what their party affiliation is.

  • spike

    She started her career during Watergate with corrupt ideas for getting rid of Nixon – whatever it took from her point of view. She has never changed and it is puzzling beyond belief how the Clintons get by with this. Haven’t the Folks noted how many, many people involved in the investigations of the Clintons over the years wind up in jail, careers ruined . . . but somehow not the Clintons?! I wonder if society will ever know the truth about this corrupt couple? And what holds the loyalty of seemingly decent folks such as Lannie David, no matter what they have involved themselves in?

    • Wumingren

      Don’t forget about Chelsea, who it seems is being groomed for a starring role in politics, perhaps as the vindicator for her mother and “the first” female president that the Leftist League so dearly wishes to install in the Oval Office.

    • dallasyvonneauldridge

      Let’s send all of the clinton rags to France. Never to return.

    • Susan Whipple

      Or, anyone with morals or a conscience who decided to expose Bill or Hillary ends up dead, with mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths! Murdering, lying thieves-all of the Clintons👿

  • Sue Michalski

    WOW! It is about time the mainstream media started telling the truth and letting the American people decide. I am tired of all of the propaganda that is thrown out there and so many of our people believe every word of it. I love our country and it’s people. I want all of us to be all that we can be. Jobs are so important to that happening. I wish everyone took as much interest in our country as they do their favorite sports team, schools and entertainers. Please, dig for the truth in our government. It is not perfect. But it is the best one in the world so far. Some say we are arrogant Americans. There may be some truth to that. We have come to the rescue of all of these countries when they are in need. Not for a feeling of superiority, we just care about our fellow man. If that is arrogance, give me more.

  • Ron haymaker

    This is sure a shocking new development.We sure didn’t see this coming.

  • Jon Blake

    HRC is Wounded Woman
    (Rated L for Loser)

  • KJHanover

    why no more info on the dem voter fraud investigator who was killed?

  • wandamurline

    The Democommunists held on to the talking point “video” to cover their @zz during Benghazi because they allowed people to die without helping them. lying like their true selves for months….now they have locked on to their talking point “Russia”….no evidence, nothing, but they continue on. I plan on volunteering my time, computer and cell phone across state lines to help every Republican running against a Democrat next year. How about you…together.we can exterminate the Democommunists like the dinosaurs if we work together.

  • Bill Smith

    This is all Democrat lies trying to cover up for all their crimes!

  • Ski

    Let me get this straight? MSNBC said this is a Hrc fake event involving Russia? MSNBC pushing Russia involvement daily since Oct? Which one is it?

    • nocbsfan

      How about all of it?

  • Crazy Barry

    You can blame the democrats if you want to. But, they’re just doing what they’ve always done – lie, cheat and control the news. The real blame lies with Congressional Republicans, who are quietly going along with this Russian nonsense. They’re discusting cowards, and all need to ne replaced.

    • Gregg Parker

      Right on! Both side of this establishment coin need to go. It’s populist now or never! Talk with your vote in 2018!

    • Dutch

      That would be ‘disgusting cowards’, but you are correct. Thank you.

  • kjl

    The dems, clinton, g soros, heavy dem. backers, libs, will keep kicking the dust up and stating inconclusive “facts by experts” on speculation.
    If false information is talked about, pushed around long enough, people will just start to belive it is”the truth”.
    Comey’s upcoming testimony will be of the same nature so he can try to distance himself by throwing the spotlight off of himself and the long tracks linking him to the big clinton foundation.
    I get information from both sides and can see just how far lib. media will go with saying things to
    steer the reader, watcher or listener.
    Let’s keep digging deeper and deeper because eventually we will find something and if not we will
    just “fabricate the truth”
    Clinton, comey and the rest of the herd are all running scared like a wounded animal.
    I belive there is no collusion on Trump’s side but if so I would hope he would do the right thing and resign.
    But the fact remains that he is doing a better job than HC could have ever done.

  • rwmctrofholz

    You’re starting to see it: DNC and the media are slowly turning on Hillary. Would love to know if/how Obama has a hand in this.

  • Francisco Machado

    Seth Rich, until recently a DNC employee, has been the victim of a random failed robbery attempt and is now deceased. His connection to Russia has yet to be established, but that leak has been stopped.

  • Allen

    Geez, sorry I missed Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow. That must have been a meeting of great intellect. I could not even stomach getting through the article.


    Hillary has now 40 excuses for losing the election. I’m sure next week it will be 41. One thing for certain her parents never taught her not to be a sore loser. This woman’s mind is going and going quick. She can’t handle losing not after all the money Soros donated to her campaign, hollywood’s backing, left wing losers, half of the world’s money, campaigning by Obama, his wife, Biden, and anyone else she could bring into the fold, illegals voting, dead people voting, etc., AND SHE STILL LOST. YOU ARE A LOSER HILLARY AND YOU ARE THE REASON YOU LOST.

  • Someone please tell that nasty excuse of a woman that we are very sick of her; so please just go away!

  • Larry Brule


  • Bo Burress

    The DNC and all the democraps should be charged for the false investigations. And should be made to pay every cent spent on this RUSSIA FABLE

  • Slav2012

    In reading David Horowitz book, came across the commentary that snibberals believe in the righteosness of their cause and therefore never stop until they get what they want. Conservatives are the realists who wind up cutting their losses and in the end losing everything.

    Well…this time, we won. And the snibberals are scared shiteless that no slung mud nor lie seems to be sticking with the voters.

  • Mike W

    Are MNSBC, CNN, subsidiaries of the Nation Enquirer, The Globe,?

  • Snowman 54

    This “thing” by Clinton is truly, truly, Hillaryous (sc). He own people admit in print that the idea of Russian collaboration is a spin construct supporting a totally evidence-free allegation of collaboration between Trump and Russia. In doing so they hold true to two liberal precepts. First, “shoot the messenger”, with the amount of remorse inversely proportional to the damage caused by the message. Second, “tell any lie often enough, and in the absence of proof to the contrary, it will be believed as truth”. The left, and their lap dogs in media, absolutely refuse to address what was revealed in the emails, or to recognize that the content destroyed their chances. See precept 1 above. They also, by producing this fantasy about Trump and the Russians, have managed to both prove the value of precept 2, convincing broad swaths of the population that there is something where there is nothing, and have done it with great enthusiasm. There can be, of course, no durable proof to counter a simply untrue proposition. The public is left to believe what they feel. The left hates Trump. So they believe what their heiress tells them to believe. Truly, truly a sad testament on the state of honor and decency in the modern era. The left clearly has none of either. But they are lauded by their professional heralds in the media as absolute arbiters of the truth. Disgusting.

  • Cadfael

    Crooked, hateful, ill tempered, delusional, criminal, malicious, and a conspiracy nut. She needs serious medical help, not just for her many chronic physical ailments but for her anti-social, psychopathic ego. Maybe if the investigation into her national security violations and the Clinton Foundation pay for play and embezzlement scandals in conjunction with her tenure as secretary of state will proceed she might be able to get the Health Care she so longs for in federal prison.

  • glenn davis

    I don’t know who in the intelligence community she spoke, but I assume the person she talked to in counter-intelligence was Chelsea.

  • Walter Flatt
















    • bob laford

      I would rather use the Quran for target practice. Oh & don’t forget the festering Muslim problem in Michigan.

      • Ladypyro

        I would rather use the Quran as potty pads for my dog.

    • Mario Ruffino

      At 88 years old this guy agrees with you 100%

    • Peggy Lawrence

      Hi, Walt, as the widow of a twice-wounded Korean war vet, was so pleased to read your post. Agree with you 100%, even down to the fact that one time, in younger years, I was even registered as a Democrat. That didn’t last long, only did it because my Dad took me to the polls when I was 21 and I thought I was supposed to do as I was told. He, too, eventually saw the light. Thank you so much for your service to America, Walter. Grateful widow.

    • Jeannie McCall

      Thank you for your GREAT informative post!!!

    • Ladypyro

      As an educated female, who served 30 years in LE, I salute you. I agree with everyone of your points and have often questioned them myself

  • bob laford

    Hildabeast blames emails on her loss, but never denies the information in them. NBC & MSNBC are not even up to Enquirer standards their news never watched by me.

  • zappo777

    Hillary LOST because Citizens realize Hillary belongs in BIG House and not the White House!!!!!!

  • NYSicilian

    There is so much BS going on. Stephan Colbert was a hero calling Trump a c***sucker. Of course Bill Maher had to top that and said President Trump f***ked his daughter. And to top that you have Kathy Griffin. And yesterday you had the CNN Reporter calling President Trump “A piece of Sh*t”
    Muslims were protesting and praying in front of Trump Towers and of course liberals supported that, They would rather see America destroyed. How sad is that?
    And who are the Democrats going to put up to run against President Trump? Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Mark Cuban, Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Cuomo. Seriously??
    The democrats actually think they can win elections by trashing Trump. How did that work out for Hillary? She didn’t run on her record or accomplishments, it was all Trump is a sexist, Trump is a racist, etc….

    • zappo777

      You are total BS!! NY Sic…

      • NYSicilian

        OK. Can you expand on that or is that the limit of your brains.

      • NYSicilian

        Ok. You proved you’re an idiot.

        • Dutch

          No, you proved that you’re way past idiocy. You said “total BS”, but you countered with nothing. If you can’t make an argument, please just go away.

          • NYSicilian

            LOL!! No problem. That’s the way they are. It’s like when they say President Trump lies about everything…then you ask them to give you an example and they call YOU stupid and they repeat “Everything”. Like what? Give me one example….Silence.

  • Jackson Brannon

    Russia is just another excuse for Snowflake Libturd Demrat POS Lying crooked immoral corrupt slimy scum to tell themselves they were cheated!! This has always been their policy in life!! When things don’t go their way or they are wrong they will make up lies to make it OK!!!

  • Al Zabel

    No $hit?
    And it took how long, for these educated, intelligent, brainiacs, to figure that out?
    If you are a failure, in journalism school. You can always find a job, at MSNBC

  • deal with it

    …and the truth shall set you free.
    (no,not you Hillary & Barry,the truth will get you convicted.)

  • cc

    Uh-O the collective brain cell kicked in………………..

  • John

    Like a brief moment of clarity struck Mitchell. She can’t wade out of the swamp fog for too long or else the swamp monster will throw mud and attack her.
    The one good thing that could come out of this Russia B$ would be to uncover the illegal surveillance and leaks by the ex president Failure’s admin and deep staters. It may also finally expose the DEMS-Russia connection and election tampering. It’s a classic psychological move, accuse others of what you are guilty of, deflecting. However this is coming back to them like s boomerang.

  • therealworld

    My question is; Since she hasn’t held a government position since she left the state department, Who are these “counterintelligence people I have talked to” HER WORDS. Who is still leaking info ???

  • therealworld

    It’s like a Liberal 3 Ring Circus, Chase Russia, Chase Trump then Chase Each Other. These Fools Are Nuts

  • JHW

    HILLARY LOST. She needs to get over it and move on. She will never be president. She should be in jail with her emails.

  • Robert Pekarik

    The tax payer money spent on the fabricated Russian interference hoax must be paid back to the Treasury by the Clintons and the entire democrat national corruption organization. Then they need to be brought up on charges of interfering with government operations by wasting officials time in chasing something that doesn’t exist.

  • The Redhawk

    AWW come on BS NBC .. It is the same Movie we Saw BEFORE only last time it was titled :” A RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY” as she “told it” in a brown Dress on NBC….Same BS and you give her the AIR time again.. … may be ANONYMOUS will be the next to appear on BSNBC with CUPPA JOE and Insidious MIKA the current leading troll for “AIR HEAD ON THE AIR” award ???

  • John Keusseyan

    I stopped watching the MSM long time ago when I realized that they put out bunch of BS with no facts. If you are smart, you should do the same. Hit them where it hurts, in their packet book!


    Now they should Investigate who Ordered the Hit on Seth Richards for being the Democrat who Actually gave Wikileaks the Emails..I bet it will Lead to You know Who..

  • WhiteFalcon

    The thing that turned the tables on Hillary that is relative to the E-mails is the fact that she is guilty of everything that was revealed by the E-mails. So, it isn’t the E-mails in and of themselves, it is the fact that she is guilty of all the crimes revealed by the E_mails. She is just a criminal that needs to be in prison.

  • MarcJ

    Accusing the Russian Marxists for electing Trump is like accusing Hitler back in 1939 for electing Churchill.

    • PaulB

      Yes it is. They loved Clinton and had her by the nipples with everything they stole from her email server. They knew CLinton was controllable and would have let them do whatever they wanted. This is one HUGE lie. Goebbles and Woodrow Wilson would be so proud.

  • RickFromDetroit

    [1] Wiki Leaks revealed that Debbie Wasserman Shhultz and other members of the DNC sabotaged the campaign of Bernie Sanders. [2] Then it was discovered that Hillary was using her personal P/C for classified emails. [3] FBI’s Comey spent 20 minutes explaining all of the laws Hillary broke, but he wouldn’t file charges. [4] Comey then discovered that Hillary aid, Huma Weiner was using Hillary’ laptop with her emails on it. [5] It was then discovered that Huma’ husband, Rep. Anthony Weiner was using the laptop with classified emails on it for sexting under his screen name of Carlos Danger. [6] Comey then reopened the investigation 11 days before the Nov. 08, 2016 election. [7] The news media and DNC then accused Comey of rigging the election. [7] Several weeks later the news media and DNC accused Russia of rigging the election. [8] Was the Russia involvement in the election a cover up?

    I have had serious questions about the Russian involvement from the beginning!

    • PaulB

      Of course it was. The distraction was meant to fill the media with anything other than all the real crimes committed, leaked documents, unlawful surveillance, email scandal, Iran deals, Bernie Sanders theft of nomination, Clinton Foundation, Clinton pay for play, IRS, State department, and so many more to mention. Clinton was supposed to win and all this would have quickly been swept under the rug. They HAD TO have another story for the media to carry for them as cover. Yes, a MAJOR distraction for sure.

  • barbarakelly

    Hillary is one sick person who can’t deal with defeat. She has come up with all kinds of excuses and now people are now really seeing how sick she is. We can see she is physically sick and mentally sick. She needs to go home and retire and on top of that Bill is not in good shape at all. They both are on the down hill road.!

    • PaulB

      Her list in her last speech was up to 24 separate people and things to blame for her loss, and not one of them was “herself.”

  • nokabosh

    Her mind is a very troubled place. Had she become president her greed would have taken the country down.

  • Alan Bowie

    I believe these obvious blame everyone tactics were (& are) not just to get sympathy for HRC and other dem’s in office, but to demonize Pres Trump, family and any associate. As NAZI Goebbles (SS propaganda Minister) knew and said ‘Make it a big lie, and repeat it, repeat it and repeat it, and the people will believe’. (Notice CNN; MSNBC, et al)
    But it also distracts from the real, known federal felonies, such as DHS hacking, Lois Lerner blocking conservative PAC’s tax exempt status, the IRS commissioners perjury, Clinton foundation influence peddling (and related felonies), and the big question for investigation-“Why would a sane man allow $150 + billion to flow into the hands of Iran, factually known to want to kill Americans, Israelis, Christians, and anyone else who does not agree with these phsycopathic criminals.” This is clearly ‘aiding and abetting’ terrorist activity, which is a felony in the USA. There had to be a motive other than the stated ones (which I have not heard). Did Obama, the DNC, any NSA officials receive kickbacks and/or hush money?
    The DOJ and Congress MUST open their legal eyes and take action, if the evidence is found, action (grand Jury) must be taken or similar activity is absolutely guaranteed and probably to even worse levels than we can imagine.

  • carl

    If someone (Wikileaks) reveals your crimes done in secret (Hillary), who is the criminal? And who should bear the consequences?

    • Alan Bowie

      You can never blame the messenger. The one who committed the crime is the one to do the ‘time’. Does not matter how info exposed, if it is true, it remains true. The leaker may be an ‘SOB’, but that does not negate a criminals actions.

  • Robert Sanders

    Yes Hillary lost alright, unless you count the nearly three million more legitimate voters who voted for her, but we don’t do that in America. And all the Drumph advisors and associates with contacts with Russian officials and organized crime, that has never happened. And the nearly five hundred unappointed positions still in the federal government shows what a clearly efficient administration we have. The US is the laughingstock of the world now. And of course clean air and water is not important to all the morons who support this orange corrupt, incompetent idiot.

    • Alan Bowie

      Your ref to climate change indicates leftist mentality. If you were knowledgeable, you would know the 3 degree (F) increase is doom scenario is crazy. The most productive period on earth for life was the Carboniferous, during which the average world temp was a minimum of 9 degrees Celcius higher than today. Plants grew at such at prodigious rate, dead plants had no time to decompose before being covered by other plants. This is why coal exists. Also, it was during this time that marine life actually produced the first ‘hard, external’ egg, which led to animal life on land. Desertification if 3 degrees warmer. No. Unprecedented agricultural potential. Remember what is engraved on the National Archives, “What is Past, is Prologue”. Think about it.

    • PaulB

      Wow, you covered all those Dem talking points in just one paragraph. Good job. The only problem is that everything you stated is a joke. A couple quick changes can make it all right though. 3 million “il”legitimate voters. Contact is NOT uncommon and every adminstration has done it. 500 unfilled positions, due to lack of congress cooperation to appoint cabinet and other posts who would hire those people. US “was” the laughing stock under Obama and Clinton/Kerry as SoS’s. Clean air and water is what Trump is focused on, helping Flint after Obama thumbed his nose at them, and pollution has nothing to do with climate change which you seem to get confused as do so many other Dem sheeple.
      But you just keep on showing us your ignorance, it only supports our view of how easily manipulated you are.

      • Robert Sanders

        That is absurd to think that that those voters were not legitimate. There is not one bit of evidence to indicate that, just as there is no evidence stated in one of Trumps idiotic tweets that Obama wiretapped him. And why would those positions not be filled due to lack of Congressional cooperation? He has a GOP majority in both houses. The lack of cooperation comes from puppets like Chavez who should be investigating if a president actually colluded with our adversary in interfering with an election. I would want to know that no matter who the president is. You’re blind not to see the world’s response to orange boy’s pullout of Paris. Even governors and mayors here will abide by the importance of lowering CO2 emissions. Tell island nations and homeowners in Miami Beach that ocean levels are not rising. And yes, pollution is a separate issue, so how is Trump attempting to address that? By ignoring clean energy that creates jobs, by supporting an filthy antiquated obsolete energy source, coal? By ordering new leaking pipelines. By being a puppet of the fossil fuel industry by ordering an end to the Clear Air initiative, and eliminating clear water rules? By drilling and mining on sensitive public lands.Just go on and support someone who will not restore jobs, take away consumer rights, after promising to reign in Wall street, and who will take away your healthcare. Oh yes, and that wasn’t space on the Capitol mall during the swearing in, it was record crowds. Trump is the ultimate con man and you numbskulls prove there is a sucker born every minute. I recommend you apply to Trump University or get stiffed as one of his contractors.

        • PaulB

          Not absurd in the least, given motor/voter, the large numbers of illegals registered across the nation and even Obama telling illegals they should vote, that it is their right to vote. Yes every possibility exists for illegal voting to reach 3M, especially when you factor in multiple voters.
          Whether Russia attempted to influence or not, is not illegal and happens all over the world by every nation, including the US as evidenced in Israel and elsewhere Obama spent tons of money doing just that. There is Zero evidence of collusion, and even that is not illegal. Name one statute that you think has been broken? You can’t. It’s all hearsay, speculation and flat out lies, meant to be a distraction from the real crimes committed by Obama and Clinton. The truth will be revealed in time and I will be proven correct.
          The Paris accord was simply a means for globalists to control people and redistribute America’s wealth across the globe, furthering weakening us which they must do in order to achieve their goals.
          Climate change is a naturally occurring event and most scientists say we impact that, but to a minimal degree. Even Gore this weekend said that the Paris accord would do nothing to fix anything. That should tell you it is all politically motivated by the globalists who stand to gain a lot.
          CO2 is not pollution/ Conflating the two shows how little you know. Trump is committed to clean air and water and balancing that against the economic needs of our country, which the Paris accord would have cost us thousands of jobs at a minimum.
          I will support the man who will increase jobs, remove overburdening regulations, tax the wall street wealthy, and redefine our healthcare that is on the verge of implosion. It is crap and needs to be gone. The only people who wanted it were the Dems who use it to control the people.
          The rest of your post is pure nonsense, unworthy of even a response.

  • Elysium10

    Not surprising, Hillary Clinton is a creature of habit and her tactics have not failed to repeat themselves, over and over. Back in 1992 when Media reported then candidate Bill Clinton affair with Jenifer Flower, Hillary and Bill appeared on 60 Minutes to address the allegation that Hillary claim was false. Hillary went out of her way to create a diversion because the Media wanted to understand how she, an educated feminist fighting male domination could, so to speak, tolerate living with a man who was having a 12 years relationship with a woman and several others. It was alright if the focus was on Bill and she was seen as the Saint, but the focus was also on her as well.
    In that Hillary appointed herself spoken for all women, telling minority women to “kick the man out of the house,” and securing “children rights” so the children had the right to sue their own parents and somewhere in that mind of hers, she was creating her psychological kingdom where she would have control of all the women and all the children and controllable voting block when her time came to become President after Bill Clinton.

    Shifting the focus, Hillary announced that the real story, if anyone cared to research it was the “Right Wing Conspiracy” bent on bringing her husband down. As the Flower scandal took wings, Flower came forward an admitted to having an affair proving Hillary a lair and proving there was no conspiracy—period, it was a fact, it happen and the Clintons were both the culprits and the conspiracy.

    The fact was the Media ran across the information about Flowers and other women, not from some cynical plot carried out by the Right Wing, they read the legal documents that Larry Nichols had filed. “Nichols was hired by Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton in 1988 as marketing director for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority…Nichols filed a lawsuit against Clinton for improper dismissal. As part of this, during Clinton’s 1990 gubernatorial reelection campaign, Nichols claimed that the governor was using state funds to conduct affairs with five different women.”

    Even after there had been admission that there was no “conspiracy” and even after the actual source to the story was confirmed, even after boith Bill Clinton and Flower admitted it, Hillary verbal voodoo remained intact. She never apologized, and like an Energizer battery she kept on moving. Whenever she has been attacked that golem rises up and claim “conspiracy.” So, it’s time for reasoning and common sense to take control and a final exorcism the natural way-is long over due– hold her accountable to the letter of law and put a stop to this lunacy that has cost the taxpayer time and money.

  • Jim

    Cankles is scum. Mitchell is scum. mitchells hubby is BIG time scum.
    ALL need to be GONE..

  • Californiasailor

    A poor loser at best….oh wait….she is a lib-turd….is part of their way of life

  • 23cowboy

    We all need to yell, Put up evidence of a crime, or Shut Up, this fake news with fake reporters.

  • Don Liv

    No one really trusts anything the Clinton’s do or say.

  • rev_dave

    Awesome. Way to go, Hil-liar-y!

  • rev_dave

    BTW, did you guys out here notice that there don’t seem to be so many Dem trolls on the payroll lately? Perhaps it wasn’t ‘money well spent’?

  • Askjrsk

    Well it worked I don’t believe anything they say. Thanks for the confirmation. Andre Mitchell-didn’t she belong to a 1960’s era hard rock band? Green hair, lips and black hip high leather boots? I’d know her voice anywhere. Didn’t the lead singer commit suicide?

  • nick1111

    Murderous Killary must be locked forever

  • daledor

    Ho hummmm! Hillary will never admit that the reason she lost was that truth about her got out. She would never admit that it was not Russia, but those in America that spilled the beans to Wikileak.
    In Hillary’s warped mind convincing people to believe a lie is good and truth is bad because it gets in her way.
    How self centered is Hillary? She abuses her own staff.
    How wicked is Hillary? She will do anything for more money and power. Her ex body guard when Bill was Pres said how she went to a coven in California (witchcraft). Connections to PizzaGate and pedophilia. Gets excited looking at beautiful well busted women. Don’t get me started on the plethora of wicked offenses.

  • A patriot

    laws should try these left bastards and if guilty give them 20 years and strip them of all their wealth

  • Murphmeister

    The Russians may have loosely tried something but it amounted to little more than mischief. There is no evidence that Russians materially affected the religion. There is strong evidence that Hillary’s ignoring Wisconsin and Michigan and taking them for granted had a substantial impact on the electoral vote. The more Hillary blames the Russians the more the American people will close their minds on this whole Russian investigation.

  • Joe Samo

    Two things for certain are not fake news: Trump is our president, and Clinton is a criminal.

  • CJ

    I am so sick of the piece of garbage. She really needs to be put out of her misery

  • WeirOnlyHuman

    Hillary Clinton is a clear example of the moral degeneracy in some of the highest echelons of our government. These are the types of people who find their way to powerful positions and then enrich themselves and their family at taxpayers’ expense. During a saner time in our history this venal politician would be in federal prison instead of continually lying about her reasons for losing the presidency. Thank God that the decent people of this country came out in droves to put Donald Trump in the highest office in the land. We needed someone from outside the beltway to drain the swamp that has become synonymous with the establishment.

  • jesse

    It’s all a figment of deranged leftist psychosis! These old, mentally ill, self-loathing white leftists are a bigger threat to America than the Russians ever thought about being.

  • BRAIN S.

    Hillary is a genius. I am almost sorry that she did not win the elections. She has a great number of GOP members and a large section of the American security divisions convinced or in collusion with, her fabricated RUSSIANGATE THEORY. Obama jumped in by penalizing certain Russian Personnel before he left office( He is no innocent party ) to add fuel to the claim. The democrats created the problem with Ukraine, which resulted in the division of the country and the loss of Crimea, and it would only be a matter of time before their involvement would be uncovered.
    The DEMOCRATS having created the image of Russia to be that of an enemy, she utilized Trump’s public intention to be politically friendly as a weapon in her conspiracy theory. PUTIN’s was equally open in his preference of Trump as the America’s president and this played neatly into Hillary’s hand.
    EVEN the top TWO MEN in the world appear to be no match for cunning Hillary for she has AMERICA’S Government in turmoil, twisting and turning every available incident to her advantage.
    If Trump was not in the seat, no other GOP member would have survived this far.
    Can you imagine, the GOP has the majority in BOTH HOUSES, and a woman on the outside manipulating the procedures to the detriment of the PRESIDENT.?