MS-13 and Sex Predator Illegals Rounded Up Over Labor Day Weekend

Slew of gang-related arrests shows the border is still being infiltrated by Central American gangs…

Border Patrol Won't Turn Over Wanted Felons to Sanctuary Calif. Authorities(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) While millions of Americans celebrated Labor Day weekend, U.S. Customs and Border Protection was hard at work.

On Wednesday, the agency announced that it had arrested 12 gang members and three sexual predators since late last week — all of whom were illegal aliens.

The arrests occurred in the Rio Grande Valley, an area just over the southern border in Texas.

The slew of gang-related arrests shows the border is still being infiltrated by Central American gangs, a point President Donald Trump has repeatedly made.

In four separate incidents, agents assigned to one Border Patrol station in the Valley had apprehended four Salvadoran nationals identified as members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang — more commonly known as MS-13.


An unrelated arrest involved a Salvadoran female who was traveling with a child. Border agents confirmed that she had been previously arrested for assault, and that she was also an MS-13 gang member.

CBP agents managed to arrest another Salvadoran national near Mission, Texas, and a Guatemalan national near La Joya, Texas. Both of them were members of the infamous 18th Street gang.

At another location near Viboras, Texas, agents arrested yet another Salvadoran national. When they checked available records they were able to confirm that he is an MS-13 gang member.

CBP agents in Kingsville, Texas apprehended a group of five illegal aliens who were attempting to circumvent a checkpoint in nearby Sarita. During processing, agents noticed one of the subjects had several MS-13 affiliated tattoos. Record checks showed that he was a Salvadoran MS-13 gang member. 

Even more troubling, border agents in Rio Grande City arrested a Mexican national and determined the man was not only illegally in the country, but had been previously arrested and served time in jail for sexually assaulting a child.

A separate captured illegal alien was found to have served jail-time in Hudson County, New Jersey for sexually assaulting a minor.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, agents arrested a Somalian national at a traffic stop when they discovered he a prior arrest in Minnesota for 2nddegree illegal sexual contact.