Morning Joe: GOP Must Make ‘Full Capitulation to Nancy Pelosi’ on Debt

(Newsbusters) During a discussion on Monday’s Morning Joe about the upcoming debate in Congress over raising the debt ceiling, host Joe Scarborough and his entire panel of liberal journalists agreed that Republican leaders would have to make a “full capitulation to Nancy Pelosi” in order to increase the nation’s borrowing limit and overcome opposition from conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus.

The exchange began with Scarborough noting that President Trump has “a horrible calendar ahead of him” with “looming crises, legislative crises, coming up in September and October on the Hill.” USA Today Senior Politics Reporter Heidi Przybyla declared: “…there’s a whole faction in the House that is going to make this no easier on him than they did on President Barack Obama.” “This is how we spent the past five to eight years, Joe, was arguing over these spending bill increases, these so-called continuing resolutions, and that is what I would predict is that we’re going to have a food fight,” she added.

Later in the discussion, political analyst Mark Halperin proclaimed: “That’s why the most likely outcome is a full capitulation to Nancy Pelosi to let her get what she wants to raise the debt ceiling.”Scarborough agreed: “They are going to have to work with Democrats.”

Halperin went on to reiterate that the left’s demands were all that mattered on the issue: “The question isn’t, will the Freedom Caucus vote for a clean debt ceiling? They’re not going to be asked to. The question is, will the Democrat – what will the Democratic left demand Nancy Pelosi insist on to get her cooperation?”


Scarborough chimed in: “And which is why I said Donald Trump’s first call this morning needs to be Chuck Schumer. And they need to figure out how do they move forward and get 15, 20, 30 Democratic votes in a way that doesn’t sell out Donald Trump’s base.”…

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