More Than Immigration: Antifa Tied to Occupy ICE Protests

Organizations are fighting for a much darker ideological agenda under the guise of the immigration debate…

Communist Backed ANTIFA to Hold Uprisings on Nov 4 to Demand Removal of Trump

Photo by oinonio (CC)

(Capital Research Center) What began as a candlelight vigil outside of the Portland Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in response to the publicized zero-tolerance immigration policy has spiraled into a nation-wide protest in support of the illegal immigrants at the U.S. southern border.

These protests have cropped up in cities such as Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York as the outcry against the zero-tolerance policy grows louder and louder.

While the various opinions concerning the morality and legality of the current immigration policy are dividing our nation, no one is debating that these protestors have a First Amendment right to speak their minds.

However, the organizations and people behind these protests are fighting for a much darker ideological agenda under the guise of the immigration debate.

That fight is aimed directly at the very foundation of the United States.

The original Portland protest, Occupy ICE PDX, began through the combined efforts of Direct Action Alliance, the Portland Democratic Socialists of America, and the Portland General Assembly.

But the Direct Action Alliance and the Portland Democratic Socialists of America, have dark connections to antifascist organizations such as the left-wing, extremist group, Antifa.

While Direct Action Alliance does not have a website, their Facebook page heavily hints at their convoluted agenda to “respond to the rise of fascism in America.”


And this rise of fascism, according to Direct Action Alliance, seems to directly correlate with the presidency of Donald Trump.

For instance, their first profile picture was posted on November 12, 2016, only a few days after Trump’s unprecedented victory in the 2016 presidential election and suggested at a coming resistance movement…Original Source