Minister Doesn’t Want Amazon HQ if They Push LGBTQ Agenda

REV. MARK CREECH: ‘They could possibly bring considerable political leverage along with them…’

Amazon headquarters photo

Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle/Photo by kiewic (CC)

(Katie J. Read, Liberty Headlines) Twenty cities are vying to be selected by Amazon as the location for its second-headquarters.

The winning region would win 50,000 well-paying jobs and a $5-billion building, but one North Carolina pastor says the company’s presence in his state may do more to hurt than help.

Raleigh is among 11 cities on Amazon’s list of finalists that do not specifically prohibit discrimination of LGBTQ people.

Conservative Christian lobbyist Rev. Mark Creech, who directs public policy organization Christian Action League of North Carolina, said he thinks Amazon would push state lawmakers to enact laws that advance the LGBTQ agenda.

These laws, as Creech wrote in an article on his organization’s Web site last week, would “interfere with the free market, mandate the employment of homosexual and transgender persons in inappropriate occupations, undermine the rights of business to set dress and grooming standards, violate privacy and can lead to costly lawsuits against businesses.”

Creech explained that his concerns find their origin in the “No gay? No way!” movement based in Seattle, Washington, Amazon’s birthplace and primary headquarters location.

The initiative was launched earlier this month, and protests Amazon’s decision to consider placing its second headquarters in any state that does not specifically outlaw LGBTQ discrimination.

“It is shocking that Amazon would consider locating HQ2 with its over 50,000 employees in a state that doesn’t protect LGBT people or their families,” the organization’s website reads. “Amazon has been a champion for the LGBT community as early supporters of the Equality Act, backers of marriage equality campaigns, and active voices against legislation that discriminates against transgender people in states across the country.”

North Carolina was the target of LGBT radicals in 2016 who sought to coerce businesses to allow individuals to use restrooms and dressing facilities according to the genders they “identify” as, infringing the privacy rights of citizens.


While Creech expressed his concern that Amazon may bring what he sees as danger, he also said Christian Action League has not taken an official stance on Amazon’s potential landing in North Carolina.

“I’m just stating what the political landscape would be if they come,” he told The News and Observer of Raleigh. “Amazon is a huge corporation and it’s plausible to think that with as many jobs as they would bring, they could possibly bring considerable political leverage along with them.”