Immigration Watchdog: Migrants Waiting in Mexico for New U.S. Democrat President

‘Many are deciding to stay in Mexico for the next 10 months in a gambit that Trump will lose the election…’

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Immigrants attempt to scale the wall separating Tijuana fron San Diego. / IMAGE: CBS News via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Through strong negotiations with Mexico and tough internal immigration enforcement, President Donald Trump has ended the crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border, without help from Congress.

The Center for Immigration Studies warns, however, that Trump’s policies are a fragile patchwork that depend “almost entirely on political winds in other countries, especially Mexico,” and on who controls the White House.

Todd Bensman, national security fellow at CIS, visited the Guatemala–Mexico border from Jan. 8-18 to observe the situation on the ground.

“Few in the United States are giving the administration credit, but a great many migrants trapped along the Mexico–Guatemala blame President Donald Trump for their inability to reach the U.S. border,” Bensman said.


“Many are deciding to stay in Mexico for the next 10 months in a gambit that Trump will lose the election and Democrats will clear the path of his obstructions,” he said.  “They discovered what I did on this trip: under the Trump administration, the route to America is no longer wide-open.”

Mexico’s border with Guatemala is a chokepoint for Central American migrants who hope to gain easy access to America’s economy, stability and generous social services.

In 2018, nearly a million Central American migrants strolled across Mexico’s southern border, effectively guaranteeing their entrance into the United States.

But Trump convinced the Mexican president, under threat of economic tariffs, to guard both his nation’s southern border with Guatemala and northern border with America.

In addition, the Mexican president ordered soldiers to block caravans and forced migrants to either apply for legal residency in Mexico or be deported back to their country of origin.

Trump initiated the “Remain in Mexico” policy and derailed the flood of migrants seeking asylum who were being granted de facto amnesty upon entrance into America.

Then, Trump closed the loophole that allowed migrants who arrived with children to avoid arrest and gain immediate access into the interior of the United States.

Watch all of Bensman’s video report from Mexico’s southern border: