MICHAEL MOORE: Wealthy Aren’t ‘Self-Made’ if They Use City Water and Attended Public Universities

‘(Howard Schultz) has the people in New York and all these other cities delivering the water underground to him…’

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Rather than embrace his great American success story, filmmaker and avowed socialist Michael Moore tore into Starbucks founder Howard Schultz Thursday night during an interview on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Moore, himself a multi-millionaire, took issue with Schultz’s use of the term “self-made.”

“I’m a self-made billionaire,” he recently said when announcing his 2020 presidential campaign.

A lifelong Democrat, Schultz is running for president as an Independent because he says the Democratic Party has become too radical and left-wing.


Although he takes progressive social positions, his main message is for Democratic constituents to embrace upward mobility without destroying the economy through harmful socialist policies.

Schultz even touts growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. public housing projects to make the point that if he can do it, others can too.

But Moore wasn’t having it. He told Meyers that Schultz couldn’t be self-made because public housing “is a form of socialism.”

“He even went to a public university. He went to Northern Michigan University, actually,” Moore said, insinuating that attendance at a publicly funded university negates Schultz’s success story.

“And then he sells coffee, which is essentially water, using city water systems,” Moore continued. “He has the people in New York and all these other cities delivering the water underground to him.”

“You got to be a billionaire because we’re paying for the water!” Moore said.

Since his announcement, Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans have been hysterical at the prospect that a third party candidacy could syphon votes away from the eventual Democratic nominee and lead to President Trump’s reelection.

Schultz has been viciously attacked as a result. He admitted to being “freaked out’” by Democratic backlash in a recent FOX News interview, and said he is already rethinking his 2020 effort.

Meyers asked Moore about his plan to keep Schultz from running.

“Well, my idea, first of all, is none of us should go to Starbucks until he announces he’s not running,’ Moore said.

A Starbucks boycott could be devastating, especially as the business has cultivated a social justice-oriented image, even waging a campaign for baristas to talk about racism with customers.

Moore went on to say, “I love the idea of just outlawing billionaires,” which he called “immoral.”

Moore drove home his Marxist philosophy by taking aim at the American bootstrap ethos of hard work and upward mobility — the very path of his own success.

“This myth that we were raised on, the Horatio Alger story that anyone can make it in America. That anyone can be a millionaire, that anyone can be president of the United States, well we know that’s not true,” he said, receiving applause.

“The Howard Schultzes and the Michael Bloombergs, they better get a clue because they are tone deaf to the fact that people have had it,” Moore continued.

“That’s why people support taxing the rich. They see other countries have free healthcare,” he said. “We’ve got some good candidates running and some of them are running on this.”