Miami Rescinds Sanctuary Status; Thugs Rounded Up, Detained

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Miami-Dade County became the first major jurisdiction to reverse its sanctuary city immigration policy this year, and now Mayor Carlos Gimenez says, “I think that what we are doing here in Miami-Dade County is the right thing to do—upholding the law—but also protecting our citizens.”

Miami Rescinds Sanctuary Status; Thugs Rounded Up, Detained

Dana Perino & Carlos Gimenez/IMAGE: FoxNews

On Fox News’ “The Story with Martha McCallum,” Gimenez told guest host Dana Perino about his county’s improvement after agreeing to President Donald Trump’s request to end sanctuary cities. A letter from the Justice Department said there is no evidence Miami-Dade is out of compliance with federal law, so the county received $480,000 in federal funds, according to the Miami Herald.

“I don’t think there are too many people in America that would want some of these individuals that we have picked up, with the charges that they’ve been picked up on, to be part of our society,” Gimenez told Perino. “For that, we will now be eligible again to receive the federal funds that we’ve had in the past.”

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Gimenez said the grant money has allowed Miami-Dade to become the largest jurisdiction in which all officers wear body cameras.

“It’s very important that we receive these funds in order to enhance the safety of our citizens here in Miami-Dade,” he said.

Gimenez said this has not substantially changed how the county’s police operates:

“We really only had about 500 detainer requests from ICE since we changed the policy back in late January. Seventy-five percent of those folks that have a detainer request are multiple offenders, repeat offenders, and ICE has really only picked up less than 200 of them, so we’re really not talking about a large number.”

“ICE already had them on their radar before we arrested them, and so we arrest them, we process them like any other person here in Miami-Dade County gets processed and then ICE tells us that they have interest and then they come and pick them up within 48 hours.”

Perino asked if any other mayors had talked with him about his county’s experience.

“No, not really. I think I’m one of the few big city mayors. I’m also a non-partisan post. Maybe a lot of the party politics is playing into this and so they haven’t reached out to me.”

Mayor Carlos Gimenez discusses Miami-Dade’s immigration policies with Dana Perino: