Melt Down over Trump Immigration Comment, ‘S%*thole Countries’

“A lot of this name calling is just a distraction as the President has done on other issues…”

(NY Daily News) Social media erupted Thursday after President Trump slammed protections for immigrants from “s–thole countries” in the Caribbean and Africa, while some leaders chose to ignore his controversial remarks.

“Why are we having all these people from s–thole countries come here?” the President reportedly griped during an Oval Office meeting Thursday afternoon.

Advocacy group leaders called Trump’s comments “racist” but chose not to focus on his latest attack on immigrants.

“How does one even react to that?” said Ninaj Raoul, co-founder of Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees (HWHR,) told the Daily News Thursday…

U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland condemned Trump’s “unforgivable” statement, calling it a “demeaning of the office of the Presidency. I will always fight for the vulnerable among us and against bigotry in all its forms,” he said on Twitter.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California joined the chorus of lawmakers who denounced Trump’s remarks.

*** MORE PROFANITY COVERAGE at Liberty Headlines **

“It’s not often you can say this, but it would be better for our national security if the President of the United States watched cartoons every morning. (Or anything, for the matter, other than Fox News.)”

Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. said, “Once again, @POTUS has made a fool of himself & our nation on a worldwide stage. He’s showing his bigoted tendencies in ways that would make Archie Bunker blush. White House statement makes it even more obvious that this President needs some help — what a national disgrace!”…

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  • metalchristian

    These places ARE shitholes. Let’s be honest here…

    • Askjrsk

      Shitholes they are. I got censored using that term.

      • Arizona Don

        Try outhouses means the same thing almost.

        • Askjrsk

          Thanks. I typed in in without thinking how sensitive, and how easily offended LIBERTY HEADLINES is. They are no good for the real world. Thanks again.

          • Arizona Don

            I know they are idiots

    • Daniel Softcheck

      As is the the once great state of Illinois, where dickwad Durbin resides

      • Matt B

        Sections of Chicago are $potholes for sure. Nice work Durbin.

      • Arizona Don

        Chicago is a two holler.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      So why don’t you move there and help them rise above that? Did you go to Haiti to help those who were suffering after that massive earthquake?More than likely you did not. You need to start having some compassion toward people. I see the word “christian” is in your name on here. Do you know what that word actually means? It means to be “Christ-like”. You need to remember that Jesus told his disciples that the “poor you will always have”. You don’t go around calling other countries s***holes.

      • Arizona Don

        Thanks to bill clinton the people of Haiti never got any of that money.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          The earthquake happened in 2010! Bill Clinton was NOT president at that time. At least my diocese raised money to help these people. My suffragan bishop and his wife went to Haiti to help these people. The Episcopal church has a cathedral there.

          • Arizona Don

            Come on of course he was not president then. BUT he was put in charge of overseeing the money distribution. Lots of people wanted to help those poor people. I donated 500.00 to that cause and none of the money ever got where it was supposed to go. Again thanks to clinton!

          • Larry Huff

            Liar, you don’t have $500.

        • Larry Huff

          Prove it!

      • Kris Kristian

        Do you now which country send field hospitals, and helped people after the quake?
        It IS ISRAEL
        what do you have to say about that?

    • Arizona Don

      True. However, I’m not certain he said that. So much is coming out about hillary’s collusion with Russia and her attempt to do to President Trump what the DNC did to bernie sanders. hillary paid for the phony dossier and it was used to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. So they had to do something to change the subject so the media did not advertise what is happening on the hillary and DNC collusion.

      If you have watched Hannity the past couple nights you will understand.

  • James G. Mothes

    Sometimes the truth hurts!!

    • rennyangel2

      Let the lefty snowflakes melt down and vanish like the Wicked Witch of the West. None of the “melters” vacation in Haiti, Zimbabwe, Chad, Bangladesh, or other failing or failed nations. Under the rootofallevil Clintons, we poured Millions and Millions into Haiti to what result? The US Const. doesn’t demand we allow any immig. at all, if we don’t want. And if these “nations” and their stooges are upset, let them send their sick and criminal to India or China or NK to take care of.

      • MajorPain

        Millions and Millions into their own Pockets the housing they built looked like a Shed with TY-VEC walls and a Tin roof no windows and they didn’t build a whole lot of them with the millions and millions they say they spent.

        • Matt B

          Most of this type of outreach is about funneling money into supporter or donor pockets. Can anyone name a country that has escaped 3rd world status due to our $Billions?

          • rennyangel2

            Good question, but Israel is a winner, and prob. Egypt, maybe the Saudis if we ignore their domestic Islam (they at least have never come out ag. us), out of all the TRILLIONS sent to the ME since the 30s and oil.

          • MajorPain

            The United Nations is the WORST example of wasted money I can think of Trillions wasted and still going on people are still starving need Medical attention,Housing,clean water. Human suffering Creates Greed in a lot of cases barely $ .05 of every dollar is used to help the needy and if they actually $.90 of the dollars given to them there wouldn’t be any needy especially if they got rid of some of the Sh thole leaders that steal the very food out their peoples mouths the world would be better off.

      • Carolann Enkhaus

        actually thats not true as while the clintons collected millions for haiti they kept most of that for themselves

        • chuckster

          I heard that the governor and the mayor got a new home and that was how the Clintons spent the money that was obtained. They got something like 4 or 5 hundred million and the two houses they built were probably around 100,000 that would be a mansion over there

          • Arizona Don

            I know and I personally contributed 500.00.

          • Larry Huff


    • hunter34

      he called these countries what they are if he in fact did say that

      • Matt B

        Its a term for cultures where you pee in a trench in front of your shack and go #2 in a hole behind your shack.. And you see no reason to upgrade that type of sanitation system even though everyone tells you its going to kill your family. And all your neighbors think the same way. And your government is no help. You certainly can’t call it paradise. Something like parasite might work.

        • Matt B

          Did I forget to mention that when it rains, the hole behind your shack overflows and the water runs into and around your shack

    • kbfallon

      I don’t have a problem with it!

    • wizardofparagon

      These people supposedly fled their country in fear for their lives, now their offended because Trump called them names?

    • Robert Kahlcke

      The truth will set you free.


    Nothing racist in calling Sh*thole a sh*thole country.

    Said not one derogatory word about anyone.

    Though he could have mentioned what Hellary and Slick Willie did to the Haitians

    • robert konya

      you got that right crooket hitler clinton stole 1 billion$ from hati..


        How quickly the liberal loonies forget

      • kbfallon

        I need to see her/bill’s slush fund FROZE and the money dispersed to the ones who it was fraudulently obtained from. Leave them with what money they can earn going forward.

        • Joshua West

          Most likely the recent fire at The Clinton’s farmhouse was used to destroy incriminating evidence … so insurance fraud… Yeah Clinton’s the advocates for themselves only never has there roamed a more selfish fake couple… with a daughter that’s not even Bill’s…

      • Farte’

        Trump calls them sheet-holes and the left has a meltdown. The Clintons steal their relief money and you can hear a pin drop.

  • Carmella

    Again, Trump was elected because he speaks the truth. We will become a =×@#hole country if we continue to bring in so many people from “#!÷hole countries. Who with a brain doesn’t perceive that? Go Trump! Make America Great Again!

    • Mark Thomas

      Yes, and then the politically correct drones in Congress, who have learned nothing about why Trump was elected, swoon and start hyperventilating, It is so predictable. FYI Congress, and all drones in Washington DC, yes these are sh…hole countries.

    • Philip Armstrong

      Same type of people turned our once great cities into cesspools.

      • parthenon1

        How do Snow Flakes identify cesspools from swimming pools ? they are told which is which by CNN ( secret they dont know either )

        • Kris Kristian

          excellent comment

          Does the witch, Hillary have shares in CNN
          What has she paid the CNN announcer to destroy Trump?
          CNN is the most despicable news station.

        • goodnessalwayswins

          You all are the sheep who follow and do nothing but follow the alt right.

          They can obviously and indisputably lie in front of you and you don’t have the guts to admit it.

          • Daniel Softcheck

            And guess you follow Pocahontas snowflake…

          • goodnessalwayswins

            No. Because Warren didn’t have the guts to support Bernie. So she’s a fake in a big enough way to not support her, or she’s too weak or something like that.
            She alone could’ve made the difference between Bernie being President right now and what happened.

            I’m a Bernie supporter and I hope he runs in 2020 because although he’s not perfect no one is perfect and he seems to care more than anyone about people who need it most. He puts people who need help most first on his agenda and doesn’t lie about helping them like the Repubs do. Repubs say they care but vote only for the rich, they’re a good ole boys club that doesn’t care about anyone but the wealthy when it comes to their votes.

            Bernie could run in 2020 and the msm kept saying he’s too old but never once did they say that about Biden who’s only ONE year younger than him. And the Dems might try to run Biden in 2020 too. And even tho he’s pretty old, so was Reagan and Trump and there’s alot of older people still in congress. Plus if something happens to him we’ll have a great vice president become president because Bernie would not pick someone who’s not that great.

            And everyone is gonna say he’s a commie but there’s a HUGE difference between a socialist and a communist and the roots of both are to make sure all people get housing and other necessities, communism just went very wrong in practice. It was not supposed to turn out that way. Just like our economic system has gone very wrong in practice and never was supposed to turn out that way. And Democratic socialism which is what Bernie is, is not even socialism, it’s more like our system but I don’t really know alot about it. All I know is that Bernie walks his talk with his vote and although he’s not perfect he’s better than anyone I can remember in my lifetime. Because he really seems to REALLY care and he wants fairness and a good life for everyone, especially people who aren’t doing well. 😍

          • Rich McIntyre

            Bernie would ruin this country. No boarders and “free stuff” for everyone. But just who is going to pay for it? Seriously how can this country of 320 million do what he wants? I would like he see an intelligent comment.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            Well the tax bill that’s giving about 83 percent of the benefits it causes to the top one percent of our wealthiest is probably costing us as much. And they’re not really sure where they’re going to get the money to pay for that. Bernie is really good at finding ways to get the money for his plans and I don’t remember exactly where he said he would get it from but it sounded like a good commonsense solution. That’s why they made him chairperson of 2 Democratic Senate committees, because he’s good at things like that. When he was in the House of reps he got the most amendments passed of everyone there, all 400 something of them. So he’s very good at working with people and making deals to get things done.

            Personally I think a tax on stock market transactions is a great idea. The only reason they go untaxed is because the congress is bought and sold to the wealthy if the country. Why wouldn’t they get taxed, instead of something poor people buy getting taxed.

            When I went on a tour of the UN in new York in 2011 or 12 one of the things the tour guide told us was that one half of one percent of the planets military budget would feed every starving child on the planet. You know our priority should be on feeding the hungry and trying alot harder for peace by having much more peace talks and education rather than using killing and war that is the worst thing possible for anyone.

            I think Bernie said recently something like the money the tax bill will need to pay for it could have stopped child hunger for sure in this country.

            The problem is not that we don’t really have the money to help poor people, the problem is that congress puts the money into the wealthys pockets again and again and again. And it’s mostly the Republicans who do it worse. But they have fooled u all so much with their talking points that u totally believe them no matter what they do.

            Yes the msm is corrupt but the alt right is WORSE. Although I agree the alt right is right about some things the msm is wrong about, generally the alt right is way crueler and more corrupt.

            I don’t feel like trying to find the evidence of how Bernie had said he would pay for it now but u could try googling it. It was workable it sounded to me.

            I see that one of the ways they have u really fooled is they’ve made u believe that u don’t deserve help from the government. Don’t u believe that it’s governments job to make sure everyone is doing well? Well in our dog eat dog economy often many people need help from the government and NO ONE SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED ABOUT IT. Because the companies are so totally greedy and unfairly selfish that they will not pay decent wages or give benefits unless they’re forced to basically. Government has to force them to or everyone but the owners will not be doing ok. Also government has to force them to not polluted our planet or they would just to make their selfish selves richer. But the talking points of small versus big government and the Puritan and puritanical value system of it’s great to be independent, we should always do everything ourself, we shouldn’t need or don’t deserve help from anyone especially the government is another huge talking point the Republicans use to make u not care whether the government helps u or not even when u don’t have enough money to have adequate food, medicine or other things. That’s included in the “no free stuff” no freeloading talking point and belief.

            Really if u really think honestly about it WE DESERVE FREE STUFF. Really it is true that money is the root of evil because if the world had the guts to get rid of money we could all just help each other like they used to do in the barn building days. We could be there for each other and just make sure we’re all doing ok and well instead of the opposite. Competition being the greatest thing on Earth is another talking point. It’s actually competition in business instead of community, instead of people helping each other that’s hurting the world so much. That’s different from healthy competition rather than business monopoly, which is a good thing.

            I know it sounds crazy but it would be best if we all got everything for free because if we get rid of money in as many ways as we can we can relax more and focus more on getting wise and having better relationships, spending more time with our families and getting back to helping and trusting each other again instead of participating in a rat race that life never really was ever supposed to be about.

            I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting things for free unless someone is not doing their fair share of the work that needs to be done. Everyone probably should be forced to do their fair share, but only if that’s really fair to them. But I think it’s good and not shameful at all for our government to give us all a home and healthcare and education and whatever else that a person should always have in this world for free.

            If u dare to think out if the box instead of thinking like a sheep and going along with what we have just because we’ve had it for so long im sure you’ll agree.

          • Lynn Salton

            Hey Rick… learn the difference between boarder and border. You’re about as smart as the uneducated people from s#!t hole countries that Trump doesn’t want.

          • james

            Your vision has been tried before many times. Government can not provide all people housing and other necessities. The key to understanding why, is to remember that government doesn’t generate capitol. Taking care of people costs money, if you don’t generate income through some means, (labor, service, product, invention etc.) your income options are convincing others to give to you or talking it.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            James that’s not true at all. Alot of countries that are way poorer than us provide housing and medical care for their people. In fact the amount of money it will take to pay for the tax bill that gives 83 percent of it’s money benefits to the top one percent of our richest people is going to cost so much that u could probably feed all our starving children on the amount of money it will cost. No joke. And that’s the Republican agenda.

            James they have u very fooled so that u won’t speak up and cause a problem, so that u will keep supporting the Republicans who are giving away all our money to the rich. And now under the guise of revamping social security and the other entitlements that help the poor they will take away more help and pretend to you that they are doing the opposite.

            I don’t blame u for not having the courage to believe it because you’ve been so fooled by the establishment for so long but that is the truth. I can only hope one day that u will see the truth.

            Take care, Anna

          • Mikial

            Please enlighten us to just which part of this is a lie? It’s the Liberals and their pet media who are the authors of lies these days. So either you are incredibly naive, or you’re following the discussion points they provided to you.

          • Lynn Salton

            …and Faux and Breitbarf and the rest of the right / alt-right media are any different?

          • goodnessalwayswins

            Hi. Which part of what is a lie?

            I would say that as far as the media goes sometimes the msm is lying and usually the alt right is lying and it’s not so simple like ones always right and the others always wrong. To figure out what the truth is u sometimes have to do alot of footwork and sometimes it’s not always possible to find it out.

            As the old saying goes “it’s not who’s right, it’s what’s right”. U can’t really wholeheartedly depend on any media source unfortunately. I think that we’ve only been getting half the news, partial or half truths, and possibly some outright lies from all news sources.

            The really important news we often don’t get, especially world news. And the whole way we hold our political discourse is not helpful, it ends up being completely he said she said instead of a discussion where we figure out together what’s right from what’s wrong. I’m actually developing a class on the subject. There are a whole lot of changes we could very easily make which would really help us get on the right path with politics alot.

      • goodnessalwayswins

        So tell me when our cities were greater than they are now. I think it’s not true that they were. Things were not that great back in time as far as I know. Although the extreme poverty and safety problems are terrible now they were probably terrible then too and worse.

    • Matt B

      I would rather our leader spoke the truth then teleprompter BS

      • larry harvey

        Your leader (he’s not mine) doesn’t know how to speak the truth.

        • Scot House

          Yeah he does Larry. I do also cause you are one dumb motherfawker

          • goodnessalwayswins

            The fact that all u have to say is a meaningless insult means you’re wrong because you don’t have anything accurate to say that proves your point so you stoop to mindless bullying.

          • Daniel Softcheck

            Please move to Canada snowflake

          • goodnessalwayswins

            This comment means u can’t handle constructive criticism and instead are giving up and just saying get away from me because u don’t want to try and deal with the truth.

        • Rudy Rude

          Haha truth hurts you little liberal commie snowflake ha ha now melt away ha ha so so funny

          • goodnessalwayswins

            Yes it’s good when someone is themself instead of being a drone of their advisors and the teleprompter but what’s WORSE than being a drone is going so wrong that you do great harm to the world. The harm Trump is doing to the world because he’s being himself is worse than if he was a mindless tool of whoever.

            That’s because you all chose to vote for him when you knew he said unbelievably not ok things like Ted Cruzs dad killed Kennedy and McCain is a loser because he was captured by the enemy.

            The lack of commonsense
            that you’ve used that caused you to elect Trump instead of voting for Bernie, a person who obviously understood right from wrong, has commonsense and a head on his shoulders and REALLY cares about the poor and other cultures unlike Don Trump is unbelievable.

            You had a great candidate like Bernie right in front of you and had to vote for someone with violent tendencies like Don Trump.

            Now Trump’s wanting more “usable nuclear weapons”. If he kills innocent people with them, and he could because he is not doing well emotionally, it’s obvious it’s partly your fault because even at this point you’re still defending him and it’s very obvious to anyone who is WILLING to see that he is not truthful and is racist and is very unfair to those less fortunate than himself.

            Your foolish pride in not admitting he’s wrong no matter WHAT he does is not something to be proud of. It’s actually a big lack of courage and the willingness to admit it when you’re wrong.

            No doubt, just like he said, if he stood in the middle of the road shooting down innocent people you would make some excuse up for it and act like he did nothing wrong. And you’re not being a friend to Trump to keep wrongly defending him. Friends don’t let friends go wrong. You’re letting us all down with your foolish pride.

            You all also have foolish pride on the racism issue. How would you like it if someone called the country your family came from a shole country. At least have the guts to admit it’s not ok to insult a whole country. Power and money is not everything. Greatness is not all about money or power. It’s about CARING and all people are amazing once you get to know them.

            Until you have friends of another race you don’t really know the other race and people tend to see the negatives way more in a type of people they don’t try to be friends with. All groups have positives and negatives and it’s a huge terrible negative on the white race that so many whites choose to not care about those less fortunate than themselves. And choose to believe that money and power equals success and greatness. And that’s putting it lightly.

          • Daniel Softcheck

            Where did phony Bernie get $600,000.00 to buy a summer house….you are to be pitied you lemming

          • goodnessalwayswins

            He’s not poor, he’s been in congress and a mayor for thirty years and he probably doesn’t spend a ton plus his wife works so he probably saved his money. Don’t act like he didn’t deserve that. Do u know how much hard work running for President is and how much stress? I hope your not acting like he doesn’t deserve that. I doubt it’s legal for him to use campaign funds for that so I doubt he did. His whole point is that EVERYONE deserves that kind of money not just SOME people. His point never was that no one deserves to be rich !!!!!!

            I know u don’t want to believe it but u Repubs are totally tricked by the Repub politicians. They say they care about poor people but they JUST DON’T VOTE THAT WAY. I’m sorry, you’re going to have to admit you’ve been wrong but that’s actually a good thing.

            Bernie votes the way he talks, he’s not a faker. I know it’s really hard for you to believe any politician is for real, you’ve been fooled for so long by the corrupt establishment that you’ve become jaded. I don’t blame u for being skeptical but for heaven’s sake have what it takes to admit Trump should not be in office, should be impeached, and try to admit that there’s hope that SOME politicians CAN be at least partially goodness and alot mean well but just have been going wrong for one reason or another.

            Unfortunately the Democratic establishment is very bad too tho not as bad as the Repubs but don’t lose hope, it’s all a matter of degree and of improving things by not putting up with wrongdoing. Things can be improved, the me too movement proves it.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            And also it really shows clearly how jaded and I don’t mean this as an insult – hopeless feeling u Repubs are. Truth is both Repubs and Dems are extremely jaded about politics to the degree that u all have given up hope that ANY politician can REALLY CARE EVER!!!

            No one can blame u, things have been that bad. But I understand the truth is that politics doesnt have to be corrupt. And I believe Bernie is a great first step because I believe he REALLY TRULY DOES CARE. Btw the truth that u all are feeling hopeless is shown by the fact that u called him a phony and I hear that out of yr mouths aLOT.

            Unfortunately most Repubs are probably pretty phony and so are Dems a good part of the time. I’m not sure how phony Bernie is but I believe he really means what he says and what he says is way better than what most Dems say and a trillion times more caring than what most Repubs say.

            And he walks his talk, unlike the Repubs do when it comes to acting for the poor and middle class instead of against us.

          • larry harvey

            Rude-Anybody, including an 8 year old can throw insults around. When you do you make it clear you are unable to make a point (assuming you even have one) using facts and reason. You also make it clear that you don’t even know what a “commie” is. We are going to around a long time and your kind will get an unpleasant jolt come November.

        • goodnessalwayswins

          Larry u and others like us deserve a whole lot of credit because we come here to the land of Wrong and try to help people see

          • Rudy Rude

            Too much time on your hands Bizzoro

    • larry harvey

      Carmellla–Trump couldn’t speak the truth if he tried. He breaks his own record for his lies. (i.e. the claim he and his enterprises won’t benefit from the billionaire tax give way. LOL).

      • blogengeezer

        Do you have any realization of sustainable socioeconomics? What education system left out the most important element of organism survivable ambiance?

        The ‘Profit’ motivation drives even your own human cell reproduction system. Without profit, your body would not even exist.

        Profit funds, plants, grows, distributes, markets every vegetable, every protein, every textile of this great nation.

        Profit puts food into the stores that sell [for a profit] every consumable item of nourishment and clothing that you yourself require for a decent, affordable life.

        Profit builds and fuels vehicles, drives the industry that removes the past labor intensity of manual sacrifice formerly required pre-industrial revolution.

        Earth population following industrialization, has increased over eight fold btw. Only possible by Profit.

        Profit. What education system leaves out the most important concept of existence ever realized?… absolutely mandatory.

        • larry harvey

          Blogengeezer–Profit is the life blood of capitalism. Profit is the motivation for creativity. I total agree. Anyone who would compare the economies of West Germany and East Germany prior to unification or No. Korea and So Korea today, would know this. I have written before that I believe capitalism is superior to socialism. My only point is that Capitalism must not be allowed to run amok because when it does disaster results. Also that the government must never turn its back on the needs of its people. The Preamble to our Constitution spells out the purposes of government and one of them is “to promote the general welfare”.

          • Arizona Don

            People who depend on government never prosper. They barely survive unless they somehow game the system.

        • larry harvey

          Scot House–You define “dumb” as any one who disagrees with you. By your definition probably 3/4 of the country, including many of its brightest minds, would be “dumb”.

      • Arizona Don

        Well list some of them! Or are you lying.

        • larry harvey

          Arizona-It is very easy to find Trump’s lies. Since there are so many, it would take a very long time to list them. Here are a few; Mexico is going to pay for his wall; Obama was not born in the U.S.; Obama bugged the Trump Tower; The crowd at Trump’s inauguration was the largest in history; Trump and his enterprises will not benefit from the recently passed Republican tax give away to billionaires; and most recently his attempt to pull away from his vulgar and racist statements about Haiti and African nations. Each passing day will lead to fresh new lies.

          • Arizona Don

            How do you know Mexico is not going to pay for the wall it is not even built yet. Furthermore, paying for the wall does not have to happen immediately but at some point it may happen even is it is taken out of assistance we give them. Mexico gets considerable help from the US like so many countries in Europe do.

            No one knows for sure where Obama was born and yes the birth certificate was altered that can be proven and if it ever got to court it would be proven. Also IT HAS been proven there was electronic spying going on in the Trump Tower. If you did not only watch the main stream media you would know that. Perhaps the crowd at the inaugural was the biggest no one knows that for sure either. The people were not counted. That is an unprovable statement that a picture cannot prove because it depends on when the picture was taken much like the picture of the stadium at a rally recently.

            Hopefully everyone benefits from the recent tax cuts. Just what is wrong with that? I suspect you will as well and that is good. Many Americans work very smart and hard to become rich and then if they do you think they should be punished for that? Sick! Making the rich poor does not make the poor rich! You should know that without being told.

            Finally if he even made such a statement which is questionable at least. Many present have said they did not hear such a statement and other have said Durbin lied when he said it and since he said Trump said it several times and no one else heard it it is not likely Trump said it. Even if he did all he did was state the truth because that is exactly what they are. You made a lot of accusations here none however, are provable lies.

          • Larry Huff

            The wall will not be built, Boris.

          • Arizona Don

            Oh, it will be built you can count on that! It will be built under budget and ahead of time. Like most everything else he does. You are correct to fear Trump because he will give you progressive socialists just enough rope to hang yourself. To bad the democrats party was once a good party back in the Kennedy days.

          • Larry Huff

            It will not be built as congress will be controlled by Dems later this year.

            Trump lost by 3 million votes and has no power in REAL America.

          • larry harvey

            Arizonia-I am amused as you try to defend the undefendable. Mexico is a sovereign nation. Trump has no authority over it. Trump’s disrespectful condescending attitude toward that country has angered it, and it’s president has told him to go to h-ll. Short of war and conquest, Mexico is NOT going to pay for his stupid wall no matter what Trump does. Obama was born in Hawaii and even Trump has stopped lying about this. Obama’s birth certificate, in spite of endless lies to the contrary, was proven valid. As further proof Obama’s name was even listed in the roll of new births in the local newspaper the day after he was born.. On the bugging question, the FBI investigated Trump’s charge and publicly announced there was no bugging of his Trump Tower. Trump never offered the slightest evidence to back up his lie. On the inaugural issue, pictures of the crowd were taken when he was sworn in, they showed the area only half filled. These pictures were compared with earlier inaugural crowds which were much larger. As to the tax give away bill, I and many like me will pay more taxes because i have been pushed into a higher bracket and I will lose many of my deductions. The slight crumbs given to others are temporary. On the other hand large tax cuts given to billionaires and big corporations are permanent. A number of people heard Trump’s racial statements and he was admonished even by some Republicans.Trump has given aid and comfort to police brutality against blacks and has reversed Obama’s policies to deal with this problem. Besides being racist, Trump and is policies are homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic. He is narrow minded, tribal, impulsive, egotistical and shallow.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Trump doesn’t know HOW to speak the truth. You are so brainwashed into believing his lies. Our own country was founded by immigrants. Did your ancestors come from one of these s***hole countries? My ancestors came from the British Isles, Denmark and Germany. I hope Trump fails.

      • Carmella

        Kathryn has deep seated father issues, like all raging leftists.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          Carmella, Trump would even know what the truth is because he wasn’t taught it. I don’t have and “deep seated father issues”. Trump would not know how to speak the truth even if he tried. He will benefit from the billionaire tax give away. The rest of us won’t benefit. The guy always lies and you can’t see it. You are so blind to it.

          • blogengeezer

            Leave behind the blind socialist viewpoint for a few minutes. Do you have any concept on the numbers of people, working class humanity, that the Trump enterprises, [Investor profit oriented btw], support? SEIU alone is extremely large in numbers.

            Take a wild guess. Any guess would be far more accurate than the ‘education’ your are receiving from the political agenda, now struggling to once again re-invent history. The Frankfurt School, if you care to research.

            The socioeconomic concept that you have been convinced to follow… with great naivete, has directly resulted in the deaths, misery of millions of souls throughout the history of the entire world.

          • larry harvey

            biogegeezer–How many people did Trump and his enterprises fail to pay? How many times were his enterprises in bankruptcy, and how many people were cheated by his phony Trump University?

          • blogengeezer

            As in all enterprises, from the local deli, to the great manufacturing firms and service organizations thorough history… Governments included, any negatives [negatives are ‘always’ present] are far more outweighed by the productive positives, ongoing as well as future.

            The exact same questions could be asked of the Clinton ‘philanthropy’, the Soros ‘Progressive’ philanthropy, and any number of leftists of global interests ‘philanthropy’… a very profitable, tax exempt status btw..

            Then we begin to add in the unfathomable numbers of actual misery and death from the Leftist Frankfurt School mantra of ‘Fairness and Equality’, followed in blind obedience by the masses. Those of proletariat classification that are ‘promised’ in exchange for that obedience, loss of Individual Freedom [never mentioned], an unsustainable… utopian existence for all.

            One only need note the UN associated Liberal Leftists conversion of formerly prosperous Rhodesia, into the —hole of Zimbabwe.

            The conversion of formerly prosperous Venezuela, into the —-hole of modern ‘Progressive’ Venezuela.

            The UN ‘attempted’ conversion of Rwanda, a formerly orderly and acceptably governed country, into five solid months of Muslim Hutu inspired ‘cleansing’ [funded and directed by UN interests] insanity of horrors inflicted on the lighter skinned, taller and more prosperous Christian Tutsis.

            The sexual mutilations and tortures inflicted on the Tutsi, targeted especially females, ending only in the return of ex patriot Tutsi Christians from Uganda. With lots of Russian AK -47s. So much for being disarmed ….for Safety..

            To even think of comparing one mans profit oriented, [overall beneficial to mankind’s collective life], the ups and downs, highlighting Only the negatives, exhibits a lack of history awareness. Or far worse, a direct political attack to achieve a goal.

            The blame is rightfully placed onto the current govt education system, which conveniently and profitably is ‘fairness and equality’ Frankfurt Schooled from conception… by agenda..

          • xenonman

            The unfortunate truth is that Trump is absolutely correct. Haiti, in particular, has been a cesspool since its highly touted (among the PC) “independence” in 1804. It survived as long as it did, because the Duvalier clan were smart enough to line up as anti-Communist during the Cold War, while they plundered the country of what little wealth there was. Zaire/Congo was another example. Once the Cold War ended, the kleptocrat Mobutu was no longer useful to the US, and his plundered country fell apart!

          • Blogengeezer

            As the Congo was falling into fragmentation, an associate that had worked for their government, realized the disaster looming.

            He sent his family out clandestinely and was prepared to follow. The Government forces in control realized his value in maintaining the economic structures of financial business and immediately assigned a 24-7 guard detail to be with him as he worked daily.

            The final straw in his distressing daily life was when he desired a portion of meat, protien for his steadily deteriorating diet.

            One guard took him to the ‘market’, where the choices consisted of war victims, children’s limbs…., “more tender” he was told.

            He then set upon a plan to confiscate enough funds through deceitful financial transactions, to bribe his guards, pay the pilot and rent the plane to fly him to safety.

            He was still, having no passport, attempting to locate his family abroad, where we met on the job sites.

            —-holes with a capital S.
            The globalist centered Liberal Leftist powers that be, across the USA today, would prefer nothing less than that ‘conflict’ of interest scenario, to make everything ‘Fair and Equal’.

          • Arizona Don

            Well if he tells so many lies give us a short list say about 50.

            You need to stop watching MSNBC or CNN.

          • Kris Kristian


          • Kathryn Jordan


          • Daniel Softcheck

            So sensative snowflake

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I am not being sensitive. I am a TOUGH TIGER! I don’t care if you call me a snowflake; it won’t hurt me. Just makes you look stupid.

          • Daniel Softcheck

            I may be stupid by your definition but betting I have higher education than you…and a lot more common sense…

          • Kathryn Jordan

            And such a jackass who has to be so crude as to call people names. I realize I was when I called you one. But, my way to get back at you.

          • Kathryn Jordan


          • Arizona Don

            Well go ahead and watch what ever you want. Quite frankly I don’t care how stupid you sound.

            By the way where is the list of lies. Or don’t you know of any.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            Try Ted Cruzs dad shot Kennedy. You must be morally not ok to act like anyone who said that should be allowed to be President.

            There’s that one and that one, like so many of his other wrong ideas or lies, (whichever is the truth about them), is the only one that someone with good judgement should need to say that anyone who would say that should never have power.

          • Kris Kristian

            What utter rubbish.
            Would you have preferred Hillary>?

          • Kathryn Jordan

            YES I WOULD.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            You all should have seen that Bernie was the only one who cares about people.

      • blogengeezer

        My entire family, including all of my extremely successful, tax Paying associates, came here… through Legal immigration. Ellis Island at the time.

        They All had either skills, enough money to survive, or stable rooted family or friends to support their stay… albeit temporarily.

        Their education was well under way in the country from whence they came at an early age. They All contributed to build this nation.

        They served and helped formulate this country in ways that are no longer even recognized as trades, by the overwhelming majority of today’s ‘dreamers’.

        Military service was another family trade, law enforcement, industrial work, textiles, lumber, construction, farming land…. that ‘they’ themselves purchased [One Grandfather raised beef, the first ‘Angus’, on land that he leveled by himself.. so perfectly level, that today it is a family commuter airstrip], to provide food to those buyers of produce and beef.

        Store keepers [Great grandmother, self educated, sold neighborhood foodstuffs and supplies from her small shop, while her immigrant husband, my other Great grandfather, served society in law enforcement. First, ‘walking a beat’ alone at night in a very dangerous big city, then on to Pinkerton Detective Agency].

        Teachers at every level. In sum total, far more contributory to the overall success of this nation.

        A nation that they sought and struggled to migrate to ….on their own dollar, for their own Individual Freedom.

        Far removed from the current masses that are flooding in on the lavish [in comparison to their own unbearable, self contrived —-holes], in order to garner votes for the historically unsustainable political system that brought them in.

        Today the new flood of perpetually dependency addicted humanity, seek US Govt tax Payer funded Section Eight, EBT, ADC, food stamps, govt health care [they can fill any ER all by themselves on any weekend, paying nothing] and every other form of Welfare not even conceived during My family’s Self Funded ‘immigration’.

        • Kris Kristian

          The countries that “imported” the migrants are suffering from rape, murder, theft etc,
          Those migrants refuse to learn the language of their adopted country.
          They are creating mini Islamic states and building hundred of mosques.
          Maybe people should learn what is happening in Germany.
          Many of these migrants have joined the police academy.
          They have created filth. and theft
          Go to GERMANY and see the truth of those migrants.
          Trump has the right idea. Keep those from the ++ithole away from USA>
          Trump is saving USA< unlike Germany where they have a revolving door policy. Soon, Germany, Britain, France Holland, Cannada etc will become Islamic states/
          Their leaders are blind.
          How many leaders have children?
          So, who cares what will happen later?
          Those Christian countries will be converted to Islam The Christians will be 2nd class citizens.
          Churches are closing.
          The woman bishop, i, I think, Sweden, has removed all the crosses from the churches,so as not to "upset ?"those savages.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            Who told u this stuff? I am very sure it’s not true. There have been a lot of instances of people from other countries telling alt right believers this is NOT true. I’m very sure. The alt right is even faker news than the msm. PLEASE check out the facts with people who live in these countries before u act like what the alt right says is true and go around repeating it.

          • Daniel Softcheck

            Europe and HAITI are shitholes, as are many of the states in America, majority controlled by Demoncrats..

          • goodnessalwayswins

            U can call places that when they are very poor or in other kinds of bad shape but ITS NOT OK TO CALL A COUNTRY THAT the way that he did and Im guessing u know that and just don’t want to admit it. That’s just totally disrespectful and a totally unfair insult to generalize a whole country as being that kind of abusively negative place.

            It’s a huge insult to everyone of that heritage and is basically not true because for one thing, alot of the land of those countries and the US states in bad shape is extremely beautiful. Alot of the people are very caring and beautiful people. No one wants their place to be in very bad shape and people love their state and their country no matter how bad it’s doing. Basically the main point is that to say that in the context he said it it was an INSULT. Even tho a country may be in bad shape, no one should be derogatory and cruel in the social context Trump was.

            And talk about victim blaming!! It’s basic responsibility, caring and humanity to CARE about people and things that are not doing well instead of to treat them like s**t. And when u have power u have an OBLIGATION to care about those who are not doing well.

            I’m guessing most ppl including u know this but choose to defend Thump no matter WHAT he does. Like he said if Tramp stood in the middle of the street shooting innocent people u would find a reason to say he was right to do it. Which means u have a lack of courage and are basically choosing to be a sheep.

        • Kathryn Jordan


          • blogengeezer

            The original colonies fully documented my wife’s ancestry as well., including the well documented [actual DNA] native American linkage, so abused, falsified and used as disposable political fodder…. by certain deceitful people today.

            Her ancestors were responsible for such revolutionary concepts, from the actual Revolution, on to the success and growth of the original states, including the formation of the westward movement including. but not limited to The Republic of Texas.
            Ancestry dot com lineage of today, only served to officially verify [once again] family records that were original, in hand written, certified copies.

            Educators as well, were in her heritage. Ranchers and business owners, employers of countless hard working Citizens, as our extended business oriented, successful family [associated in medicine is inclusive in latest generation] even today, directly employs dozens in the trades.

            As mentioned in previous descriptions… We are ‘Paying’ for the unsustainable system, that under today’s leftist Frankfurt Schooled ‘newthink’ draining the treasury by agenda, has created, for political power, an entire sub-class of self serving, parasitic burden…. only for ‘the vote’.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          My family came over here in the 1770’s before there was an Elis Island. BTW, EBT is just another word for food stamps. Might want to look that up. I was a cashier while going to school and had to deal with EBT.

          • blogengeezer

            The EBT system is so abused today, that the fourth, fifth [and longer], generations in many areas of our dependency addicted state, began with actual paper booklets.. stamps.

            I installed, programmed, maintained the nationwide financial systems that are in use today, albeit in faster wireless technology forms.

            In our major city [centered in a border state on Mexico] there are approximately 20 miles of old highway that have the original motels…. all converted to Section Eight occupancy.

            There are countless other citywide developments, many modern apt structures located by design in nice areas of the city, that cater to and are funded by the exact same demographic. Prostituting, drug enabling and killing their own kids, is endemic to the group, as an experiment in socialism..

            The area was called ‘The War Zone’ by local police officers following Catholic Charities taxPayer ‘importation’ of the Marielle Boat Lift ‘refugees’.

            In actuality it was a mass Dump of the Cuban prison system and resulted in the near annihilation of our indigenous drug dealers, and anyone that hindered their ‘advancement’. Property values in the sector plummeted as result.

            The mayor at the time, prohibited the police force from using ‘War Zone’ as a descriptive and removed our city from the TV show ‘COPS’, as it depicted reality far too realistically.

            I fully understand the ‘system’ implemented by the Liberal Left. My entire state, save for the small sectors of actual energy production, is comprised of the Liberal Left. Solid Liberal voting… all of the way.

            This state has more employed in Government, than in the private sector. Govt is the way of life… and death …across this state of dependency on govt. BTW we, a relatively lightly populated state, brag of the highest crime rates per capita periodically.

            Of course to the Liberal Left, controlling the legal system, it is the fault of ‘guns’. They acknowledge not, the fact that they release ….’on their own recognizance’…., the professional career repeat offenders, to “Go forth and sin no more”.

            Only when they finally kill a police officer, are they dealt with, not one killing before.

            I fully understand Socialism. It has been my life… and a career.

      • Arizona Don

        Since you are a Trump hating person I will presume you are/were an obama supporter. Anytime you would like to compare lies just let me know I have a list of over a thousand obama told and also I have an address to verify each one.. So why don’t you list about 50 or so and we will get started.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          I am NOT a Trump person. I am an Obama supporter. At least Obama did NOT call any country s***hole countries like Trump did. Trump needs to live in one of those s***hole countries for the rest of his life and see how these people live. Obama respected each country though he did not respect the rise ISIS. That happened when George W went back into Iraq.

          • Arizona Don

            Well how do you know President Trump did. You see you are convicting by accusation. What if that happened to you?

            You supported Obama that is fine. I have a list of over a thousand lies Obama told during his eight years of doing nothing for this country. Would you like to try a comparison?

            Obama created ISIS when he pulled out of Iraq before the job was done.

            In the very near future more and more is going to come out regarding clinton and her collusion with Russia. You will find it could very well go all the way to your darling Obama.

            Have a nice day.

          • Daniel Softcheck

            Obama is a Bolshevik….didnt care about blacks improving their lives thru work….just get everyone on welfare…
            Doubt he ever had a non government job …raised in Hawaii by commies

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Obama was a volunteer in Chicago and a lawyer. That was before he became a state senator let alone a US Senator.

          • larry harvey

            Softcheck-=-You don’t know what a “Bolshevik” is. You use that term generically to mean any body you don’t like. Obama was not a “Bolshevik'” by any dictionary definition of that word and he was not raised by “commies”. You, like your master Drump, invent “facts” as you go along. Obama did much to help in the fight for equal rights while Drump seeks to reverse this progress. Drump drags the country backwards on all fronts.

      • Rudy Rude

        By imigrants who came here legalized not illigals Bizzoro

    • Paul Williamson

      Trump tells 8 lies every day, he doesn’t know what the truth is, he can’t stand the truth. The truth is is that he is an immature, juvenile moron. My 10 year-old grandson has more brains in his little finger than Trump does. 80% of Americans, the smart, rich and successful ones, think Trump is suffering from dementia.Remember, only morons defend a moron. My guess is you qualify.

      • Carmella

        Father issues are at the heart of all lib/leftist irrational, crazed hatred of President Trump.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          You are the one with father issues.

  • xsoldier57

    I agree with Trump! I would like to see some of these Democraps go back to their Shitholes!!

    • Askjrsk

      Yes back to the shitholes they must go.

  • John Hamm

    Why is everyone downgrading him for telling the truth? Have any of them ever been to those country’s? I have and he is telling the truth

    • ADRoberts

      They did not forget. But they hope WE did.

    • kbfallon

      Lucky you made it out safely….with your money-health intact.

  • Mark V

    We in the USA are a sovereign nation and have right to say who comes into the USA on a VISA or is allowed to immigrate. I would have used the less descriptive term of 3RD world countries, but that has the same meaning.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    If the shoe fits…

  • jim pusateri

    The President reportedly said it during an Oval Office meeting. Four questions–Did he actually say it? If he said it why did one of the people at apparently a private meeting report it to the press? Is the characterization, albeit not pretty, relatively accurate? If not, why did the immigrants leave those countries?

    • Mark Thomas

      And, if he said it, then he was simply channeling the words and thoughts of millions of Americans who have been saying it for the last 50 years.

    • ADRoberts

      Maybe they are being PAID by Democrats with American taxpayer to come over here and draw welfare and vote.

    • Askjrsk

      Who cares if he said it? It’s the truth.

  • David Stewart

    He used the same adjective I would have used. Quite accurate, if I must say so. Profane? IMHO nothing is profane in the Commiecrat world!

    • Mark Thomas

      There are a number of vulgar Democrats and their supporters that get liberal brownie points for profanity. Maxine Waters for one, Sheila Jackson Lee, and who can forget, the often foul mouthed, Madonna.

      • Helga Renfro

        Kathy Griffin, if she would have done that in any other country she would be at least in jail if not worse.



  • ADRoberts

    You would think that the Democrats are actually elected and represent only those other countries. Certainly the Dems don’t care about Americans who lose their job chance and their lives and their property to aliens who either take their jobs like at Disneyland or take their taxpayer money as in massive welfare.
    Now when election time comes, they will NEED all those illegal alien fraudulent votes.

  • Bill Harrison

    Another unnamed source said Trump said or did. And most of these reports are just untrue or outright lies by lamestreet media.

  • Dana

    ..just clean up our country please Mr. President…and always say like it is….

    • Askjrsk

      Clean up the shitholes in Washington DC.

      • Helga Renfro

        It’s about time we have a leader that speaks our language. I am not offended at all, I call these cess-pool countries worse than that if I am honest and I don’t feel bad about it. These countries are cleaning out their countries and we are picking up the bill. It’s time to stop and think about our own country. We should stop most of these foreign aid payments and use the money to rebuild our own infrastructure and take care of our military, veterans and seniors which are sorely neglected. Vote out of office these traitor politicians that are forcing this country to pay for the rest of the world. Yes don’t vote Democrats, they are all the same and even some o fthe Republicans are Democrats in disguise.

        • Askjrsk

          About time we have an honest open transparent president. Obama Hillary Clinton even Bushs they really knew how to hide and slaughter us with propaganda. The party of John Wilkes Booth.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Our President can’t be permitted to talk about future Democrat voters like that!

  • David

    One may not like it, but I dare say politicians frequently have used very salty language behind closed doors since politics began. Remember Truman, LBJ, and even Kennedy. The difference in times past is that you could usually trust fellow politicians, even of the other party, to keep their mouths shut once you left the room. They say there is no honor among thieves…I guess that now applies to politicians as well.

  • gahh

    People from these foreign countries wouldn’t be so mad, if it wasn’t the truth.
    These -hit hole countries want all the people they can get out of their countries, and send them to America, so Americans will be forced to pay for their welfare.
    Democrats love this idea, for the votes.

    Hooray for Trump!!

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    I laugh everytime I see and hear Adam Schitt talk cuz he reminds me of a little rooster, demented and hobbled by birth, trying to preen like the big boys. Adam Schitt speaks only what they tell to think and speak so you just can’t depend upon him to speak ANY TRUTH TO YOU, and you want to tell him: Adam Schitt just shut up and go away, don’t need you I brought my brain with me.

  • Lizard

    Me finding out Obama 100% queer shocked me.

  • Yolinda Weston

    The people coming from those countries want better, but they bring their habits and culture with them. The very things that prevent their own country from developing. They refuse to assimilate to our culture and country, Making their own mini country with all it’s problems. Meanwhile they enlarge our welfare rolls and if they are working any kind of job and still have family in their country most of the money they make goes there. If they want better, they need to fight for it in their own country. No government can stand in the face of an angry population.

    • Helga Renfro

      Yolinda well said. They have no loyalty to their own country or they stay there and fight for a better life. They come here and use the kindness of the Americans and than ruin our country.

  • bob laford

    Durbin ( Turbin ) is a rat & so is the 5 others that joined him. President Trump spoke the truth about these s### hole countries. NO REFORM OF IMMIGRATION LAWS UNTIL THE WALL IS BUILT

    • GoldenGirl2u

      Couldn’t agree more, Durbin sucks, don’t believe a word out of his mouth or any of the Dems that are destroying ILL. and other states.

  • Stephen Repko

    He is the best, he exceeds all of my expectations keep up all of the great work you are doing! I am so proud again to be an American,the President is really looking out for us.

  • OldSilk

    All he had to do was to give the appearance that he would give an inch, and they went for the whole 9 yards.

  • Tony N.

    He WAS elected BECAUSE he “calls a spade a spade”! You snowflakes will NEVER understand!

    • omikehawk

      OMG! Are you allowed to say the S word? Sigh!


    When will you idiots ever grow up? Why do bleeding heart liberals have such a problem wrapping their feeble brains around the truth? Obviously none of the bleeders have been to these 3rd world countries and cities for if they have they would call these places [email protected]$. Now someone tell me how Trump’s description is racist?????

  • lightoftheworld

    Not like Joe Biden ever used salty language! “This is a big F-Ing deal!”

    • Helga Renfro

      lightoftheworld you are so right and what about the Hollywood creeps that are calling Trump every bad word in the book. Where is the press outrage over that. In my opinion I find it refreshing to call a spade a spade and not candy coat everything.

  • omikehawk

    First, did he actually say that? The traitorous media is certainly not above making things up! Second, even if he said it, so what! He’s spot on!

  • Alan

    So, this is a disgrace, but the lying Lefty MSM isn’t for some of the lies they tout like Russia and others????
    So being PC to people we don’t want is disgraceful, and lying isn’t??
    And Hillary calling her own Constituents and fellow citizens “deplorable” wasn’t disgraceful???
    Or comments like “Clinging to guns and Religion” wasn’t either???????
    Or President Clinton stating that NRA members intimidated people to get what they want, not to mention his conduct with and his remarks about women.
    The double standard is both staggering and irritating.
    Perhaps now the Left wing asshats understand how we have felt for going on 25 + years!!!

    • Helga Renfro

      The left is full of hypocrites and nothing else. They have no loyalty to America.


    Insulted people of color so funny is white not a color too. He is so right too . They are leeches instead of making there own country great they make our country bad they way there country is.

    • Helga Renfro

      Gisela, so true. Sind Sie von Deutschland??Ich bin von Muenchen und kann nicht glauben was Merkel in Deuschland gemacht hat mit den vielen Assilanten. Das wird nicht gut hinausgehen und Deutschland wird so schlimm werden wie hier in Amerika.

      • GISELA

        Hallo Helga Ich bin von Hamburg bin aber here in America schon eine lange Zeit. Die Deutschen die ich kenne sind Trump hasser und wir streiten uns immer . Es ist traurig was Merkel angestellt hat aber viele Deutsche haben nichts dagegen. Deutschland ist schon schlimmer als America.

        • Helga Renfro

          Bin schon hier seit 1960 in CA. Deutschland is schon lange ueberlaufen von Auslaendern and genau wie hier fast alles ist in China gemacht. Die Deutschen sind selber Schuld weil sie immer wieder fuer die Kommunistin Merkel gewaelt haben. Ich habe auch viele die mit mir streiten ueber Politik und sogar meine Familie in Deutschland sind so Gehirnverletzt und sind fuer die Assilanten Politik. Die haben ja gar keine Ahnung was noch auf Sie kommt mit them ganzen Gesindel. Nicht zu reden von was es Ihnen kosten wird und die vielen Steuern die sie zahlen muessen. Die Mosque’s werden ueberall gebaut sogar in den kleinsten Doerfern. Es ist wahnsinig und eine Schande das so ein schoenes Land versaut wird. Die werden genau so frech wie die Mexikaner hier in CA sind. Wenn ich juenger waere wurde ich auswandern nach Kanada oder Australien wo sie sind so bloed und lasses alles Gesindel herein. Haben Sie einen schoenen Tag.

  • Yosemite Sam

    President TRUMP simply needs to call an impromptu news conference, take to the podium and simply state; “To all who found my language on immigration policy offensive, I stand by its intent, and I apologize to no one. Thank you”. Then leave without taking a single question from the Fake News Media.

    • GoldenGirl2u

      LOL, would love to see that, Dems and cowardice Republicans need to get a clue the American People who voted for Pres. Trump did for the way he relates to us. The News Media and Hollywood Libs and a lot of Dems I know talk filthy in everyday conversation and think nothing of it, and then they try to pretend their offended. Far as I’m concerned they can all go this S___hole Countries and stay there. Carry on Pres. Trump!!

      • Helga Renfro

        I expect the Dems to attack Trump, but what disturbs we is that some of his own party members are constantly attacking him. These countries are sh..holes and worse and it’s time to tell it like it is.

  • skier69

    Come on all you dopes. Those Countries are exactly what Trump said they are

    • Don Lindsey

      You are right…They are worse!

  • Dominic

    That is the kind of talk one gets when there is a s**thole in the WH. He is uncouth, ill-mannered, self-centered, not to mention a pathetic, sorry-as wanna-be, THAT will NEVER be!!

    • Publius40

      Granted he is uncouth, but he say it like it is — those countries “exportables” are not the cream of the crop, and couldn’t even qualify for a visa to live in Mexico. Why should we take in the headaches? He’s doing a great job in putting the interests of America first. I’d much rather have that then the sell out of America to foreign interests we have been having with weak kneed, kow towing Obama, and the internationalists Bushes.

    • Beeker D.

      Lock up your Farm Animals and Children everyone; ‘Sad Clod “DOMIDICK”, is back with IT’S Lies, Deceit and Sick Socio-Fascist demoKrat ways!

    • Bernie

      Isn’t it amazing that this “ill-mannered, self centered, pathetic, sorry-as wanna-be” beat, according to Obama, “the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency, and that includeds me”?
      Try again, putz.
      Your turn….

  • Maxine Albritton

    I listen to a book written by an American doctor (female) taken capture in Iraq in two thousand five when the helicopter she was in was fired upon and downed. She was in an Apache and the two others Nighthawks or something like that were untouched. She and one male person were the only survivors. Anyway in some of Europe they have a hole in the floor that is the toilet and in Iraq she had to use one of these two. She mentioned it because she had two broken arms and could not pull her panties down or her dress up or her pants down. Cannot remember what her uniform was exactly like. then she was supposed to straddle the hole and do the job. So s==hole is not to far off the mark. If he slipped so what, he is supposed to be human and listening to the conversation, I was angry at the group and what they were saying. I could not imagine how he thought that was going to work and it did not. I am very hard of hearing so I was not sure I heard that but apparently I did.

  • Sean Rickmin

    You liberturds may not like it,but isn’t it the truth.I don’t think that we can continue to support these countries where they hate us,they hate each other that’s why they are in the condition that they are in.Nobamba tried to do this to AMERICA by dividing the country in many ways and it has worked.This country was becoming a poophole under nobamba and club.


    Keep doing what you are doing President Trump, that’s why we voted for you, we want to keep the goody to shows out of office.

  • Hal Slusher

    It appears he never said such a thing HUMM wonder who made it up.

  • Wayne Goacher

    I myself I like our president it’s the only president that doesn’t hide his feelings and he’s human where all the rest are presidents as always thought they was better than everybody else. Because all of them dependent on someone else writing his speechAnd he didn’t know what then 25 cent words was either. Our president now is down to earth he tells us where we everyone understand. Because we’re all just human. And you know all of our Governors and senators you know they’re not for real. It’s all an act. I like that President Trump he doesn’t put on a show for No One. Keep it up mr. President. I vote every time you need my help. My name is Wayne goacher

  • JWB

    ……….and “fecal abyss”, just doesn’t have the same “ring” to it……….

    • Charles Cleveland

      I don’t know…kind of like your terminology, plus the thought police won’t know what to do with it for awhile.

  • Ben

    Well if they aren’t that then why leave them in the first place?

  • omikehawk

    If just ONE of those insulted, decides not to come here, I say great, Trump has done his job!

  • chocopot

    But it was okay when Hildebeest called American citizens who did not support her “deplorable?”

  • Beeker D.

    The ‘TRUTH’ must have hurt someones, “Iddy Biddy Feelings”! Proving once again Donald Trump is NOT a polished GLIB Phony Politician but is rather, A REALIST!

  • Beeker D.

    He just said out loud what all these Phony demoKrat Politicians are thinking!

  • Publius40

    Actually President Trump poised a very good question. Most nations do not accept immigrants unless they are able to be an asset to that nation. For example to become a naturalized citizen of Japan you must be over 20 years old and be financial stable among other requirements, and in Mexico just to become a legal temporary resident you must submit documents proving they meet one of the following requirements:
    (1) Original and copy of proof of investments or bank accounts with average monthly balance equivalent to 20,000 days of the minimum wage inthe Federal District during the last twelve months, or
    (2) Original and copies of documents showing the applicant has monthly employment or unencumbered pension income greater than 400 days of the minimum wage in the Federal District, for the past six months.

    The legal minimum daily wage in the Federal District in 2012 is 62.33 pesos, so 400 times that is 24,932 pesos, or $1,890 dollars at today’s exchange rate of 13.19 pesos to the dollar. This amount is increased by 50% for each dependent. So, a married couple applying for
    a temporary resident visa are required to have a minimum monthly income of $2,835. If you want a permanent visa you are required to 500 times min. wage in the bank and if married a minimum income of $3,548 per month.

    20,000 days minimum wage is 1,246,600 pesos, or $94,500 dollars.

    The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” How’s that for racial and ethnic profiling?

    If outsiders do not enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are “not found to be physically or mentally healthy,” they are not welcome. Neither are those who show “contempt against national sovereignty or security.” They must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam, and prove they can provide their own health care.

    And what if you are an illegal immigrant in Mexico? Illegal entry into the country is equivalent to a felony punishable by two years’ imprisonment. Document fraud is subject to fine and
    imprisonment; so is alien marriage fraud. Evading deportation is a serious crime; illegal re-entry after deportation is punishable by ten years’ imprisonment.

    Can you imagine how loud the lefties and our southern neighbors would scream if we had the same requirements as Mexico? We’ve allowed way too many into our country who end up here with their hand out.

    • Charles Cleveland

      The factual information you provide is real ammunition for those fighting for common sense in our own immigration law. GREAT POST!!!

  • Beeker D.

    I wonder how many of these “SHEETOHLE Countries” voted AGAINST the U.S.A. in the last UN General Assembly Vote over our Embassy moving in ISRAEL?

  • john Scarpon


  • Helga Renfro

    The only thing Trump said is what millions of us are thinking and would agree with if we were heard. The creeps that are leaking these thins are the real traitors to this country. They have already handed over our country to these illegals and that what’s keeps them in power. Even some of these idiot Republicans are working against our President and they are even more disgusting people than the Dems.

  • Patriot

    Called it how he sees it…….I’ll second that.

  • dprato

    What I find interesting here is that at a private meeting that kind of thing found its way out to the public. More importantly while the messaging wasn’t the best the sentiment was correct. Why are we taking illegals from places like South America, the Middle East and a host of other places when in fact they come here not to assimilate but to turn the US into the S–t H—e they came from. Many of them come here and commit crimes, other come here to live off the taxpayers with all their freebies, all of them here illegally have disrespected our Country by breaking out laws, and then when they are here they tell us how we should run our Country and even vote illegally. Not sure I see too much here in the way of a benefit to the US. We spend 135 billion a year on illegals and yet we can’t get Congress to build a wall for 15 – 25 billion. We just started having people pay for Medicare according to income level and any social security increases are being offset by increase Medicare payments and these IRMAAs they are now charging Seniors. The moral compass in this Country is wrong and President Trump is right. America for Americans first not illegals and lefty liberals who are completely out of touch with what the everyday person does to get through a single day by working and trying to make a better life for themselves. President Trump has been the best thing to happen to this Country in the past 9 years and calls it the way many of us see it. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • Wilma Turcotte

    Guess it is alright when Democrat Chris Cuomo not only called the President a s**thole but wrote it out on a chalkboard. That’s okay though huh?

  • ray2hill

    Everyone knew Trump had no class when he was elected. His trailer park trash thinking was typical of the Trump family for three generations now.

    • Beeker D.

      In your world ‘You’re Right’: Your Phallic God and Icon The Obamaman’s Glib Arrogance, Self-deceiving, America Hating and Racist Tending, Marxist Rhetoric, WERE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Huh, litttle Buttercup!
      Your Phony Lying [email protected]*Ard OBAMAMAN and his Criminal Cabal just about Ruined this Nation!

    • Bernie

      Ray (putz),
      Isn’t it amazing that people from these sheet holes proudly wave the flag from where they came, but think it’s punishment to be sent back there?
      Now, hop in your Prius, pat yourself on the back and run back to your lily White neighborhood and tell all your friends what a caring and wonderful person you are, phony!

    • Charles Cleveland

      Spoken like the elitist as$hat you are. Lots of folks live in trailerhouses, which they make the payments on with their hard-earned wages. You, sir, are a bigot. So STFU or choke on your own liberal vomit somewhere else.

  • Wilma Turcotte

    These places are s**tholes and they don’t try to make it any better. The same reason when alot of these people move in and take over part of a city and turn it into ghettos and unrecognizable from when they moved there. Then they complain cause it is now a “s**thole and want the government to fix it while they sit or stand on the street corner. They were brought here from Haiti for their safety but instead of going back and rebuilding their country they stayed to be taken care of by us and want someone else to fix their country. This President is going to fix that but the democats of course will fight him all the way. They need the votes.

  • Matt B

    Would his critics call Haiti a paradise?How does it help Haiti for the US to take in all the people smart enough to leave Haiti. Help Haitians by helping them in their own country. Our schools already struggle to educate our own kids.

  • chuckster

    He just said what mostly everyone thinks when they see pictures of those countries and the way the standard of living is. When you see a picture of a city or town you can’t tell whether a hurricane must past through or it’s a normal sight. I thank God for Trump for if Hillary had won the Clinton foundation would be flurishing, she would be selling our country to the highest bidder, she even stole the furniture when they left the first time

    • x_ray_tech

      Didn’t she also make out like a bandit on Haiti donation$ that went through her “foundation” a few years ago after a disaster there?

      • Charles Cleveland

        Yeah hundreds of millions that never got to the people. Really sucks when the sh*thole corrupt governments oppressing their own helpless people have the Clintons stealing the money whilst the liberal democrats cheer them on.

  • undeRGRound

    Hey Lib-Tards: “IT’S THE CONDITIONS, STUPID!!!” 😉

    Plus, I cannot trust anything said by “Little Dicky Durbin” lame-brain from Illi-NAZI-noise
    What a Piece of WORK… hole 😛 lol

  • BaltimoreHon

    It’s like he takes one step forward and two steps back on a weekly basis….can someone PLEASE vet him? I am a Trump supporter and a “deplorable” but am embarrassed and offended by his remarks😬🤔. He can THINK these things but should not SAY them! POTUS is insensitive and has no diplomacy whatsoever!

    • Bernie

      Diplomacy has failed!!

    • Lillian DeVore

      By the same token, it is not ethical for the democrats to run out of the meeting to share with the press. There’s some expectancy that what happens in the room stays in the room.

    • Charles Cleveland

      U R right, that’s what I like about this President

  • Lillian DeVore

    I think he was concerned about the effect of massive, disproportionate immigration from
    Third World countries vs. well-off countries on our economy.

  • rinkie

    content in a private meeting should remain private. If he had wanted the meeting open he would have called in the press.
    “and a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” Matt 10:36 kjv

  • R G

    I say we have found a new and more accurate name for the lib swine snowflakes. $h!tholes

  • Rita Rivera

    So what if the president said something. The democrats are just looking for some excuse to get DACA passed on their own terms. They do not want to comply with the president because they want no border wall or lottery visas. The president has his conditions and if they want a government shut down, they will do everything they can to do it.

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    so today truth cannot be told? these countries are S ,,,t holes and why do we have to take in all their garbage?

    • Helga Renfro

      t have to take the garbage but the Democrats love the . The only way our country can be saved is if we vote some of these Democrats out of office. There seem to be still many Republicans around and if they don’t go out and vote than we are absolutely a 3rd world country in no time. CA is already there. I live here and I couldn’t be more upset about the Dems run my State. People please don’t let that happen.

  • 615GEJ1

    No wall, no end to Visa lotteries, no end to chain migration, NO DACA!

  • Philomena

    Dishonest Leaders creates poverty.

  • Terry

    My first question is WHO said he said this? The next question is who all was present when said. Lastly what was the facts surrounding the meeting. I mean let’s face it too many aholes are claiming he said this, he did this and come to find out nothing it liars who twist words and/or make it up! The fake news is disgusting can’t believe 1 word media says anymore

  • Warren Wagner

    One can’t, and shouldn’t, be offended by the truth. If these countries weren’t such $+!tholes, their citizens wouldn’t be leaving by the 1000’s.

  • x_ray_tech

    Ask anyone who came to America from there and they will tell you,
    “D*mn straight it is a $hithole that’s why we came here to nice, clean and GREAT America!!”
    This is why even the so called “temporary” refugees are STILL here many many years after they were to have been returned to their $hithole countries after taking them in during a “disaster”!

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Liberals have racist ears. There is nothing racist about the comment; it has to do with economics.

  • Walter Harvey

    Watch the Vietnam series on PBS, there was plenty of vulgar language being spewed in the Oval Office. This is nothing new! It wasn’t in reference to the people, only to the country itself, which you can see by the photos!

  • Albedamned!

    I would have used a better word, Cesspools! Instead of crying over fake news, they should be demanding the heads of the Clintons! Where is the money!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    The truth is the truth is the truth. The majority of America agrees, those that don’t are operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization. MAGA

  • Albedamned!

    I live in the Bronx, N.Y. I also now live in a third world cesspool! I remember when the Bronx was beautiful, people were civil, crime, filth, disease and poverty was almost none existent. You could walk the streets at night, security gates on stores, were none existent. The NYPD could actually do their jobs. Now the none working class, gets everything new, the taxpayers here get the shaft and no NYPD protection. They NYPD protect the thugs? This is all done to make you disgusted, and to leave. I was told by a Ranking Brass of the NYPD, if you don’t like it move? Before they sent the criminals and drug addicts into each neighborhood to prey on the people, mass exodus. This is the poorest county in the country, look at the expensive cars parked all over non taxpaying neighborhoods, bought with cash and no one bats an eyelash. Mine and your and tax dollars going to work.

    • slk5

      i left in ’85, and several parts of nyc were cesspools then…but i still love my NY!!!

  • Willie Wilson

    Liberal hypocrisy at its highest. Perez the DNC chair can give a public speech laced with profanity and Kirsten Gillibrand drops F bombs in her speeches but if the POTUS uses a slang phase to describe something the libs go nuts.

  • kydeplorable

    The real story here is who leaked what was said in a private meeting to the media.if he said it,it’s not like he was at a news conference. Wich libtard Democrat was it this time?? That’s the unbelievable part of the story no one is asking questions about.

  • CCblogging

    The Deep State Democrats and the Deep State Establishment RINO Republicans want massive illegal’s here. Trump does not and neither do I and most of you. All the Fascist Democrats want is VOTES! That’s why the Democrats want open borders., no American law and no American Constitution. As a matter of fact, the Democrats want a World Government ruled by the Islamic Fascist United Nations. Also.

  • larry harvey

    People who admire or justify the crude racist remarks of drump can only be racist, themselves.

  • larry harvey

    Sovereign nations are entitled to respect as members of the world community. Trump’s crude language can only lead to hostility and hate against this country.

  • dave letran

    You DEMS ever heard of the 1st Amendment??? Well even our President has that right. Thank you Forefathers.

  • dave letran

    And they are Sht hole countries, that’s why they all want to come to our country.

  • Monte Cristo

    100% correct. More over, we then take their relatives from the same S**Thole countries and settle them on welfare that American worker pays now for generations. If these people were smart, intelligent why then they can’t learn to build houses? Why their countries remain sh*tholes for centuries?
    In 21st century of science and technology we have enough uneducated people, just look at black ghettoes, the source of anti-white, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism. Idiots kneeling footballers. Michelle Obama. That’s more then enough…

  • Kathryn Jordan

    I still cannot believe that a president would be that crude. Dotard never speaks the truth because he was never taught to speak the truth. The people of Haiti did not deserve that language; even the people of Africa didn’t need that kind of language. I am outraged that this nutcase of a president has disgraced the office of President.

  • Duane A. Fisher

    So, now one someone says you said something ,that is the TRUTH? It is Hear say! or in the Progressive Social Communist Democratic Party “Propaganda”! But if Trump really did say this he was only stating the “TRUTH” and i agree with him! Beside the National Socialist Democrats are nothing but a “TREASONOUS bunch of “S”-HEADS anyway!

  • omni

    I believe the President said he did NOT say sh–hole–and the people who say he did are UNNAMED SOURCES-more FAKE NEWS?

  • meddah4

    5h!th0l3. Wow. What a sophisticated word of intelligence. Now we’re gonna hear it being drilled into our heads. Meh. At least with the word ‘collusion’ it had some literal meaning.

    • Carmella

      Didn’t you hear? There was no collusion. Just a phony, paid for “dossier” that was the basis for a FISA warrant to tap the phone lines of then candidate Trump. The kind of banana republic politics that $=÷#hole countries engage in.

  • MIKE6080

    fk all 114 countries that voted against us , we only have a handful of countries that we can call friends and they were not among them

  • Charlie

    Though we actually do not know exactly what was said, the reactions seem to indicate that these countries are virtual edens. Sorry, but I’ve been to some of them and the $hithole description fits. If it did not, their citizens would not be trying to leave by any means available.

    • Carmella

      Exactly. And why are demonrats so passionate about keeping them here? As the ‘humanitarians’ that they claim the moral high ground on, you would think they would be telling them to go back to their ‘paradise’ countries rather than remain in our “racist” one.

  • Rudy Rude

    Thank you MrPresident for telling the total truth .Truth hurts .It’s so funny.Thanks again.

  • Kris Kristian

    I wonder if Hillary has manged to discredit Trump. She said she was going to take revenge on Trump./

    Thank GOD that the witch is not POTUS.
    It would have destroyed USA
    Amazing how the world has forgotten what the Muslim in the WH Obama, said when he was POTUS

  • goodnessalwayswins

    You all are heartless. Your cruelty is evil and a shameful disgrace on you and your ancestors and on this country.

    You would throw anyone whose in terrible shape under the bus and act like it’s their fault not yours.

    You would never help those in need, instead you would humiliate them

    You cling to Donald Trump being your god and have zero courage to admit he’s the opposite.

    If he uses nuclear weapons on the defenseless because he’s upset that the country has said he’s wrong and you’ve deserted him by saying he’s right it’ll be partly your fault because of your lack of courage.

    • Carmella

      You and your liberal mindset is so idiotic. Thank God for Trump supporters who see the decline this country was in and have elected the one man who just might turn it around. Go live in a #=<hole country if the great people of this country are so heartless. Fool!

      • goodnessalwayswins

        Your cruelty is shameful and a disgrace. You’re the one who should move since you’ve chosen not to care about anyone except white people who are doing well.

      • goodnessalwayswins

        If you think caring about those who are less fortunate than yourself instead of insulting them is idiotic you are someone who is bringing this country down.

        To call a man great who said someone who was captured by the enemy in war and tortured for years is a loser because he was captured is one of the most disgusting and evil things I can think of. The same with saying someone who publicly mocks and humiliates someone for their disability. Not only that it’s a total disgrace and abuse of our heroic troops.

        Shame on you for your lack of courage and choosing foolish pride. Like Trump said if he stood in the road and gunned down innocent people his followers, like the sheep you are wouldn’t have what it takes to admit he’s wrong.

  • Askjrsk

    My comment on Western Europeans disallowed from entering the USA, instead of the reported countries as President Trump denies having called them, sees unfair. LIBERTY HEADLINES found that truth offensive and removed that truth. Easily offended. Just feed them what they want to hear with no regard to the truth Irrelevant and out of touch? Thank God for President Trumps sited, they are so real so transparent, and so honest jusime him. Not cover ups and EASILY OFFENDED Thank God for President Trump.

  • goodnessalwayswins

    Racism equals unfairness. Your racism is extremely ugly and totally unfair. It’s a mindless stereotype. All groups have strengths and weaknesses and the white race is going very very wrong with the evil of not caring about those less fortunate than yourselves or those different than yourselves.

    And when you don’t try to be friends with a whole group of people you miss out on a whole lot of friendships and end up walking around with a huge chip on your shoulders having a miserable life.

    No one is like a stereotype. Every black person and white person and other person is amazing and we’re all going wrong in a hundred million different ways.

  • DCII

    I didn’t know it was a fact that he did say it. Durbin said he did, no one else heard it-and Durbin said he repeated it several times. No one else heard it? Grahm is just staying out of it or he didn’t hear it either and just don’t want to mess up his bi-partisan plan he has with Durbin. Others are just saying what was told to them by others started by Durbin. And since Trump says some things others feel are out of line, then it’s easy for them to believe it-or since Trump is labeled a racist by the lefty media the anti-trumpers believe it. Get over it-and get the bill put together and get it signed. I think it would be far worse not to come together on a bill than something Trump said. If the Dems want out that’s on them and soon they can start deporting daca’s or they can all run to a sanctuary city-for now. All because Trump said/or supposedly said s…hole countries.

  • Erik V Johnson

    ” Last year, the insurance company FM Global ranked Haiti as the worst place to do business out of 130 countries it surveyed, because of factors that include corruption and natural hazards…”

  • cc


  • Your Momma

    The one big problem our President and his supporters have is all these left wing senators he has to deal with are all back stabbers. There isn’t one of them who hasn’t thaught the same thing about these countries. The difference is , they are life time politicians. They depend on defending all that is bad for this country for their very political lives. They know there is a right way and a wrong way to become Americans, and they will send it on down the river for a few votes. Makes you sick , doesn’t it ? It does me. All the high on the hill senators and Government sponges never have to worry. Their always protected. DID YOU KNOW? That S.O.B JOE BIDEN has never earned a paycheck from the private sector. He has always WINED , DINED AND CRIMED ON THE PEOPLE’S MONEY. Why do you think their fighting so hard. OUR BLESSED PRESIDENT IS TRYING TO PUT AN END TO THIS.

  • Your Momma

    The Devil will deceive. He is working overtime trying to tear this country down. This country offers equal opportunity to all who come. LEGALLY! !! There is no rule saying we have to be the world’s MOMMY !!! STAY STRONG PEOPLE. The devil tongues are working hard, they have allot to lose.
    The dirty Left. Hollywood and the crooked media should all be put in a nice big capsule. Sank to the bottom of the deepest sea . we can watch them eat each other, they cant even stand them selves. As far as Oprah running for president, to nice of person to see what the political world will do to her. Hillary will shoot her down before she could even get off the ground. Just out of spite.

  • Your Momma

    In the words of our beloved Ronald Reagan, we are the last stand of freedom. If we fall , there is no where else to run. Hale to the Captain !!!!

  • james

    These hyper-sensitive Democrat politicians need to hop on a bus or a subway and reacquaint themselves with the english language, sh_thole is not a safe-zone seeking trigger event. It’s just a phrase, that’s how people talk, get over it.

  • larry harvey

    Soft–You are too stupid to know what a “Bolshevik” is. Obama during his 8 years led the country forward, while your master, Drump, leads it backwards.

    • Daniel Softcheck

      The phony Bolshevik did not improve my life…under ACA my health insurance premium more than doubled from $9500.00 to $20,000.00…i studied Russian language and have a BA in Russian language and political science…i forgot more about Bolshevism than most people know

      • larry harvey

        Soft-That’s right you forgot a lot about Bolshevik. You say you have a BA in political Science. If you studied communism, Soviet style, you must have known that under Lenin and Stalin it was a ruthless police state where millions were murdered, dissent crushed, private property confiscated and capitalism after the N.E.P. ceased to exist. Now you cannot with a straight face say that Obama or any of Trump’s critics, myself included, support such a system. You lose credibility when you improperly use language.

        • Daniel Softcheck

          You’re right about Stalin…killed more Jews than Hitler….of course Obama didn’t murder people, but his policies ruined America…he wanted a one world government, where wealth is redistributed from the haves to havenots. He is described in Book of Revelation…the AntiChrist. Everyone on the government dole,except for elitists such as him. That’s why he is a phony, along with his cronies like Pelosi, Franken and the Hollywood dogooders.

          • larry harvey

            Dan-I know you hate Obama but try to be a little more objective. His policies have not ruined America and he never favored one world government. Negotiating treaties with other countries to deal with the common problems of world tensions, nuclear buildup, global warming, threats to the environment. to public health and to promote freer travel and trade do not constitute one world government. Passing laws helping the poor, middle class, students, the elderly to me is far superior than Trump’s aid and comfort to bigots and racists and his giving massive tax breaks to billionaires while turning his back on everyone else.

  • Your Momma

    Oohhh. All these crybaby Leftist have used worse language then that to describe their own breath. They open their own mouths and wonder where that smell comes from. Drives them crazy. “WHERE DOES THAT SMELL COME FROM ” CANT YOU SMELL THAT ? Lol