Meghan McCain Says Biden’s Drop in the Polls is ‘Breaking My Heart’

‘THE VIEW’ ‘CONSERVATIVE:’ ‘I love him and his family dearly….’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) After Hunter Biden’s interview with ABC News, Meghan McCain, co-host of “The View,” said the accusations against Hunter and Joe Biden are distressing her, adding that she’s also upset that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now beating Biden in the polls.

“It’s been breaking my heart all day long,” she said. “I love Joe Biden and his family. Hunter Biden had a lot of issues that he struggled with for a long time.”

McCain admitted Hunter Biden demonstrated “poor judgment’ by sitting on the board of a Ukrainian gas company and accepting tens of thousands of dollars in foreign cash while his father was Vice President, but she said it seems like nothing about his activities was illegal.

“I don’t think he did a great job,” she said. “I think when he said, look, I’m a private citizen, part of the problem is he also said I probably wouldn’t have gotten this job if I weren’t a Biden and I think it was some criticism that’s been held against other politicians’ children. So I think you have to choose your lane.”


Being apart of a political family is like being in the mafia, she said, noting “you know what you’re getting into.”

McCain said it wasn’t smart for Hunter Biden to give the interview right before the fourth Democratic primary debate, though.

“I don’t understand why you would do this interview at this time — and maybe this was a call by ABC — but this will be a conversation in the debates tonight, and if you don’t think Julian Castro or Kamala Harris is going to take a shot when they have it…,” she said.

McCain said Warren’s surge in the polls is also upsetting.

“What’s also breaking my heart, some of these poll numbers,” McCain added. “Elizabeth Warren is leading in the CBS-YouGov poll 31-24 percent in New Hampshire. So she’s going to take these opportunities.”

But it’s not surprising because of the “huge distraction and huge narrative problem” Hunter Biden has become for his father’s campaign, she said.

“No one is more emotionally involved with Joe Biden at this table than I am,” she concluded. “I love him and his family dearly. I would have preferred a cleaner interview.”