Media Now Loves ‘Dubya’ After He Attacks Trump

(LifeZette) What happened to the president they once reviled?


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Mainstream media journalists are all of a sudden anxious to give the words of former President George W. Bush a full airing, and to refer to them in the most complimentary way.

Bush, wrote the Washington Post, had offered a “blunt assessment” in his speech in New York on Thursday and “warned about threats to American democracy.”

NBC News said that Bush had spoken with a “sharper edge,” delivering a “clear condemnation of the current president without mentioning him by name.”

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But the millions of Americans who thumbed their noses at establishment Republicans and the media, rejected Bush’s brother Jeb absolutely, and voted for outsider Donald J. Trump for president last November, might have heard Bush’s words differently.

Bush had started by saying democracies “face new and serious threats” but “seem to be losing confidence in their own calling and competence.”

He went on to mourn an earlier era, the post-World War II era when America, he said, benefited from the “advance of free markets” and the “strength of democratic alliances.”

“Free nations are less likely to threaten and fight each other,” he told the audience. “We know, deep down, that repression is not the wave of the future. We know that the desire for freedom is not confined to, or owned by, any culture; it is the inborn hope of our humanity.”

He went on to say that America is not “immune” from trends that include “resurgent ethno-nationalism” and “anger about immigration.”

But the most-played clips on television on Thursday night and Friday were of Bush saying: “Bigotry seems emboldened” and “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism” and have “forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America.”

Another media favorite was this one: “Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”

The former president, the most recent star player in a family with close ties to Saudi Arabia, the No. 1 sponsor of Sunni extremist terrorism in the world — also jumped on the bandwagon on Russia, called the formerly communist country a “hostile power” that is trying to turn Americans on one another.

Republicans were not amused.

“Wish I had never campaigned for this president. Have lost all respect for him and the family,” wrote one woman on Facebook on Friday, above a news article about Bush rebuking Trump’s “America First” slogan.

“George W. Bush gave us a phony war, crashed the economy and covered up the Saudi role in 9/11-has no right to criticize,” legendary politico Roger Stone tweeted on Friday morning.

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Reporters who are working overtime to try to discredit Trump, however, strained to give the most credibility to Bush’s remarks, with The Washington Post saying the fact that Trump has “unsettled allies abroad” and provoked a “backlash” at home has “injected his [Bush’s] remarks with greater urgency.”

But the very day after Bush spoke these words, there was Trump meeting in the Oval Office with the secretary-general of the United Nations. And yesterday, about the same time the Post’s story was published, the president’s motorcade was pulling up to the embassy of Kuwait. Where’s the isolationism?

And who can forget Trump’s first foreign trip, where he was treated like royalty in Saudi Arabia despite his tough talk on the need to defeat ISIS, and where he met in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom former President Barack Obama had a contentious relationship, as detailed in the Post’s own story from 2015, “The Roots of Why Obama and Netanyahu Dislike Each Other So Much.”

Trump, in comparison, seems to be shaping out to be the most statesman-like president the United States has had in a generation at least.

But context doesn’t seem an important consideration.

“The liberal media treated President Bush as an enemy for 16-years (his term and Obama’s) but now that they had a new enemy in Trump, they suddenly found something worth elevating him for,” the Media Research Center said in a report on Friday.

The British media, however, was somewhat less willing to boost Bush, whose presidency was marked by two wars – one in Iraq, and the other in Afghanistan – which together have taken the lives of thousands of Americans, tens of thousands of civilians in both countries, will end up costing more than $2 trillion and have failed, as far as anyone can see, to accomplish much.

“The blood on George W. Bush’s hands will never dry. Don’t glorify this man,” a headline in the Guardian blared on Friday.

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  • Janis

    Wow, I guess that makes Dubya one of the “cool kids”.

  • Louie Rey

    Does the media get any MORE pathetic? Suddenly, the dumbest president we’ve ever had has turned into some kin d of genius because he happened to say something that the media can use against President Trump. Thank God there’s no liberal bias in the media, NOT! Meanwhile, Dubya’s way off here. He’s implying that the division in this country along racial lines are emanating from Trump’s policies when in reality all of these “protests” and “violence” are a result of the funding of these “activists” be another George, Soros. Wake up Dubya!

    • Stephen Pettine

      Yes, and G.W.’s current warm recognition by the liberal press exposes how devious the left can be in using people like crude tools, or should I say ‘in using crude people like tools?”.

      • Louie Rey

        I guess that means that Dubya has become just another useful idiot. You know, like the Democratic electorate.

  • Ed Roberts

    He is lost because America is changing for the better electing a politician maybe gone for ever they are so set on the old ways,they can’t see sky for the trees,Americans are tired of the lies, midterms we could see more shift in elections, all the Liberal Media is missing the call to change,to bad change is long over due when the corruption is behind us, it has to be different.

    • AmericanFirst

      Spot on.In fact, the establishment had already built a foundation of corruptions to bone. Bribes are called lobby. Money laundering is called conribution to Charity Foundation (pretty sure u can name the most famous). MSM fake news is called free press. Brainwashing American public is called opinion. Violent protest, burn down properties, building, cars, American flag, disrepect national anthem n looting is calked freedom of speech. Illegal aliens are called undocumented immigrants. ( can tax dodgers called undocumented taxpayers). And many more. Very sad state.

    • Scuttlebutt

      My thoughts exactly. Politicians need to do two things. Learn to speak the truth & get a “real job”, so you can understand “WHY” America is sick of you all. It is SO nice to have Trump in office & NOT have to listen to the liars anymore. Thank You President Trump for MAGA:)

      • Jeronimo Dan

        Real Politicians don’t know and don’t want to even think about telling the TRUTH.

  • Wanda Zastoupil Walhovd

    I have lost ALL respect for the Bush family!!!!!

    • slidenglide

      I was always a GWB supporter. I believed him to be a find person and even a good President. He was given trials and tribulation that he never saw coming. I thought he did as good as he could have given the circumstances. Now he has proven me wrong.
      Jeb is and was a milk toast. Dubya has fallen into the RINO trap.
      What a disappointment!!!

      • Alibaba

        Nice wake up. Better later than never!

      • Jo Melcher

        I agree with you 100%, and he has proven his true colors now with President Trump! I think he is just angry that Jeb Bush didn’t win in 2016! President Trump is a lot better President than Bush ever was!

        • slidenglide

          If you’ll remember, everyone held their breath while good old brother JEB decided if he’d run for President, but once he finally decided he was suppose to be a shoe in. After all – his father and his brother had already been and he was next in line.

          Then along came Trump. Where did he come from? He wasn’t a politician, he had never held a public office. He is ONLY a BUSINESS Man. The USA is the largest business in the world. We the people love and respect our President and the RINO’s can’t stand it or the Liberals. Go Mr. President Trump!!!

          • Scuttlebutt

            Maybe now, the Bush family will get the message that has been sent to them from the USA. “We are sick of you & your family”. Go away please.

        • Fed up!

          He was a losy Governor of my state of Florida.

          • Jeronimo Dan

            The other one was better for Texas.

    • Yarbles

      Ditto. That’s because they are all Globalist turds and in bed with the Saud family.

      Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud grew up in the Bush household and his nickname is ‘Bandar Bush’ just as an example.

      As far as W goes, he is an idiot born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      I’m a very right wing conservative and I’ve never had any use for a Bush. The old man was a gun runner, brought in tons of Cocaine from South America to the US and laundered millions of dollars with Clinton, O. North, Don Lassiter along with Bobby Seals.

      The Bushes have never been conservatives, nor Republicans, their all (even low energy Jeb) NWO and they want nothing but set at a round table with a few select Elites and run the world.

      Dubya, did not write the speech he read the other day and he’s never written, nor never will write a speech. He does well to read one. If he hadn’t been the son of the Old Man, he’d still be in Midland, Texas working for “Circle-K” convenience store, selling Gas, Beer/Ice and Cigarettes. Everything he touched when young, went bankrupt. The old man’s friends bought him 1% interest in the Rangers and a few years later, he was able to sell what was a six hundred thousand dollar gift into the sale of 18 million for his share.

      They said Dubya was going to vote against Trump, but he drove around Dallas for hours trying to find the polling booth…never did.

  • rick meek

    Man – they couldn’t stand the man while he was in office……

  • Wilson Oteri

    George W. Bush who postulated lies about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and dragged the United States into an unnecessary war, a war which ultimately destabilized the middle east region. So many good American men and women – both military, and civilians – have died as a result of the needless war that George W. Bush dragged the country into. Seriously, this man is a no brainer, and his comments have no weight.

  • Gregg Parker

    Bush: stupid is as stupid …er … stupid…. won’t be stupid again!

  • Robert Jourdan

    Bush needs to go back in his hole and stay there . I voted for him , so sorry I did,big mistake !

    • David

      Oh, but be careful! Consider the alternative! How different this country might be if LOSER al gore had won instead. Sure, Dubya is a buffoon, but I’m glad it was him at the time!

  • RayOne

    43 has joined McCain on the tug rope against America.

    • Danwrlca

      So what if he basically stated that racism has found a home in the Trump camp? It has emboldened those who would deny freedoms to others! This country is home to more than just the white race! Get over it! Oh, and many religions also. Thank God the Government is prohibited from establishing a state religion! We all know it would be something “WASPy”.

      • RayOne

        Before theDonald was elected President, he was a rich, annoying, loud, white guy from NewYork. As much as Washington works to change him, the people who voted for him, find him refreshing.

      • kimbi

        It’s gonna be a looong 7+ more years for you.
        Can’t wait for your reaction to Pence2024!

  • jlcham

    Everything he said was created by Obummer and the MSM. Now Trump is left to clean up the mess they all left.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      While Bush (Dubya) is dumber than a sack of rocks, there’s a chance Dubya didn’t even know, nor never had read the speech, until he was in front of his audience. And once he had read the speech, anyone in the audience could have ask him what he’d just said and if he was truthful, he’d have to say…I don’t know.

  • Jack Scarpon


    • kimbi

      Funny how quiet he’s been especially considering 8 disasterous years of Obama.
      I think his “handlers” insisted he go out and blow smoke.

  • pappy450

    The “new world order” “one world government” GLOBALIST STOOGES have spoken. Time to IGNORE the whole lot. Time for them to go away… forever. There is an actual COMMANDER IN CHIEF FINALLY IN CHARGE. Get on the “train” or be prepared to be run down.

    • Alibaba

      Keep your fingers crossed, and prepare for disappointment!…

      • pappy450

        I don’t know about YOU, but I see many GREAT things PRESIDENT TRUMP is achieving without any “help” from OBSTRUCTIONIST democommies and rinos. I am OPTIMISTIC and expect more to come.
        Nice to actually see a PRESIDENT say what he means and follows up on what he promises.
        (unlike many other scumbags LIKE THE ONES SEEN STANDING IN THE PHOTO )
        NOW if we could only get all the TERRIFIED “nevertrumpers” to get their proverbial HEADS out of their REARS, get with the “program” and SEE what is ACTUALLY being accomplished for “WE THE PEOPLE”, (instead of the enrichment of THE GOVERNMENT “ELITES” on OUR dime) this country could be on the verge of being GREAT again.

  • Lori

    I had respect for Bush as our president, but no more , he wasn’t a great President, but elected, by the majority vote, I even had a picture of he and Laura ,its now where it belongs, in the trash. Jeb Bush was such a disgusting creature, it made me nervous knowing they were brothers, and so I mostly just watched and listened, but now he’s turning out to be just like his brother, all mouth and no brains. And I am very sorry I ever voted for him.

    • David Stewart

      Lori, would you prefer an Al Gore? Ugh!

  • intheknow

    The bush family just proved beyond any doubt that these career politicians really don’t care about America or the people. Makes me sick to my stomach that I defended him. I backed everything he did when he was president. I never thought he was the sharpest knife in the drawer but I believed the crap he obviously fed us. All the more reason to drain the CESSPOOL in Washington. I’m sure there will be a lot of Republicans going down the drain with most all the Democrats/Progressives/Communists. The last three are all the same really so I never know what to actually call them.

    • Naval Lint

      The most accurate label is simply “traitors”…

  • Front Sight

    I wonder whose Johnson Dubya massaged?

  • joe

    When bush went to Iraq under the pretense of nuclear weapon ,thats when this idiot created Isis, and all these other terrorist group. He should be the last person together with the past muslim president to criticize Trump

    • Yall Don’t Listen

      Joe I really dislike the Bushes, but please don’t make a false statement, Clinton and Obama created ISIS, they used them to create a distraction during Benghazi when they invaded Libya to steal the gold!!! I don’t think much for any of the Bush family, but I will never allow Hillary Clinton or Obama escape the fact, They had our Honorable Americans killed in Libya over their greed for Money. By using this group of Terrorist called ISIS which they created

  • Alibaba

    Gee, I wonder if mister “nukelar” had some of those thoughts in mind when he gave us Patriot Act?!!!

  • Mark Russo

    The apple does not too far from the tree. “Pappi” Bush brought the term “new world order” to America back in his day as president and Shrubya parrots the tune. I am reminded of the ditty “no more teachers, no more books” but have chosen to revise the lyrics. “No more Clinton, no more Bush” as the long laid plans of those who would prefer to rule the entire world have been put on hold with the Brexit vote and Trump’s unforeseen election. No more political dynasties for America. Next agenda item? Term limits…

    • Alibaba

      Mhm!… Bush is one of the 16 families who actually run America. With or without elections! With or without term limits!… And all those ruling families get their orders from outside USA… Glimpse! Not from Putin!…

    • And a viable (3rd) People’s Party — that actually does for the people what hasn’t been done in decades of (Washington) corruption. This (two-faced or two-headed D&R monster) party we have now is completely corrupt and cannot be fixed.

  • Mr. Neon

    Sadly, as much as I disliked 43, I still preferred him over Gore, and this little weed is still showing why I did not want for him to be POTUS, and yet, I just can’t image how things would have gone, had we had someone like that enviro – gore, that says one thing, does the very things he tells us not to do, then continues to try to gobble more money! With the loss of President Reagan, then getting the first weed in the “bushes”, we wound up with a draft dodger as a wanna-be commander in chief, which in itself should have been illegal, and also which turned my stomach, then along comes a second weed, followed by someone who completely hates America and still wants for it to become a 3rd world country. As much as I dislike Trump, I so much more prefer him over having the mega truth distorter, Hillary! Just don’t know where to go from here, only God the Father knows what is in store for us with the next!

  • Karll

    dubya’s words would have been far more appropriate if they were said during 0bama’s reign.

  • Barformer

    So GWB says nothing while jugears tried to destroy the country and now he’s tooting his damn horn.
    Bye Bye GWB

  • David Stewart

    How nice that the DNC media now admires the most INEPT President (next to Carter) ever to hold office. He did few criminal things, only due to the lack of intellect; unlike Obama, who could do nothing legally, due to intellect and upbringing.

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    As a tyke and a teenager I had the distinct honor and privilege of caddying occasionally for the late U.S. Senator Prescott Bush the father and the grandfather respectively of Bush 41 and 43 @ The Country Club, Farmington, CT. Accordingly from my personal interfaces I’m a fan of the Bush and Pierce families. Conversely, I now currently proudly stand with President Trump, his Administration, Steve Bannon, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, and pundits such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly, e.g., to see to it that the GOP remains a viable GOP entity despite the fact I know Bill O’Reilly is a registered Independent!

    Fred Harden III AKA “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

    P.S. With regard to the Gold Star Widow’s brouhaha obviously, I don’t know what was said by President Trump to the grieving spouse, but in the heat of the extemporaneous moment quite possibly the President wasn’t the most empathetic wordsmith. If indeed he did say what has been reported, however, on future occasions he definitely needs to be more sympathetic.

    Conversely, on Don Lemon’s segment on CNN that evening as usual bashing the President they only had streaming the first part of President Trump’s purported statement and not his entire statement. So much for being fair and balanced! Not! In addition, on the CNN panel there was no mention of the Congresswoman’s omnipresent excoriating comments concerning Donald Trump since day one of his presidency which Sean Hannity on Fox Cable News eloquently outlined the night after. Bottom line: We all mourn the patriotism, heroism and tragic deaths of the fallen four, but we also continue to stand tall and to support President Trump too!

    Fred Harden III AKA “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

  • Betty

    a agree I always defended the Bush’s am so disappointed in all of them

  • Jmanjo

    Bush had a decent reputation during his terms and is loved by veterans. As for as present day politics, he sucks. He has been kissing up ever since his brother pooped off the run for president. Trump is doing better politically than Bush so he needs to fade back again and shut up!

  • Stephen Pettine

    G.W. Bush continues to prove himself a hapless buffoon, a jester as comedic as they come. His theatrics in costume and word is undeniably worthy of ridicule when he appeared to announce the victory (LOL) of the war over Iraq, not to mention during the Trump inauguration his affinity for the Clinton clan shown by his greeting slipper-slope Hillary with an huge hug that one reserves for family and close friends. My hope for the sanity of our country’s raison d’etre
    he be blown away by the wind of reason.

  • Robert Cuillerier

    The Bush should sit down and shut up, less they end up being investigated.

    • nocbsfan

      They are part of the swamp ,not a chance

  • Sweet willy

    Golly, is 43 still married to Laura?? She needs to slap him straight and make him shut his mouth again, just as he was during ocrapo’s time. Just like shillery said, ” we better hope we win, otherwise we will all go to jail”. I hope as the swamp is drained and filled, we may find that 43 is responsible for a lot the swamp sludge and may be exposed for nefarious activity yet to exposed.

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    Bush was referring to THE Dali Omammy as well.

  • Raymond Martucci

    Would you expect anything different from the two face traitor. Who ignored people saying not to go to war and went after the wrong country. Seems the bushes got butt hurt so they have to show their true colors.

  • jcrawdad

    Media Now Loves ‘Dubya’ After He Attacks Trump


  • Yall Don’t Listen

    The Bushes have and a lways will be True Enemies to the American People, and a Free America, since WW1 and WW2 the Father of George Bush Sr. Played and paid for both sides of the wars!!! George Sr. Stabbed Reagan in the back. And tried his best to destroy all the positive things Reagan did. Reagan put to much trust in Bush Sr. They all are Super Democrat, posing as Republicans. I really wish they would return to Connecticut and leave the great state of Texas alone.

  • nocbsfan

    Whether Dubya is democrat or republican doesn’t matter I believe what is going on here is making way for Baby Jebbie to run for president Smear President trump until there is nothing left With Jeb as president , super oil is back to $400 a barrel and Bush’s own the world as long as they do what the news media tell them to. People of America don’t be fooled by the Bush family. They only mean to take up where Obama left off.

    • Naval Lint

      Jeb never had a chance…and won’t! Americans don’t support familial dynasties…except Liberals, who much prefer to just be ruled by an elite and be supported by those who actually work for a living.

      • nocbsfan

        You are hitting on logic which is fine. but if they keep Trump on the defensive Lil Jeb will be trying for a nomination upset

        • Naval Lint

          I doubt that’ll work. The Bush family as a dynasty is no more acceptable to Americans than a Clinton dynasty.

          • nocbsfan

            No, of course it wont work , but they will try !!!

  • JWB

    The former president, Mr. Bush, whilst subtly voicing his displeasure and condemnation for President Trump and his “vision” for America has unwittingly, which some may consider part and parcel for “43”, rallied the “troops” around “the Donald” even tighter and in a more resolute manner. Good job “sport”, keep up the negativity.

  • Susan Garcia

    Mr. Bush laid silent for 8 long years, while Obummer criticized and blamed him for all obummer’s failures. And now he comes out swinging against a president who has already decreased unemployment and raised the GDP.
    Mr. Bush stay on your ranch and keep painting.

    • Nicholas Lordi

      God bless you Susan. I was going to say it, but you beat me to the punch!!

  • Bonnie Treitler

    i lost respect for bush and his family especially his daughter when she gave a speech for planned parenthood. bush seems to be not as bad a president obumer and clinton but he’s up there. all these so called politicans can’t stand trump and they will disrespect him whenever they can. how these people have fallen into disgrace.

  • Willie Wilson

    I have always liked GWB but it is obvious he has lost touch with what America wants and needs. Trump is no saint but at least he represents the Majority of Americans. He is not hung up about representing the GOP as it has always been. America needs a POTUS that is interested in representing the needs and wishes of the majority of Americans.

  • freepetta

    You mean the Hillary loving media, whoever they love ❤️ WE DON’T!!!

  • Kevin Soravilla

    Great respect for him after 911. No more a real loser.

  • Bill Harrison

    Did not like him as President, better than Gore, but I do believe we have George W. to thank for Obozo.

  • JHW

    Bush set on his [email protected]@ for 8 years while Obama destroyed this country and never said a word. He is part of the problem. Trump will fight back starting with Bush getting us into .Iraq

  • Eileen Jones

    He never once spoke against Obama when he was trashing our country over seas with his apology tour on our SLAVERY AND RACIAL ISSUES ! Speaking out against Christians and white people, ramping up RACIAL DIVIDE !!! WHERE WERE YOU GEORGE??????????

  • skier69

    Worst President up there with Obummer.
    Go back to your ranch and Shut your Mouth. Doing this to a Sitting president is a Disgraceful and obnoxious

  • Sharon Melvin

    McCain and the Bush family are all RINOs!!!!

  • Robert A Oziomek

    The Bush family is just mad because the brother from Texas wasn’t able to carry on Bush dynasty ( thank God) by not getting the nomination. About time they put away their pacifiers and call it quits. He was in such a damn hurry to on that flight jacket and proclaim victory which was of course an example of fake news. Why not discuss his military service as meager as it was.

  • John

    Whatever McCain had, it MUST be contagious.

  • jcrawdad

    Media Now Loves ‘Dubya’ After He Attacks Trump


  • ted towny

    I see NBC misunderstood, maybe Ben Shapiro could help them understand the speech, Shapiro is intelligent and NBC is far from it!

  • djm4706

    One can easily see how deep and ugly the swamp really is. There is no difference in the established RINOs and the Dims. Bush never once talked down Obozo in spite of the disaster he created with everything he touched. I dare say that Bush is probably part of Obozo’s resistance movement. He needs to go back to sucking his thumb and painting his pictures.

  • Bob

    Its good to see people speaking their minds and calling the Orange Moron for what he is. An Ignorant, Low-IQ, Uneducated, Pervert, Conman, Tax Evader, Draft-Dodger. Hopefully, Mueller will soon nailing the screwball!!!

  • Joe samo

    Go chop wood you stupid has been. I never did like you.

  • Gary

    He never said a word about Obama speaks about President Trump who Americia voted for he should continue painting and keep Quiet

  • Gary

    Did you hear the Koch brothers are spending one million dollars in Virginia race do a liberal could win my hope is the poor Republicians wins

  • Jeanne Hogg

    Bush is part of the swamp. He has been a never Trump since day one.

  • Jeanne Hogg

    Remember Clinton and the older Bush hanging out. They who squeal loudest are the biggest pork. McCain Romney Bushes they are globalists.just like the leftist pigs. Trump came in a blew them away. He upset the elites who think they are God’s gift to the masses NOT. They must be desperate if they are finally showing their true colors. I think the globalists are losing.

  • Reuben Lancaster

    He’s a drooling idiot.

  • clifton1943

    Any mainstream and professional politician or political hierarchy needs to turn against Trump, for they are the mud at the bottom of the swamp that is now being drained. If you though the bureaucracy is the swamp, guess again, it was the mainstream politician that put them there to hide behind. The professionals are the swamp! Best case for CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS!

  • NovelDog

    Like most of our past presidents….bought and paid for by the elites who think they control the world.

  • richard black

    the first photo of the 5……just makes me sick…

  • Chancisify

    worked very hard to get the bush boys elected but the knife in the back cut me bad. Everybody knows the big pharma and it’s over priced harmful meds can do to patients–Jeb insisted big pharma come to Fla. Clean jobs he said. When he took office State owned 1 million acres –when he left state owned over 10 million acres–in the name of the endangered whatevers–environmentally sensitive BS. 911 is a questionable happening at the hands of Dubya– who is most definitely on the same page as poppa on Global Gov. Go away Bushes and take the Rhino repubs with you

  • Mary Post

    This is just all establishment blather don’t listen to it! The establishment has lost their grip on Americans and is going down in flames!

  • Chancisify

    Another thing— this staged event for collection of $$$ for intended victims–will we see the exact amount that actually goes to those in need??? With their past histories, seems this cash might find its way in dem pockets. THEY NEED FUNDS FOR THE NEXT PRES ELECTION

  • RayOne

    The WASP’s hate on the President also because he remembers how the company was treated in NYC,
    ‘We’ll take your business but don’t come to my house’.

  • CommonSenseReborn

    And no more Obama’s EVER.
    Where was George W for 8 years during the GREAT DIVIDER Obama reign? The silence was deafening!!.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    The rino had 8 long, grueling years to show what a lousy choice obummer was and said nothing stating it wasn’t his place to criticize. Now when we have someone willing to take the heat and fix the mess he complains. Damn I wish we would have had a better choice than him or gore.

  • ronala


  • denis

    What Bush did not say but is implied is important. He said democracies face new and serious threats. He never said what these threats were. But I think anyone who watches the gossip news stations of main stream media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC as well as public radio and TV, know that the threats to American democracy is attacks by blatant left wing commentators who are the new opposition to Trump and his conservative voting base. The democrat party in America is in reality a social democratic party bordering on communist socialism like Bernie Sanders and those of his ilk, heavily promoted by the MSM and taught in colleges and universities by socialist professors following the Alinski school of student brainwashing “how to mold America into a socialist country.” The real threat to America, which Bush never mentioned, is teaching our future leaders in schools colleges and universities that social/communism is the future of America.

  • disqus_sJpTxVtx0a

    My, my, my, … Globalists just hate it when their plans Don’t come together… Their plan? … One world Government; One world Currency; Open Borders Everywhere; Citizens Completely Unarmed, Globally; Extreme Protections For Their Own; … All to be administered by THEM! … Do you know who “THEM” is? Big oil, big pharma, big government, big industrial/military complex corporations, big banking… or rather those who made their fortunes from them… Bush is a big oil AND big banking And big government type GLOBALIST! … And the charade goes on…

  • john vieira

    George senior was a staunch member of the NWO….and every president thereafter ‘hob nobbed’ with the Wahhabist, Salafist and the next to last with the ‘brotherhood’ also…notice how they ALL flock together…and talk of ‘democracy’ which they want as doing away with the Electoral College, Hillary’s bane, would also DESTROY the Republic…your enemies are within…