Media Ignore Leading Democrat’s Salacious Corruption Trial

(LifeZette) Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D-N.J.) ongoing public corruption and bribery trial commenced two weeks ago today, and yet the mainstream media has barely bothered to afford the Democratic scandal any substantial amount of coverage.


Robert Menendez/Photo by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. (CC)

Menendez is the first sitting senator in 36 years to undergo a federal corruption trial. The New Jersey Democrat was indicted in 2015 on bribery and corruption charges. Menendez has been accused of wielding his political power and influence to dissuade the Department of Health and Human Services from collecting the $8 million his ophthalmologist friend, Dr. Salomon Melgen, owed in fines. The federal government also alleged that Menendez pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in re-election campaign contributions for personal trips.

If convicted, Menendez will be forced to resign from his Senate post amid his current plans to run for reelection in 2018, thus giving New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) the opportunity to appoint a Republican replacement to finish out the 2018 term. Democrats, already a minority in the Senate, would lose one of the crucial 48 seats their caucus holds.

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And yet the major news networks appear to have largely turned a blind eye toward the embarrassing situation in which both Menendez and congressional Democrats have found themselves.

“If Bob Menendez were a Republican, his corruption trial would undoubtedly be headline news,” Rich Noyes, research director at the Media Research Center (MRC), told LifeZette in an email. “The media’s lack of coverage of his trial is just the latest evidence of journalists’ partisan double-standard when it comes to scandals.”

Noyes noted that as of Monday night, MRC’s news analysts found that none of the broadcast evening newscasts from ABC, CBS and NBC, in particular, “had even mentioned the trial.”

“ABC and CBS have provided a minor amount of coverage on their morning shows (1 minute, 48 seconds on ABC’s Good Morning America; 22 seconds on CBS This Morning),” Noyes said. “NBC’s Today has provided zero coverage since the trial began.”

Although ABC, CBS and NBC provided little coverage for the Menendez scandal, the trial apparently is an issue that President Donald Trump’s supporters care about deeply. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that reading the response cards Republican supporters sent in over the last week revealed that the Menendez trial and its media coverage were at “the top” of these voters’ concerns.

“But right now what we’re seeing is an uptick in the Bob Menendez trial, and that’s really the top that we’re seeing right now, which is the lack of coverage that that’s getting,” McDaniel said.

To make matters worse for the mainstream media, McDaniel said that the ongoing Russia probe speculation running rampant in the media rates at a “negative 10” on a scale of one to 10 of how interested the Republican supporters are about one of the press’s favorite topics.

“Actually, they’re frustrated by it,” McDaniel said. “They just feel like it’s just ridiculous. Look at the coverage that this gets. I mean, anything having to do with Russia, the president’s already convicted, he’s guilty. And then you’ve got Bob Menendez — the senator from New Jersey who used his office for a high-dollar donor to get visas, to do favors — under trial, the first time in 36 years that we’ve had [a] sitting senator on trial for bribery charges. Zero coverage.”

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“So voters are smart. They are seeing it,” McDaniel continued. “They get it. And they think this Russia thing is ridiculous.”

Noyes also highlighted the mainstream media’s hypocrisy in choosing which New Jersey scandals to cover and which ones to sweep under the rug. In particular, MRC’s research director pointed to the “frenzied coverage” generated when Christie suffered from his so-called “Bridgegate” scandal.

Both Christie’s popularity and his 2016 presidential campaign were dealt significant blows when news broke that one of his staff members and some of his political appointees colluded to create severe traffic jams in Fort Lee in 2013. These closures constituted a threat to public safety and violated both federal and state laws, Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye said back in 2014.

The media devoured the “Bridgegate” scandal, which consumed the Republican New Jersey governor, while largely ignoring the scandals that plagued the state’s Democratic senator, Noyes noted, pointing to MRC’s research.

“It seems unlikely that these networks would similarly ignore the corruption trial of a sitting Republican senator charged with the same offenses. After all, they reacted with frenzied coverage in the first hours after the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal broke involving another New Jersey politician — Republican Governor Chris Christie,” Noyes said. “That story, which involved wrongdoing by his aides, was given 34 minutes of coverage in its first 24 hours; 88 minutes by the end of the second day.”

But the media have disproportionately ignored Menendez’s ongoing scandal while the congressional Democrats have been loath to criticize one of their own.

The day before the trial began, McDaniel issued a statement saying, “Democratic Senator Robert Menendez’s public corruption trial is a big deal, but it has been vastly underreported in the media. This case is ripe with corruption and chock full of lies involving lavish resorts, nearly $1 million in gifts, and political favors leveraged to benefit a wealthy donor who has already been convicted of defrauding Medicare of more than $90 million.”

“A sitting U.S. Senator involved in a federal bribery trial and facing 14 corruption-related counts is no small potatoes,” McDaniel added. “If convicted, Senate Democrats need to immediately call for his resignation.”

Republished with permission from LifeZette via iCopyright license.

  • Naval Lint

    With the Democrats, corruption is just “business as usual” so the LSM sees no reason to cover it….
    but God save us all if President Trump were to break wind in public! The LSM would be screaming about Trump-created global warming or some other stupid extrapolation….

    • Thinkingman2025

      Trump passes gas, and the demon-rats faint.

    • Karen

      No kidding, look at all the tweets over a sip of wine that was probably just a pretend sip anyway, like it was a crime! Are you serious?

      • Bill

        And don’t get caught wearing high heel shoes.

  • barbarakelly

    Naval –your right on point. and I think opinions are changing about the dems. Look at the way they hammered Pelosi yesterday. We keep the fight on truth and honesty and we will win in 2018. and remove alot if the liars that are in the Sen. and House.!!! Keep plugging away and we all win.!!

    • Frank Budz

      All those people were illegals. They needed rounded up and background checks done on all of them.

  • The Capatin

    How convenient that they ignore such bad news. This is the way of all the corrupt news outlets… manipulative to the very end. Nothing but “puppets on a string”.

    • Phyllisrgarber

      Yes, the only places to find the truth are Breitbart, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and Trump University.

      • Frank Budz

        Beck is a fence sitter and not worth his weight in garbage. That’s why his website is in trouble.

  • Steve G.

    The media gave more coverage of Christie on a closed beach also. My favorite political show of all time was Hanity and Colmbs. To different sides debating in front of one another. We’ll never see a show like that again.

  • Mark Currier

    They are probably ignoring because it’s not news. Everyone knows that all liberals are corrupt. It’s a given.

    • Karen

      It’s probably such small potatoes, why bother!

      • The Redhawk

        Too routine to make the Daily NEWS

  • Been There

    If the republicans do it the liberal democrats go ballistic. Double standards and reverse discrimination are here to stay.

  • Phyllisrgarber

    Billionaire Trump using GOP campaign money to pay his lawyers.

    If ever you’re sued, be sure to get the public to pay your lawyers. Ask Trump how it’s done.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    They swept the CA democrats gun running trail under the rug last year. If you follow the leftist line they cover for you as best they can. If not they will make up stories just too cause you grief.

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    • Gary VonPratt

      they are impossible to reach, they block & divert anyone trying to give feedback!!! i’v tried, gave-up a year ago! I always look at who #1posted/#2wrote an article read first 2-3 sentences then read from the bottom up! usually some simalance of truth buried at the end of a laborious twisting agenda!!! you left out newYorkTrash & washingtonCompost RAGS!!! FYI: I have talked to 8people in 5different countries directly over time who were watching ”’cnn”’ believing their propaganda and belittling the USA!!! ”’cnn”’=PROPAGAND-TERRIORISM-MACHINE!!!nazi-style… I like Sharon, the rest R ditsoidals!!!repeaters!!!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    They are not saying anything because they know Christie will appoint a LIBERAL who will be like McCain and vote with Democrats instead of helping Trump repair Obozo’s and the Democrat’s damage to America as America by Electing Trump said they want. Christie in spite could even appoint a Democrat. He is mad at Trump for not giving him a job in his Administration. So sadly this may not help Trump and since there are Three turncoats in the Republican Party this could make things worse instead of better.

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      I don’t think there are any politicians in the Peoples Republic of NJ who are not liberals.

  • David W BmyBud

    Now to be fair, one station here in the El Paso area gave this a 5 second blurb one (1) night.

  • The Redhawk

    PRESS TITUTES and (D) Anarchy party Pimps and Hores tend to Cover up for one another…

  • Louie Rey

    The Democrats, emphasis on rats, are the most despicable group of partisan ideologues ever. But this situation highlights the disgusting actions of Hussein, as if any of you needed any further proof of what a back stabber he was. These Menendez allegations first surfaced a couple of years ago when it was Hussein’s DOJ that was in place. They would have been the ones to bring an indictment against Menendez which they did not do initially for quite a few months. However, when Menendez made clear that he was against Hussein’s Iran Nuclear Deal the indictment came down very quickly. Coincidence? FDR, a Democrat no less, once said and I quote, “There are no coincidences in politics.”

  • ROn Dastra

    Liberals disappear on subjects like this that concern there party !
    Where are the liberal posters concerning this democrat political scandal ! They jump on President Trump for anything that is put on the so called media outlets from undisclosed sources ! But ignore this !

  • Gary VonPratt

    dims libs &some rePugs are just *blatant *overt ”hide-behind-black-masks” play-tha-race-card, Traitors of THE AMERICAN CITIZENS & THE CONSTITUTION ”’a threat”’to homeland security, ankle-biters, mosquitos, violent-criminals, one reporter ASKED ON A MICROSOFT NEWS REPORTs, ?WHAT DO THEY STAND *FOR 2017? If anyone knows i would like to know!!! IT’S A FREE-FOR-ALL, let’s give money to the world, they are a *let’s take down America for every body by refugee’ing and illegal’ing *DUMPING, *overrunning, *over-spending- to bankrupt collapse America, let’s take away their guns so they have no protection from us, etc… AMERICANS KNOW THIS!!! you can’t blame this on the Russians! ***ALL THIS and all American education COULD be paid for, college university, vocational etc… finally a pres w cajones to tell the world ‘NO’!!! AMERICANS ARE #1, 1st Priority, ya’ll are 2nd!!! and Rocket Boy is a menace!!! it’s ok, move back to your heritage homeland where you can *feel happy!

  • Larry

    They talk about having RT register as a foreign agent,what about the communist media;cbs,nbc,abc,cnn,msnbc,pbs,etc.These are all biased,liberal,brainwashing,tabloid journalism.ALWAYS misrepresenting politicians & news stories.

  • gideonrockwell

    Menendez looks like a choir boy compared to a lot of Dems. Like Harry Reid going in worth if he was lucky a hundred thousand and retiring one of the wealthiest Senators all the while making his various family members wealthy. The Hildabeast complained due to legal fees they had to pay out she and Bill left the White House destitute. Yet in less than 20 years they are now worth hundred of millions of dollars. There are many other prominent Democrat elected officials who have used their positions to accumulate wealth for themselves and family members. Menendez should just be the beginning.

  • Joseph111

    it was the Russians fault!!

  • Gregg Parker

    Raise your hand if this surprises you…. no hands?…. yeah, that’s par for their course… but their not covering it won’t stop his conviction….