Ousted Nat’l Security Adviser McMaster: Some W.H. Aides Pose ‘Danger to the Constitution’

‘They’re there to try to manipulate the situation based on their own agenda, not the president’s agenda…’

Trump's National Security Adviser McMaster Worked at Think Tank Backed by Soros-Funded Group


(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, accused some White House aides of being a “danger to the Constitution” because they are trying to undermine Trump’s agenda.

The retired Army lieutenant general, whom Trump fired last year and replaced with John Bolton, said he and others in the White House tried to steer Trump in the right direction policy-wise, but others had very different agendas.

“The second group of people, and I think this is true in any administration, who are not there to give the president options—they’re there to try to manipulate the situation based on their own agenda, not the president’s agenda,” McMaster told Politico.

And there’s another group of advisers that “cast themselves in the role of saving the country, even the world, from the president,” he said.


“I think those latter two categories of people are actually a danger to the Constitution of the United States,” he continued.

Trump fired McMaster after repeatedly clashing with him, and the former national security adviser was later linked to a controversial, George Soros-funded group that was central in helping the Obama administration sell the Iran nuclear deal to the public.

McMaster was a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies from 2006 to 2017, where he served as a consulting senior fellow.

McMaster reportedly encouraged the Trump administration to take an easier stance on Iran.

McMaster told Politico that during his time in the White House, he pushed the National Security Council to provide information that helped Trump and his agenda: “What we can do is understand how the president makes decisions.”