McConnell Slips More Kickbacks into Senate Healthcare Bill

(Breitbart) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slipped more backroom deals into the Senate healthcare bill to entice more moderate senators to vote for the bill.

McConnell Delays August Recess

Mitch McConnell/PHOTO: Facebook

Republicans have frequently criticized Democrats for bribing so many senators to pass Obamacare seven years ago, even though McConnell continues to employ the same tactics to pass their Senate healthcare bill.

The House-passed bill, otherwise known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), included an amendment known as the “Buffalo Bribe.” Rep. Chris Collins sponsored the measure to prevent state governments from forcing local counties to contribute to a state’s Medicaid program. The Buffalo bribe appeared in the Senate healthcare bill, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which would make the bill easier to pass in the House if the Senate passes it.

The BCRA, like the House’s AHCA, places per capita caps on Medicaid spending and winds down Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion after seven years. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) pushed for the revised BCRA to allow for exceptions to the caps on Medicaid spending in the event of an emergency, such as the Zika virus outbreak in Florida.

The Senate bill also changes the funding formula for hospitals based upon a state’s number of uninsured citizens, rather than the number of Medicaid enrollees that the original BCRA used. States that did not expand Medicaid such as Florida would benefit from this change….

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  • RockinOn

    Get that Sorry SOS outta there, he is as much as an obstructionist as the Dumbocraps !

    • ken ptasnick

      All politicians are full of larceny. Unfortunately, it’s we the people who suffer. Make a law that states that all politicians must have the same health as everyone else and see how fast a great bill is created and passed

      • Ed Price

        My wife and I wonder why we are forced to receive AHCA and Congress is not? When are the American people going to wake up? In their opinion what’s good for the goose isn’t so good for the gander. Why aren’t the pundits asking that question? I would like to know what their healthcare plan looks like. What are the benefits, what does it cost, and how much do they pay.

        • Barbie

          If it looks anything like the Postal Services Insurance then they pay very little for a great plan.

          • Sandy129

            My son is a mail man and can’t afford the copay so he doesn’t see a dr unless its life or death. I don’t know about the rest of the Postal Service but I know he doesn’t get much out of it. And he has been a Postal worker for almost 30 years.

          • ken ptasnick

            New York State workers have a decent plan, not great, but adequate. No dental or vision. Approx $100 every 2 weeks for individual not sure of family plan….

        • Bonnie Berry

          Chances are they ha e Blue Cross Blue Shield for life!! Excellent insurance, and they the State is very inexpensive with home healthcare include with plan…NOT an extra fee!!

        • Gregg Parker

          Simple little fact that keeps them in business. The District of Columbia is not part of the USA. It’s a sovereign territory. It only rules because we let it. It is not bound by our laws really at all…

        • Ruth Shull

          i have asked the same questions no one will tell why is that?

          • Ed Price

            Can’t figure that out! Maybe Hannity could do an expose’ on it. They shove this crapola down our throats in the name of providing insurance for the needy but they give themselves something middle America can not afford. I can’t figure out why more people aren’t pissed off.

        • Sandy129

          I think they don’t call it the Cadillac plan for nothing! I am certain we the people pay for any and all services requested for them but we get left overs..

        • ken ptasnick

          Everyone has the right to purchase their own health care. Obviously, the rich can afford better health care. So be it, let them pay for it. But, for our elected officials, they should have the same health care that is provided by the state for their state workers, that they represent.If they wish better care so be, they can pay out of their own pocket . But, they will get no further raises to cover those costs. No back door crap here. Until we the people band together and demand this plus other provisions, nothing will happen…can’t have the fox watch the hen house….Any decisions about should be on the ballot, let the people decide….though that won’t stop the corruption, probably will increase

          • Ed Price

            Similarly, I should also have a right to decide if i need healthcare. For instance, I went to the doctor two times all of last year. I’m in good health. If I choose to pay for my doctors visits, what’s the problem. Why should I be penalized for not having insurance. Why must I pay a fine to the government?I would like to know how much the Gov is collecting in that fine! I’m sure there are others besides me that chose not to accept AHCA.

          • ken ptasnick

            I agree, there should be no fines. One thought, you don’t have insurance, you get real sick and cannot afford the health treatments, who do you expect to pay your bill? Someone will have to pay along the line. Do you think it fair that we who have care should pay? We pay enough for so many now. Maybe my train of thought is wrong, I don’t think so. I know all about charity etc but I’d like to determine where and when I make contributions. One other thought, I’m a pro choice guy. If you wish to have an abortion, so be it, but you should pay for it not me…..we need a little more responsibility when it comes to sex….contraception etc….last year some college coeds wanted everyone else to pay for it…you want to play around, fine,

          • Ed Price

            I’m with you on that. I have a medical account for any out of pocket expenses including major medical. It is my own – a separate savings account. I’ll tell you though, I’d mortgage my home before I let someone else pay for me.

      • RockinOn

        NO Doubt about it, the plan should include all of Congress as well as stated !

  • rev_dave

    OK, so McCain had a blood clot in his brain – which may excuse his liberal leanings for years now, assuming it wasn’t diagnosed. But what would McConnell’s excuse be? Loss of blood to the brain and slow brain death? He seems to be as corrupt and useless at the same time as you could imagine anyone to be.

    • leisureal-


    • Gregg Parker

      It’s wearing his sheep’s clothing that causes the confusion among the sheep. McStain is a blood clot!

  • WVF

    Turtle-face is an anti-American RINO!

    • Gregg Parker

      Haha… turtleface…

      • WVF

        When I was a little boy, I caught a snapping turtle, and then I had no idea that someday I would see that creature in human form.

        • Gregg Parker

          I can’t look at him anymore and not some Warner Brothers cartoon in a suit!!

          • WVF

            Neither can I!

  • Glenn

    junk is junk, crap is crap. I read the bill and this bill stinks and will raise the premium cost. We lived on insurance contracts before and lived thru it. I do not want a single payer insurance. No way. Repeal Obamacare, Repeal Medicaid. Both are tied to the bill and are not good.

    • Bonnie Berry

      The premium cost will start off moderate, but as more competition of providers come into play, it will drop drastically, but it will take a little time, it will NOT triple in premiums like Obamacare with NO providers, or just a couple which has control over premiums…WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT A SINGLE PAYOR INSURANCE! WE DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLING OUR HEALTHCARE, AS THIS IS NOT AND NEVER SHOULD BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!! WHEN GOVERNMENT CONTROLS HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, WE ARE UNDER THERE FULL CONTROL!!

      • Glenn

        I agree with you totally. But we are being led down the wrong direction by these rhino establishment representatives. I read the bill and we are told of repeal, but there is too much amending and reformation in the bill. Medicaid being addressed within the bill is a stickler also. In short, both should be repealed and started over.

  • Wayne

    Fire all of these thieves, they were sent to fix D.C. and repeal Obamacare. Not line their pockets with our tax dollars.

    • Bonnie Berry

      I haven’t seen any lining of pockets here!!! Why can’t POTUS DO the same thing Obama did!! He signed a bill FORCING ALL Democrats to approve his Obamacare!!! Did you know that Obama gets gratuities from this healthcare, he included it in the bill as long as his name is on it..if it should be changed, he also will get c amount of dollars for the next 20 years!!! Shrewd piece of sh___……

      • Gregg Parker

        Obamacare is dead… is he tied to it’s life cycle as well?

      • police state

        I dont see how Obama can legally get any gratuities from the ACS. He was an employee of the people and any laws,bills are passed for the benifit of the people. So if this is true he should be forced to pay back any money he has gotten from this.Also it was never named Obama care, it was passed as the Affordable Healthcare Act. So tell me again how he is getting money from this.

    • Gregg Parker

      Viva La revoution!!

    • ken ptasnick

      That’s why they fear Trump…he will attack their rice bowl, their cushy lifestyle is being threatened. We the people don’t scare them…at least not yet….but our time is coming


    McConnell reveals every day his totally unfit for any office condition…has no backbone, no ehtics, no drive, no love of liberty, no concern with our country….McConnell is trying to die in office….he has no other reason to be there….he could not lead a thirsty horse to water….nor keep a promise long enough to spell the word…

    • Bonnie Berry

      I FEEL PAUL RYAN IS THE DO NOTHING PERSON, WHO CAN NOT GET HIS COLLEAGUES TOGETHER FOR NOTHING!!He is the one who needs to be replaced, as he talks a great talk…but is incompetent!!

    • carpkiller

      Mcconnell and ryan both need to become history.

  • gmhunt4

    Keep your promise Repeal Obamacare replacement not needed or wanted

    • carpkiller

      Tes he is and always has been.

  • Martin

    No deals or kickbacks. Totally repeal and replace.

  • Martin

    Congress must have the same plan as the rest of Americans.

  • therealworld

    Screw the whole thing Up. That’s what they are doing

  • Elfego

    Hell,we can not trust anyone in DC. All these folks have to have a piece of the pie. No winder we are 20 Trillion + in debt.


  • Yarbles

    Why Govt can’t solve the heath care problem. All govt purchases are 3rd party.

  • jcrawdad

    Sounds like something I would say !! But NEWSMAX Bumps my thoughts . Thank you for saying it .

  • Gregg Parker

    They used to call it pork. I guess with all the “cultural changes” we experience these days we can’t use that word… can they still call it bringing home the bacon!?… probably not… bunch of swine… Oops.. goats…

  • Christian_Prophet

    We value a central government which protects the environment for all Americans, not just the fortunate.

    We value world class elementary, high school and community college education for all Americans.

    We value the human right to healthcare made available to all Americans by Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Healthcare Act.

    We value society’s obligation to draw from all of its resources in order to care for the disabled, the elderly, the unemployed and those who are ill.

    We value a central government and its apparatuses which can provide full employment for all Americans, balance the demands of the free market with the needs of worker collective bargaining, ensure a living wage and ensure worker safety at the work place.

    We value evidence based scientific discovery and welcome scientists who protect the public from disease, food borne illnesses and damage to the atmosphere and climate.

    We value the social contributions of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, religious beliefs, native born and immigrants. We expect all Americans to give respect to every person from our diverse culture. Respect is not political correctness, it is compassion and moral.

    We will not live in fear and resentment, rather we understand that people from every country want peace, safety for themselves and their families.

    We value our democratic republic form of government and commit ourselves to securing America’s diversity of thought and practice.

    We value the protections of private property which the government provides.

    We expect owners of great wealth and income to appreciate the government protection they receive and feel an obligation to support the agencies providing this protection and giving strength and stability to society. We expect all Americans to contribute of their wealth and income in relation to their financial ability, without condemnation of the poor.

    We value the rule of law and the principle that all accused are considered innocent until proven guilty. That applies to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yes, we expect our government leaders to be upright and to have a character of compassion for others.

    When a right, such as owning a gun, employing people, producing goods and services, becomes the cause of harm to others, we expect society through its government to counter the harm.

    We believe that public goods such as roads, education, air transportation, park land, breathable air, potable water, recreation, medical care, safety, sufficient nutrition and justice are public needs that government makes available to all people through proactive programs.

  • Jon Blake

    It must be repeal..i cant emphasize this any more clearer.