Former Lt. Gov. Blasts New York’s Late-Term Abortion Law as ‘Homicide’

‘Such abortion extremism is now the new normal in the Democratic Party…’

Former NY Lt. Gov. Blasts Cuomo, NY Dems: Late-Term Abortion Isn't 'Pro-Choice,' It's 'Homicide'

Betsy McCaughey / IMAGE: Bloomberg Politics via Youtube

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey blasted Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his recently-signed abortion bill, which will allow abortions into the third trimester to protect the mother’s health or in cases where the infant won’t survive.

In an op-ed for the New York Post, McCaughey disputed pro-abortion advocates’ assertions that they were a medical necessity, citing a study by Diana Greene Foster—an obstetrics professor at the University of California, San Francisco, who conducted research on why women seek late-term abortions.

“The study found that women’s reasons were all over the place, including travel considerations, expense, indecision, and disagreements with the father,” McCaughey wrote.

New York Democrats, however, celebrated the Reproductive Health Act, which also removes abortion from the state’s criminal code.


This law will allow doctors to withhold treatment from infants who survive late-term abortions—which many often do, McCaughey wrote.

“Until Cuomo signed New York’s new abortion law, preemies who survived a chemical abortion were legally protected. Now they can be deliberately denied treatment,” she wrote. “Even if you are pro-choice, as I am, this grisly denial of the value of the nearly born and newly born shocks the conscience.”

McCaughey said Democrats need to call late-term abortion what it is: Not just “infanticide,” but “homicide.”

“Such abortion extremism is now the new normal in the Democratic Party,” she wrote.

“Any society that allows the killing of unwanted human beings is heading in the wrong direction,” McCaughey continued. “The choice to kill a viable fetus? The choice to doom a newborn to suffocation? That’s hard to stomach. It isn’t what pro-choice is supposed to mean.”