Ousted Sen. Blasts Media Obsession With ‘That New York Woman,’ Ocasio–Cortez

‘If it turns into a free-for-all, Trump will have his perfect foil…’

McCaskill Opens Probe Into Opioid Drugmakers, But Omits Top Company From Home State

Photo by Senator McCaskill (CC)

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Defeated Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, criticized the media for its obsession with the “drama over that New York woman,” referring to Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez.

McCaskill, a self-declared red-state moderate, complained that her legislative work was largely overlooked by the media because they were focused on Ocasio–Cortez, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.

“I worked on a bill that brought down the price of hearing aids. It was a big deal because hearing aids aren’t covered by Medicare. But nobody wrote about it, so nobody knew about it. But there is so much drama over that New York woman, Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, like she’s the new shining object. That’s how the media covers stuff now. And some of us are passing good old-fashioned bills, and we get nothing. Gimme a break!” she told Bloomberg.

In addition to her controversial decision to vote against confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, McCaskill was caught on tape advocating for extreme-Left positions that harmed her standing with conservative voters in Missouri.


After failing to secure a third team in the Senate during the midterm elections, McCaskill said rather than bowing out gracefully she plans to be much more vocal.

“Now that I don’t have to get things done, my job is to speak with knowledge and experience. It will be a lot more fun,” she said.

McCaskill continued her rant against media outlets and slammed lawmakers who frequently appear on cable news shows. Channels like MSNBC and Fox News encourage “the people making the noise,” rather than the ones getting stuff done, she said.

“When I first got here, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch had a half-dozen reporters in Washington. Now there is one person covering the entire Congress. It’s impossible,” McCaskill said. “Now it’s all about social media, the cable networks, the unedited crap.”

McCaskill said that the Democrats’ victory in the House during the midterms will help bring balance the GOP-led government—but only if Democrats stay focused and ignore media anomalies like Trump and Ocasio–Cortez.

“It will stop the worst things Trump might want to do, so long as there is discipline in prioritizing. Congressional investigations can’t be the entrée. It needs to be the appetizer. The entrée has to be drug prices, roads and bridges, actual governing,” she said.

“Democrats have to send the signal that is not all about Trump-bashing. If it turns into a free-for-all, Trump will have his perfect foil.”