McCain Criticizes Trump’s Hawkish Threat on North Korea

(Breitbart) Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) criticized President Trump Tuesday for Trump’s hawkish remarks on North Korea, saying Trump shouldn’t threaten the regime unless he is ready to back it up with action.

John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

John McCain Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

Trump ramped up the rhetoric against North Korea Tuesday after multiple reports of military escalation from the rogue regime. Trump won a diplomatic coup Saturday when the U.N. voted unanimously to slap massive sanctions on North Korea — avoiding vetoes from Russia and China.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the country had developed miniaturized nuclear warheads for its missiles — with the potential to hit the U.S.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” Trump said.

McCain, being interviewed on Arizona radio station KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos, said he wasn’t surprised by the development in Pyongyang, but criticized Trump for his tough remarks.

“I take exception to the president’s comments because you got to be sure you can do what you say you’re going to do,” he said. “In other words the old ‘walk softly but carry a big stick’ — Teddy Roosevelt’s saying, which I think is something that should have applied — because all it’s going to do is bring us closer to some kind of serious confrontation.”

McCain also pointed to China as the key to solving the crisis, suggesting it would make a big difference if China were to clamp down on the rogue regime, and called on Trump to sit down with President Xi Jinping to get them to crack down on North Korea….

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  • practicedcynic

    McCain, a huge RINO, VOTE THE CLOWN OUT.

    • Janelle

      I think nature is taking care of that.

      • chris VN

        Not soon enough!!!

        • Janelle

          Different timetable than ours, Chris.

          • Retharlong


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        • Joel Morris

          Establishment elitists just don’t know when to sit down and shut up even in the face of meeting their maker. That is if they believe that is what is going to happen…

          • Ragweed Handgun

            Maybe before he goes, he can declare that he is a democRAT, and he always has been a RAT….It’s time to cleanse his conscience before he goes….

      • Fed up!

        We can only hope!

        • Janelle

          This type of tumor isn’t generally slow.

          • Tommy

            That’s fine with me, he disgusts me!

          • taliesin319

            It usually needs debulking if radiology, a very debilitating treatment is not successful. A debulking procedure removes large areas of diseased tissue but it usually though not always grows back though at a slower rate.

          • Janelle

            Time for him to retire and spend time with his family and friends.

          • taliesin319

            we can only hope he makes his family his priority along with getting his soul in shape for his particular judgement.

          • Janelle

            The Senate chambers don’t look like a place to spend final minutes……

          • Joel Morris

            Probably too late for getting soul in shape. Can’t wait until the bitter end to straighten up.

          • CSN

            Yes, and quit trying to undermine President Trump’s foreign policy.

          • Janelle

            That would be a plus!!!

          • Dan

            His dead family and friends.

          • Janelle

            His family is fine and alive.

          • Joel Morris

            Someone in his condition should be removed from his position of power. Common since.

          • Sara Decapua

            But its miserable.

          • Janelle

            I know, Sara… mom had one.

          • Sara Decapua

            Had cancer twice. I don’t think i could wish that on anyone except Kim.

      • Paul Chita

        Not soon enough

        • Janelle

          No concerned about him…..there are others who are worse.

      • Ernesto S Rodriguez


        • Janelle

          Statement of fact. We will all face our end.

        • slk5

          mccain has been a liar and cheat as long as he’s been senator, can’t wait till he finally leaves and crawls back under a rock!!!

          • Louise Adams

            Totally agree!

          • Von

            They are all liars. Every one of them… the left… the right… doesn’t matter Obama, Clintons, McCain, Trump… they are all serial liars. I’m personally fed up with every last one of them.

          • slk5

            i voted for trump, because he isn’t a politician…i’m personally fed up with congress, and hope another non politician shows up in ’24!!!

          • Von

            He’s very much a politician. During his campaign, made promises that he will never keep. They get elected and forget.

          • slk5


          • CSN

            Try looking at something other than Ron Paul sites. Rand Paul is a bit more stable in his thinking.

          • E Scott Hollingsworth

            Yeah. Just recall a corrupt deal that mccain was involved with. There were 5 of them and John Glenn was one of them.

        • CSN

          Yes, you state “cruel”, because McCain panders to illegal aliens? He’s not pandering because he likes you, he’s pandering because he’s protecting his interest income which is getting big bucks from lobbyists who want cheap labor.

        • Janelle

          Factual. Nature cleans us all out. In God’s time frame.

        • Shawn Sapp

          The world is a cruel place and in some matters there is no room for compassion.

      • slk5

        and to know that hatred he has for trump, was long before his cancer!!!

        • Janelle

          I didn’t know that. Though that happened with Trump questioning his war record?

          • slk5

            he keeps his record on the down side, you only hear the prisoner part, and then there’s more to that story, that makes him no hero at all!!! i’ve had to put up with his lying and broken campaign promises for his entire reign…he was on record before about his dislike for trump, but do remember, what trump said about mccain, was in retaliation to what mccain started, mccain is the swamp!!!

          • Janelle

            It certainly got repetitive…..Kind of like Kascich bringing up the fact that his father was a mailman……..constantly.

          • slk5

            every campaign he professes his love for the vets, but every year the same thing at the va hosp, even though mccain lives a stones throw from there…than God we finally have a president who’s actually doing something about it!!!

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            Kasuck is our State Clown, J…

          • Janelle

            Oh lord, Irish… are from Ohio? What part?

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            Yep, Columbus, born and raised til I was old enough to get out to the countryside…

          • Janelle

            Smiling….was born in Marion, OH. Then moved to Pittsburgh very soon.

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            The world gets a bit smaller with every new revelation…smart move, J, Marion is a heroin cesspool now and not a pleasant place, no offense intended…

          • Janelle

            I am sorry to hear that about any place. Dang…..that is insanely bad stuff.

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            Indeed, heroin and crack are Marion’s thing theses days, and the gov’t created opioid crisis is creating new junkies and killing people by the dozens, while the likes of Kasuck, who exacerbates the problem, bleats about something needing to be done…

          • Janelle

            Am sick about this. Revolting.

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            I’m truly sorry if I ruined your evening, J, it is a horrible situation with no apparent cure…happy to hear from you at any rate,always makes my time brighter…

          • Janelle

            Not your fault – my evening wasn’t ruined. Just sorry to hear about any place where those substances have taken over. Never went anywhere near any of them…….absolutely terrified!!!
            Lovely compliment…..thank you!

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            At your service, J…

          • Charles Lagioia


          • Bruce O’Ryan

            Wrong, but funny, only the finest hi-grade Peruvian Flake for them, the best our money can buy…the Dims on the other hand do the crack thing…

          • GoldenGirl2u

            The only thing that will happen with the handling of the Opioid Crisis Committee is that the unintended consequences will end up hurting the people that need it and don’t abuse it, as the last administration did with their changes. Bigger problems need to be dealt with.

          • Bruce O’Ryan

            Those consequences are already occurring and good people are in a bad way, getting Kasuck to deal with more important issues…I’ll believe it when I see it…

          • Db

            Waterville here, just outside Toledo! Now in texas.

          • Bill Rehs

            Same here, Canal Winchester, OH

          • Panamajax

            Keeping his record on the ”down side” is a bit polite. He hid it, with some help from equally rotten govt. gangsters. And blew off the families of all the POW and MIAs, as well as those soldiers, just to cover up his Treason.

          • slk5

            couldn’t agree with you more!!!

          • Charles Lagioia

            Send him down the drain and then flush it out with draino to clean the SWAMP out of the drain.

          • frank shea

            I never knew it until it was brought to my attention by some of you guys!

          • slk5

            i’ve had to live through many of his campaigns…the same rhetoric every time!!!

          • help_us_survive_this

            Seems his captivity may have included some brain washing? Makes one wonder does it not? Supporting Un is he? Treason is a matter of opinion, some think he has committed that crime. And to think he once ran for President, guess we were fortunate that he lost, much as we paid for his loss in the end..

          • Panamajax

            Treason is hardly a ”matter of opinion”. In fact it’s pretty simple, you don’t even need to be a lawyer to understand it clearly. If you take the time to read it.

          • Panamajax

            Trump was a fool to back off of that one. He was more right than he even knows. On top of colluding with the enemy, he burned 130 some of his fellow sailors to death, again saved by his hot shot Admiral Dad and his good pal and fellow treasonous scumster H. Kissinger.

          • Charles Lagioia


          • JHW

            Trump was right he is not more of a war hero then any American who got drafted and was in combat in Vietnam.

          • Janelle

            I agree 100% with that, but add all the other wars and conflicts, too. Have always had military in my family and friends!

        • Exactly, too bad no one clued him in on how hate causes cancer, now he knows first hand.

        • Angelswatchingoverme

          Maybe that is why he has cancer?

        • frank shea

          I think President Trump hurt his feelings!

          John, you know that COMPREHENSIVE DIPLOMACY
          used by President Obama weakened our position.
          Look at what it got us?

      • Jeff Karas

        What a disgusting thing to say, but no surprise coming from a Trump cultist.

        • CSN

          You must be a Democrat. We all have to go sometime, so what’s evil about the association in what she stated? It’s a fact McCain has cancer and may not survive. I believe he would do better, with his legacy, if he’d retire and keep his mouth shut.

          • Jeff Karas

            When people are facing death they tend to revert to altruism. McCain is trying to make his legacy of one who stood up to the evils of Trump. He’s a good man and I would have voted for him had he not chose the idiot Palin as his running mate.

          • CSN

            Palin was the only reason I voted for McCain. She’s far better than the socialist bimbo you voted for in 2008. She can run circles around McCain for her policy and understanding of trimming fat from bloated Government budgets. You people just keep sucking the teat of Government hoping Government will solve all your problems, forgetting that education and hard work will free you from debt.

          • Jeff Karas

            How does one converse with people who are as assumptive as you, sir?

          • ipsd48

            Not that he’s left much of a proud legacy

          • CSN

            Sad but True…whatever is left, he’d do better to step down, and let someone else correct his mistakes.

        • Janelle

          Nature will take care of all of us, Jeff. Nothing disgusting about it.
          Have a problem with that…..take it up with God.

          • Jeff Karas

            It’s not death I take issue with. It’s your apparent glee. And no god. I live in reality.

          • Janelle

            Glee??? No. Nasty tumor… mom had one.

          • Jeff Karas

            Do you not understand context? Nuance?

          • Janelle

            I’m not going to discuss this with you……you unfeeling lout. I know exactly what the family will face. You need manners.

          • Jeff Karas


          • Shawn Sapp

            You live in reality and when you die, you will truly be dead.

          • Jeff Karas

            Yup. Truly and sincerely dead.

    • badass

      can’t you see the GOD is punishing him now?

      • Louise Adams

        Certainly looks like it!

    • John Doe

      You’re exactly right…The US has tried using China to settle the NK Gook down to no avail. He’s like a little boy that needs to be slapped in the mouth. And Trump is the only one with B**** to do the slapping. Some ppl here are crying, “Oh we don’t want a war, we don’t want nuclear fallout”….Boo Hoo….so we just let the Gook get closer to making an ICBM that will make it all the way to Denver CO?….F*** That!!!!….When he starts to open the silo doors????…..Level his A**. Then we deal with the chinks. We have to many P***** in the USA. Like I tell ppl. “If your not prepared for a War, have stocked up, spent time putting lead down range, are in physical shape to protect you’re family?”…..Then your the ones scared S*** less. Your the sheep, and the rest of us are the Warriors.

      • Db

        Well said John, I for one am ready for whatever needs to be done to defend our president and our great country.

        • John Doe

          Ooorah……Keep training, keep 100% situational awareness, keep stocking up, Stay Sharp!!!…I tell ppl…”it’s like a spare tire in your trunk, you may never need it, but if you do?, it’s there”…You can’t control what the government does, but you can control the perimeter around your house, and the distance your 9mm & 5.56 will reach. Eliminate any person that brings imminent threat to you or your family. Without remorse. THAT is what you can control as Americans!!!.

          • Db

            I’m glad great minds think alike!

      • taliesin319

        Yes, and they don’t lift their hands or take one step to act like men in regard to the defense of their families and property. Whatever comes of this these so called men need to get armed and ready to take care of their own. Those of us capable have no problem helping another man who has planned for this. Any man who has cried and wrung his hands while doing nothing can hardly expect his neighbors to help. Women are just as ready in these matters and it is they who bear the burden of keeping supplies and most of them have used weapons and have spent time on firing ranges. Lots of Seniors over 65 have no trouble using weapons for defensive purposes. Fortune favors those who plan and heaven,as usual, helps those who help themselves and then others.

    • slk5

      haven’t voted for that piece of pit as senator…it just shows you the hatred he has for trump, that one of the biggest hawks around, takes the liberal socialist stand!!!

    • Renny Hartmann

      McCain should shut up. He was the loudest mouth for sending troops to the Middle East and propagandized constantly for sending support to “rebels” in Syria who became ISIS.

    • Jeff Karas

      Just once I’d like to see you Trump worshipers defend your guy rather than denigrate others. Calling you people deplorable was an understatement. Sick and emotionally stunted is more apt. Ask yourself this: Why do you think Putin and Russia chose Trump with whom to weaken America?

      • Shawn Sapp

        I dont didnt realize that actually happened. Thought it was just something the dems made up when hillary lost because she sucks. Did i miss something or are the dems still hacking away at that rotten horse.

      • CSN

        Russia went after Trump genius. Why don’t you look up Fusion GPS and the smear they did on Trump, also setting up Don Jr. No one weakened America worse than the Muslum Obama. Russia Baloney is all you have to spew but Trump never sold Uranium to the Russians but Hillary did, with the approval of Obama. Trump sold a few penthouses to some Russians, so big deal!

        • Jeff Karas

          Can’t get the Obama/Hillary stench from your life?

          • CSN

            Keeps coming back, like a bad Skunk. You must like Skunks.

          • Jeff Karas

            If you’re implying I like Hillary and Obama, think again. I didn’t like Nixon either, but you don’t hear me using him as a talisman for the ills of the world. Using the Obama/Hillary meme is like applying skunk to mask the smell of moose diarrhea. We need politicians who don’t stink.

      • practicedcynic

        Lefties are such excellent examples of Psych 101 PROJECTION.

        • Jeff Karas

          This is not about right v left. Trump is not a conservative, nor am I a ‘lefty’. And projection is a term co-opted by Trump supporters.

    • mlstephens

      He “SMEARS”, mere RHINOS.

    • icemancold

      McCain is a TRAITOR ask the POWs that were with him in Viet Nam. He sold them out for better treatment. He has no room to say squat to or about TRUMP. Besides the BRAIN CANCER is eating away his two working brain cells.

    • He barely won last election, and now God is voting him out, that is only way to get rid of these cesspool dweller career politicians.

    • Charles Lagioia


    • Deplorable wizard

      We tried, the $2 million he got from george soros barely put him over the top.

  • practicedcynic

    McCain is a DEVOTED WASHINGTON D.C insider, and along with other pols, and self serving bureaucrats IS AT WAR WITH THE USA.

  • Naval Lint

    “McCain also pointed to China as the key to solving the crisis,
    suggesting it would make a big difference if China were to clamp down on
    the rogue regime, and called on Trump to sit down with President Xi
    Jinping to get them to crack down on North Korea….”
    Isn’t this EXACTLY what Obama was doing? How has THAT worked out? It seems to me as if the whole “roll over and show your belly” philosophy doesn’t impress anybody, any more than the Great Apology Tour did. Time to dust off the “whole can of whup-ass” and show the rest of the world that we’re tired of playing the VICTIM!!!!

    • Donna Howard

      You are so right. Trump has been trying very hard to work with China but personally, I don’t think I would trust China at all. Trump should keep his eye on China very closely!! Also personally I don’t think Obama tried very hard to do anything except kiss the A of all our enemies!!!

      • Naval Lint

        100% correct on BOTH points!

        • Janelle

          We don’t know what is being said between Xi and Trump. Announcing any plans would be counterproductive, no?

          • nocbsfan

            Right !!!

          • Janelle

            Lord, yes!

          • nocbsfan

            LOLOL wow we can get a positive out of that one. Good Girl !

      • Db

        Good call Donna. Your right on all counts

      • badass

        obama Ahole sent 150 billion to our enemy Iran, 1.7 billion cash to our enemy Iran. GOD, please help us put this Ahole in jail, for good.

      • Bilg

        It really surprises me that there really are so many morons in this country. Lots of close family in -breeding I assume. Noticed you boys speak fondly of military options. Any one of you served? Honorably , that is?

      • Louise Adams

        Obama never done anything except try to destroy us!

    • Thinkingman2025

      McCaine is an idiot. President Trump DID have a long talk with Xi Jinping, probably covered NK, trade, and a few other topics.

  • Steve G.

    First he sides with Dems on ACA, and now with North Korea. Why do people still call him a war hero when her clearly wasn’t. He was honorable for what he did in Vietnam, but now he isn’t even that anymore. He is simply a traitor to the people that voted for him.

    • Janelle

      Anyone or most who serve in the military deserves respect and a thank you. But there are other many POWs who aren’t wearing that on their hats 24/7.

  • Frank Budz

    This traitor to his country, was the biggest war monger his whole career. He must be really braindead for this stupid statement. A couple of months ago he wanted to bomb Russia because of their meddling with our elections. The cancer is really working fast and must have affected the war hawk lobe, it is now morffed into a dove mentality. Steve G. You are so wrong about this traitors time in the service, he was what most in the military called a fck-up. Not only that, he sold out his country by doing a propanganda film for the North Vietnam Army. He was worse than Hanoi Jane Fonda.

  • Jack Scarpon

    Why is that loser traitor still alive??

  • barbarakelly


    • Louise Adams

      He never has been!

      • Bill Rehs

        His biggest contribution was to N. Vietnam

  • fws3

    McCain – a brain tumor in action

  • Jim Thompson

    McCain is a has been and needs to focus on his brain tumor which clearly has taken over his sanity. Everybody knows that he can’t stand Trump because Trump told him that he was not a hero for being a war prisoner. McCain get over it. You should focus on repealing Obamacare as you pledged you would do if you were reelected. Well you were reelected now repeal Obamacare

    • LorenB7900

      Well stated Jim.

    • DOC

      Now that is funny a draft dodger talking down to a guy that served..

      • Bill Rehs

        Even a draft dodger served us better than McCain did in the Hanoi Hilton

        • DOC

          Bush was in NG To me there all draft dodgers

      • Elaine Bobula

        Let me see, I don’t think Obama served

        • DOC

          He did not have too, no drafr. Sorry try again.

          • Elaine Bobula

            He didn’t volunteer to serve like he could have. According to a lot of replies there was more about what McCain did then made public which made him not the great hero some have said. McCain wanted Obamacare repealed. You’re just angry because your beloved Hellary lost and yes I spelled that correctly. Oh and you should “spell check” before you post.

          • Mike

            trump got multiple deferments for heel spurs, but when asked which foot caused the deferments president trump could not remember and said the reporter who asked the question needed to look it up.

          • Bill Rehs

            Wrong, he got multiple deferments (4) for education. Only his last deferment was for medical. After his last medical deferment he was permenately deferred.

          • Mike

            of course he passed a physical and could have been drafted but then miraculously had another physical that said he had bone spurs again a condition he cannot even remember which foot he had them in. of course he lies about everything so this should be no surprise.

          • DOC

            I had to pick between a rat and a roach. Your righr about spelling I do have it but for some reason it don’t work by the way I don’t like Bill or Hillary. I like Truman because he shook my hand. Good night

          • Bill Rehs

            So I guess we are fortunate it was Truman rather than Stalin.

          • DOC

            You mean Hitler Stailn just want E

          • Bill Rehs

            No, I meant Stalin, there was no chance you could had got close to Hitler. Stalin just went “E”? What the heck is that?

          • Elaine Bobula

            Well, something we do agree on, don’t like either of the Clintons. I guess Truman was one of the good ole guys. Good Morning

          • DOC

            My wife use to say Fred you don’t like any body and I would say, I like you and we would laugh.

  • chris VN

    More treason, giving away ” secrets ” by telling the world the US isn’t ready for any action, and then PARROTS what other’s say, Trump should meet the Chinese President, anything to get his name in lights, trying to make his remaining days memorable. ( which they certainly will be, but not the way he wants, or is it???? ).

  • del

    Mccain needs to go home and be with his family. We the people do not need his feedback. He is obvious not with it!


    McCain you ruined your chance to be President, you screwed it up. You screwed the entire country with your healthcare vote. The country doesn’t need anymore of your idea’s. Just go away.

    • Db

      Nicely said!

    • badass

      luckily enough he’s NOT our president, a traitor to our people.

      • Al

        Like Obama is.

        • badass

          Al, i just couldn’t believe that John Kerry and obama are so damn stupid, they even trusted Iran. they probably forgot the NK story when Bill clinton gave them 4 billion 21 years ago. Guess what? now the NK is threatening us.

          • Ann Tisher

            badass: Yes! We can thank the Clinton Adminstration and the and the Obama Administration for fund the NK’S.

          • Al

            I agree badass.

          • gairman

            It’s not that they are that stupid but are puppets to the globalists & deep state to try & take this country down.

          • erleebird

            The Democrats thought they were playing Monopoly when they handed the outrageous trillions of dollars to Iran! What the heck??? It’s OUR money; not theirs!

          • badass

            it’s almost guaranteed that those money are not from on food stamps, govt free handouts, welfare checks, but from our middle class. but not those DemocRats….Rats are communist they are using our money.

          • CSN

            Before World War II, we sold large amounts of steel to Japan, who returned the steel after they bombed Pearl Harbor.
            Bill Clinton gave North Korea Nuclear Reactors, and they’re planning on returning the nuclear on the US and our tributaries and allies.

    • Paul Chita

      Drop dead

    • erleebird

      Speaking of healthcare, our elected officials have a wonderful health plan; why can’t they just pass that on to their EMPLOYERS, The American people? Problem solved!!!!

    • Rani

      He’s a bitter old fool with a terminal disease. He hates President Trump for being the President when he lost a bid for the presidency. His jealousy for President Trump is very evident and yet, they’ve named a new battleship after McCain. Why? he wasn’t a hero and the Veterans he was imprisoned with in Viet Nam don’t have a good word to say about him. Now his mission is to undermine President Trump and speak out about how terrible the President is every chance he gets. I hope we can see the last of John McCain very soon.

      • Bill Rehs

        Huh? A new battleship is named after him? Battlehips haven’t been built since WWII, although a couple have been brought out of mouthballs on occasion.

        • Rani

          Yes, it was on the news and they showed the ship (unless it’s one that has been taken out of mothballs and renovated). It’s name is the John S. McCain. Maybe it’s named after his father – wasn’t his dad an Admiral or someone who was a bigshot in the Navy? The news hasn’t made a big deal of it, but it was the ticker tape when I was watching Fox News. Maybe someone on this page can clarify it.

          • Bill Rehs

            The ship is a DDG-Which is a guided missile destroyer and it’s named after Admiral J.S. McCain not Senator McCain.

          • Rani

            I’m glad I was wrong and thank you for clarifying it. I was shocked when I saw the ticker tape with what I thought was bitter old John McCain’s name on a Navy ship. I couldn’t get over the fact that McCain hasn’t done a thing to earn having a Navy ship named after him. Thanks again for the info.

          • CSN

            Oh, good, thanks for making that clear. I was losing respect for the military because of the name.

          • CSN

            That’s true. It’s the ship that was on the South China Sea recently, letting China know that USA and others have right of passage. I was surprised they named it after McCain, but he has worked hard for the Military Industrial Complex, but did NOTHING for the Veterans.

          • Rani

            Another poster said the ship isn’t named after John McCain, but after a Navy Admiral whose name is J.S. McCain. Very confusing because it would make one think it’s been named after Senator McCain.

  • Lorraine E

    RINOmccain is a war monger and is probably heavily invested in the Military Industrial Complex. RINOmccain has been lusting to start a war Anywhere for years and all of a sudden he doesn’t want us to retaliate against North Korean if they try to bomb Guam. Bottom line is that he is a liberal demoncrat and is going to fight whatever our President says he is going to do. It is long past due for RINOmccain to retire.

  • Db

    McCain needs to be removed from office since his brain cancer is clouding his judgement, no wait he’s always been an idiot!

    • Louise Adams

      Very true!

    • Mike

      what about trumps mental health issues? should he be removed as well?

      • Bill Rehs

        Nope, trying to MAGA does not qualify as a mental health issue, unless of course you’re a liberal.

  • badass

    JM is a hidden enemy to American people, he’s a traitor, 100% traitor To American and GOP.

  • BBB

    He has turned into a mean loud mouth. He is the Poster Child for Term Limits.

  • Daniel Helland

    The captive bird still poops

  • Ardvark

    He possibly has friends there from Vietnam!

  • Greg L

    I am so ashamed to have voted for this man. I am a disabled veteran who asked him for help with the Phoenix VA and he couldn’t do that either. Now he is showing his true colors. In the military we followed orders wether we liked them or not. This must show you the kind of solder he must of been because who is his commander in chief now? I didn’t vote for Trump but I sure didn’t didn’t vote for Clinton. We must support the duly elected president!
    Maybe the closet snowflake won’t be around long.

  • Richard Oswald

    Mc Cain is a turncoat in his party & part of the Obama N.W.O.

  • Larry Christopher

    As long as the songbird McCain says Trump is wrong…then EVERYONE knows Trump is right. McCain is the lowest form of life in the swamp.

  • Albedamned!

    With all due respect to this man’s current health issues. But he needs to relinquish his position, because he still thinks he has a chance at the Presidency. He may not be aware of who his team is.

  • Ted Bell

    RECALL McCain

    • Conservative mama

      There is a petition going around………..but I doubt if it will get anywhere.

      • Louise Adams

        Where is the petition is it on

        • Conservative mama

          Go to” Arizona voters: Governor Doug Ducey: Petition to recall John McCain.”

          Only Arizona voters are supposed to sign it but people from all states have been sighing it.I don’t think that it is legal though but it is a good indication of how the American population feel about him.

          • Louise Adams

            Thanks I have relatives in Arizona.

  • Normie G

    Better be careful, you might get caught again!

  • JAinLA

    Sounds like McCain wants World War III. Don’t give NOKO’s nut job any ideas that Pres Trump is not serious. HE IS, I believe Pres Trump’s words and I’m glad he’s serious. If that nut job is dumb enough to shoot towards Guam, he’s dumb enough to get FIRE, FURY and POWER from the USA. MAGA!!!!!
    As for u McCain, stay home. U r a wolf (democrat) in sheep’s (republican) clothing and we do NOT want or need u anymore. Resign!!!!

    • Paul Chita

      Or drop dead

      • JAinLA

        It’s coming, but not soon enough.

  • MadDev

    Can someone please tell McCain to stfu? I mean, he doesn’t even stand behind his own words. Hypocrite!


    A prisoner and still hasn’t got it yet?

  • 1947goldenjet

    He has no problem with strong rhetoric against Russia and He has also forgotten that Trump has long since tried to get China’s President to reign in Lil Kim.

  • cccarr

    Go home john….you have no.credibility.

  • ECwashr

    McCain is a DISGRACE!! President Trump is handling this the way Churchill would have, NO appeasement!!

    • John Doe


  • dennis cheever

    You want to see what worthless is in the dictionary? John McCain!

  • mlstephens

    Now I wish him AND Obama would
    just SHUT UP !!!! ENOUGH !!!!!

  • Dale Boyco

    McCain is wonderful

    • JAinLA

      When he’s sleeping!!!!

  • Tommy

    Yea, because McCains method has worked so well…STFU SONGBIRD!

  • Spunky

    If Trump said the sky was blue – this McCain would disagree and say it was green. He is an idiot. Just says anything against Trump.

  • LC Jr

    If anyone wanted to hear from Tokyo Rose of Hanoi “Crown Prince” McCain they would voted him into the position that he lost. The American people voted President Trump into office and- guess what- he is president and you are not because you lost. Shut up traitor to your country, your state, the veterans in your home state and your party. Go find a rock and climb under it and wait to die before you do any more damage trying to destroy our country.

  • Willard Weems

    John McCain is the last person POTUS should listen to and close behind him is McMasters, one should be fired and the other should go home take his chemo/Radiation treatments and let the Governor of Arizona apoint a temp Senator and hold special elections as McCain is off his rocker!!

  • Michael Stejskal

    RINO traitor can bite me!

  • Slymet

    When I hear McCain open his mouth, I yearn for the States to convene and impose term limits on Congress. The states will have to do it because Congress will never do it. It is sorely needed. He has been in the Senate way too long. His comments are not productive.

  • therealworld

    When they cut him open they clipped the “STFU” vein.

  • McCain is telling Trump to not be hawkish? He has a long track record of being hawkish. I have also heard Trump say that we are not going to war unless North Korea forces it on us. He has said we need to use other means of discouragement. Telling him we have big bomb, go boom is nothing North Korea does not already know. He will back down.

    • slk5


    • JAinLA

      Who will back down?
      Not Pres Trump. I don’t believe Pres Trump will take any missiles directed at USA or allies lightly. I believe attack on NOKO is imminent. The nut job will eventually attack us or an ally.

      • China has told Kim to shut up. They do not want war. Neither does anyone else. But if he does fire at Guam, he is in for a long day. He actually knows that. Time for him to shut up.

        • JAinLA

          Agree. U r right. China does not want a war but nor do they want NOKO gone. 1 Korea means U.S. troops would b close to their border. 1 Korea becomes or remains our ally and our troops would stay to protect them from others taking over, like China.

          • JAinLA,

            No, China does not want US troops on their border. But at what price are they willing to take? We do not want North Korea for any reason. I am sure they look at the reuniting of a solid Korea. They would have a better trade partner.

  • gairman

    News flash: Nobody cares what you think anymore McCain…Just retire & go away.

  • bob barnthouse

    Hey McCain hurry up and Die you rotten pile of crap !!!!

  • Warren Blum

    You blow McCain I have no respect for you or your military service. You are the one exception. Hope that brain cancer speeds up


    I Don’t care what he says, to me it’s just noise…

  • John Joseph Kellard

    McCain is a traitor, in prison he conspired with the Viietnes and turned in his POW mateshe cast the deciding vote and because of him poor people are hung up with Obamacare.
    God will take care of him!!

  • Maxine

    The old goat needs to go home and stay there He makes me sick

  • caroleaus

    If McCain, the eternal hawk, had said it, it would have been okay by him. That brain disease is really showing…or is it his age….or is it his jealousy…or all of the above? Truman said something similar to Japan when it refused to surrender. If McCain wanted to do something significant for the country, he’d retire…YESTERDAY!

  • Vaquero

    Shut the [email protected]#k up , you fake war hero and real American traitor.

  • John

    So the saber rattling hawk has turned into a handwringing ostrich, wanting to bury his head in the sand to avoid the results of a situation he and his spineless ilk created. Did we not learn from Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement. Is this commie dictator Hitler, NO but he has nukes. Obama’s limp wristed foreign policy has emboldened our enemies, and made new ones.
    Reagan didn’t mince words with the Russians, the iron curtain fell.
    Some talk about TR, remember that he helped start the Spanish American War, as Depty Secretary of the Navy , sent naval ships to the Philippines. Today, heck he may have had a carrier group or two and amphib ships full and loaded.

  • Bill

    His brain cancer is a real problem, he should step aside as he is unfit for duty. McCain’s decision making and mouth are good evidence he should step down immediately, pelosi and the maxipad should follow suit. The good people of America are fed up with their treasonous acts.

    • CSN

      He’s acting combative and pevish against a sitting President and undermining his credibility with foreign powers. McCain just can’t take the FACT he’s not the Boss!

      • Bill

        Csn, yes I agree, but it’s time this guy retire! He’s unstable and has lost normal reasoning and mental cognitive reckoning! Time to go and do what is best for our country.

  • taliesin319

    Well McCain had lots of time to tell the girlish little laddie of THE CURRENT President’s predecessor, BHO,
    all that needed to be done to stop this decadent madman for over 8 years.Obviously Senator McCain’s judgement has been changed by his very unfortunate illness for which he is still under treatment. No person suffering from an organic problem affecting the brain should be allowed to cast any sort of vote if such a disease process is still being actively treated. The Nation’s welfare must be paramount in these matters.

  • CSN

    Mr. McCain…just FYI, President Trump already requested and encouraged China to do something about the North Korea aggression but so far have done nothing. Mr. McCain, the man who couldn’t be President, wants to undermine the President’s administration by acting like, and imitating the Democrats. It’s time for McCain to retire permanently.

  • Barry Grigsby

    Obama did nothing to try & stop This puke head running North Korea, just like Assad in Syria, words don’t intimidate morons like Assad & the 3 foot midget in North Korea, actions speak louder than words, all Obama did is kick the can down the road for Trump to deal with!!! Obama was no leader!!!

  • Jeff Karas

    Once again, the Trumpileptic reaction is to go ad hom. Does anybody on this site have an original thought or are you all just marionettes? If you feel Trump was correct in saying what he did, make your case. Calling McCain names and wishing for his death is disgusting…but typical.

    • Joel WS

      You know what else is “typical”? Liberal hypocrisy writ large in posts just like yours and not even realizing it. Welcome to the jungle.

      • Jeff Karas

        Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the Trump cult. Assumption is a close second. You can’t dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as liberal. I stand by what I said. Trump attacks. The dogs follow the tail.

        • Joel WS

          Jeff, look closely and you will find that technically I did not state that you were a liberal necessarily, ergo no grounds to claim assumption; but YOU started the conversation with name calling, condemnation and stereotyping – the very things with which you charged everyone else.

          Search out my indictment of McCain above and you should agree that my post was original and that I didn’t call him a derogative term or wish him ill. I did imply that he is disloyal and belongs in another political party based on his past and current behavior.

          As far as unexamined hypocrisy goes, that assessment of your demeanor seems to be iron clad. We are all still awaiting your requisite “argument” you so demand of some others posting here. So far you don’t seem to comprehend the meaning of the word. If you aren’t a liberal, tell us where you place in the political spectrum, and “never Trump” is not a legitimate answer. Just what IS your (double) standard?

          • Jeff Karas

            Apolitical pragmatist and ‘never Trump’ (totally legit). This conversation started a long time ago, so the name calling is a delayed reaction triggered by my reading of the first listed posts. I have no great love for McCain, but I do have compassion. The man was a POW, for chrissakes, and this vulgar thug (DT) likes ‘only heroes that don’t get captured’. There’s enough hypocrisy in that statement alone to disqualify Trump from running for dog catcher, yet somehow, the alt right with their god phony righteousness gets him elected? If you think I’m a hypocrite for not spending what’s left of my night laying out my case against Trump, so be it. You can find it by going back through my former posts. Or go to my Google+ account.

          • Joel WS

            Your retort is a fair enough response, but I won’t waste my time pursuing the matter further. You are entitled to your opinions, but Donald J. Trump is our/the President. He should be judged on his actions after completing his eight years in office, not previous, personal history. The media has been a propaganda mill from day one with this and are the real hypocrites with a glaring double standard.

            Given the alternative, many still believe we dodged a huge bullet in the last election. If you can’t or won’t respect the man, you, McCain, et. al., need to learn some civility and at least respect the office. Remember the “just give him a chance” crowd of believers for BHO?

            We can agree that wishing someone dead is inappropriate. The name calling is an American birthright. (That’s a joke BTW.)

          • Jeff Karas

            8 years? I appreciate your optimism. Be well.

      • usmc12

        Hypocrisy is alive in the song bird, very evident in Obama and Clinton

  • William Beal

    McCain is a fraud and never lived up to people’s expectations. His true history is finally coming out.
    RINO of the first order and one of the denizens of the Washington D.C. swamp. Not a friend of the military or Veterans although he puts up a good front.

  • Jack

    McCain is not thinking straight. Please pray for him.

  • bill

    my father died from this type of tumor and McCain will die and i hope soon

  • Victor

    Somebody please put McCain out of our misery. Talk about the pot that called the kettle black. If ever there was a war monger it is him and his twin Lindsay Graham.

  • Dead Toad

    I don’t normally listen to people with brain tumors. I certainly don’t want leaders that have issues with their brains. McClain’s no Republican he’s definitely a Democrat. I consider McCain a wolf in sheep’s clothes. He’s a turncoat backstabber. I pray for his end in politics. We really don’t need any more Liars in our government we have enough.

  • bob barnthouse

    McCain is a Traitor and should never been allowed to vote on the Healthcare issue because he is out of his Brain cancered head and a embarrassment to the USA !!!

  • mlstephens

    He thinks he has tenure.

  • Raymond Miller

    Where has McCain been for the last 30 years ? He went along with all of the appeasement BS all of those years, and that’s why we are where we are now. Both Bush’s, Clinton, Obambam have all let this rouge nation black mail us for years. Slick gave them money for nuclear power that was used for bombs, Bush allowed them to continue them to continue to scam us and Obambam caved to their demands and allowed them to continue to build a nuclear capability.

  • Meg

    He is usually for going to war. I guess since Trump is in office he changed his mind.

  • katfan

    Senator McCain needs to get on board. In my 30 years in the military, you could disagree with the commander behind closed doors, but once the decision was made, you saluted smartly and carried out the orders. Apparently Senator McCain forgot that from his military service. President Trump is the Commander in Chief. I understand the separation of powers, and all that, but McCain is (supposedly) a Republican. When President Obama was in office, you did not see this disrespect from the Democrats. They were lock step in line with the President, although there had to be some who had questions about some of his policies. If the Republicans in Congress want to keep control of both houses, they better straighten up. They complained about President Obama for eight years, and now that they have full control, they can’t agree on anything. Any Republican who votes against anything that President Trump puts out there should start looking for gainful employment somewhere else.

    • CSN

      McCain is working with the Democrats to undermine Trump, but God will have the last word on McCain.

  • Joel WS

    Does anyone still believe McCain is really a Republican or even a Conservative? He should just change party and be done with it. Here’s a link to help him out.

  • Shawn Sapp

    What a stupid pos. Where has mccain been. Trump already tried numerous times with china. Does mccain think he has some novel new idea. Mccain is trying to goed trump into bombing nk. He wants a war with them because he will make money offof it somehow. Kickbacks from weapons makers or something. The corrupt sob will make money from more war. He needs to retire now. Dont wait for the people to vote you out mccain. Do your country a favor and step down now. Your time and usefulness is up.

  • Gregg Parker

    I guess he would have been happier with Trump if he sang McCain’s favorite song: “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” and just changed Iran to the country de jour. This Republicrat is an embarrassment to America and even himself. He should just go to the elephant graveyard and lay down…

  • RealAmerican407

    We all know there is no action, inaction, response or lack of response that the media won’t use against Trump. They are anti-Trump 24×7 and real news is a thing of the past.

  • McCain has been brain dead throughout his whole stint in congress, a real cesspool dweller, so it does not surprise me he is a traitor and rino with all his attacks on president. Without term limits, this is the sludge you end up with in congress. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • tornadohunter

    He has a brain tumor. Senility is kicking in. He knows nothing!!

  • David GRAHAM

    Mr. MCCAIN is long on hot air and short on soap box time! He impresses me never. He is right in one aspect! He’s not the President! But he acts like he ought to be. Time to give it up old man, you have outlived your usefulness.

  • Rodg

    Tell him to get his big nose out of the Presidents business. McCain is like Obama, can’t keep his big mouth shut. Obama is no longer in power, and McCain never was.

  • icemancold

    Well what would the VIET NAM SONGBIRD McCain suggest The USA has been waiting for China to act Waiting and waiting and waiting Nothing has been done.!!

  • Billy

    McCain is a useless little defector, a Rino, a worthless little nobody who needs to be put out the back door and told to never return. He has never been worth having around. The only reason he is where he is, is because of his father and grand father. Little John McCain has never accomplished anything on his own. And for those of you who have been told he is some kind of war hero well he is not.

  • Panamajax

    Barry Soetoro killed innocent American teenagers, without even an explanation, so why couldn’t Trump ‘drone’ this proven Treasonous, terrorist loving scum? Even the gangsters in the Congress would be in no place to say anything, and the same goes for anyone else Trump could put on his personal, secret ‘hit list’. Again, the phony ”Constitutional Scholar”(sic) murdered plenty of innocents, including U.S. citizens, so who could complain? McCain, both Clintons, Kerry and I can think of a few dozen more deserving than a teenager at a barbecue.

  • Mad Scientist

    This is coming from a man who fought in Nam and did a stint in the Hanoi Hilton? Whose father saw action in Big Two?

    • Panamajax

      The only ”fighting” he did in Nam was killing 130 some of his fellow sailors on the Carrier he set on fire, and he not only was never tortured in custody of N. Vietnam, he made propaganda films for them and sang his heart out, telling everything he knew. Ask his fellow prisoners. And more recently he’s the best friend of ISIS (along with Hitlery, Barry and other fellow Treasonous scum) You been in a long term coma, or are you like him and the others?

      • NCO retired

        Go take your medication fool.

        • Panamajax

          Are you the one who’s missed your medication? Or are you just another ignorant fool?

          • NCO retired

            Original aren’t you!

        • Panamajax

          You another long term coma survivor? Or just another willfully ignorant fool?

          • NCO retired

            I’m informed, you on the other hand get your new from Liberty Headlines!!! HAHAHAHAH1

          • Panamajax

            No, I got it from his fellow prisoners, Mr. never an NCO, retired or active, and I’ll bet you on that!

        • Panamajax

          What’s the screen name mean…..Non Coherent Oaf? Cause it’d be a shame if you’re playing soldier, because any and all retired soldiers know where got the name ”Songbird”. So, what’s the NCO stand for? Not nice to phony up a military record.

          • NCO retired

            I’d play soldier all over your weak butt. Why the panama name?

  • RightVote

    McCain , STILL mourning the Loss of his Presidential Bid………….
    Won’t leave the $enate til he’s TOE TAGGED. A Sad Legacy .

  • Robert Morrow

    Why does McCain hate Trump? it is most likely McCain and other low life Politicians are worried that Trump will cut into the Payola that greases their palms. Just check out the Pharmaceutical/FDA approval of high price poison drugs that kill over 100,000 a year and not cure anything. Just why did the Pharmaceuticals give the FDA Commissioner over 26 million dollars last year??? It was not out of the goodness of their hearts, but to spread the Payola. Do you think for one moment that McCain or Politicians care about the drug deaths as long as the Payola is coming in. I know that my so called Representatives and Senators do not as I ask them this question with backup information and all I got was zombie stares or insulting letters.

  • Lizard

    Mccain seems like things that bad for america, starting with Obamacare right down line

  • Lizard

    The ol back stabber McCain, The man thinks he to good for Obamacare, But Obamacare good enough for everyone else

  • James Wilburn


  • 78NTSUDE

    To bad McConnell, Ryan, Cornyn & others don’t come down with the same.

  • Dawn Marie Curtis

    John McCain is a fraud. Why won’t he release his military records? Why did fellow Vietnam POW/MIA activists name him “Songbird”? His father and grandfather were five star generals, had his records sealed. But if you search you will find that John McCain has a lot of skeletons in his closet and is not who he puts himself out to be.

  • usmc12

    don’t worry song bird when it does happen you won’t be around!

  • Mark Tercsak

    Tough guy McCain, the man who sang,
    Bomb,bomb,bomb, Iran. The man who wanted us to go o war in Syria and support not freedom fighters, but terrorists.
    Now he turns Chicken, when we confront some one who can actually shoot back at us.
    TELLS ME WHAT KIND OF MAN, McDuck truly is.

    • Rick

      McCain is po’d that he isn’t president and making dire threats against our enemies.

      • Mark Tercsak

        No question about it, agree with you even last week, he made some off hand remark about not getting the job.
        But whose fault is it outs or his ? He thinks it is our fault.

  • john blue

    He is awful old and sick there should be a requirement to step aside, but they (senate) aren’t going to send about half of themselves home.

  • Rick

    President Trump had already discussed the situation with North Korea with China’s president Xi Jinping imploring him to reign in the fat boy’s nuclear ambitions or there will be a future confrontation, well we all see how those talks and Xi’s inactions towards North Korea turned out.

  • just care

    Gee, such wise words Mr McCain. I wonder why you never became President?
    Oh that’s right! because YOU’RE AN IDIOT ! ! !

  • kassa1

    McCain has been a loser for a long time and now I think that diseases got his brain burnt out! Oh John McCain is nothing but a Democrat with Republican clothes on always has been.

  • myfordtruck

    who is interested in what traitor McCain has to say he needs to quit and go home live what time he has left with his family

  • Lawrence Rodriguez

    McCain, you are a looser!

  • Susan

    Guess McCain missed the meeting that the President had with China. China agreed to step up there game and get N. Korea to back off. Sad thing is the President of China did not keep his word to Trump and instead went back home a was caught sending weapons to N. Korea by rail. Can’t trust China. Guess McCain want Trump to do what Obama did and that was nothing. I think maybe the tumor
    McCain has is effecting his thinking. And I actually think he has had the tumor for some time.

  • Walt Miskin

    He needs to be put in a home for the stupid!

  • Chris Ehlers

    why don’t you ever do anything McCain. Your whining is getting old.


    A 6 months vacation for McCain at the “Hanoi Hilton” is required for a proper “Attitude Adjustment” for his Dementia !!!

  • ronald fischer

    I guess that tumor he has brought out the real McCAIN do you see what the brain can do,it took awhile for the truth to come out about who he really was and that was a phony Democrat all the while and had the Republicans believing he was one of them.I have never seen so many liars in our Government for the last 8 years.But you can bet that President Trump knew that was happening also this country use to be a great country many years ago but it is no longer to be trusted mostly by the Democrats that lie every time they open their mouth and they will be the downfall of our country if they ever get back in control of the people’s country again,just look what they have done in the last 16 years they let the North Koreans build Nuclear Missiles with the money they gave them to feed their people with that were starving and Clinton and that UN-AMERICAN Traitor we had last knew what they were doing with that money and that was building Nuclear Missiles to try and hit our country with.And the people there are still starving for the last 16 years and those two guys that were President did not give

  • Wayne The Seine

    Hey John….. maybe Trump will let you jet jockey a run into Pyongyang…you can crash your 5th aircraft and check in at the Pyongyang Hilton. I will pay to see it.

  • Flyby

    I remember the POW’s coming home, and how great that made Americans feel. I don’t know if it’s a delayed reaction to the US not rescuing the POW’s right away, or that his political ideals have always been democratic. Either way he’s completely abandoned the GOP party. I don’t know if we can considered him a democrat, or if he has to admit he’s changed parties. I believe nothing need take place because his stance against President Trump, and espousing (and voting against) the Presidents views. As far as I’m concerned he’s already chalked up as a dem.

  • Hotnike

    McCain, Just shut your mouth!!

  • Dulcie A. Covington

    So when the fat twerp threatens America mc Cain wants US to send BILLIONS . and Apologize,as the MUSLIM GITT DID ,with his RED LINES


    Senile McCain,get lost.

  • bekindandfair

    McCain and Teddy Roosevelt are correct. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Ask the top generals and I’ll bet they think the same way. Haven’t you seen this all play out before when you were a kid, or did you lead a sheltered life? Kim shot off his mouth and baited Trump. Trump took the bait and shot off his mouth, making threats which will make him look like a fool. Instead of shooting off his mouth irresponsibly, Trump should quietly be making plans to take out Kim. Without a leader, N Korea will be leaderless and they will all fight each other for control. Trump should keep his mouth shut and let Kim stumble over himself in front of the world. I don’t see anyone else shooting off their mouth like Trump;
    Republican OR Democrat.

  • bekindandfair

    Only a fool makes threats.

  • Fariplay

    McCain’s most metastasizing cancer is his uncontrollable hatred for President Trump.

  • mike

    Poor Mr. McCain. He not POTUS and cries about every time he gets the chance.

  • Carole

    Liberal McCain and his Democrat friends are why we have this problem with Korea in the first place. Their do nothing actions lead up to a crisis. Time to shut their mouths and let the President and his advisers clean up the mess they made.

  • DLH

    If what the majority of us commenting know, how is it that the folks in Arizona haven’t seen through this TRAITOR?
    I’ll tell you how, it’s just like what’s been going on since Trump entered the race for president: big MONEY has paid for McCain every step of the way!! NUFF SAID.

  • Dale P Patterson

    Why does anyone listen to this lying, brain dead, useless, RINO?
    It seems that the only people that can count on him are his fellow democrats.

  • Ron S.

    McNoBrain can’t die soon enough!

  • arjay

    Senator MCain and his “buddy”, Lyndsey Graham are long overdue to be replaced. Arizona and South Carolina republicans need to understand that those two are liberals. Know which republicans are up for re-election and vote for the other one in the primary.

  • annefarrelly

    McCain should leave his party and join the Dems.

  • nokabosh

    McCain has Trump confused with Obama.

  • nokabosh

    McCain will go out backstabbing all those who kept him from being president, most of all the America people.

  • nick1111

    Brainless Traitor still alive ?

  • AFGus

    McCain is one of the biggest War mongers that we’ve ever had in our Federal government. His brain is ate up with the Big “C” and cannot be trusted to make logical decisions (not that he’s “ever” been able to do that even when his brain wasn’t rotting away). McCain needs to be forcibly medically retired from the Senate….immediately!

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Mc Cain needs to keep his mouth shut…..Look how he did during the Vietnam war!

    • Dale Boyco


  • Marki Davis

    Someone needs to remind RINO McCain that he … not a general is NOT the the Presidentof the United States. OUR President surrounds himself with GENERALS to advise him on military strategy. Since when are the loudmouth know-it-all’s on both sides in the the no support Trump group sitting in out the military briefings. NONE. To all of the pompous A…. they need to STFU and let OUR President do the job he promised.

  • Maggietish

    McCain needs to be removed from office. He hates President Trump and we will get that I don’t care. However, McCain’s hate mongering has gone way too far because of it’s detrimental affect on the United States and the American people. McCain, a total RINO, is a career politician who wants to keep everything status quo no matter how corrupt it is. McCain is as much an obstructionist as the Democrats are and that’s totally anti-American.

  • Edward Marquez

    it’s time McCain shuts up. anyone brain dead should go home and die with honor.

  • James Quarles

    And you wonder why you weren’t President, John!

  • Jose

    This (John McCain) Paleolithic Age “hero” is nothing but a turn-coat .. a RINO, A treasonous sore loser. McCain’s but another of them vile “D.C. swamp creatures” .. another one of them establishment elitists whose “feelings” have been so deeply hurt by none other than the truths, so spoken .. time and time again, by POTUS Trump. Say what you may … his (McCain’s) actions/decisions speak for themselves. And, so it goes that, “once upon a time” I had deeply felt respect for J. McC. However, in a short period of time, he’s but proven to be – time and time again – one total farce to the contrary of what he’s long claimed – “conservative” – to be. John McCain’s nothing but a self-serving war-monger who .. like most all “establishment US parasites/politicos”, can hardly hide of their dislike, of their hate and of their fear .. and, of their having to tolerate and see Mr. D.J. Trump .. an “outsider” show them of what “taking care of ALL US National Interests/Business’ all about”.

  • Sandra Tabor

    Where has he been??????? Trump has already did that. I’m sorry but McCain needs to step down. Spend the time he has left with his family. and friends. The stress along will make him go faster.

  • Glenn Hendriksn

    … RIGHT ON ! mccain ‘same as’ your stance under the ‘great’ FRAUD baraK “insane” NObama ………… YO know mccain i think it a really good idea YOU (benaDICK arnold) take the place of that individual from WVA last week who just simply ‘jumped ship’ from the donkeyASSes over to the ELEPHANTs side of the house ………… just FLIPFLOP positions within Congress (same as what took place with your stay in NVN back in the day) YO DIG ? again i stipulate: ‘retire’ ! ‘retire’ !! “RETIRE” !!! SOONER than later you OLD ‘fart’ …….

    SIGNED: combat VN veteran E7 USAF

  • Angelswatchingoverme

    You mean Vermin McCain?

  • Angel before you meet God

    McCain STFU



  • wharfrat

    McCain and his followers are part of the problem with Washington, they are not helping our President and are hurting America in the process,his brain tumor must be causing him to turn on Trump and it will cause him to be voted out of office if he survives.

  • Jim Wagenmann

    Mccain needs to take him and Bernie sanders and move to North Korea where they would be in their home element.

  • BruceB

    While the United States does not want to start a war, you can be sure that if KIm Jong Un decides to launch a missile (or multiple ones as he said) at Guam or any other US territory, that a response in kind, may be appropriate. We will most likely not fire the first shot or missile, but we would respond to an attack on the US or it’s citizens. We have plenty of missiles that can reach North Korea, and if we use a sub launched one, it would be there in about 10 minutes. He would never know what was coming and no way to get to safety. Our sub launched missiles have MIRV capability and can hit multiple strategic targets at one time.

  • Richard Murvin

    its time for McCain to retire

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      20 years ago

  • Petru Dans

    please,go FAST to n. koreea and do what you did in vietnam: SINGING LIKE CANARY military secrets.

  • slk5

    aww cupcake. bamacare won’t take care of that trump derangement affliction you have…hope you get it fixed…now please tell us about mccains “stellar” record, or have you had enough already!!!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Hey rino mccain, we have plenty of cruise missiles, FAEs and MOABs, we can turn the county into a pile of rubble without any nukes and without putting troops on the ground.

  • NovelDog

    Vote him out and put him in a Mental Institution so he can not hurt anyone!


    can’t wait until he is gone.. for good .. he is neither good for dems. or rep. he should have stayed in VN, thinking about that, maybe the Viet-Cong brainwashed him, for to be the Un-American he is something is really wrong with his head.. anyway, thanks God, his days are #’d

  • spdge70


  • silver fox

    snowflake traitor

  • Gerri

    I think McCain needs to take care of his health crisis and leave the business of the country to the President. We know he is ALWAYS critical because unlike him the President calls A SPADE A SPADE!!!!!

  • Bill Johnson

    What the USA needs is a ‘bone-affied’ military hero to solve the problem. Let’s send McCain to North Korea so he can make propaganda for them. NVM vets know McCain at doing that !

  • Louie Rey

    Somebody tell McCain to SHUT THE F**K UP! Starting fifty years ago if our leadership had put its foot down at the first attempt by North Korea to wrangle concessions from America we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. Moreover, North Korea probably wouldn’t have nuclear weapons either. It’s because of the feckless nature of previous administrations that we find ourselves in this predicament. Starting with Kim’s grandfather they’d rattle some sabers and America would come calling with millions of dollars in concessions. North Korea would stop for a while and then when they wanted another financial shot in the arm they’d rattle some more sabers and the cycle would continue. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. President Trump has finally, for America and the world’s sake, is putting his foot down and he’s got Kim’s attention.

  • JHW

    McCain needs to crawl back under his rock. He just can’t help himself he has to bash Trump everyday so he can get the press. He needs to go home and die in peace instead in the White house. TERM LIMITS

  • WVF

    This brain-damaged fossil needs to go home!

  • Matthew Bowman

    What makes McCain think Trump is not ready to back it up?

  • rand

    McCain! Just like Trump says, just because you were shot down doesn ‘t make you a hero! Especially one on forever! It is about time we had a Leader with some damn balls! McCain sure doesn’t have any.

  • Publius40

    John McCain’s opinion is hardly one to be respected or relied upon. Know who this man really is, and what courage in the face of his enemy has he shown.

    McCain was captured and held as a POW in Viet Nam. In return for special treatment he acquired the nicknamne of “Songbird” because he sang like on for the enemy. Retired Army Colonel Earl Hopper, a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, contends that the information that McCain divulged classified information North Vietnam used to hone their air defense system…McCain told his North Vietnamese captors, “highly classified information, the most important of which was the package routes, which were routes used to bomb North Vietnam. He gave in detail the altitude they were flying, the direction, if they made a turn… he gave them what primary targets the United States was interested in.” Hopper contends that the information McCain provided allowed the North Vietnamese to adjust their air-defenses. As result, Hopper claims, the US lost sixty percent more aircraft and in 1968, “called off the bombing of North Vietnam, because of the information McCain had given to them.”

    John McCain even went so far as to make propaganda broadcasts for his captors. Listen to it here:

  • euriqa

    Senator McCain you have served our nation on two fronts, first via the Navy and secondly US Senator from Arizona. You have many friends in certain quarters but not too many conservative republicans. My observations of your acts as Arizona Senator is a mixed bag. Too many of your votes and support give credence to the often made charge that you are more RHINO than republican.
    One can never serve two master. Its like a woman being pregnant either she is or she isn’t there is no daylight between. Considering your total circumstances don’t you think that its time to hang it up”? lee1233

  • Truthmender

    This guy is disappointing me every time he opens his mouth.

  • Charles Barton

    But he’s okay with starting a war with Russia, right?

  • Maynard

    One thing you can say about McCain, he is consistent, he always does and says the stupidest things and keeps on proving that he was never a hero only a heel.

  • Jan

    Idiot McCain should realize, that America IS ready to back it up!!!

  • Poor_Richard

    Wow, I’m really surprised. I never thought McCain would ever see a war he didn’t want us to be involved in. Must be because Trump wants to stop North Korea from becoming a true nuclear power. McCain is a scum bag. and needs to keep his pie hole shut.


    McCain is a weasel and he needs to go. Get rid of him. He should be supporting Trump, not criticize him. What President Trump is doing now is what Bill Clinton should have done twenty years ago.

  • Retharlong


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  • onewldindian

    Songbird is a war monger himself. I say, remove American troops from South Korea. Then, let the two Koreas go at it!

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Some of ‘Songbird’s’ old pals from the Hanoi Hilton are probably in Kim’s inner circle…I know John-Boy wouldn’t want to be losing any friends.


    Hurry up Brain Cancer and do your thing McCAIN IS A TRAITOR and a real piece of CRAP !!!