Maxine Waters ‘Pleased’ She Called for Trump’s Impeachment ‘Early’

‘I’m never going to change my mind on it…’

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Maxine Waters/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, bragged that she started the conversation “early” about impeaching President Donald Trump.

In other words, Waters called for his impeachment as early as February 2017, months before Special Counsel Robert Mueller began investigating Trump’s alleged “Russia collusion.”

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday asked Waters how she begins to proceed with impeaching Trump.

“I am pleased that I started the conversation early,” Waters said, according to RealClearPolitics. “I believe that the president early on had defined himself as someone who was incapable of being a legitimate president.

“So I started the conversation. Of course, we got a lot of criticism. I got a lot of criticism but he has been defining himself ever since. And you will hear impeachment being talked about more and more.”

Waters said 80 percent of Democrats support impeachment.

“I know that the Congress of the United States is slow and reticent to do it without having all of the facts and we’re waiting on Mueller to come back with the information that would either say he colluded with the Russian government or he obstructed justice or he committed some other kinds of crime,” she said.

As Waters admits she talked “without having all the facts” and without a complete investigation, she is still “pleased” to discuss impeachment.

Waters said the Democrats are also waiting to hear Michael Cohen’s testimony on Feb. 8 before the House Intelligence Committee.

“We want to hear what Cohen has to say,” Waters said. “He’s been subpoenaed. He has additional information. And so we have a ways to go but I believe that I’ve been right all along, that I was able to understand what he’s all about.”

Waters said nothing will change her mind about impeachment.

“I’m never going to change my mind on it,” Waters said. “I said what I believe in. I’m going to move forward as the chair doing legitimate work of the Financial Services Committee. That doesn’t stop me from doing that.”