Maxine Waters: ‘I Will Go and Take Out Trump’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California last week told a New York City gala for LGBT youth that she would “go and take out Trump tonight,” and received resounding applause from the far-left audience:

Also on Saturday, Waters called on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to apologize for defending President Donald Trump’s conversation with a Gold Star family.

Waters wants Kelly to apologize for his remarks toward Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida about the president’s phone call with the pregnant widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson. Wilson claimed earlier this month that Trump was disrespectful during his conversation with the widow.

“Gen. Kelly has been tainted by Trump lying in the face of facts. Hasn’t he seen the same video of Rep. Wilson that everyone else has seen?” Waters, a California Democrat, tweeted Saturday afternoon. The calls became controversial after Wilson told a reporter that Trump made “insensitive” remarks during his conversation.

“If the wife and family of Sgt. Johnson feel they were disrespected by Trump, then they were disrespected. Period!” Waters added in a follow-up tweet. “Gen. Kelly, you earned 4 stars & had a successful career. Now you’ve fallen prey to a ‘moron’ in an effort to protect his career. Apologize.”

During his remarks on Thursday, Kelly, whose son was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, said that Wilson’s remarks to the media “stunned” him. He also gave an emotional description of the process by which soldiers killed in combat are returned to the U.S.

Trump’s comments that Johnson “knew what he was getting himself into” was meant as a commemoration of the veteran’s sacrifice, Kelly said during the press conference.

“If you elect to call a family like this it is about the most difficult thing you can imagine. There’s no perfect way to make that phone call,” said Kelly, a retired Marine general.

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • Liberal Idiots

    I think this b**** has lost her ever-loving mind

    • Dee

      Most Demoncrats have !! Most like Maxine are illiterate too . Guess they can’t do any better with the crap they stand for .

    • Uncle Pat

      In order to lose something, one must first have it !

  • Rolpho Signetti

    that old nappy haired freak needs to get a clue! Take him out? With what? A banana peel?
    Old gay jerks listen to her and Pukelosi.
    Somebody needs to take her out behind the wood pile, slap her around for about 30 minutes!
    Crazy A world this is becoming!

    • Lee Lee

      Lol @ Pukelosi

      • WVF

        I always referred to Pukelosi as Nasty Piglosi. Either moniker fits quite well.

        • Lee Lee

          Agreed, both names are appropriate.

        • mathis1689

          I use Nazi PeeLousy for the Wicked Witch of the West. Seems to fit her quite well.

        • Askjrsk

          She fights the war on poverty hard. Maxine was in Palm Springs at a benefit . She and her crooked husband. The one councilwoman most happy to see he and gushed all over her. Ginnie Foat, she ran for mayor but lost. . Ginnie never served time for the tire iron that she killed a man in the head with. She was a flight attendant at the time. Long story short she is with her wife and their pictures are all over the Desert Sun newspaper. Now Maxine talks about taking out our president. I do hope the Sextet Service is all over this . Maxine’s opponent Omar Navarro is calling for her arrest. So are we all who know of this unbalanced obnoxious psychologically impaired delusional lady.

    • Askjrsk

      Set a match to the wood pile.

  • kep

    Why are creatures like this allowed to serve in Congress? She and other liberal communists preach sedition, and should be held accountable for doing so. We do have laws that should be enforced in these matters.

    • Guido Obispo

      When ever that question arises, it’s always the same answer, “Affirmative Action”, the policy that is Dumbing-down and Morally corrupting America at every level…

    • Raymond Miller

      Don’t get upset with them, they serve a purpose. It is to remind us why we rejected all of the other loser RINOs and Hillary and elected Donald J. Trump as President. He and only He is doing our bidding, none of the others would have done that and you know it, they would have lied just like they did with Repealing Obambam Care.

      • Debby

        Throw in McCain’s name with those RINOS…… disgraceful

        • I care


      • I care

        Now we know why they needed Hillary in the white house,,,, Hide all the sins of the Bush the Rapes of Bill and the abuse to women by Hillary and the play for pay, Then we have Obama!!!! WOW, This man hire the BROTHERHOOD to bring down the GREAT NATION. GREED GREED GREED. BUT NO ONE COULD STOP THE ” WE THE PEOPLE” WE PICK TRUMP AND HE WON..

    • Allen

      Agree. Again, Jeff Sessions is failing to do his job and should be fired.

      • Harriett Randall


      • I care

        I think he could be building up for a big case? Maybe he going to get all of them at the same time and bring them all down…. I hope

      • Eric Slimmer

        Did you listen to those two corrupt communist bastards Frankin and Blumenthal. They ask a question and they want your answer the same as the one they wrote down. These are grown men with a kid’s brain, they want to play games like two fken idiots. Just wait till their person run’s for president. You need to stop watchng CNN-”COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK” you’ll be fked-up worse than MAXIE-MORON or her sister FRED-FREAKA.

      • patriot1111

        Fire Sessions now hes part of the swamp people

    • carpkiller

      100% inter city blacks elect her every time.

      • Kris Kristian

        Surely there are better blacks to replace that witch./

        • Kris Kristian

          is she related to Roger Waters?

          • john


          • Eva Holiman

            Kris, think Maxine’s husband is in the banking business, which she helped swing $$$ toward, can’t recall details.

          • Dixie Shooter

            I doubt anyone would admit to be related to her.

      • Debby

        Pelosi….. Chuckie…. and that other awful dude……. all disgusting democraps…… TERM LIMITS PEOPLE…..

      • Harriett Randall

        You’re right. I’m black and live in a blue state and city. I’m so sick of blacks putting these liberal idiots in office. I may move to Texas.

        • GblessUS

          Harriett, we moved to Texas from the Milwaukee suburbs. I watched the politics of Milwaukee for many years and could not figure why morons kept getting voted in. Much of it has to do with vote buying and union influence. Politics just don’t get any more corrupt than the Democrat-run big cities and state governments. By the way, you are welcomed in Texas.

          • Lee Lee

            What is your view of David Clark?

          • GblessUS

            I’m a big fan of the Sheriff. He’s very honest and I get a few chuckles from his ripping the Milwaukee County Dems. He always runs as a Democrat, which is a requirement for anyone to win in that part of the state, but he definitely has Republican blood in his veins. I would like to see him run against Warren next.

        • Bob Hills

          We have room here!

        • I care

          I live Ca. and look what Moonbeam is doing to us who love Trump

          • Jack Scarpon


        • Dixie Shooter

          You’re so right. They promise you the world and give you nothing. The career politicians are in it for the money. If you can’t pad their pockets then you are out of luck on getting anything from them. Remember during the debates, Trump was calling Hillary out for all of her “pay to play” schemes. That’s their game and Trump isn’t a politician and that’s why they don’t like him. He’s for America instead of only himself.

        • Daniel Softcheck

          Know how you feel…i live in a” s……e” state, illinois ..but can’t afford to leave…just moved the 2nd of my 4 sons to Scottsdale….demoncrat controlled Illinois…more people leaving here than any other state….just wondering how the good Dr. King would view Trump…heard today that black unemployment is at lowest level in many years….he’s narcissistic, as was Obama…but at least he’s trying to improve American lives

      • I care

        They need free cheese

    • Debby


      • kep


    • Harriett Randall

      Ignorant blacks put ignorant blacks in office. I’m black and voted for Trump.

      • Sharon Melvin

        Good for you! Trump is not racist or a white supremacist. He is really bringing back jobs for black, white, brown, or yellow. He rally cares for all and I get very upset over the labels. All are created equal by God. I am a veteran and very proud of my country. Radical groups on the left want to destroy my country and every thing it stands for. I stand for the National Anthem and kneel for God!

        • Barbara Willis

          AMEN! I feel the same as you do. Congress needs to get off their butts and approve some of these bills. President Trump needs to establish term limits and get some of those deadbeats that are just keeping their seats warm.

      • Bob Hills

        If we can’t find the room, we will make some.

      • badgascoupe

        Thank You Harriett,America First!

      • I care

        Go’s to show that each RACE HAVE SMART REAL PEOPLE, I am a Mexican and Trump was our man….. our family from Loomis Ca. to San D. over 207 members voted TRUMP.

        • Chat1

          Good for you and your family! MAGA!

        • Sharon Melvin

          Good for you. A very good friend of ours is Mexican and he voted for Trump.

      • Southerngirl

        You are a very smart person. You knew what was going on. It’s like I posted in another blog. There is a HUGE majority of black men and women that voted for Trump. I have talked to several of my black friends and they have told me they were just downright sick of the Democrats promising them this and that and NEVER delivering. And many are finding out that the President we have now is for ALL AMERICANS. He doesn’t like the fact that illegals are over here and getting benefits while we have so many of OUR own that haven’t even been helped yet. He’s NOT perfect by NO means. But none of us are. But I truly BELIEVE the LORD is working through him to make OUR country better. Because we all know GOD works through some people that even have us wondering. But HE knows exactly what HE’S doing. And I truly think people are really seeing good changes in his life. And as for your comment. That DEFINITELY goes both ways for sure. Have a great night.

    • I care

      vote cast by the poor who can not read and sign on the line and mark the X on the box as they are told to get free cheese

    • Gasman

      They directly reflect the attitudes of those that elected them with their speech, actions and priorities. That tells you all you need to know.

  • Phacker Newmonia

    Come on guys. There is nothing wrong with Maxine Waters that a good wack in the face with a baseball bat won’t cure. American citizens who
    supported Democrats in the 2016 election are living proof that there is no cure
    for STUPIDITY!​

    • Ronald Brookes

      To get a face like that, she has all ready been wack in the face many times………….

      • ADBDAB

        Love your commnent.

      • Dixie Shooter

        It caught on fire and they put it out with a sledge hammer and chopping axe.

      • bigblok442

        Prune lips, prune lips, ugly ugly ugly, FREAK FREAK FREAK!!

    • ADBDAB

      Not even a ball bat in the head would bring her back. SHE’S TOO FAR GONE.

      • Vern Durand

        Have respect and pity for the bat.

    • Debby


    • Harriett Randall

      lol. good one.

  • Edward Conley

    Maxine, you and your hateful, racist ilk will be gone soon. Can’t wait for the next election.

  • Remy Aringgo

    Rep. Waters you need to resign you are out of touch with reality. The Rep. with the hat needs to do the same. You are dividing the country and assaulting the President for no reason.I hope the people vote you two out of office. I’m sorry for all the Gold star families that got put into this Political garbage ,for a few politicians to grand stand, for no apparent reason.May God bless all of you Gold star Families ,and our great military .

    • Elfie

      Remy, I always thought that our elected officials in Washington have a dress code… I have a Stetson, side winder, black with a gray trim. I would never think wearing that hat to work. I guess she gets away with it because she can scream ” racist”. To bad because I do not take anyone of them serious any longer. My father once said to me, don’t get angry, get even. …so ….2018 will be very interesting. I wonder if a rock group will offer her a job.

      • 4Pip

        She is just another rock on the ground. Look at them and like her you will see just dirt. Ground rocks have more sense than she,they wouldn’t wear that stupid hat. Wilson is the cartoon on American Thinker,it’s fitting.

        • Kris Kristian

          is she wearing a hat or wig?

          • Debby


          • I care

            KRIS, Mad Max is the wig, Wilson the ” want to be a COWGIRL” Is the other stupid one. now we look at a female JAMES BROWN (SORRY JAMES) And I feel bad for the COWS

          • Jack Scarpon


          • meddah4

            Haw, haw! Fredrica or Maxine. One of them is wearing a wig.

          • Kris Kristian


          • mpdMD1965

            I thought she did.

          • mpdMD1965

            Thank God you need not be physically in her presence. Cannot imagine a pair of dark glasses to cover what definitely is Baaaaaaad!!!!!!

          • mpdMD1965

            If her features are visable either is an inadequate attempt to prevent the pukes she evokes.

        • I care


          • Kelley

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          • mpdMD1965

            A most cogent comment. Says it all succinctly . I do give her family credit for surviving in her presence without an emesis basin.

      • Fred Young

        Not a chance, even though she IS a self-described “Rock Star”. Her only talent is shaking and pointing a senile idiotic finger, and no, that is not racist, I’m a senior citizen myself but one that still can recognize senility and idiotic behavior.

        • FloridaBoyee

          Have you ever NOTICED that it is ALWAYS, these Low-Life Democrats, who were more than likely next to Bankruptcy, and all of a sudden got elected, because they sold their useless souls to the devil, that dress hilarious, make HUGE Statements and get PAID and also get so much money UNDER the Table (which is NEVER reported to the IRS) and think their sh** does not stink? GET RID of them!!

          • I care

            Mad Max gets away with bank fraud…. the other get away with bad dress code for work dress in custom each day.

        • I care

          So funny

      • badgascoupe

        Looks like her hats were won in a carnival game!

      • I care

        You right? If you can not offend anyone then why does she get to offend REAL COWGIRLS. SHOULD YOU NOT BE WEARING A YOUR OWN TYPE OF BLACK CLOTHING??????????

      • Jack Scarpon


      • chris VN

        Cultural appropriation?? oh wait, that’s only for white people.

      • patriot1111

        Give her a pitchfork and a wheel barrel and have that ugly mug clean the pigpen

      • Bob Bates

        her kind of rock stars always dress that way.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Remy, your right Waters needs to resign, but she hasn’t just now become out of touch, she has always been out of touch. She has raped her own for every and anything they have and they think she is 100% on their side. She has proven time and again she has a very low IQ, but bless their hearts she prays on those that are just under her IQ and know not what she has done and continues to do to their life.

      The idiot in the hat, will not be a rock star, but will always be known as the idiot in the hat, which is far cry from what she had intended.

  • Keith Porter

    Nock Nock, it’s the FBI.

  • Bearcat

    I fill that Waters should resin she has the must racist mouth I have every heard It makes me sick to hear her talk and as for as impeaching the president that would be a big MISTAKE

    • Jo Melcher

      Amen, I agree 100%! They need to get rid of people like her, she is a dangerous person.

    • John Lowder

      I agree that she is a racist but you can’t forget about the biggest racist of all. The one and only, Al Dumbton!! He has got more
      mouth than a Army pack horse has got are!

  • Papa Bear

    The ONLY way Walrus Face Waters could take Trump out would be to buy him dinner at a restaurant!!!! Even then Trump would refuse as the left would accuse him of something!!!

  • Bearcat

    I like that

  • Don Taylor

    Maxine waters is a complete disgrace to every sane thinking person,she is probably the most ignorant human being in a group of ignorant democrats and there are lots of them

    • Jo Melcher


    • Eva Holiman

      Sadly, she is not the only elected Representative or Senator who is so ignorant. It is so embarrassing for the entire world to be seeing who/what is making decisions in Washington!!! I know they often think they have turned in SNL or other instead of real news. So sad. I am too elderly to run, some of you need to throw your hat in the ring – even if you do not own a sequinned cowgirl hat!

  • Vinny

    This is women nuts?

  • el leoncito

    Why is this crazy woman thinks it is ok to disrespect our duly elected president? Is she mentally deficient? What a disgrace that people elect this kind of deranged “leaders.”

  • Murphmeister

    Kelly should have inquired why the president was put on speaker phone without being advised of same and that the Cat in the Hat, a political enemy was present and listening. That is rank discourtesy of the first order. It was a lying-in-wait ambush. I assure you, it mattered not whether the president used the most delicate terms in the conversation for they were bound and determined to turn it against him ab initio. In short, it was a conspiracy.

    • Keith

      You are right , they call the family 24 hours in advance to let them know Potus will be calling cat in the hat was on CNN 10 minutes after the call this was all a set up by the liberal socialist who want to destroy our country! We are going to be a nation of laws that apply to everybody or we’re going to be a nation of guns and bulletts ,either way the liberals are going to loose!

    • carpkiller

      That was the first thought I had. Why was his call listened to by anyone.

      • Kris Kristian

        CNN is a tool of the Dem-oc-rats.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Isn’t required BY LAW, to advise the other party that this is being listened to by another party or recorded.

      • Kris Kristian

        If that is the case, the CNN reporter MUST be fired.

      • Murphmeister

        Being recorded yes, being eavesdropped upon, no. But then, there is the law of courtesy.

    • Sherissky

      I’m sure he was extremely respectful. No matter what he said they were planning on twisting it. I feel sorry for the widow, someday she’ll realize her husband’s courageous act & unfortunate death, were not spoken of because of all the hate she let the crazy lib speew.

    • Elfie

      I agree…….But I think is was good because we the people now find out first hand how those disgraceful individuals who are living of out tax dollars are operating.

  • Vinny

    And that other fruit cake in Florida

  • el leoncito

    Why does this crazy woman think it is ok to disrespect our duly elected
    president? Is she mentally deficient? What a disgrace that people elect
    this kind of deranged “leaders.”

    • Holy Joe

      You are right, she most likly is mentally deficient, but criminally so.

  • bob breglio

    The Secret Service should remind that congresscritter forcefully that making threats is actionable criminally. She would look good in an orange jumpsuit sharing a cell with Hitlery 🙂

    • Pat Hunsucker


    • Elfie

      Bob, O hope the Secret Service has a good talk with Watters because no one can threaten the President and it does not matter if he is a democrat or republican. I recommend that the Secrete Service Agents are of color so she can’t call them racist. What a country we live in.

    • Kris Kristian

      I love that

    • sasquatch1313

      Correct. Threatening the life of the sitting US President is a felony.

    • Holy Joe

      What would have happened had any former white Representative or Congressman/woman
      made a similar threatening sugestions against the life of the formerly unknown black person, Obama masquerading as a legitimate U.S. president for the prior eight years ? They would have been arrested, tried and imprisoned without a doubt. The crazed left, deprived of its Criminal Goddess Clinton, feels that it can freely make any assault upon the life and person of Donald Trump simply because the majority of States chose him as President over the self appointed and annointed would be president Mrs Clinton. Perhaps an example of a swift trial for uttering such threats to the life of President Trump, and a ten or more years in a Federal Prison or Guantanamo might be re-educational ?

  • Jerry Jones

    So, this freak sounds like she’s making threats to the President of the United States. She needs to be removed from office NOW…and same goes FederFreaka Wilson. Surely, there must be better choices to represent the black race.

    • Elfie

      There a number of them but they are not recognized, and when they are they are being labeled Uncle Tom. Just think we have a Supreme Court Judge who is of color. Someone told me that he is not even mentioned in the Museum in Washington of Black History. So tell me who is racist?.

  • Kmat

    There are 2 meanings to “take him out”.
    1. To take someone out on a data or for drinks or for dinner etc
    2. To cause great physical harm as Tonya Harding “took out” Nancy Kerrigan or Kill as in a Sniper took out ———-.
    I don’t think she had the first definition in mind, therefore she has threatened the President of the United States with physical harm or even death. If she was not a Democrat, she would be removed from office.
    Maxine Waters – just another snowflake melting.

  • RacerX

    I think it’s time to put this coocoo in the rubber room.

  • Dynadobe

    How long will we allow these loud-mouthed trash make open threats to the President of the United States? Take him out? Really? That is an outright threat. Furthermore, it is just the kind of encouragement the nut cases out there need to try and assassinate him! It should be illegal to make these threats, 2nd amendment or not! This is not freedom of speech. It is a threat of violence. I sure hope voters look at WHO they are voting for next time around. Being a black woman is not a reason to vote for them!

    • ADBDAB

      Just maybe a nut cake “will take her out instead”.

    • john

      If you or I had made that comment, we’d be sitting in a jail cell!!

      • Dynadobe

        Absolutely right! Can you imagine if someone had said that about Obama?

        • john

          They probably would have been disappeared!!!

  • Bearcat

    This is not the first time she has attack the president she started that right after he was sworn in office

  • comanchewill

    Blacks are dumb. While some criticize studies that show Black intelligence to be lower than White, they can cite no Black performance that indicates high mean intelligence, and instead insist that Black ability is present but hidden by bias. But everyday observation together with no evidence that the races are equal disconfirms racial intellectual parity. If the races are equally intelligent, then there should be evidence that they are; absence of such evidence is itself evidence that the races are not equal. Highest National IQs: • 108 Singapore • 106 South Korea • 105 Japan • 105 China • 102 Italy • 101 Iceland • 101 Switzerland • 100 Austria • 100 Netherlands • 100 Norway Lowest National IQs: • 68 Somalia • 67 Guinea • 67 Haiti • 67 Liberia • 66 Gambia • 64 Cameroon • 64 Gabon • 64 Sierra Leone • 64 Mozambique • 59 Equatorial Guinea REF: National IQs Blacks are proto-humans; modern man evolved from Blacks by hybridizing with the large-brain Neanderthals: • Blacks = 2% Archaic admixture • Whites = 4% Neanderthal admixture • Asians = 5% Neanderthal + Denisovan Civilizations didn’t begin until this hybridization created the larger brains in modern man. REF: Neanderthal DNA in modern man Genetic distance is a measure of the genetic divergence between species or between populations within a species. Blacks have a genetic distance of 0.23 from Whites and Asians, but only 0.17 from Erectus. That means Blacks are more genetically proximate to archaic hominids than to modern man. Blacks have small, primitive brains. Compared to Blacks, Whites’ brains: • are 7% larger (1438cc versus 1343cc) • are 100 grams heavier • have deeper fissuration in the frontal and occipital regions • have more complex convolutions and larger frontal lobes • have more pyramidal neurons • have 16% thicker supra-grandular layer • react faster on mental chronometry tests • have 600 million more neurons REF: Brain size by race Whites are only 10% of the world’s population, yet are the most industrious, ingenious, and innovative race the world has known. Whites have crossed seas, harnessed rivers, carved mountains, tamed deserts, and colonized the most barren icefields. Whites have formed nations, built civilizations, and administrated power. Whites created automation, discovered electricity, nuclear energy, X-rays and invented automobiles, airplanes, jet engines, spacecraft, submarines, helicopters, radio, television, internet, computers, currency, telephones, and medicine. Whites unlocked the secrets of DNA, and relativity, launched communication satellites, invented microwave ovens, concrete, light bulbs, photography, telescopes and microscopes and countless other technological miracles. Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, and orbit it by spacecraft, to walk on the moon and explore the solar system, climb the highest peak, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier, descend to the deepest points of the oceans…… yet sub-Saharan Africans still can’t even feed themselves. Blacks are the only race incapable of providing for themselves. Whites still have to provide food, medical, financial, and engineering aid to every Black nation. They couldn’t survive without White charity. Blacks became an out-of-control invasive species after Whites domesticated them. No pre-contact sub-Saharan African society ever created a written language, or weaved cloth, or forged steel, invented the wheel or plow, or devised a calendar, or code of laws, or any social organization, or system of measurement, or math, or built a multi-story structure or bridge or sewer, or infrastructure of any kind, and they never harnessed a river, or even drilled well or irrigated, or built a road or railway or sea-worthy vessel, they never domesticated animals, or exploited underground natural resources, or produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device, or anything that could be considered a mechanical device. Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago. Blacks are the oldest race, so they should be the most advanced — but they never advanced at all. They lived alone in Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years, so they cannot blame racism, colonialism, poverty, culture, environment, or anything else for their failures. 19 of the 20 poorest countries are sub-Saharan African (Haiti). There has never been a successful Black nation. No modern creations or civilization exists in sub-Saharan Africa that was not brought there by Whites. There are no White Third-World nations, but all Black ones are. Put Whites on an island and you get England; put Asians on an island and you get Japan; put Blacks on an island and you get Haiti. Nowhere Blacks live are they considered achievers. Blacks are universally viewed as unproductive and disruptive to society. Simply, life is an IQ test. All Black civilization is in fact transplanted White civilization. No Black society has ever independently developed and maintained its own technological way of life. Some groups succeed all of the time, everywhere. Some have never succeeded, anywhere. Sub-Saharan Africans have never made a contribution to the world. Without the continuous intervention of charity into Black Africa they could not even maintain what they have been given. Black-White IQ Distribution (Cumulative Percentage Graph): Blacks: 5% above 110 IQ 16% above 100 IQ 40% above 90 IQ 70% above 80 IQ 40% below 80 IQ 18% below 75 IQ 10% below 70 IQ Whites: 10% above 120 IQ 18% above 115 IQ 27% above 110 IQ 40% above 105 IQ 50% above 100 IQ 60% below 105 IQ 35% below 95 IQ 15% below 85 IQ The smartest 16% of Blacks are as intelligent as the smartest 50% of Whites. 80% of Blacks score at or below the “low functioning” category. The least intelligent ten percent of Whites have IQs below 80; forty percent of Blacks have IQs that low. Only one Black in six is more intelligent than the average White; five Whites out of six are more intelligent than the average Black. 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REF: U.S. Dept. of Education IQ by Race and Higest degree Earned (1972 – 2014): Highest Degree White IQ Black IQ Gap High School Drop-out: 89 82 7 High School Diploma 98 90 8 Junior College Degree 102 95 7 Bachelor’s Degree 108 100 8 Graduate Degree 113 102 11 Therefore, a Black with a graduate degree has an IQ equivalent to a White with a junior college degree. Blacks can only achieve because they are mixed with White genes or because they reside in White societies. Not enough of them are smart enough to even build sufficient infrastructure to allow the Black intellectual elite to achieve. IQ distribution by race: • Ashkenazi Jews = 115 • East Asians = 106 • Whites = 100 • South East Asians = 87 • Non-White Hispanics = 86 • American Blacks = 85 (average 24% White admixture) • Middle East and North Africans = 84 • African Blacks = 67 (Only 2% of Whites score this low) • Australian Aborigines = 62 REF: Racial IQ bell curve Asian IQ scores cluster around the mean. Therefore, the cognitive variation among Whites produces more geniuses, but also more morons. Blacks are also more innately violent than modern man. REF: MAOA gene by race

    • Elfie

      Wow, I wonder who did this research?


    Mad Maxine is up in arms because Wilson has leapfrogged over her to be the wackiest nutcase in the Congressional Black Militant Caucus. For the moment, Featherheaded Frederica is doing a better imitation of Aunt Esther than the melanotic madwoman who commutes from Beverly Hills to the hood to play tribune of the people. It is time to send both of these harridans back to the junkyard with Lamont and Fred.

  • drdavis

    Waters is a pathetic sick’O and needs mental help and should be removed from society do to her actions and hate speech. Take out means to me is to be treated as a threat to murder the President of the USA which is criminal and she should be taking to prison and now. These are the kind of people who minds are not right corrupted and should be put under mental watch… Now if this woman owns a weapon it should be ceased do to her mental condition… So here is a person who definitely needs to be checked on..

  • trishae61

    Is she feaking crazy or what? Why hasn’t the ‘FBI’ Secret Service gone and arrested her for that threat to our President? She needs to be in jail along with Waters!!!!

  • armyisnumber1

    She had to be one of God’s mistakes when she was hatched. She is not normal. So vile that she cannot possibly be human.

    • John Lowder

      She don’t have a birth certificate… She has a lab report…

  • Yall Don’t Listen

    Boy that woman needs some serious help, her mental illness is beyond repair!!! I don’t know who is honestly worse Mad Max, or Poopy!!! I wonder if it has to do with All men are turned off by the 2!!! I know I couldn’t bump uglys with either 1

  • Barbara Johnson

    Maxine Waters has the largest mouth I have ever seen. It is certainly a wonder that any one in range of her mouth and that’s a pretty good distance still has any oxygen left to breath. I assume she eats an impeachment breakfast every morning one side of hate and the other side a big bunch of vitriol so she can get that big mouth ready to spew even more of the devils dialogs.

    • Bearcat

      I am setting here cracking up it,s hard to type

  • general

    Must be arrested for this treasonous felony by the Secret Service, handed over to F B I, and the D O J must prosecute her and all others who state this. If not all are complicit and must be arrested.
    No exceptions, none…

    • Elfie

      But Obama will come to her rescue.

      • general

        He will be in prison for all the treasonous acts along with his gang of thieves, and they know it..

  • David Kledzik

    I saw the video from the widows home in Florida on Inside Edition with Deborah Norville two nights ago, and Trump and Kelly are telling the truth, Wilson is lying. LaDavid Johnsons widow also spoke in the interview and had nothing but nice things to say about Trumps phone call to her. That crazy bitc* from Florida, and Waters needs to stfu before they step in it even further. Hel* even Deborah Norville says this paints Wilson in a bad light. Present for the T.V. segment was also the casualty officer.

  • jimmy9522

    She is a total embarrassment to our country but beloved by her loony liberal democrats.

  • Elfie

    What is wrong with those representatives of color?? are they all nuts????

  • sdyankfan

    Maxine Water’s isnt capable of taking out her own garbage much less a President. She is without doubt the dumbest member of Congress.

    • Eva Holiman

      sdyankfan, I don’t know if Maxine is the dumbest, she just has so much competition! She and Wilson are near tied for the loudest dumb b!+c#.
      I used to think there were some intelligent Democrats, just different mind set from me, now – not so sure.

  • Maxine should apologize for breathing.

  • Bearcat

    there was one person on the hill that made a similar threat to the President and he had to retract hes statement

  • Luis Rivera

    Why would anyone vote for this moronic Maxine waters, this dumbass is a emberisment to democrats and woman, just stupid.

  • Steve Spatola

    This Fredrica Wilson looks more like the loveable Fred Sanford. Her hat looks straight out of Pimp Monthly. She is a disgrace to all the KIA’s in these wars. You never embarrass the deceased or the military branch. She has accomplished both. As a black woman, she used this great Green Beret soldier for her personal vendetta against the POTUS.

    • Bearcat

      she needed to get her 15min,s of fame on tv

  • blogengeezer

    There is one [potentia] event that Kim Jung Il continually and loudly threatens. If he can pull it off, even with massive collateral damage to innocents, it Will at least silence this obnoxious, incredibly toxic woman. In all episodes of apparent destruction, there is an upside.

  • Joe Sam

    stupid is stupid ,this is a case where it can’t be fixed ,it just gets worse.people speak and know not what they speak just ramble on .these people have no integerty or morals just mouth .OLD VET .

  • David Ciambrone

    If I said this the Secret Service would be picking me up, Why not this moron? Is it because she’s a left wing congressional fruitcake from California or because she’s black or both? She needs someone to take her out.

  • Liberal Idiots

    I wonder if the Secret Service got that message that Maxine Waters was going to take out Trump

  • Sherissky

    Why isn’t this bee-ach behind bars ? Last I checked it’s illegal to threaten our President. They keep letting the Looney left pull this crap, why? Knowingly breaking the law (multiple times now) is grounds for impeachment! Protect our President and put an end to this insanity, arrest her Now! President Trump, I would be worried about the secret service assigned to your security team.

  • Lynn Salton

    General Kelly shared a great speech he was given when his son was KIA.:
    …he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. He knew what he was getting into by joining that 1 percent. He knew what the possibilities were because we’re at war. And when he died, in the four cases we’re talking about, Niger, and my son’s case in Afghanistan — when he died, he was surrounded by the best men on this Earth: his friends.”
    When Trump called the pregnant widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson he rather ineloquently dumbed-down General Kelly’s speech to “He knew what he was getting into.” He misspoke, a simple human mistake that anyone could make. But instead of admitting he made an error and owning-up to his poor choice of words Trump lied about what he said and then got General Kelly to make things worse. Why is Trump so incapable of admitting he’s made a mistake?

  • Ron C

    Oh my goodness…the retardation is worst than I could ever imagine in Maxine….Now she believes and crap that falls from a democrat’s mouth is fact…so sad to watch a women that was once in the game of enriching her self, and now has simply slid into a mental morass.

  • Jorge

    Is this loon threatening our President? She needs to be locked up for treason.

  • undeRGRound

    “Dirty Waters” needs “Taken Out”… Taken Out of office and put in PRISON!!!
    Threats against the President, in front of EVERYONE! Burn this B!tch!
    (I mean that as in “burn her a$$” in a legal sense, she needs a time out
    so she can think about her crimes in a federal pen for a while…) 😉

    I’d say the same thing if she were White, Black or PURPLE!

  • Timothy Toroian

    She and that Florida clownette in the cowboy hat are a real pair, pair of nuts. Break out the funny jackets with long sleeves so we can rest our ears, and senses. I still need somebody like Max the Mouth to give me a specific about any thing Trump has done to hurt some one. If she mentions the wall she can move to Mexico with Gutierriez.

  • Hildegarde

    Ms Waters you need to resign you are a disgrace to the USA

  • Sounds like a death threat to me….

  • Philomena



  • Harry Pearson

    Maxine, that sounds a lot like a threat against a sitting President. Don’t be surprised if Secret Service comes knocking on your door with handcuffs in hand and a warrant in the other hand. And, please, remember, you need to have cause to remove a sitting President, otherwise, your idol would have been removed in January, 2008. Something to think about.

    • Eva Holiman

      Harry, there was plenty of reasons, info, to remove Barry what-ever-his-name-really-is, just could not get a judge to rule on it. That is why Sheriff Joe was hassled and sued, also, Geo Soros spent over $2 million for campaign of man that ran against Sheriff Joe. I can find nothing to prove that Barry has ever been a US citizen.

      • Harry Pearson

        Eva, you never will. He was not a natural citizen, and I seriously doubt he was ever naturalized, but when his cliches let him stay in office on the “evidence” of an electronic copy of a birth certificate, which has so many errors in it, it should have been laughed out of every court in the country. Soros is determined to destroy the country that gave him everything he has, and he used good, ole’ Barry to do his bidding. Now he doesn’t have anyone in power to go to, so he’s mad. Make that angry, I do think he is mad. Anyway, we finally got rid of Barry and now Donald is cleaning up a lot of his messes, so let’s hope nothing happens until he’s done with that. BTW. tale a good look at Barry Sotero’s college records, and how he claimed, at that time, to be a foreign student, and how he used that status to collect grants for foreign students. Did he defraud us then, or did he do it later?

        • Eva Holiman

          Harry, we are thinking much alike. Yes, Barry defrauded us with his foreign student status, or defrauded us as POTUS. Atty Stephen Pigeon, Wash. state, claims to have found where Barry changed his name back to BHO in 1982 in Canada. His Kenyan BC and registration have been online for years, same BC that half bro. exposed after Trump’s inauguration. Catholic school registration for Barry Soetoro is online, citizen of Indonesia, religion Islam. He was born a British subject, could not be US due to mom being only 18, 19 required to give child citizenship. I think @20 states had suits regarding his being on the ballot but NO judge would hear. Cannot so many crooked judges hold seats. They really need to go, don’t know if we can get them out. Trump really needs our help and prayers for him, his family, VP and his family and staff for the safety for all. Really do not like Trump going to China and ? S Korea this week. Don’t think time is right.

  • David Stewart

    Bet Mammie wasn’t any good choppin’ cotton, either!

  • Rhonda Blissit

    Waters will “take out Trump” sounds like a threat! Arrest her sorry racist butt!!!

  • rocky63

    Let’s see: someone can be a “genius”; “very smart”; “pretty smart”; “smart enough”; and just plain STUPID. Rep. Waters in in the last category. She needs to get a job as a waitress in a very low-level restaurant, which would PROBABLY be something she can do correctly.

    • tes d’aless

      more like in a horror movie with that face ugh!

  • tes d’aless

    look step n fetch it – you are nothing but a whiny negro – you are setting your black people back decades. Keep running your mouth about President Trump and someone will take you out! (if young people don’t know who step n fetch it is check with google)

  • J Whitehurst

    Maxine Whiner the crook from the people’s republic of caliclownia. Home of the likes of her and, as Michael Obumma said, that great man Harvey Weinstein. Go and secede from the Union as you have threatened. Better yet, go to Canada like you said you would if Trump was elected. Oh that’s right, your democommie words are one continuous stream of lies and empty threats.

  • patrick sain

    Maxine waters is a lying piece of scum she a traitor an she needs 100 years in federal prison

  • general

    With all the great education in California, these voters show how really stupid they are be electing Neanderthals like her and others nationwide.
    This is a good reason why you just can`t ever fix stupid…
    And all our government funds must be pulled from all education and the N. E. A. must be dissolved..
    These are the best reasons to stop the current crap called teaching and go back to the ways that worked..

  • Debby

    TERM LIMITS. just saying……. take waters and those other crazeeeee liberals with ’em !!!

    • general

      All of them really make the case for us. We need to get this bill going and clean up the swamp..

  • Ronald P. Legendre

    Maxine Waters – H20 – 2 parts Hate – 1 part Obnoxiousness

  • cunning

    The only person to be taken out will be her, by the Dem party she is trashing. using the words “taken out” imagine her saying that about Obama, she would be arrested immediately.

  • Harriett Randall

    Waters is threatening to take out our president. That’s a direct threat against the president. I don’t understand why people are getting away with threatening our president. Maxine Waters should be arrested.

  • Tins17

    Haven’t heard any complaints
    from the other 3 grieving families Trump’s made. I smell
    a (democ)RAT!

  • Yarbles

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Keep going Max. You are an asset to every Conservative American.

    …and you look like a turd wearing a Godfather of Soul wig.

  • Martin

    She needs to investigated for her Bank deal for her husband. It did not deserve a bailout.

  • Tins17

    I do wonder what Maxine is
    hiding from to be so frantic,

  • don17048

    She has got to know her limitations. Ugliest woman I have ever seen. After 2018 elections she will just fade away into the woods along with Murkowski-Collins-McCain[unless the Ca claims him first}.HRC.

  • WVF

    A sitting member of Congress cannot speak about a President in such a way without consequences. In an underhanded way she was intimating killing President Trump. The house should expel her from the chamber forthwith.


    This “STATEMENT,” by WATERS, indicates that SHE IS THE MOST IGNORANT, ARROGANT person ever to serve in Congress!! Send her to “THE OLD FOLKS HOME, ” at once, to save our Society and Culture!!!

  • Ardvark

    Sounds like communicating a threat!

  • Big George

    Some 200 years ago, some of the white people (North and South) sat on their porches and watched the people of color do the work that needed to be done so the whites could live the life they wanted.
    If the people of color didn’t produce enough to keep the whites happy, the whites complained about it. In those days, it was called slavery.
    Today, 200 years later, a lot of the people of color (North, South, East, and West) sit on their porches and watch the White people work to pay the taxes that are necessary for the people of color to live the life they want.
    If their welfare check is not enough to keep them happy, the people of color complain about it.
    It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed in the last 200 years is the color of the slaves.

  • Polly Dreitzler

    Waters is a great advertisement for term limits for congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snowy

    One of two things needs to happen with Waters:
    1. She needs to be arrested, interrogated & put in the looney bin
    2. She needs to step down and enroll herself in rehab

  • nosocialism4me

    Maxine Waters is a blathering moron. When she’s was on the house’s Financial Services Committee, the auditors warned her and others that things had to change with the way Fannie/Freddie did business. She just scoffed and said everything was great. 12 months later—boom! Then she blamed Bush. And the other one that looks like something outta My Little Pony is just like her.

  • muf69

    She sounds like she is making a physical threat against the President. That action is against the law. It time she goes, she is functioning not as a member of Congress but a hit women for a terrorist group.

  • Dorothy Wolfgang

    Let them keep talking! They are just making themselves look like idiots and their results of their actions will be seen at election time.

  • Teresa Nazareth

    Whoever voted for these 2 women M.Waters and Frederica Wilson, they need to go back where they belong the asylum

  • Fred Garvin MP

    Maxine… I am appalled at your statement. Don’t you know the President is married. I’m sure there are plenty other over the hill bigotted men you could get to go out with you but I suspect because of your toxic rhetoric and uneducated way of speaking you’re probably have to pay for that privilege. Oh never mind paying for intercourse in this country is illegal in almost all states. Maybe you can wait until California legalizes it again or go to Nevada. Oh never mind to my knowledge all of the male ranches in Nevada have failed.

    Maybe you could ask for dating assistance from the Secret Service they could probably help you in many way. The one I’m most interested in is the help they can give you for threatening the President.

    Advice for all —- you may not like or respect the President but you MUST respect the Office of President. We had to endure 8 years of Barry and we deplorables didn’t complaint that your side is whining… Grow up or resign

    • Sherissky

      Your statement makes it sound like you think Trump is a biggot, is that what you meant?

  • Lea Anna Cooper

    What I want to know is HOW did Ms Wilson gain access to the Conversations of the President?? This is THE most important of all!! The rest is just bloat and cover up the fact that FREDrica had access to President Trump’s Conversation with a Widow without the knowledge of the the President. WHO gave her that access????

  • Kirk Kahler

    waters is a danger to all Americans with her call for people to go out and take trump out ! what she is doing is calling for violence ! what I have seen is waters is a race baiter supports openly the violence of ANTIFA BLM and Muslim brotherhood ! she is out dated a mess full of hate has ties to Russia with moneys ! she is just one more anti American slum lord that thinks it is her job to rule over Americans !kill our history ! she is a mess and needs to step down if not go to jail for the many crimes she got a way with !

  • John Centonze

    When the president said that he knew what he (Johnson) was getting into of course this half-wit would make a big deal out of it. Waters, you bozo, since Johnson knew what could have happened to him and still went ahead and did his duty, that is a sign of courage and that is what I think the president meant. She makes it sound like Trump went: ” Nah, nah, nah nah!” I thought Sgt. Johnson’s widow spoke positively about the phone call and now these rabble rousers are raising a stink.

  • k.laban

    Max your wig is too tight !It’s cutting off the oxygen to your brain.

  • Stephen Norman

    Sounds like Maxine uttered a threat towards the president.
    Isn’t it a crime (misdeamor) to do that?
    Shouldn’t she go to jail for the night or maybe 2 until they don’t charge her?

    • Sherissky

      Threatening the life of the president is a felony

      • Stephen Norman

        So if it is more ‘serious’ why is there no action?

  • icemancold

    MAXINE WATERS has gone off the RESERVATION and needs a VISIT from HOMELAND for threatening a sitting president and be charged with sedition have her citizenship revoked and be deported to AFRICA.!!

  • general

    As a servant to we the people as said we are the rightful masters of the Constitution congress, presidents, courts etc., it is our right to deal with all these traitors as per the Constitution.
    Waters has stated a treasonous statement to overthrow our constitution by murdering President Trump.
    This attitude causes more to think treason is the way to go by murder.
    She knows better ans as a very public figure saying this she needs to be dealt with severely, by congress, F. B. I. D O J. as a statement these actions will not be tolerated.

  • general

    More of these people are getting bolder. Is Nov, 04 what they are waiting for, thinking this will force us to do what these traitors want.
    These people are in for a shock if they try overthrowing our nation and constitution. Thinking Communism will win and is the way forward. These traitors will know the wrath of the law… by We the People patriots to the Constitution..

  • Erik V Johnson

    Is This Person a Lesbian Too ??? Is This Why She’s ALL FOR LGBT and AIDS ( mostly Gay ) and Against ” Normal Moral ” People Who BELIEVE in GOD and HIS RULES About the LBGT…just sayin

  • Gene Syms

    Hey MAXINE if brains were dynamite, do you think you would have the ability to “BLOW YOUR NOSE”. you are proof that ‘YOU CAN’T CURE STUPID’.

  • general

    She represents people from California, they must be as insane as she and moonbeam, and others are.
    The language used proves she 1, needs meds, 2, her meds, need changing to bring her and others back to earth.

  • general

    She represents people from California, they must be as insane as she and moonbeam, and others are.
    The language used proves she 1, needs meds, 2, her meds, need changing to bring her and others back to earth.

  • Sandra

    Wow, that sounds like a death threat to me. Maybe the secret service she investigate Maxine Waters. If she gets away with talking like that, anyone can do it. Sad, she needs to leave her office.

  • I care

    Wilson and Waters Your both a disgrace to good black hard working black women

  • Roy Veteto

    with all that is coming out of hollywood , you would think that maxine would be focused on that [ unless hollywood pays her much money to be silent]

    • Lynn Salton

      All of what that’s coming out of Hollywood? Trump admitting to molesting women on tape? Maybe that’s what she’s talking about?

      • Roy Veteto

        i love how democrats claim to represent women’s rights and at the same time democrats will conveniently look the other way when big name party officials and donors engage in that behavior. i didn’t vote for trump but i am stunned that all those who marched in dc for women’s rights about 2 months ago are silent about this.

      • kep

        You are behind the times again. No one that matters cares.

      • general

        Watch ; An Open
        secret; Documentary on Hollywood Pedophilia, explains what all left wingers want kept hidden. Exposes how sick all these dems, rinos, socialists, leftists everywhere are.

        • kep

          Call them by their proper name. COMMUNISTS.

          • general

            Sounds good to me!!!!

      • Sherissky

        He made a stupid statement, he never committed the action. You’ll believe anything that comes out of the left. She is threatening to murder our President, I believe she’s crazy enough to try. How are you on here trying to deflect from the criminal actions of a Congress women?

      • Eva Holiman

        Lynn, for goodness sake, Trump did not admit to molesting women, he was just engaging in some locker room talk, 11 or so years ago, in what he thought was a private conversation. You want to honestly say you have not had a similar thought or your spouse has not ever had such a thought? Good grief!

  • Barbara Willis

    Why don’t you idiots go and crawl back into the hole you crawled out of. You sound like a broken record.

  • minuteman3d

    Rep. Waters, you need to back off on the doobies. What have you done or participated in that is positive for our country since your saviors Obama and Hillary were turned down by “We the people”?

  • Jim Johnson

    Waters needs to be arrested for threatening the POTUS. Frederica Wilson needs to go back to Walmart and get a refund for the plastic hats and flowers.

  • John

    Another EMPTY BARREL and no that is NOT a racist term. It reflects the lack of character NOT the color of your skin, just the way DR KING described it should be.

  • Just another “swamp creature” to be filtered out of our government. It’s unfortunate that our founding fathers left out of the Constitution that honesty, fidelity and integrity is required to be an elected official – at any level.

  • Robert Posik

    I’ve had enough of standing off to the side and watching these two ladies get away with disgraceful comments! Representative Waters, you are a complete disgrace to your race and to this country. You have nothing to say but, “You will get Trump”. Keep opening your mouth and someone is going to put a foot in it sooner or later and then you can scream racism. Good luck with that! Nobody will pay attention. Or at least they shoudn’t You are that stupid and that disgusting that I have trouble thinking there aren’t enough intelligent people in you district to vote you out of office. However your district is in California and that may be the answer! If you don’t have something constructive to say then shut your pie hole! Representative Wilson, are you so upset that Representative Waters was catching all the limelight and you decided to grab some of it for yourself? What necessitated you to be on the phone call that Our President made to the Family of a fallen soldier? There is nothing Political about that at all but you want to make it so! I hope that your constituents in Florida have more sense during the next election to vote you out and let you rant and rave on a street corner until you rot away.

    • Eva Holiman

      Robert, I really believe a lot of us are tired of people such as these.
      If this keeps up, I fear this will not end well.

      • Janelle

        He was gerrymandered out of his district in FL twice by Tallahassee. LtCl West was way too difficult to corrupt. I only had one opportunity to vote for him as my representative. And was delighted to do so, but donated to him before he was elected. Eva, he was too fine a man for D.C. to tolerate.

        • Eva Holiman

          Thanks for filling in some blanks. I like what I have seen and read about West.

    • Don Lindsey

      She would go broke on a street corner, us men have our standards!

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      If a teenager going to play baseball and had his/her bat and ball in their hand, Maxine and Wilson would probably try to accuse that child of threatening them with the bat. An innocent child with a baseball bat going to play ball and those two scared so bad that they crapped all over themselves and had to have a tranquilizer and booze to calm them down.

  • ted towny

    Run for president Maxine, ha ha , would that be entertaining watching your nimble little mind function! but you would never win or come close.

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    Sound like a threat of violence that should be treated as such.
    Arrest, commit and prosecute maxine “the wig”waters

  • big KAhuna

    Waters actions are demented and Treasonous she should be kicked out of office and indicted—

  • Chat1

    In an earlier day, Maxine Waters would have been arrested and possibly jailed for threatening the President of the United States. Who does she think she is? Oh, wait…we know…. another liberal democrat progressive “empty barrel.” It makes me ill that today these persons get away with such lawless, slanderous comments.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    We have heard from everyone except the widow herself. Why does she need these two
    nit-wits to be her spokeswomen? These two (Maxi waterhead, and Rodeo Clown) seem to
    bask in the glory of their stupidity. Everyone knows that they have a hater, dementia, mentality.
    I don’t see why they get a big salary for being insane. She needs to be arrested for making a
    very specific personal threat to a sitting POTUS. She and her cohort, Wilson need to be
    impeached. They made a big stink about an honest, innocent conversation. ALL people in
    the military know what they sign on for. There is nothing insensitive about this simple statement
    in fact. He probably meant that Srg, Johnson knew the risk, and because of bravery, signed
    on anyway. President Trump was commending him for his sacrifice, and his service to his
    country. Then Rodeo head started a problem, where none existed, to gain notoriety and
    score political points. She just “happened” to listen in, and just “happened” to be a great
    family friend of Mrs. Johnson’s. She certainly forgot all about this widow when she was
    gloating about being a “rockstar”. It seemed at that moment, it was all about her!

  • Rita Hostutler


  • Gregg Parker

    … I be take him for da movie and we go get some take out China food… I take him out alright!

  • Tony B

    Rep Wilson’s attire portrays exactly what she wants – to be anybody but herself. Sad to be so self loathing.

  • 615GEJ1

    Maxine Waters took a wrong turn in the Twilight Zone long ago and may never get back. Can she be evaluated and given treatment before she hurts herself or somebody else?!

  • Leibe ist reise

    Facts? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Those that think everything is racist have no aquaintance with facts.

  • Geebub

    Maxine Watters is the only moron here. Funny how the far left likes to try to bring out so much hate. It must be a horrible feeling to h ave to inform family of their fallen son or daughter. Why on earth was Fredrika Wilson eaves drop in the first place? How rude is that? Then gossiping to America to spread more hate. All for a little notoriety. Meanwhile a family is grieving. She ought to lose her job. That is part of draining the swamp! Same with Maxine Watters.

    • Don Lindsey

      Fredrika Wilson is just a cow wearing a hat!

    • Janelle

      That is the job of everyone in their states. Apathy seems to be the worst problem with us as citizens.

  • Joe samo

    She said a word that I don’t recall a dimwit ever saying before…facts.

    • Janelle

      Joe, Waters is CA. We have our own nitwits here in FL, but aren’t “blessed” with her, too!

      • Joe samo

        My apologies for the mistake…It would be worse if it was true. We all have our own stupid political elites to deal wilh. How do those people get elected…from her and the crazies in CA, songbird in AZ, chuckles in NY…there is at least one for every state. Makes you wonder….not who is John Galt but where is he.

        • Janelle

          Total truth! Yikes, out of the 435 house members and the senate, few are worth the powder to blow them up, Joe!

  • Katie Mosley Keeling

    Mrs. Waters, honestly and I do mean honestly, do you think you can take President Trump out?? Do you realize president Trump has an army of Hardcore Americans that’s willing to go to war with anyone posing a threat to him. He needs to take your statement as a threat and press Criminal charges against you and make you an example of what will happen to all the other idiots that thinks they can run their mouths without consequences!!

  • CommonSenseReborn

    Don’t you feel sorry for the parents of Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson….both having botched abortions

    • Don Lindsey

      Maxine hatched from a Vulture egg!

      • Mountain_Dew_518

        I thought Maxine was hatched from a whale by taking a closer look.

  • Stephen Pettine

    “Now you’ve fallen prey to a ‘moron…’

    Pray tell, M. Waters, who is the moron that causes you to fall into an often irrational and often stupid snit? It is possible it be the Devil himself?

  • bluewarrior13

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I would consider this a threat against the President of the United States. Where is the secret service?

  • Dixie Shooter

    Why isn’t the Secret Service interrogating her for that statement? If someone else had said that it would be a bad day for them. She should be held accountable for her words just like anyone else.

  • chris VN

    “If the wife and family of Sgt. Johnson feel they were disrespected by Trump, then they were disrespected. Period!” Waters added “, there’s that touchy feely liberal BS again.

  • Don Lindsey

    Ha, Ha, Ha, that old hag would have trouble taking out the trash because she would be in it!

  • Shelba Herring

    This woman’s ignorant rant makes all blacks, whites and everything in between who has any brains at all cringe to think that she is a duly elected member of congress, how in the name of God were the people of California duped in thinking she would bring them anything but embarrassment

  • Frank McGriff

    Max Waters is one of the most disgusting vile lying democrats out there.I heard that when she was born her biological father was on the Maury show refusing to claim her. After the DNA test it was determined that the Rottweiler was not the father. It was the shitzu after all. The mother’s comment afterwards was “Dog~gone.” She will be voted out in 2018. That’s what the Pug told us. Her next job will be using a mold of her lips for suitcase handles.

  • librasign 1

    Maxine W.: “I Will Go and Take Out Trump!”
    WE ALL DARE YOU, Max, go ahead, you can leave and take your tacky-wacky friend Frederica W. with you asap! I’m sure, two of you will have lot’s of fun together: like, who would scream loudest at all light skinned people with your fave word: RACIST/S! You two have this in common too : “she is an empty barrel” and you’re “an empty vessel”!

  • Cheryl Reeves

    Empty Barrel means there is nothing inside.Got It. At least Trump has intelligent women on his cabinet.All the empty barrels are far left wing liberals i.e.democrats. They have been inside the establishment way too long. They haven’t a clue about the middle class problems,Black or Hispanic problems, only when will they get on tv and get their greedy little hands on their paychecks,signed by the taxpayers.

  • Wilma

    Where was this Wilson woman when Obama wanted to take the medical benefits from the military people because “They knew what they were getting into when they signed up.” What a hypocrit she is, and she should be arrested for listening in to our President’s telephone conversation.

  • Wilma

    I certainly hope that Maxine will be interrogated for threatening to “take out” President Trump. That was a direct assassination threat. Who does she think she is to say something like that?

  • ctroop

    Maxine Waters … The nation of sane people cannot make up our minds which one is the most stupid, Nancy or Maxine. I think it’s a tie.

  • spaceweasel

    Stark, raving mad…and ignorant!

  • meddah4

    Hmmmp. Does any still give a 5h!7 about Waters?

  • Bo Burress

    Maxine you are senile your room is ready at the nursing home. How much money did she get from Harvey Weinstien to keep quiet as Hollywoodies is in her district.

  • BatGuanna

    She is now and has always been a racist, she like the remainder of their group, little Al Sharpton and many other if they meant to make this world better, they would have been a Republican just like Abe and Martin Luther King, they both had dreams and I am not sure if the right people were blamed for their deaths. Neither were trying to stir up racist or color division, but were on the side of unity, as I said who got the most from their demise; I would bet good money it was the crap stirrers that made a martyr out of them in the opposite direction they were headed. Think about this?

  • patriot1111

    Why has she not been locked up for that threat? Oh i forgot shes Black (double set of standards aye)

  • Jeronimo Dan

    I got a Kick out of Waters saying I will take out Trump!

    Waters should be alert to the fact she could very well be taken out of her office by one of the janitorial staff. Weather, or not it would be by mistake, or on purpose, I do not know? I would suspect the latter.

  • Pamela

    It grieves me to see young people under this kind of delusions and propaganda of the likes of Max the Mouth. She thinks shes a heavy hitter but I think in a ring of wit with Trump the light on her ignorance would be blinding. Hummm might be fun at that. However Trump is a busy man; with trying to clean up the mess these people made in the past 8 years. And where was their work ethics and accountability then? Apparently in secret of even them that put them in office. . .

  • Louie Rey

    And that’s why California, even though it’s one of the most beautiful states in America, is the most insane state in this country. It’s bad enough that a moron like Waters could get elected one time but to have her continue to get reelected is why California seems to be from another solar system as far as their politics are concerned. She’s “going to take him out”? Why isn’t the media excoriating her for what is a reference to killing someone? What do you think would happen if President Trump said the exact same thing as this mental midget? It would be another “reason” to have him impeached and that’s exactly how the media would react.

  • Maria Sciarrino

    what if anyone said to this Maxine Waters, “we want to take this baboon out”.

  • Reggie Smith

    Why doesn’t the Justice Department go after this woman? Her words are a direct threat to the President, and if she doesn’t try anything herself she will certainly have some influence on one of her radical followers. This foolishness has to stop!

  • Miss Mellie

    Surely noone takes Maxine seriously. SEND IN THE CLOWNS !

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Give it your best shot ho.

  • Bob Bates

    Well, she was speaking to a bunch of queers anyway so she had a queer speech. I’m surprised she wasn’t arrested for her threat, empty one at best, but if that had been against Obubber she would have!

    • Askjrsk

      Doesn’t matter if she was talking to herself, or the devil himself. She is still responsible for what she said. Lock her up.

  • William Smith

    When the bombs drop and your family members are off to war I hope you still feel the same.

    • Askjrsk

      North Korea attacks us, I’m sure you would run. Like Bill Clinton you would offer them three billion dollars not to attack us and , oh wait we did that and still hevthrestens to attack us. You’re sorry behind should be in prison.

  • Baron S

    Just curious——if a white representative had made a statement “to take Obama out”, what would the reaction have been?? Time to stop all this irresponsible talk from elected officials! Getting tired of it.

  • Diane Cherechinsky


  • mpdMD1965

    Waters missed her last psychiatric sppointment . Anyone dealing with her rage needs to stay clear. Lucky are the folks who only have to read her excrement . Looking at her takes mucho guts and lots of paper towels

  • Sidney Rhodes

    I wish Ms Waters would attempt to take out Trump. Then the Secret Service could take her out and there would be one less idiot from California to deal with. Hey Maxine, Why don’t you take Nancy P. with you when you go to do this. This would go a long way in draining the swamp.

  • 1loyalamerican74

    Rep. Waters said as much as “She was going to take Trump out!”

    Was that an assassination?

  • Wayen Franzen

    Can you imagine the uproar from the left if some Republican in congress had said that about Obummer? What a double standard!

  • David Bell

    IF a white person said the same as what this idiot said, the SECRET SERVICE would be on them like white on rice. Just goes to show you who the real RACIST are in this country…………

  • kenhowes

    That woman seems to be seriously disturbed; the only reason she shouldn’t be convicted of threatening the president is that she is not guilty by reason of insanity. You can bet that if any Republican congressman had said he was going to go right now and take out Obama, he’d be looking at the world through bars now.