Married Obama Adviser to Plead Guilty to Sex Crimes

William Mendoza resigned for following women on the DC Metro and taking pictures up their skirts…

Department of Education photo

Photo by DonkeyHotey (CC)

(Daily Mail) A married senior official in President Obama’s Department of Education was convicted of sex crimes and resigned for following women on the DC Metro and taking pictures up their skirts, can exclusively reveal.

William Mendoza, 42, the former executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, stepped down after he was arrested and charged with attempted voyeurism in November, 2016, for the vile acts.

Mendoza, who earned $140,000 a year as a policy advisor in Obama’s White House, tried to take photos and videos up women’s skirts at least four times on his government-issued iPhones in July 2016 without their consent.

He was also caught looking at footage, apparently filmed in secret, of a woman in her underwear getting changed in a dressing room.

It is not known if he recorded the video himself.


When he took the indecent photos, he was supposed to be at work and was using a travel card funded by the taxpayer, according to documents obtained by through a Freedom of Information Act request.

He was caught on surveillance camera trying to take the indecent picture during an investigation by the Metro Police Transit Department (WMATA), arrested and charged with one count of attempted voyeurism, a misdemeanor.

Mendoza resigned just before the Department of Education could launch their own investigation into his sexual misconduct.

He pleaded guilty to the charges in January 2017, was given suspended 90-day prison sentence, one year’s probation and was fined $100. He has not worked in public office since stepping down…

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