Maher & Dan Savage: Dems Should ‘Fight Dirty,’ ‘Cheat Like Republicans’

(Newsbusters) On Friday’s Real Time on HBO, far-left columnist and gay activist Dan Savage — known for making attacks on conservatives that are beyond inflammatory —  joined left-wing comedian Bill Maher in demonizing Republicans as the two agreed that Democrats should start “fighting dirty” and begin “cheating like Republicans.”

Maher also questioned whether the recent Georgia special election was stolen, and Savage wrongly claimed that Democrats won the House elections popular vote by a million votes even though Republicans, in fact, won by three million votes.

In the opening monologue, host Maher likened the Senate Republican health care plan to a “serial killer.” After recalling that President Donald Trump was successful in implementing his travel ban to prevent terrorists from entering the country, Maher added:

Donald Trump says he will not have foreign nationals coming here and killing innocent Americans. That’s what the health care plan is for. Oh, yes, there’s that one, too: repealing Obamacare. I mean, the Democrats are all excited that this is stalled now in the Senate except it’s not dead. It’s like the slasher movie when the baby sitter thinks she’s killed the serial killer, but we can see he’s getting up behind her.


A bit later, Maher brought aboard Savage to discuss what Democrats should do to win elections in the future. The liberal columnist soon suggested cheating:

Bernie said — and you’ve said this a lot — that Democrats have to start fighting like Republicans — which may include cheating like Republicans. Republicans win when Republicans cheat.

After Maher injected, “They do cheat, yes,” Savage complained about gerrymandering as the two continued:

SAVAGE: Democrats — Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

MAHER: So did Al Gore.

SAVAGE: So did Al Gore, but that was, I think, a theft. But Democratic candidates took a million more votes in House races. But for gerrymandering, Democrats would have the majority in the House. The system is rigged like Bernie Sanders said, but it’s rigged against Democrats.

In fact, Republicans beat Democrats in the House popular vote by more than three million votes in 2016. Savage is apparently still citing the numbers from 2012….

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