Lynch Repeats that Tarmac Mtg. w/ Bill Clinton was ‘Innocuous’

Former Atty. Gen: ‘It is troubling when people question the motivations of dedicated, committed professionals…’

Lynch Re-emphasizes that Tarmac Mtg. w/ Bill Clinton was 'Innocuous'

Loretta Lynch/IMAGE: NBC News

(John Wynne, Liberty Headlines) Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is doubling down on her characterization of her infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton as an “innocuous conversation.”

In an exclusive interview with NBC News set to air Monday night, Lynch defended her actions as Attorney General while the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe unfolded, as well as the tens of thousands of employees currently working for the Justice Department.

Lynch, speaking with Lester Holt of NBC News, said: “It is troubling when people question the motivations of dedicated, committed professionals.”

The Justice Department and the FBI have been the targets of repeated criticism from President Donald Trump, though his ire has mostly been reserved for top-level officials in those agencies.


A significant amount of time in the interview was spent on the “chance encounter” with former President Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix.

Lynch reiterated that the event, which took place in June 2016, was of a social nature, and that they merely talked about “innocuous things.”

One thing Lynch insisted did not come up was the Justice Department review of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server or any other criminal investigations concerning the Clintons.

Instead, Lynch said Clinton told a “long but charming story” about grandchildren before they chatted about “issues of the day” like the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom.

The former Attorney General had previously expressed regrets about socializing with the former president in such a manner, regrets that she reiterated in her interview with Holt.

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“My speaking to the former president raised concerns in people’s minds about whether or not there was going to be any impact on the e-mail investigation.”

Lynch said the concerns prompted her to announce in July 2016 to Congress that she would accept her investigative team’s recommendation about whether to criminally charge Hillary Clinton.

Less than a week later, FBI Director James Comey made an unusual televised statement that the FBI would not be pursuing charges in the matter.

The interview with Lynch will air on ‘NBC Nightly News.’