Luther Strange Flees after Being Pressed on His U.S. Senate Appointment

(Breitbart) MONTGOMERY, Alabama — At a press gaggle after Thursday’s U.S. Senate debate between Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, Strange was asked by a reporter to address questions about his appointment to the U.S. Senate by then-Gov. Robert Bentley (R-AL).

Luther Strange Flees after Being Pressed on His U.S. Senate Appointment

Jim Ziegler, AL State Auditor, who just yelled at Luther for “dodging queries about his appointment.” “ANSWER IT, LUTHER” he shouts. (Twitter)

Strange was interrupted, however, by Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler after declining to answer the question.

“You know, I’ve already been asked that question a billion times,” Strange replied, before being shouted down by Zeigler to “answer it, Luther.”

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Immediately after that incident, Strange was urged by his handler not to accept any more questions and departed the venue.

Strange, who was Alabama’s attorney general when he was appointed, reportedly was investigating Bentley at the time of the appointment. That has raised questions about the propriety of the appointment…

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  • Born in the South and proud

    Well Ziegler just lost my vote in the future. I assume he must be a Moore supporter. I may have to actually stoop to voting for a democrat in future if that’s only choice against Ziegler.

  • a80a

    TRUMP likes Luther, it’s true because I heard Luther say so himself maybe a dozen or more times,Thursday evening, even bragged the Vice President was coming Monday, McConnell and the GOP has spent a ton of money on Strange,it’s a pity that it maybe wasted. Strange will not answer direct questions about his appointment to the Senate by Bentley ever wonder why? perhaps it was a shady deal. I think so, perhaps we should fact check all the remarks made by the big one, he is an automatic yes vote for any thing McConnell and Trump wants. vote Roy Moore.