Loretta Lynch, Under a Cloud, to be Honored for Public Service

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) Despite being at the center of several controversies and scandals surrounding the administration of President Barack Obama and the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be honored with an award in her home state on Thursday.

Loretta Lynch, Under a Cloud, to be Honored for Public Service

Loretta Lynch/IMAGE: Harvard U. via YouTube

Lynch is one of six current or former citizens scheduled to receive the North Carolina Award, the state’s highest civilian honor. Chosen annually by the governor, recipients are recognized for their accomplishments in culture, arts, science and public service. Lynch will receive her award from a fellow Democrat, Gov. Roy Cooper, at a ceremony and banquet in downtown Raleigh.

“It is such a privilege to honor these remarkable people who have made North Carolina better through their extraordinary accomplishments,” said Susi Hamilton, secretary of the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, which administers the awards as part of the Governor’s administration. “Each of them has enriched the lives of our citizens and enhanced our state’s reputation as a center of culture, arts, science and public service.”

Recognition of Lynch — who was born in Greensboro and grew up in Durham — for public service comes as she is under scrutiny for several questionable judgments, dubious investigations (or failures to investigate), and radical social engineering via legal actions, while heading the U.S. Department of Justice under President Obama.

For example, under Lynch the DOJ last year sued the State of North Carolina over House Bill 2, a law that required individuals to use public restrooms according to the gender designated on their birth certificates, not based on “sexual identity” or “gender fluidity.” The Justice Department warned that the law violated the Civil Rights Act, and its lawsuit alleged that “transgender individuals seeking access to covered facilities have suffered and continue to suffer injury,…emotional harm, mental anguish, distress, humiliation, and indignity…,” because of the law.

One defender of House Bill 2 — which was repealed and replaced earlier this year — found Cooper’s recognition of Lynch for meritorious public service to be an offense.

“Governor Cooper’s choice of Loretta Lynch for North Carolina’s highest honor is an insult to the people of our state,” said Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition, in an emailed statement. “As U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch ridiculed, threatened, and finally sued the State of North Carolina for passing a common-sense law that protected the privacy and safety of its citizens by requiring that people use showers, bathrooms, and changing facilities in accordance with the sex on their birth certificates instead of the gender they identify with. Ms. Lynch thus demonstrated her animosity for the values held dear by the state in which she was born.”

The controversy surrounding Lynch isn’t limited to the Tar Heel State. Perhaps the greatest suspicion about her surrounds a secret meeting she had with former President Bill Clinton last year on the Justice Department jet, while parked on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport in June 2016. The meeting came at the height of attention on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State under President Obama, during her pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination. It occurred while the FBI was concluding its investigation of the email scandal and considering whether to bring charges, and the meeting also took place only hours before a release of a report about the Benghazi attacks.

Only a week later then-FBI Director James Comey announced that Clinton was exonerated of any wrongdoing in the email scandal, saying she was “extremely careless” in handling classified information rather than the criminally chargeable “grossly negligent,” which was the language Comey had used in an earlier draft of his report. The “extremely careless” characterization matched President Obama’s public statements from April 2016 about Clinton’s handling of emails.

PREVIOUSLY: FBI Caught Lying about Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Documents

“The [Washington] Post explained that, according to its sources inside the investigation, there was ‘scant evidence tying Clinton to criminal wrongdoing’ because there was ‘scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in [the] handling of e-mails,” explained former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy in National Review in September. “Like Obama, the Post and its sources neglected to mention that Mrs. Clinton’s felonies did not require proof of ‘malicious intent’ or any purpose to harm the United States – just that she willfully transmitted classified information, was grossly negligent in handling it, and withheld or destroyed government records.”

Lynch’s Justice Department also prevented the FBI from questioning Clinton’s top aide, Cheryl Mills, about which of her boss’s private server emails would be turned over to the State Department and which would be withheld.

Among other Justice Department “shenanigans” during the investigation of Clinton during the email scandal, according to McCarthy: “Cutting off key areas of inquiry; cutting inexplicable immunity deals; declining to use the grand jury to compel evidence; agreeing to limit searches of computers (in order to miss key time-frames when obstruction occurred); agreeing to destroy physical evidence (laptop computers); failing to charge and squeeze witnesses who made patently false statements; allowing subjects of the investigation to act as lawyers for other subjects of the investigation (in order to promote the charade that some evidence was off-limits due to the attorney-client privilege); and so on.”

Illustrative of the appearance that the Justice Department wanted to go easy on the former Secretary of State, Comey said that Lynch asked him to refer to the email controversy as a “matter” and not an “investigation,” which he said made him feel “queasy.”

PREVIOUSLY: Senate to Probe Loretta Lynch for ‘Political Interference’ In Hillary Investigation

Another questionable decision under Lynch’s authority surrounded the circumstances of the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russian company Uranium One. Clinton was part of a government panel that approved the deal, which Russian interests sought to influence. According to The Hill, based on information in government documents, “the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States.” Part of the money flow reportedly included millions of dollars that were routed to the Clinton Foundation, and a $500,000 speaking gig for former President Bill Clinton.

According to several news reports, an undercover FBI informant has been prepared to provide information to Congress about the Russian uranium deal, but according to his attorney, was threatened by the Justice Department that he would be charged criminally for violating a nondisclosure agreement. The current Justice Department, under President Trump, has released the informant from that agreement and will be allowed to testify.

PREVIOUSLY: New Holes in Loretta Lynch’s Story on the Hillary Probe

Finally, Lynch’s tenure as Attorney General is considered suspect by many conservatives, especially those who were targeted by the IRS for their ideology and saw their efforts to gain tax-exempt nonprofit status either delayed or outright denied. The IRS admitted wrongdoing last month in a settlement with the groups reached by the Trump Justice Department, but none of the agency’s personnel or leadership were terminated or faced consequences as a result.

“Abuse of power necessarily means something was done inappropriately,” said Tom Fitton, president of government watchdog Judicial Watch, “and the question is can we trust the last administration, the politicized Justice Department under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and the FBI under James Comey to honestly investigate the IRS, and I don’t think you can.”

All of which called into question whether Lynch deserves the North Carolina Award for exceptional public service. Tami Fitzgerald, the NC Values Coalition director, is holding the governor to account for his decision.

“With this award,” she said, “Governor Cooper is demonstrating his disdain for the people he represents.”

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  • Janelle

    What were her accomplishments, exactly?

    • kep

      Could be like Chelsea Clinton. All she needs is the last name of Clinton. Maybe Lynch gets recognized as being a Communist liberal stooge?

      • Janelle

        Or like Obama’s Nobel Prize…….

        • kep

          Wasn’t that Nobel for being the biggest fraud in history?

          • Janelle

            Might as well have been, kep. The only legislation he voted for was a yes on third trimester abortion. And he was handed the Nobel when he took office. The Nobel Prize is now a participation trophy, apparently.

          • kep

            Don’t you just love these commie participation awards?

          • Janelle

            Absolutely a terrible thing for youngsters to not experience winning or losing. Both are part of living and need to be!

          • kep

            Absolutely. Where are all these trolls coming from? I have a bad one on another thread.

          • Naval Lint

            Trolls are merely abortion survivors. Dems are a LOT like cockroaches that way….even when their heads are removed, they keep living for quite a while. It’s only possible because their heads are nearly vacuum.

          • Janelle

            I have a cat with incredible vision and reflexes, Navy……..the palmettos die fast!

          • Naval Lint

            Too bad your cat doesn’t have a “taste” for Libbies…

          • Janelle

            I don’t mind liberals, but progressives aren’t high on my list.

          • Naval Lint

            As far as I can tell, the terms “liberal”, “progressive”, Communist and Democrat are TOTALLY interchangable, at least in the USA. Sad times…

          • Janelle

            Outside of D.C., some liberals still remain who favor socially liberal policies, but are pro-business.

          • Naval Lint

            Outside of D.C., BOTH coasts and ALL major urban centers…..perhaps. I haven’t seen ANY evidence to support your statement, however.

          • Janelle

            I’m 68, so any people I know well are from a different era, Navy!

          • Naval Lint

            I’m a youth of 61, but was raised primarily by my mom who was born in ’29. She taught us kids well, I believe.

          • Janelle

            You are barely past middle age, junior!!! ;-D

          • Naval Lint

            I wish that was true….the whole “60 is the new 40” thing is misleading. It merely means that we’re as close to being able to retire as we were at 40, I guess….

          • Janelle

            Navy, as long as I am functioning mentally and feel okay……will take it as it comes!

          • prenestino

            This is not a contradiction

          • Janelle

            Agree, think of Zell Miller.

          • kep

            I’m getting flustered, and not articulating well with the one on “Should Be Focus of Texas Church Massacre Investigation”. I really would like to throttle it. Probably not a good impulse, but it would sure feel good.

          • Naval Lint

            I just block ’em. They can be amusing, but not usually for very long.

          • Janelle

            Think part of that comes from not experiencing winning and losing………..exactly what we were talking about. Both require graceful responses. We don’t see that too much. And the Bush family should be ashamed of themselves.

          • Janelle

            I have a total clown on The Hill, but it is expected. Ants all over that site!

    • Polijuana Cracker

      She’s black and that makes her a special and protected species.

      • Janelle

        I thought someone might have remembered some or at least one accomplishment.

    • ABCDE

      She was an exemplar of diversity

      • Janelle

        With a very unfortunate last name………

    • EdWatts

      She is black and managed to stay out of prison.

      • Janelle

        Surely a record to crow about, Ed.

    • John Fucile

      She gave wild Bill a BJ on the plane!

      • Janelle

        That is a revolting image, John. Yikes!!!

  • jcrawdad

    Loretta Lynch, Under a Cloud, to be Honored for Public Service

    Liberals can’t remember anything from the past . Their Brain is about the same size as a night crawler, So she’s the greatest thing going . She was Abamatrons Right arm, So she must have done a world of good . Wish Trump would get in Gear and sign papers to get her convicted for pulling crap on the US people.

    • slk5

      waiting for that cloud to start raining!!!

      • Tricia Harris

        HAILING would be more appropriate – rain is too soft!

        • slk5

          this happened about 2 miles from my home… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuMX9AM9BrE…was driving home, when started, but pulled into a fire station, and was one of a very few, without a shattered windshield!!!

    • Arturo R. Pasarón Pérez

      El premio a la traición; Enmascara a los cómplices del crimen ante la sociedad y permite la supervivencia del tramposo.

      The prize for treason; Masks the accomplices of crime to society and allows the survival of the cheater.

      • tombitconcerns

        This should be the motto of the Democratic party!

        • Arturo R. Pasarón Pérez

          Cada día se hacen más visibles; Quienes otorgan los premios.

          Every day they become more visible; Who awards the prizes.

          • tombitconcerns

            The Clinton Foundation.

          • Arturo R. Pasarón Pérez

            Servirse con las manos cortas, es coger con tus manos lo que abarcas y colocarlo en tus bolsillos sin sudor de tu frente ni jorobar el lomo, como hacían los antiguos feudales y esclavistas. El modo de robarse actualmente los fondos y el trabajo de los otros, impone la norma de hacerlo con manos más larga para que no se note… jorobar el codo en tu beneficio.
            La fundación Clinton sin “fines de lucro” debe su nombre a que solo lucran con sus actos, quienes no reportan beneficios netos a los pobres y como los pobres no aprenden a lucrar y defender su trabajo útil, pasa lo que ocurrió en Haití que el dinero fue para el bolsillo de los Clinton por el camino largo.

            serve with short hands, is to take with your hands what you cover and place it in your pockets without sweating your forehead or hump the back, as did the ancient feudal and slave owners. The current way to steal the funds and the work of others, imposes the rule of doing it with longer hands so you do not notice … horobar elbow in your benefit.
            The nonprofit Clinton Foundation owes its name to the fact that they only profit from their actions, that they do not report net benefits to the poor, and since the poor do not learn to profit and defend their useful work, what happens in Haiti does not happen. Money went to the Clintons’ pocket the long way.

  • Howard Smith

    If she was not honored . She would you the Race card and go to the men’s bath room

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    The criminal self congratulating society awards another crook. Below job bath house barry gets a nobel peace prize then proceeds to bomb little children, only in a fascist democrap libtard universe can this happen.

  • 27633171

    This fat porker is nothing but a criminal that has been protected by other establishment criminals. It’s time to brand these slugs for what they are and stop trying to be politically correct to spare someone’s sensitive feelings When people intentionally lie, cheat, and steal, they are a criminal and trying to be nice by not calling them what they are is a lie in itself.

    • Al

      But… but but all they talked about on the plane was golf and their grandchildren.

      • Mountain_Dew_518

        Who knows they could have been getting it on. UGH.

        • Al

          Yuckie ptoowee barf .. Bill would screw anything.

      • John Fucile

        With his pants down?

  • Al

    Criminals honoring criminals. Job well done.

    • Donovan Blaylock

      Remember when Eric Holder and Obama gave each other Transparent Awards? We still do not have those critical documents.

      • Al

        LOL What a bunch of phony bolognas,

  • Vinnie S.

    I imagine many people using “WTF” after reading this and thinking Why did I vote for this Guy ?

  • Brent

    That award will look great, right next to her indictment for corruption.

  • Polijuana Cracker

    It all starts in the state institutions we call public schools. Awards are no longer based on excellence but for the mere fact of showing up. To award this traitor anything more than the Darwin Award is just another slap in the face for Americans. Nothing that comes out of our Babylonian country surprises me anymore except for the Integrity of President Trump and Mr. Trey Gowdy

  • Kenny Albert

    Democrats love criminals.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      And illegals since the Demonrats don’t see them as criminal. I consider them illegal when they crossed the border illegally and that is a crime. Sad the Demonrats are using them for votes instead of locking them up and throwing them back across the border.

    • John Fucile

      Democrats are criminals!

  • Billy Bong

    This is good for NC. It should be used in commercials next year by every Republican running for office.

  • patrick sain

    Loretta Lynch is it Criminal with a license to practice law her law license to be suspended permanently


    OH GREAT let’s honor a corrupt Liar she belongs in Prison

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Dems do something criminal, and get rewarded for it.
    This woman has nothing to be proud of and should refuse this award.
    I pray that guilty people finally get “rewarded” with prison time!
    Will justice ever come to them? I pray God will make sure that they do.
    They never expected our President to win and are hounding him 24/7 over
    FAKE stuff. The world can plainly see the guilty “party” and nothing is done
    about it. Fire Mueller and Rosentein because they are part of the guilty!
    Hire Judge Jeanine and Trey Gowdy to really investigate and prosecute
    the entire Demoncratic party and a few Rinos too. Get going and go get

    • tombitconcerns

      OH! This sounds so good! From your lips to God’s ear!

  • Tricia Harris

    This is despicable! This woman should be in prison with Obama, Hilary, Holder and others for TREASON! Boo to North Carolina – what the heck is wrong with them???? Oh TOO MANY DARN LIBERALS in their state is what! Geesh this is outrageous!

  • Donovan Blaylock

    She will not Lie again when the Special Prosecuter and new Attorney General swear he in under OATH. Who will go down with her? OBAMA

  • Peter J

    If Lynch wasn’t black she would not be receiving so called “honor.” Her receiving it just cheapens the value of the award and speaks to the lack of moral values of Democrats.

    • ABCDE

      Great example of Black Privilege

  • Gregg Parker

    Honored by a public hanging??

  • higgy01

    I’m guessing Lynch’s “public service” is that she had her FBI head Comey cover up Hillary’s treasonable acts while Secretary of State. I’m sure, with very little investigating there are many crimes committed by Lynch while DOJ under the imposter Obama. One that comes to mind is the Clinton uranium deal which should land the Clintons, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Lynch and very possibly Holder all in prison.

    • John Fucile

      Higgy01, You are exactly right, but you know that it won’t happen in our lifetimes, unfortunatley.

  • Unforgotten27

    Liberals are birds of a feather, even though they lose them through being dishonest, a disgrace, & lairs, they keep flocking together, protect each other, & then; “AWARD”, each other. Makes one wonder if our government will ever be held to the same standards? The Democrats should be a shame of there party! I admit I’m ashamed of the Bush’s & the RINO’s in mine……..

  • Alice House

    Absolutely amazing the way these yahoos honor themselves–and to be honest the entire group of politicians aren’t worth crap!

  • 1ForWisdom

    She should get a top award from the Democrats. She has done a marvelous job of covering up Democrat criminal activity. A con award given by a con. Very fitting.

  • Billdokie

    Maybe it’s a good thing that NC will honor Lynch and then she will be Punished by the FBI.
    Sweet Justice and a SLAP IN THE FACE TO NC!

  • joe

    The BLM are the ones that are honoring her, I don’t think that any sane and intelligent person would do that

  • Gerry Costa

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is hilarious. Who’s going to award her this honor — obozo the fraud and the witch clinton — the 2 most corrupt people in this country !!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA . North Carolina —- WTF are you thinking ????????

  • Loving America

    Criminal Lynch needs to stand trial for her crimes not honored for them! Americans someone start a Petition to stop this crap from going on in America!

  • Jack Scarpon


  • Susan

    So the woman who unmasked and met Bill Clinton on the tarmac is getting an award? Now a lot of awards won’t mean JACK SH…..

  • potusYUGE

    All anti-Americans and criminals have been homered by the osama administration! PATHETIC!

  • John de Pianelli

    Loretta Lynch is a disgrace to the term meaning public service. Yes, you could say she served Obama well and the Clinton’s. How far does her disloyalty to America go? What is it she actually accomplished?

  • Bo Burress

    Only if it is a pair of hand cuffs.

  • Bennie Bennett

    A disgrace. No one cares how dishonest and unscrupulous she was. She and Eric Holder should be in jail.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Only a Democrat would say that being a Criminal is a reason to honor someone. Lynch and nearly every member of both Obammy admins if not everyone of them should be locked up for Criminal actions they committed under Obammy. Lynch like Holder before her is and was a CRIMINAL who should be locked away. Holder is guilty of murder due to his IGNORANCE in ordering Fast and Furious Lynch is Guilty of Aiding and Abetting Hitlery and Obammy. Hitlery for her TREASON in using a private server and sending classsified documents to those not eligible to get from her maid to Anthony Weiner who then used them as black mail material. Obammy for 3 Counts of OUTRIGHT TREASON 1) For Aiding and abetting Manning for his TREASON 2) Obammy’s TREASON for releasing 5 TERRORISTS for the TRAITOR Bergdahl. 3) Obammy’ TREASON for Aiding and Abetting Bergdahl for his Desertion and TREASON. So you see that all or the majority of Obammy’s Admin was as CROOKED as the year is long.

  • crazybarry

    The honor should be for being a good, obedient Obama Deep State operative.

  • Barbara Evans Riefner

    You’ve got to be kidding. Loretta Lynch getting an award for Public Service. She is a criminal along with Obama and Clinton and Podesta. The only award she deserves is a jail cell with her name on it. That is the only award this nation wants to bestow on her!

  • LINDA R.

    Lynch should be rewarded with an Indictment…

  • Gail Davis

    Honored for what? This woman is one lying corrupt racist individual and they want to honor her? The State of North Carolina must have rocks in their head. Truly sad that scum like this is given an award when she tried to over throw our country with her communist muslimleader. The only award she should get is a jail cell or firing squad!

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    she will be in jail and presented with a gold plumbers friend

  • Rick D.

    What a crock!! To honor such a despicable human being is an insult to others who actually deserve to be honored.

  • kbfallon

    We have another award for her in the near future……Two to Four Years in the Federal Penitentiary.

  • Denis C. Flaherty


  • JR

    The world of Democrats, liars and thieves are their heroes. I guess they truly do represent their supporters.

  • Propaganda at it’s best: Laud Lynch, to cover her wrong doings and maybe her award will dim the (what should be) light on her exposed criminal acts. Prison time is warranted, the question will the government actually do their jobs.

  • Louie Rey

    Sure, why not? Might as well give her this award before she’s thrown in the clink. Oh wait, she was a member of the most corrupt and criminal administration in America’s history which means she’ll never do any time. I stand corrected and say, what’s the rush? You can give her this award whenever.

  • tombitconcerns

    Will Lee Harvey Oswald be awarded high honors for his service posthumously? How about Benedict Arnold and maybe even Judas! Just how askew have our values become?! Perhaps a congressional medal of honor should be presented to Devin Kelley!!! This makes my stomach turn!
    BTW. . . won’t Hillary have to have a colonoscopy first to find Loretta so she can even be there for the award ceremony?

  • Marvinas2

    Lynch, Barack Hussein and Hillary should all go to Gitmo together, hand in hand. Maybe they can organize a new government of their liking there.

  • Teresa Nazareth

    Has someone recently checked if Cooper’s( “Governor) is in a normal state of mind. Is the award for Loretta Lynch for corruption/Tarmac tete a tete, etc. etc.

  • Criers

    Well,I guess North Carolina will never be a travel destination.

  • Mai Tran

    Same as OBAMA honored BERGDAHL & his parent, mean not thing, it just crooked kissing another crooked %$#@

  • Jim

    This nasty treasonous lying scumbag ho should be lynched…

  • Sabiya Hoffman

    Only the Dems could honor someone that half (or more) of America think should be imprisoned!

  • Mary Cosmah-Johnson

    This governor needs fired.
    How can he live with his decision, when she gets indicted along with Hillary, comey, mueller, rice, so many I forgot names.
    Guilty all of them, with obama pulling the strings. Puppets.

  • Beeker D.

    Sounds like another “CISNEROS” award or Nobel Peace(piece)Prize Award! All the same ‘BS’ just different Slimy demoKrat criminals!

  • Jmanjo

    Liberals are total buffoons! Loretta Lynch deserves to be in jail with the rest of the criminals that served for Obama.. She is not honorable and does not deserve an award!

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      Lynch’s award should definitely be a 1 way ticket to Gitmo along with 0, Clinton’s, Peelosi, Holder, etc….

  • Janis

    Well, NC, aren’t you glad you voted in this Dem Governor?

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      As in almost every state, politics are controlled by the metropolitan areas. Sadly, NC has a cesspool in Charlotte.

  • Yarbles

    North Carolina is just full of turds like Lynch. My brother lives there in a really nice house out in country.

    Too bad. Such a pretty state.

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    This is why these people need to be investigated at every turn… everytime a problem pops up, investigate. Every time they get away with these acts, they are emboldened and continue on their criminal ways.

  • Raymond Miller

    Demon-Crats are the only people in the world who are honored for being corrupt. Obambam received the noble Peace Prize and he did nothing to earn it, and that was before he F’ed up the whole world.

  • EdWatts

    Paint my face black — I need some awards!

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      Get those awards and go get some welfare and other benefits.
      You don’t have to paint your face black because we will gladly give you the Title of True American. Proud you are a true American.

  • Mountain_Dew_518

    I truly agree. The service men and women deserve all kinds of awards and they also deserve respect from everyone. Except Berghdal and those like him.

  • Ed Roberts

    They should wait it will be a big embarrassment to take it away

  • Bob

    She should be

  • John

    Only the left would find away to celebrate this level of corruption and ineptitude, but they have plenty of practice with Obama, HRC and others.

  • william g munson


  • Teresa Barrett

    I hope this award has a big plaque that Lynch can hang on the wall of her cell when she goes to prison! These people are absolutely shameless and I hope each person associated with them in the DOJ and AG are prosecuted and goes to federal prison!!!

  • Jeannie


  • Jerry Kimbro

    What a joke! Actually, it’s a cruel joke on honest Americans. This cannot help the governor’s trustworthiness.

  • Jerry Kimbro

    This is almost as ridiculous as Obummer’s Nobel Prize. The Nobel no longer has any significance.

  • Philomena

    Loretta Lynch is a disgrace and she is dishonest.