LIMBAUGH: Attack on Kavanaugh is an Attack on Constitution, Jurisprudence

‘[The Left has] nothing to lose with this behavior. They have nothing to lose with this politics and everything to gain by it…’


Rush Limbaugh/IMAGE: YouTube

(Liberty Headlines) On Monday, as the liberal attack on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his family escalated to its greatest heights to-date, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh characterized it as an assault on the U.S. Constitution and American jurisprudence.

From excerpts of a transcript of his show yesterday:

This week has the potential to prove beyond doubt that the Democrat Party, the left, and the American media are bankrupt. They are bankrupt of everything good, they are bankrupt of everything decent — and, in the process, folks, they are doing such damage to America…

One of the bedrock principles of America, one of the many things enshrined in our Constitution that sets America apart from everywhere else is in our law, in our jurisprudence, in the rule of law the concept that anybody charged with anything is innocent until proved guilty.


Now, I know it’s been bastardized and I know at times it’s been stood upside down on its head in court as lawyers engage in tricks with juries and so forth. That’s one thing.

This is an institutional assault that is taking place, and the Democrat Party is literally in charge of this.

Essentially, whenever politics is involved — and they’ve politicized everything. Whenever politics is involved, the accused is automatically guilty and must prove his or her innocence. The accuser is automatically believed — unquestionably, automatically believed.

This stands the rule of law on its head, and the reason is it’s impossible to prove a negative. It’s impossible to prove you didn’t do it, particularly in courts of law. If you’re innocent, it’s very difficult to prove a negative.

Ask Kavanaugh how that’s going. But to turn this upside down, as they are doing, what it is essentially is saying is, “If you are conservative, you are guilty if we accuse you.”

The starting point is such that it’s not even worth your time to defend yourself because it doesn’t matter. “We say you did it. We say you’re guilty. We say you’re a rapist. We say you are a serial abuser. We say that you got women drunk and gave them pills to begin rape trains at parties. You’re guilty, and you have to go! You must leave.

“You must withdraw. Your supporters must withdraw their nomination of you.”

This is the destruction of our rule of law and the American jurisprudence system on steroids.

The thing about all of this, folks, is the left… This is the real depressing part of this, to me. They’ve got nothing to lose with this behavior. They have nothing to lose with this politics and everything to gain by it.

And what does that say about our country and where it is? Their lunatic, deranged base is applauding this.

In fact, I would go so far as to say their lunatic base may be driving this.

Their base voters, the people they are counting on to win the House and the Senate are applauding this. They are applauding the turning upside down of the rule of law. They are applauding the literal destruction of innocent lives and great reputations. They are applauding it, and they are demanding it.

And the Democrats who participate in it will be rewarded for doing so, and there will be no penalty to them. In their minds, all of America agrees with them — well, a majority.

This is another sick thing.

In their minds — these Democrats in the Senate, Democrats everywhere — they think that a majority of Americans agrees with them and now accepts that Kavanaugh is a reprobate.

Even though the evidence from either Blasey Ford or this other woman, whatever her name is. (interruption) Ramirez, yeah. Even though none of it can be proven, none of it can be established — and everybody claimed to be a witness says they weren’t there.

In both instances, the Democrats still believe a majority of Americans agree with them and support this because they believe a majority of Americans want no conservatives anywhere near any elected position or appointed position of power.

I believe that this is a ramification of the fact that America, the United States of America as an entity, as a country — our Constitution, our founding documents, the greatness, the uniqueness, the specialness, the exceptionalism of America — is not taught, starting in kindergarten, and hasn’t been taught for a couple of generations.

Instead, America is bashed all over education. America is criticized as unjust, unfair, racist/slave. It is portrayed as anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-minority. It is portrayed as a nation founded by and established for white men who discriminate and mistreat everybody else.

It’s been that way for 250 years, and it’s time to overthrow it — and that’s what we’re witnessing.

Limbaugh’s full commentary can be read here.