Licensing Board Relents; Woman Can Teach How to Apply Make-Up

‘I’d have to agree to spend hundreds of hours teaching skills my students don’t want or need to learn…’

Licensing Board Backs Off; Woman Can Teach How to Apply Make-UP

Jasna-Bukvic-Bhayani/PHOTO: Institute for Justice

(John Trump, Carolina Journal) Stand-alone makeup schools can operate in North Carolina without a government-issued license, the N.C. Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners now says.

The decision, resulting from court-ordered mediation, ends a federal lawsuit filed by Jasna Bukvic-Bhayani of Charlotte.

As Carolina Journal reported last year, Bukvic-Bhayani wanted to open a makeup artistry school, but the state cosmetic board wouldn’t allow it unless she agreed to teach esthetics and bought thousands of dollars of unrelated equipment.

Before the lawsuit and mediation, the release says, no school could teach makeup in North Carolina without getting a cosmetic art school license, which would require the school to teach a 600-hour esthetics curriculum, even though makeup artists aren’t estheticians.

Bukvic-Bhayani, along with the Institute for Justice, sued in August, citing violations of the First Amendment.

The federal lawsuit continued for about six months, an IJ news release says.

“The board wanted me to open up an esthetics school, and I would have to have a building, zoning, and have it in the right place,” she said.”

Bukvic-Bhayani actually attended esthetics school in North Carolina.

Esthetics school, she told CJ, “covers parts of makeup artistry, but it was just not enough for me to learn all of the tricks and trade.”

Esthetics school, she said, was basically about the skin and skin care — waxing, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, oxygen facials.

Nothing having to do with makeup.

“There is a part that covers it, but that’s just basic colors and anatomy of the face. … You can’t match it, you don’t learn how to do eyebrows. It just didn’t cover enough.”

Simply put, she wanted to specialize in makeup artistry, not esthetics and all that goes with it.

“Every room would need a sink which requires plumbing,” she said of the esthetics schools. “A lot of times it is hard to find a space where you can have a sink in every room. The requirements include equipment like stables — we use chairs for makeup artist — it would include lamps, steamers, and just basic equipment, which would require a lot of money.”

No one should need a license just to talk about makeup, she says in the news release.

“To get the board’s license, I’d have to agree to spend hundreds of hours teaching skills my students don’t want or need to learn. I’m so excited that I am now free to teach my students skills they would actually use to do their jobs.”

“The U.S. Constitution protects the right to speak for a living — whether the speakers are authors, journalists or makeup artists like Jasna,” said Milad Emam, an attorney with IJ. Said IJ Senior Attorney Justin Pearson,“For over a year, the board has prevented Jasna from opening her school and creating jobs in North Carolina. With the board’s unconstitutional obstruction out of the way, Jasna and Julie are finally free to talk about makeup.”…Original Source

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    “I want to show you that almost every type of oversight the government does under the guise of “protecting you”, is a fraud. It isn’t there to protect you. It is there to grow government in order to control you. It is, in fact, just a crappy version of anything you might get from the private sector. My proof is simple and undeniable, Once you see it, you won’t be able to UNSEE it. It is hidden in plain sight. That is the preferred method of the “QUO”.

    First let’s go over the basics of what I am talking about. In this post I will concentrate mostly on the ability of people to work and earn a living. But the concept applies to all of the QUO’s handywork in controlling us.

    Here are some of the methods they employ.

    Licensing, Regulation, Certification, Accreditation, Inspection, Permits, Reviews, Oversight panels, Committees in charge, Departments, Chief investigators. This may not be a comprehensive list, but it includes the bulk of the ways that the QUO uses government to control us.

    I maintain that everyone is AT BEST, one degree removed from any of these items. And most people are not even that removed. They are ENGULFED.

    Think about it, you have to have a license to open a business. A license to cut hair, manicure nails and even give a massage! You have to be licensed to be a plumber, an electrician, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer. To drive a car, to be a court reporter, to run a towing company, to give financial advice. I could go on and on.

    Products are licensed, and approved and certified and regulated as well. They are controlled and doled out only if the government allows it. Say you’re dying and you want to just stay high on LSD all day because, well, because YOU JUST WANT TO. No no no, you’re not allowed. Why? Because your master the government said so. It is absurd. Yet people accept it as “the law”.

    The schools you go to have to be accredited to then GET your license. That means they control who can teach (certified), in a school or the school loses its accreditation. The people then have to do yearly updates to maintain their license. Pay a fee to a board to oversee them. The people are then subject to “rules” and fake investigations as a result.

    If you do work inside your house you need their PERMISSION, you need a “permit”. Like you’re a child. What you are, in reality, is their SUBJECT. They are our rulers They are the mighty QUO. Get it?

    All of this is enforced by a series of panels and boards and committees with obscure rules.

    You have basically ZERO control over any of it. They are easily corrupted and there is no independent oversight of them either. The only “oversight” that even exists is conducted by other government officials and committees and boards and panels. It doesn’t ever end.

    People are told that these are all necessary for their protection and safety and to be sure that “unqualified” people are not doing the work. OH and to have “uniformity”. Really, well then where is the independent oversight of the overseers to be sure they are “qualified”? It doesn’t exist and it never will.”
    source: http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw.COM/if-your-want-i-can-take-a-crap-in-a-box-and-stamp-it-guaranteed-tommy-boy/