Liberals Losing Their Minds Over Trump’s Latest Court Nominees

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) As President Trump released a list of judicial nominees on Monday that on paper have some of the strongest résumés imaginable, Senate Democrats and liberal interest groups unleashed a flurry of attacks, not against the nominees’ qualifications, but against their presumed ideologies.

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“It seems that the President is intent on continuing to outsource the judicial selection process to hard right, special interest groups rather than consulting with Senators on a bipartisan basis,” said Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, almost immediately after the choices were announced.

Trump nominated ten for judgeships: five each for federal appeals courts and federal district courts. Of the five nominees for federal courts of appeal, two of them (Joan Larsen and David Stras) currently sit on their states’ Supreme Courts, and those both clerked for U.S. Supreme Court justices after they graduated with multiple distinctions and awards from their respective law schools and undergraduate colleges. Another, Amy Coney Barrett, won Notre Dame Law School’s two highest awards and was executive editor of its law review before clerking for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. John Bush of Kentucky was executive editor of the Harvard Law Review before clerking for a federal judge; and Kevin Newsom, formerly the Solicitor General for the state of Alabama, was Harvard Law Review’s articles editor before clerking for Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

As the National Law Journal noted, two of the ten nominees are current law school professors and two formerly taught at law schools.

Liberal firebrand Democrat Al Franken of Minnesota echoed Schumer’s description of the nominees, also alleging they were chosen by “far-right Washington, D.C-based special interest groups.”

Leftist interest groups also weighed in. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, through its president, Wade Henderson, demanded that the left-leaning American Bar Association be given a chance to “rate” the nominees before their Senate hearings begin – but then said even that measure wouldn’t suffice.

“Even if these nominees for lifetime appointments are rated qualified by the American Bar Association, the ABA only screens for temperament, integrity, and experience,” he said (as if those traditional considerations were negligible). “It does not look at judicial philosophy. Many of today’s nominees likely have a judicial philosophy that makes them too ideologically extreme for confirmation. Their records must be given the highest level of scrutiny.”

The board of the Leadership Conference is made up of a “who’s who” of leaders of other liberal interest groups, and is chaired by Judith Lichtman, who also sits on the boards of the pro-abortions “rights” EMILY’s List and the self-styled “progressive” think tank called the Center for American Progress.

Likewise, Nan Aron of the left-wing Alliance for Justice said she fears the new nominees might be “ultraconservatives” and promised her group would be “scrutinizing these nominees very carefully.”

For the liberal groups, the scrutiny clearly will not be about what even those groups admit are the “distinguished records” of the nominees, but instead, as Jay Michaelson wrote in The Daily Beast,it’s about beliefs.” The People For the American Way clearly is, well, extremely opposed to those supposed beliefs; the left-wing group called the selections “extremely troubling” nominees who will “advance [Trump’s] extreme agenda” such as his “extreme and unconstitutional Muslim ban.”

Conservatives, naturally, seemed universally thrilled with Trump’s choices. Curt Levey, director of Legal Affairs for the FreedomWorks Foundation and a veteran of many court nomination battles, said they would be “brilliant conservative judges.” Carrie Severino, chief counsel for the Judicial Crisis Network, said Trump has picked “an exceptional slate” of “highly qualified and principled” nominees.

John Malcolm, legal scholar at the Heritage Foundation, said it is “an outstanding group of ten” who “are very bright people who have written a lot on legal issues, and they’re certainly intellectually rigorous.”

And the conservative editorialists at the Wall Street Journal took a shot at Democratic obstructionism while praising Trump’s list. They wrote that the group has such “sterling credentials [that they] will be hard to obstruct for reasons beyond raw partisanship.”

Partisanship alone won’t block these nominees from becoming judges, as almost every outlet was sure to note. Due to a change in Senate rules pushed through by Democrats a few years ago, lower-court judicial nominations may be blocked only by a majority of those voting, not by a minority filibuster as in years past. With 52 Republicans in the 100-member Senate, plus Republican vice-president Mike Pence available to break a tie, every single Senate Democrat would need to be joined in opposition by at least three Republicans in order to defeat a nominee. That is unlikely to happen, according to most vote counters.

If these and later Trump nominees are indeed confirmed, it will merely re-balance the courts, not make them overwhelmingly conservative. As the Journal concluded, “According to the Brookings Institution, as of September 2016 there were 92 liberal appellate judges and 75 conservatives. It’s time to redress the balance in the 115th Congress while Republicans have a Senate majority.”

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  • Mike Jackson


    • crustyone

      They should also be subject to term limits. The USA should not be subjected to their personal opinions.

      • Mike Thomas

        District Supreme court Judges, like Hawaii, should not be allowed to over rule a president’s decision. That is the job of the U.S. Supreme court, not some Waco district judge.

  • Al Zabel

    “Liberals Losing Their Minds Over Trump’s Latest Court Nominees”
    This headline, is mostly false.
    Most Liberals, have already lost, most of their minds and all of their souls.
    More appropriately, the headline should state:
    “Liberals are losing what’s left, of their sick, twisted, mental capacities.”

    • Michael Davidson

      Sounds about Right

    • Mark

      We all know the libs want the Court to make laws, as only Congress is required to do according to the Constitution.

      President Trump’s nominees, when confirmed will uphold the laws according to their Constitutional Responsibility.

      Separation of Powers shall be restored.

      Now, one non judicial question I’d love the Senators to ask, is “After being appointed, would you voluntarily limit yourself to a twelve Year Term?”

      Imagine the liberal reaction if one, or all of them answers “Yes”.

      • James Higginbotham


    • Fed up!

      Beat me to the comment 😂👏

    • Jesusprotectus


  • Rose Marie Sandlin

    Comey had laid out an almost prosecution record of Hillary Clinton. He further used AG Lynch’s advice on prosecution that was not hers to give and his decision. What made me a bit nauseous was his acting like his own bureau star not the head of the FBI. Politics played into his decisions that is also not his duties. President Trump is making America win. When your own agents do not speak to you and lose respect…….you are not of valued integrity or trust for that job !!!

    • crustyone

      That’s a fact–Comey was not part of the team.

  • crustyone

    Those liberal already lost their minds long ago. Continuing to open their pie holes only only confirms that fact.

  • crustyone

    That’s true and Nancy continues to act like she never had any even as she was conceived.

    • Mike Thomas

      The sad part about Nancy is all those that believe her and keep voting her in. They are as clueless as she is.

      • Fed up!

        It’s not Nancy to blame it’s the stupid idiot voters who keep putting her there. They are the ones that need to be lined up and forced of a cliff.

    • Fed up!

      Be nice it’s all that Botox poison that destroyed the two brain cells she was born with.

  • Gym

    How does whack job schumer come up with the term ‘bipartisan’? He has never been in his life.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    I would say screw the liberals but that could just make more liberals.

  • Richard

    President Trump (IS) doing what he promised The American People (DRAIN THE SWAMP!) He Is doing this as you see they are going NUTS and may-be they will see President Trump is a force to be reckoned with. But on the other hand President Trump now has a target on his back just like Regan, Kennedy and Lincoln all by the Left’s. President Trump keep up the GREAT WORK go after the Clintons. and this so called American, who was born in Kenya and had his records SEALED! WHY? President Trump Unseal them so ALL can see Obama is a Traitor and HATED the American people yet gave Iran Billions and Millions to the Muslim Brother Hood which are Terrorists and now we are fighting them, We all have Obama to Thank Oh yes s=don’t forget his MS-13 gangs he poured into America and placed in EVERY CITY at America’s Expense. As for Comey he messed up he tried to do right but couldn’t give up his Secure Job and was Bought off he knew Clinton and Lynch did wrong and Comey tried to correct it but couldn’t Job Scared Hey Comey Guess what NO JOB and better be NO Pension. President Trump Keep up the GREAT WORK! God bless America and our NEW GOVERNMENT for the (PEOPLE.)

  • RB

    It was alright when Obama spent the last eight years loading up the courts with liberal leaning judges, but now that President Trump has started to reverse that trend, liberals are crying bloody murder.

  • Christopher Vaughn

    Trump’s real legacy will be remaking the federal court system moving it far to the right of where the current batch of libbo progressives are. Legislating from the bench is going to go the way of the do do bird

  • Nevadavoter1

    Did not a recent President coin the term,”elections have consequences!”?
    Right back at ya, dumbobama…

  • Old lady in Texas

    Why should he try to be bipartisan??? All they are going to do is yell at him and block him every way they can. I kinda wish he could go his own way — obummer did — and got away with [email protected]!!!

  • Tom


  • Bill Mullins

    “It seems that the President is intent on continuing to outsource the judicial selection process to [the] hard right … rather than consulting with Senators on a bipartisan basis,”

    “alleging they were chosen by ‘far-right Washington, D.C-based special interest groups.’ ”

    Don’t much fancy being basted with their own special sauce, do they? Kinda shows the wisdom of the maxim, “when choosing a petard, remember that you may one day find yourself hoisted upon it.”

  • Lizard

    Obama and Democrats had 8 years of doing as please, and laughing …. Now Trump turn, so sit back Democrats and shut up

  • David Estes

    Great job President Trump. The left progressives/socialists don’t want their gravy train to be interrupted. They have had their way for years and can’t take change. The EO on travel ban is the right of the President of the United States and is entirely legal and the left judges are wrong to put a temp hold on it. If we are persistent, the changes will come for the betterment of “We the People” which is America.

    • Fed up!

      If the liberals head are exploding, then President Trump is doing the right thing.

  • chris VN

    It wouldn’t matter who Trump nominated, that Schumer POS would be complaining, and doing everything he could to stall or stop the appointments, he should have been dealt with ages ago…

    • Fed up!

      Schumer and a long list of Democraps and Rinos need to be taken off this earth 🌏

  • Phil Esposito

    It has nothing to do with their qualifications. Trump could nominate the democratic’s hero, Satan, and they would still fight it just because Trump nominated them.

  • misterguru

    How can liberals loose something they never had… A Mind.

  • Pat Prybil

    Let me see, wasn’t it O’bama who made the statement, ” ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES” and so it does. It was okay for O’bama to push in his Liberal Judges, especially in the 9th. Circuit Courts, which are fighting Trumps bans all the way. Thank God Trumps executive orders will have a chance once they reach the Supreme Court. In the mean time our Country is at risk, while the Democrats are only concerned about ILLEGALS rights !!!

  • misterguru

    Shumer and Franken are both from the planet Uranus. They are illegal Aliens. Franken won his election using illegal votes and was not recalled. He should be recalled. He is a crook. Shumer is a slimeball.

  • rick meek

    Just more dementia being added to what exists already —— sorocrats at work…..

  • Naval Lint

    Keep going, Mr. President! The ANGUISH on the Left is a PERFECT meter of whether or not you’re doing what you were put in office to accomplish!!!

  • jcrawdad

    Liberals Losing Their Minds Over Trump’s Latest Court Nominees.


  • BillRiedel

    As obummer said, elections have consequences!

  • mwp2634

    Al Franken was NEVER really funny until he became a “liberal firebrand”.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    shitmer and company need a good slap in the face with a wet mop and a kick in their arses

  • James Higginbotham

    libtards HAVE NO MINDS TO LOSE.
    God Bless President Trump for his picks, and MAYBE these Judges will help get this Republic BACK TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE.

  • What we need are judges that follow the laws of the country, especially the Constitution. Conservatives are FAR more likely to follow the laws than liberals who would do their best to use their political background on the basis if “Intent” to make their own rules. That is precisely what ails the 9th Circuit.

  • MidclassTaxpayr

    I don’t remember Obama consulting any conservative legal experts before nominating his radical left choices. Not one peep out of the left for his apparent “oversight.” Now they’re coming unraveled because Trump’s trying to undo the damage Obama did. In case you didn’t recognize it, that was sarcasm.

  • Kirk Kahler

    they are loosing there minds cuz these Court Nominees are not part of there leftist corrupt team and they could loose more of the power they have and this is some thing they will fight !

  • David VanBockel

    Press ON, Mr. President!

  • John

    Shumer (the creepy uncle) and Franklin ( the drunk creepy uncle) are just two of the myriad of reasons/ examples of the Dems failings. They are out of touch with the American people on issues we care about and are NOT in the mainstream when it comes to judges. We need the judiciary to get back to interpreting (NOT creating) the law based on the Constitution (not the whims of the left)

  • Frederick Douglass

    For democrats total incompetence is fine if they are confirmed leftists and no level of competence is satisfactory if they are confirmed to be rational.

  • T_W_S

    If Chuck Schumer and Al Frankenstein oppose them, they can’t be all bad.

  • Keith Amherst

    screw the lefties. full speed ahead.